Islam’s Atrocities

Jan Morgan

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We rarely hear anything on the mainstream media about the atrocities associated with Islam. Islam is responsible for the murders of 270 million people in the 1,400 year history of this “religion.” The fact that none of the mainstream media outlets are reporting on these crimes does not mean the Islam’s bloody trail through history ended on 9/11.

The truth is, Islamic terrorists have committed over 19,000 deadly terror attacks since 9/11. Our government has thwarted a number of attempted terror attacks. The Christian Action Network has documented over 30 Islamic terror training camps on American soil and Civilization Jihad in America is alive and well.

If you want to stay on top of the latest world news related to Islam, check out thereligionofpeace.com. This site is one of the most credible, up to date sites I have found on the internet.

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  • Houghton Blanco


    Just thought you guys would like to hear this. Shove this in the faces of those who don’t believe the threat is real.

  • Kepin

    Expose and export. Those who wish world domination shall instead receive annihilation !!
    I stand FIRM and IMMOVABLE against islam and the ” RAW EVIL” it brings to the world,>> ALL HIDDEN BEHIND THEIR MASK OF FALSEHOOD AND DECEIT !! Neva surrender/ Neva submitt .. I’ll stand within Gods Will as I defy islam, and so be it that the Wrath of the Divine through the righteous who are His shall crush this evil that islam is ……

  • Billions of People have Died because of Religions, Most Religions have Played Their Part. Read The Facts Of History. People Good, Religion Bad.

    • Iron Monkey

      Billions of people die from heart disease and being overweight. People good food bad. Billions of people have died from child birth. People good babies bad.

  • http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/world/14480462/pakistan-shocked-by-courtroom-honour-killing/

    Amjad Shaikh, a police superintendent in Hyderabad, told The Guardian
    newspaper: “The lawyers, they don’t like to be searched. Security is a
    little bit of a problem there.”

    Are you frigging kidding me?!!

    • If I didn’t know any better, I’d say one of the police at the court sided with the lawyer’s BS about “dishonour” and let him in with the gun!

  • James Maxwell

    The biggest atrocitie is its continuation and attack on the civilized world.