The Government is NOT YOUR BABY’S DADDY!

Jan Morgan

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According to Treasury, every month, 80 million Americans receive checks from the federal government in the form of entitlements.

This post is not directed at people who worked for the government or served our country and are drawing retirement checks. This post is not about people who are disabled and have no other choice, or people who are down on their luck and need TEMPORARY help until they can get back on their feet.

This post is about the lazy, the whiners, the leeches who are able but do not try. They are content to sit back and do nothing but wait for their next government check in the mail while the rest of us go to work every day, come home, live within out budgets, and do without in order to be fiscally responsible.

There are Americans who want to have more children, yet do not reproduce because they know their incomes can not support anther child. At the same time, there are women on welfare who make a living off of tax paying responsible citizens, by engaging in irresponsible sexual behavior and have a house full of fatherless children.

“How did the greatest, most industrious nation on earth become the land of government dependent whiners? 80 million people nursing off mother government is beyond excessive.”

“What happened to an attitude of pride in being self sufficient?”

“The government is NOT your health insurance provider, your business bail out savior, your college fund resource, or your recreational sex birth control distributor and … finally … for all the irresponsible women who make a living off welfare by continuously having babies they can’t afford: THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT YOUR BABY’S DADDY.” -JAN MORGAN

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  • Where do I get one

  • ozzie elliott

    I love the ones that can buy their cigeretts and get tatoos, but whip out the non embarasing government card and buy stuff I can’t afford.

    • All the while gabbing on their government supplied cell phone.

  • Pretty sad state of affairs if you think about it. No pride in individuals seems everyone wants a hand out. Seems work ethic is no longer a great idea anymore…. sad,sad!

  • Craig Conrad

    Same goes for the women that have figured out that having multiple children by one father is not as lucrative as having multiple children with multiple fathers. And quite lucrative if it’s planned out.

    • ET53

      Lucrative is relative. There is no one getting filthy rich off of the welfare system. There are those that abuse it for sure but they are not getting rich. Corporate welfare is much more lucrative as it involves millions and billions going to each “beneficiary” instead of hundreds (most cases) or thousands (not so many) to real human beings. I support providing birth control instead of “adding to the rolls”. It is much more cost effective.

  • Lon Downs

    …I personally know of a family in my hometown that has been on the Gov’t dole since the early 60’s!!…I believe they’re on their 4th or 5th generation now, with only about 15 years between each succeeding generation…Democrat’s, of course…

    • Emily Anne

      I beg to differ, we all know it is the woman that determines the relationship, it has been genetically programmed since the dawn of time. A woman determines who will sleep with her, and who will not. Women use sex as a tool, they are con artist; evil manipulative bitches that prey off the weak, they control this country’s destiny. They have created and destroyed big corps, instigated war and crushed empires through out history! The evil leech will always find her sperm donor, even if she has to steel it in the victim’s sleep. Choosing one puppet or the other will not change this, big corp has you all brain washed into thinking you have a choice, you don’t! Big money is dangling these two puppets in front of you making you feel like you have a choice, but you didn’t choose them, the big money evil rulers chose them!

      • No we are all brainwashed that its supposed to only be the woman that chooses. Let’s not get it twisted and let’s please stay with the topic at hand. We have bigger problems such as finding ways to help prevent people from scheming government funds. I know that my suggestion would at least make some difference and some is better than none.

    • goldenoldies

      There’s a housing project a few miles from where I live in my completely paid for house where I saw a grandma daughter and granddaughter in the same building. I have seen these peopl get picked up by an ambulance and return in same ambulance with 15 to 20 bags of groceries. They used the ambulance like a taxi. The only thing there willing to put any effort into is breeding more government tit suckers.

  • The men who are the REAL biological fathers are at fault just as much as these women who are leeching off of government funds. These should be insisting on some form of birth control or decide not to have sex with these women who are looking for a sperm doner. Finally, if all fails, these men need to be accountable for where they’ve allowed their sperm to go. This needs to be encouraged and if it were encouraged, I believe there would be some improvement. It takes two to make a baby; therefore, the two are responsible, not the rest if us who pay taxes and are barely getting by.

    • Emily Anne

      My reply was suppose to be here!

      • Guest

        And my reply should have been here.

      • WBOTB

        20 up votes to your 1. Just sayin

  • Mark Jones

    totally agree, Jan. these are the people who will vote for Obama, just as they did/do here in the UK for Blair & Brown

  • Roger Anderson

    You hit it on the nose. The degradation of our moral standards – the indoctrination of our children in politically correct schools instead of teaching math, science, history and deductive reasoning has led to the decline of our country. The Kennedy experiment has failed – that’s not racist, just fact. A federally controlled school system is not an institution of higher learning – it is socialism in it’s highest (or lowest) form. Control the minds of the young and you can destroy a society from within.

