Patience with “Progressives” – They Know Not What They Do


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As we work to fight for our liberties and freedoms, and to save us from moving to tyranny — especially with regards to recent encroachments upon our liberties, from the “Affordable Care Act,” NDAA, attempts at passing SOPA and CISPA, and now, moves to ratify the SALT (U.N. Small Arms Treaty) treaty — it can get tiring.

When confronted with the “progressive,” collectivist, Hegelian, socialist, or even fascist mind set … it is a constant challenge to work to find ways to break through. I know, I know, “they won’t change,” we Constitutional conservatives say. And, for many, I believe that is right. The old adage comes to mind, “Leopards do not change their spots.” Yet, at the same time, they are human beings too, and I know I personally must keep trying.

The sad reality is, most who support the “progressive” dogma, have been so confused and indoctrinated from years of “progressive” education driven by the NEA and years of bombardment of “progressive” messages in the media, that most “do know not what they do.”

Therefore, I always hold out hope. I hold out hope that if we respectfully present the message with love, compassion, thoughtfulness and a true intention to have them understand the massively superior value proposition we call Liberty, that they will see. And, at the end of the day, some will see. Even if only one sees the light, my battle is worth it. For if we end up in horrific tyranny, I will know I did my part. Then, I can “let go and let God.”

It is so important to realize that this is not about Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Green, or any other “party.” This is about the heart and soul foundation of America for all. Without our liberties, our party affiliations mean nothing, zilch … for we will have elected for ourselves only one thing, an oligarchy of the few. And, those few will be self-centered, evil globalists, crony capitalists, and elitist academics and politicians, who will not care one thing about what you feel, need, want, or desire. You are either in the elite club, or you are enslaved.

This is why I take the time from my business … at a significant opportunity cost loss, to get the message out. There was a time I could stay out of a political dialog. However, this is no longer just about “politics as usual.” This is a battle for the whole ideology upon which America was built. This is every bit as important as the American Revolution. This is every bit as important as the reason our founders left their farms and businesses after 165 years of tyranny of the Crown, to say, “enough.” They put down their plows and shop keepers aprons, to put their lives on the line to create America.

Please, if you are on the fence in these matters, know that my intention is to awaken you to the harsh realities that have been hidden from view, but are in plain sight. Not arrogantly as if I have all the answers. No. Not by a long shot. Rather, humbly but with confidence in what I have studied, have learned, and have been blessed to know. Liberty is mankind’s greatest gift from God. There is absolutely no program, no security, no opportunity, no legislation, no promise, no ideology … and will never be so … that trumps it.

Therefore, the real question to ask yourself is, “Is this law, legislation, treaty, or candidate moving me closer to complete liberty so I can pursue my dreams, my vision, my beliefs, my desires? Or is this same law, legislation, treaty, candidate, moving me away from liberty, and then as a result, by definition, moving me closer to living in tyranny, where my dreams, my vision, my desires will be approved, disapproved, taxed, regulated, mandated, suppressed and chained for myself, my children, and future generations? Do I want to be chained into generation after generation of tears?”

If you see yourself as a “progressive,” a collectivist, a socialist, a “liberal,” a leftist, please, trust my motives are in your best interest and just read … read about our founders intentions with America … the founding documents, read about liberty, individual responsibility, free-market economics, the Constitutional Republic’s purpose, our natural rights, and the rule-of-law to protect the aforementioned. Read about our founders and why they structured America as they did (not as it is today). Read about the history of the 165 years from the time of the English Colonies to the founding of American via the American Revolution.

This is not dull, dry history. This is the DNA that frees you, allows you to pursue YOUR dreams and vision, allows you to have children and hand on this wonderful legacy … that anything their heart and soul desires, they can create in America … as long as we save her from those hell bent on stealing these natural, unalienable rights and liberties from us. This is not conspiracy theory. This is well documented fact.

Finally, I fight the battle for all Americans, and legal immigrants from all countries of the world, who seek their dreams here. I fight the battle for all races, colors, creeds, beliefs and philosophies … as long as none of these infringe upon the liberties and rights of others or break natural laws. I fight the battle for you … so you can feel what I have felt, experience what I have experienced, dreamed as I have dreamed. I fight the battle so you can look into the eyes of your children with hope, excitement, and belief that they can live a better life than we have lived. And finally, I fight the battle for each entrepreneur who has that spark … that idea … that goose-bump driven passion … to change the world for the better. Not to throw out the baby with the bath water … but to improve upon that which needs improvement.

Today, we must focus on saving liberty, saving all that I mention. It is under siege as much as Russia, China, and Germany were under siege prior to their collectivist and socialist revolutions of tyranny.

Make no mistake, those who would destroy our liberties are no longer the wolves at the door. They are the wolves in the hen house … and we must throw them out.

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