President’s Push to Eliminate Our Constitution: Next Step, Firearms


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George Washington said firearms are “liberty’s teeth” and second only in importance to the Constitution. And the Supreme Court agrees, upholding the 2nd Amendment as recently as 2008.1

Why, then, at a time when we are experiencing rampant crime, riots, disruption, and threats to our liberties, would Americans ever want to give up their only means of protection from violence, robbery, or even state tyranny? Isn’t this counter-intuitive? I think it is.

If there are basically two classes of individuals who commit gun related crimes — the criminal or criminally insane — then why is the government constantly trying to keep NON-CRIMINALS, who by definition do NOT commit gun related crimes, from owning or using guns for hunting or self-defense?

Isn’t this akin to taking cars and alcohol away from everyone BUT drunk drivers? And yet, there are more deaths per year from drunk drivers than deaths from gun related homicide. (Homicides by Firearm 11,4932; Fatalities by Drunk Driver: 12,7443)

Why is our government, via programs like “Fast and Furious,” giving the most dangerous weapons to criminal gangs who end up murdering innocent Americans and Mexicans with these weapons? And, where is the outrage on the left, with regards to clear criminal misconduct in GIVING automatic weapons to known criminal gangs?

So, to get this straight, our government (DHS) GIVES criminal gangs the most dangerous weapons, which are then used to kill innocent civilians. Then, they insist that non-criminals should not have guns (the end game for “progressive” legislators and U.N. is complete disarmament of citizen and states) to defend themselves from these criminals, by way of restrictive gun laws for law-abiding citizens?

Hopefully you can see … if you allow yourself to look objectively at these questions … that something is not quite right here.

What IS right? What is right is what our founders knew was the only way to deter crime and tyranny — that we keep a well-armed citizenry whose right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

Even if we assume all players in the global and U.S. gun confiscation, regulation and control effort, have perfectly angelic motives in attempting to push the SALT treaty through with conditions that limit our 2nd Amendment rights, there is no reason we should we give up our 2nd Amendment protected firearms in unstable times, or even stable times, when we are not using them improperly and when this is not even up for debate.

Rather than doing what is clearly irrational and un-American by allowing the state to force us to give up or severely restrict the purchase and use of weapons for self-defense or hunting, let’s:

  • make the criminals give up their guns
  • use our guns to stop criminals from thinking they can get away with murder anytime, anywhere, with no defense
  • use our guns to protect our God-given liberties, property, and lives
  • ensure no one ever infringes upon our right to defend ourselves from criminals, the criminally insane, or the power hungry state.

Please, if you value our ability to remain free, and to secure our liberties for generations to come, make your voice heard. CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY and make your position known — that you will accept no infringement upon your right to purchase, use, and carry weapons, and specifically firearms, that will enable you to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

Finally, my heart goes out to the families and friends of all those murdered by criminals and the criminally insane, regardless the weapons used. At the end of the day, it is not about the weapon, it is about stopping the criminal from committing murder. It is about effective punishment to deter homicides. And, it is about the life lost, the victims. It is about making it easier for law-abiding citizens to own weapons and be trained in their use, so they may effectively defend themselves and their families, from criminals.

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  • Larry Knight

    I can hear the anti-gun people getting all riled up after this
    shooting at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Will the left try and blame the Tea party for this?