    • ET53

      I think the Northwest Ordinance predates any modern definition of “socialism”. Investing in public education is the highest return to the nation of any money that can be spent. Our early founders knew this and mandated public education to allow for a more educated electorate while encouraging a sense of community in the effort. Our public education system does pretty well at teaching critical thinking for the most part. Privatizing it is not the answer. That just ends up costing us more money for questionable results. I’ve read some of the “private school/ religious school” books with “alternative history and science” and there will be a serious decline in our global competitiveness if we follow that kind of curriculum.

  • Andy Warhal

    Right on! Jan this is so true. I get upset when I see illgeals in 7-11. Using foodstamp cards to buy stuff and yet they are woking at a construction site are lawncare service. The system is broken. They get paid cash or work under the table. How in the heck can you track this bs.

    • thismustend

      E VERIFY would help.

  • Rennie

    There was a day not so long go when it was shameful for a woman to have a baby out of wedlock. Now our government rewards it ! The moral decline of our country is the major contributor to the financial disaster we have. Even our President , though cloaked in the safety of marriage, has a questionable past, and cannot speak the truth on any issue. How can a country survive when it has no moral conscience? Sadly, I’m not sure it can, or will.

    • 75andkickin

      The outward and well publicized moral decline in this country began with the Cli8nton/Lewinsky trashy affair. People decided that if their prez could toss out his morals (he never had them to begin with), they could too. Obama was born out-of-wedlock to a white Mama and a very blac, married father. He doesn’t value marriage or family. How can he as a gay man who strives to legalize every immoral facet of life? He has no conscience nor soul. If he’s re-elected, he’ll figure a way to put more on the public dole, take all paychecks from any workers left to pay for the dole until there’s no reason for anyone to work. Sounds like Stalin’s Communist Russia, doesn’t it? You’ll all work for him (as the government) and you’ll like it or die. Such a sunny future we’ll never face if we can’t convince the proud followers of him to open their blind eyes.

    • 75andkickin

      The moral decline began – full steam ahead – when the Clinton/Lewinski scandal hit the papers. People figured if the prez can toss his morals out the window, so can we.. Problem was, Clinton never has had morals only his so-called sexual addiction. This current prez is gay and born out of wedlock sinbecausece his daddy was a bigamist at the time of his birth.Obama thinks everyone should be in his own out-of-wedlock category so encourages no morals for anyone.

      • ET53

        The “moral decline” and a lack of faith in government all started with Richard Nixon. It was the watergate scandal that made the electorate go from about 65% to about 30% now.

  • Amen Sista! I had a case once (mortgage business) with a lady that had a great job earning twice the average income. Shs had three children, and was receiving SSI on each of them because their baby’s Daddy died. I told her I was amazed that she was holding up so well and when did this death occur. She say’s, “It’s OK, and a while back (on the death)”. When I ws looking at the documentation, I could see that the SSI was coming for three different Baby’s Daddies! I asked her, so there were three Daddies that died? Yup, she say’s. Again, I said WOW, what are the odds? I believe there is an underground movement that “teaches” people how to get these benefits. My thought is that the birth certificate for the Daddy is left blank, and then they match it up later with someone who died and claim that was the daddy. The parents of the dead man would not necessarily know, and who is going to dig up a body and check the DNA anyway, because the “Gubement” is paying it. How else could we explain three daddy’s, and all three dead? But then again, I could be wrong! 8–}} This was 15 years ago, and she was receiving about $3500 monthly then–who knows how much now!

    • Diane

      Actually she we not receiving SSI as a result of any ‘daddy’ who died. She could get that claiming she does not know who the daddy was.
      She would be entitled to survivor benefits for the children if each of their father’s actually contributed to FICA and she could prove that person named as father was really the father.

  • Bob Wykle

    I live in a welfare town. Don’t go to the bank on first of month with anything other than a check because they will tell you they don’t have time it is check day. Incidently I am one of the 80,000.000 who receives dissability, but I worked hard all my life.

    • Bob Wykle

      Also I don’t get paid till the third each month. Hard to believe welfare gets paid first.

    • Raymond

      Obama supporter explains why she supports him.

      • Southern American & Proud!

        She voted for him because he is black – but she isn’t smart enough to figure out the genealogy – he was considered more WHITE than black! 1/2 white (mother) and the other half is black and Arab. Seems that now with his mother’s slave ancestor, he may just BE an “African-American”! People need to stop voting by looking in their mirror and start voting based on that politicians RECORD (and not what they SAY, but what they have DONE!)

