No Guns Inside

Jan Morgan

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I would much rather stop a killer, save lives and have to explain to the police why I disobeyed the no-gun policy in the theater by having my concealed carry gun in my purse, than to have to duck and run under a spray of bullets like the poor people in Colorado did … and watch people die needlessly.

I refuse to go inside a business where the business owner tells me I have to disarm and be vulnerable to murderous idiots like Holmes. I either refuse to go in … or refuse to disarm and go in anyway, protected.

AS I said, gun control policies did not stop this killer because only law abiding citizens obey the laws. Gun control and no guns signs on buildings do not affect the criminals, they only leave good law abiding citizens defenseless and vulnerable.

In spite of the fact that Holmes was wearing ballistic gear, he was still vulnerable in places. I believe my concealed carry 40 caliber Glock would pierce his non-bulletproof gas mask … double tap face shot would have definitely knocked him off his feet.

In addition, his arms and hands were vulnerable … a much harder shot, though, in a dark theater.
I definitely would have been ducking behind a theater seat and aiming for his face.

In Colorado, people died because law abiding citizens obeyed the “no guns inside” policy.

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