Bacon, Cops, and Muslims, Oh My!

Jan Morgan

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The Ramadan celebration is over in New York but not without drama and an investigation into bacon hate crimes. It seems that guests discovered three packages of uncooked bacon in a Staten Island park in what police are saying is a possible bias incident.
UH Ohhhh…. This is serious. You can submerge an image of Christ in a jar of urine and its considered art, but leave a few slices of bacon in the park and THAT IS A HATE CRIME worth of police investigation. Give me a break!

The revelers gathered in New Dorp Beach Park for the Eid-ul-Fitr when the pork product was discovered near the football field at 7:30 a.m., police said.

“On a website associated with this celebration was some derogatory comments,” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly in a press conference today.

“This has been determined to be a bias event,” Kelly said.

The statements were made by a person who identified himself as “007 Midland.”
“We are attempting to locate the individual who made the comments on the web site,” Kelly said.

Really, Commissioner Kelly? I tell you what.. I suggest you take a look at my facebook pages and my website. I post TRUTHS about Islam that send a much stronger message to the masses than leaving a few slices of bacon on the ground and bragging about it behind an unidentifiable computer profile name. If police consider bacon slices a threat worthy of tax dollar funded investigation, I wonder how they would catagorize the truths I post about islam?

Folks, this is what America is coming to. It is called civilization jihad. The forced acceptance and protection of a theocracy/terrorist organization that hides behind the mask of religion while harrassing tax paying law abiding citizens who exercise their 1st Amendment right to free speech in order to warn fellow Americans of a potential threat to our Constitutional Republic.

Read more at: The New York Post

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  • What a joke!!! I wonder who’s more insulted the pigs or the Muslims?

    • JimZaccaria

      The Pigs who Sacrificed to Become Bacon

  • Jimmyb

    So are McDonalds, Carl Jrs, and anyone who serves up bacon on their menu a hate organization? OMG If thats the case we are gonna need the Marines Army, Navy, and possibly the Air Force to control this obvious slight against Islam, LOL

  • Chuck in CA

    Yeah, I consider that to be Bacon abuse!!

  • Chuck in CA

    It occurs to me that as retaliation for muslims burning Christian churches in Egypt and elsewhere, it’s time to break out the bacon catapults and start with the bacon barrages into the mosques. Hit ’em where it hurts!!

  • If the people of New York had any sense they would have said that this is a religious matter and not a government matter. Plain and simple.

  • Western civilization better wake up. I am English decent and if a bunch of limes where found at a park where us “Limies” were having a celebration we would laugh it off. Islam as a whole is far too sensitive and needs to grow up and stop being so sensitive. Get a thicker skin people.

    • retiredsgmusarmy

      That should be a; thicker bacon skin!

  • Sons of Liberty

    Lol, yeah I love how its ALWAYS ok for Muslims or any other religious/non-religous group to slander Christianty and Jesus but when someone plays a halarious and innocent prank on them they want to call out hate crime and make a big deal.

  • david munns

    This makes my ass want to suck a lemon!!!!!

  • david munns

    bacon-wrapped mosques like toilet papered trees. would that be a hate thing?

  • Ten31

    If it was Hormel Black Label, that is a waste of what, $18 worth of bacon…..

  • themaverick

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the bacon was planted there by Islamist’s themselves or perhaps liberals trying to make much to do about nuthin’ to make it appear that some hate crime is happening.

  • you do speak the truth. ABOUT BIGOTED people…NOT ISLAM…why not accept my invitation to be in our shows…IF…you care to see that not ALL Muslims, AND not ALL Islam is as you would like people to believe??

    • retiredsgmusarmy

      Jerry Davis, if what you say is true, then why in the hell don’t the “good” muslims police the ‘bad” muslims. From one book come many who would kill me if they had the chance, because I believen In Jesus Christ and not some child molester/pervert. named mohammedan. Hell even his name has a “ham” in it

    • dugbru

      are you effing serious??? Who said ALL??? You did that’s who.. BTW please post a list of sites where mainstream Muslims are Decrying the stupidity of this, and calling for the 911 caller to be charged and censured for public mischief…
      I await your post…

    • read the quran then come back and talk!! Start with surah 5:51!! ALL MUSLIMS ARE THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Blake

        Go read the Old Testament, not much difference…really.

  • Angry Handmaid

    Y’know it’s funny, the bigots who shriek about their religious freedom to deny LGBT people equal rights, and their religious freedom to deny women health care are the first to cry foul when the religious freedom of another group is *actually* being threatened…

    • Reba

      Someone leaving bacon on a beach is right up there with chopping off heads to you isn’t it.
      I’ve seen your side do sick things with nativity scenes on personal property and it didn’t get treated as a hate crime. Leaving bacon on a beach isn’t even illegal except for maybe in a littering sort of way. Maybe in poor taste, well not really, love the taste of bacon.

  • Jim

    everyone stock up on bacon, might be a good defense against islam

  • Jim Capobianco

    So instead of hanging garlic in your homes to prevent vampires, we just need to hang bacon outside our home to keep Muslims away. Damn I love bacon. LOL

  • yosef

    that’s great, muslim repellent, everything G-d made is good just not everything G-d made was food!

  • Mark Jones

    this is f***ing madness, pardon my language. keep fighting guys & gals & Jan!!!!!

  • Allenp

    This is a good way of controlling the Muslim extremist , just threaten them with bacon. Make them live with bacon all around them, force feed them bacon. I bet they will be scared to death of Americans then.

  • David Hilborn

    Personally I like my bacon crispy…

  • Litewave

    I’ll have a bacon cheeseburger loaded, w/mustard! Ha!

  • calboy147

    I would like to meet the heathen that wasted 3lbs of good bacon on a silly prank to tick off a couple muslims. Needs a good ol’e southern butt kick’n for wast’n bacon like that.

  • This looks like another pork project to me.

  • J.X.Pershing

    I read somewhere, that the Israeli’s put jars of pig fat on their buses, which stopped the cult from bombing them. It is simple, but effective.

  • stillwild1111

    stealing this and re-posting!!!

  • Schooter

    Let Bacon Reign!!! Or let it rain bacon, whatever. Hey, I’m still in Afghanistan, I wonder if maybe we shouldn’t just ship over a couple thousand pigs. We could herd them in front of us on maneuvers to flush out insurgents. They’d be afraid to shoot, and would probably take to heel in absolute terror. Damn, General Pershing would have thought of that back in the day….

  • Franklin

    Jan you remain the best. The LORD will protect and shield you even as work to unmask this evil i term the political arm of the devil commonly known and referred to as ISLAM. I will always remember you in my prayers.

  • I love bacon too… lol

  • I say we need to apologize for the death of 3000 Americans on September 11th.. Clearly Muslims are in the right here.. We need to ban all pig items… ok I went a little far there … Where is my bbq pork sandwich…?