      • MR.RIGHT

        This is why they put ‘him’ in office, if you disagree with him your a racist, because only conservative, white people can be racist right? unless you’re a black conservative then your an uncle tom. They had his voting base snagged from the get go, don’t care about his past, nor if he was born here, but we need to know whats in Romney’s taxes right? what he did in high school right? so let me get this right, blacks speak and its their right, a white person speaks, their racists. Do I have that right? next time they’ll say they voted for him because they liked the crease in his pants… all very good reasons for electing a person to the highest office, not his character, or virtue. It has been said “if you want to see a mans character give him power.” and we see very clearly this usurpers character a communist/muslim America hater. Remember he said it himself “My muslim faith” to george stuffmyassolouse on his interview and good old george had to correct him “You mean your Christian faith.” response “right, my Christian faith.” how many people have to be corrected on their faith/religious beliefs? do you get where I’m coming from?

        • Raymond

          I was talked with a woman who told me
          that she voted for Bill Clinton because he
          had a nice smile. Good grief Charlie Brown.

    • fridihem

      80 000 000 that receive disability benefits…….worked hard……………most Americans are far too obese to work, let alone work hard……………….80 millions…..wow!!!!!!!!!!

      • Paul

        The “most Americans are far to obese to work”, fits those that are on welfare to the max.

  • shiftless negress

    Yo my baby’s daddy sho nuff. Looks just like you, ugly. PAY UP!

  • Big John

    We got this way because of the government making it so expensive to do buisiness here , as well as all the rules and regulations that change every year and the cost of keeping up with them.All the Unconstitutional entitlements the government is handing out only furthers their grip on the sheeple, makes them more compliant.

    • ET53

      what is the definition of entitlements? Social Security, Medicare, Veterans benefits are all earned benefits. The government regulations are not really the reason corporations don’t support small business here in the US. Corporations exist SOLELY to make money for shareholders. They have no allegiance to any particular country. They have the model of buying as much government as they can in each of the countries they do business in. They play on a knife edge here because someone has to buy their cheaply made crap, and they have depended on Americans to play that role. Now that there are no jobs left for Americans, these corporations are scrambling to find ways to still make enough money to hide in the Cayman island shell accounts. They are actually returning jobs to America – slowly, because they need consumers with money and because of high transportation costs.The only “real money” in a corporation are the dividends paid to shareholders, all the rest exists in cyberspace as little “0” and “1” sequences. I do understand your sentiments however. We have a lot of sheeple who follow people based on charisma or because of propaganda-that includes the full spectrum of ideologies.

    • Sagebrush6

      A lesson in irony.

      The Food Stamp Program, administered
      by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest
      amount of free meals and food stamps ever.

      Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of
      the Interior, asks us to “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.”�

      Their stated reason for the policy is because the animals will grow dependent
      on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.

      This ends today’s lesson.

      • Theresa

        Sagebrush6: What an incredible teacher you are!

  • victoryman

    How do I get the names of the “Leeches” whose rent I am subsidizing, Food I am subsidizing, children’s lunches I am subsidizing, 300″ flat screen 3-D television I am subsidizing, etc. I want to claim them as dependents on my income tax. YES. I am a member of the minority that pays taxes ….so these lowlifes can sit home all day and watch “The View.” Sollution to this problem…..all able bodied unemployed…26 weeks of collecting, then OFF the dole. Food Stamps? 26 Weeks, then off the dole. Watch how fast these scumsuckers find a job. No more 99 weks of hanging out at home eating bon bons. No more jumping onto “Disability” after the 99 weeks. You’ll have to be truly DISABLED to collect…..”Lower back pain” is no longer acceptable. Watch how fast the back pain disappears…….Let’s start speaking up – in the voting booth. Let’s throw out the sleazy politicians who depend on the “Victims class” for their support.

    • fridihem

      Jealousy just ouzes out of your big fat mouth………..bet you are a Repubastard

      • Patriot

        It’s definitely jealousy, we are sick and tired of supporting illegitimate kids whihe mommy and daddy wherever he may be sit on the dead A–es and scam hard wroking American’s out of tax dollars. The U.S. Gov’t. needs to do exactly like the State of Wisconsin did several years ago. One year of welfare and then either get a J O B or starve….

        • fridihem

          Illegitimate kids, could that be because of the complicated abortion rules in the USA, or perhaps the kids at school are not taught how sex works…….this should start in 1st grade. Not all are just obeses lazy bums, many are desperate to get a job…….but there could be new ideas, we have them in Scandinavia…….you only get benefits after a certain period IF YOU DO SOME WORK……around the community and buildings etc etc……..no work done, no money paid out…………they soon get the message………..and we dont have charity kitchens where they can fall back on………..they either work or starve

          • jdangiel

            And Scandinavia is not going anywhere. Keep your losing European ideas in Europe, which is dying off and becoming Islamiczied int the process. You Europeans have nothing to offer anyone but a tried and true program to wipe yourselves out.

          • fridihem

            Believe what you wish, scatter brain…….Norway, Sweden and Denmark are way way about the USA regarding income percapita………….and when it comes to islam……we have 1% in our country……..islamiszied is what you call that…………..study facts and figures before making a complete fool of yourself

          • Sagebrush6

            A large portion of the jobs that the teenagers use to get while in high school and in collage are now being done by all those Mexicans. You rarely see a teenager working in a restaurant any more. Thanks to the obama administration.

          • fridihem

            Does this mean that the restaurants are paying the Mexicans below minimum wages, or perhaps they are better workers than the Average American teenager

          • Sagebrush6

            What this means is all those lower paying jobs are going to foreigners and not supporting U.S. citizens. Half of those foreign workers don’t speak english. And yes, soem states still have a farm labor rule that says they don’t have to pay minimum wage if they can get help (labeled temporary help) for less.

          • fridihem

            If these low paid jobs are going to foreigners, then its not the system that is wrong, it is the greedy employers that are taking advantage of the situation. You mentioned some states pay less than the min wage………..the stricking example is when Romney was Govn of Mass, he made law that farm workers would be paid only $1.63 an hour…… a wage that is still in operation today August 2012………….this is less than what they are paying workers in Apples factories in China

          • Diane

            “…complicated abortion rules rule in the USA,…??? Murder is not at all complicated.

          • fridihem

            Murder, thats a bit stiff……tell that to a young girl that has been raped and is with child………..is it still murder………dumbo

          • Diane

            @ fridihem: It is murder when the killing is being done to a baby. A young girl can have the baby and give it up for adoption. Or is a few months carrying an innocent baby too much to bear. Which is the greatest evil: the rape or the destruction of life?
            I see the last word in your statement was ‘dumbo’. Might that then be your sign-off nickname?

          • fridihem

            So, in your opinion, its still OK to rape a young teenager, but not to kill a fetus…….and yes it is a fetus, NOT a baby

          • Diane

            I would never say that having suffered from sexual abuse myself. I do not address this subjectively but objectively.
            Fact is that very few abortions are as a result of rape or incest but the majority are done basically as an act of ‘birth control’ to the advantage of the mother, many of whom undergo more than one abortion.
            Without the melding of a human sperm with the human egg there is no human fetus, the beginning of human life which cannot in reality exist otherwise no matter what symantec term one might use.
            I ask simply? Why should an unborn child, a developing BABY, be burdened and punished by the evil act of another, even that of a rapist?
            I know the pain the mother may endure but in all consideration, the pain of her carrying to term is not a death sentence for her but a life giving unselfish deed; difficult but rewarding for most of whom have given birth, even to the point of putting the child up for adoption. That should be the first option, not the last.

          • And how is that now that the bamster has gutted the welfare laws. I know, all you libs say that this is a lie, that he didn’t do such a thing. Well all that proves is that you libs didn’t pay attention in school because none of you can read. You just keep on repeating what others of you say. You don’t even have the decency to research the information. That would entail too much work.

          • fridihem

            Even you keep repeating repeating repeating what the others say say say……….I do my research, and present it……..so where is your research…..come on now…..no more babbling nothings

          • d1032

            Start ‘sex ed’ in 1st grade? My God, what an asinine statement – you wish to teach literally, a ‘five year baby’ about sex on the same plain as the ‘three R’s’ – these kids come out of high school dumb enough as it is, we certainly don’t need to add sex education – and just another ‘old-timers’ question: “where have all the parents gone?”
            Talk about screwed up educational values.

          • fridihem

            Its not as asinine as you think. Children should be taught the correct way by people who know how to teach these young children………………..it works perfect for us, and many women dont start a family until their late 20s or early 30s…….not when they are forced to keep an unwanted fetus at the age of 12, or 13. If they had known why they become pregnant, then they would not have unprotected sex……or put it another way, getting raped….a womans body acts differently and does not allow herself to become pregnant…………………..thats what I heard from a very close person to Romney had said…………..he later took back his words……………….just goes to show what imbeciles are leading the Reps

          • d1032

            fridihem –
            Suggest that you remain where you are and do some effective research – the guy running for the Senate in Missouri is not a ‘very close person’ to Romney – Romney had probably not ever heard of him until he made that ignorant statement – as for knowing how one becomes pregnant, if by the age of 12-13 you have no knowledge of this then that is the fault of a parent – we don’t need to be spending our tax dollars on prolonged sex education (beginning in 1st grade) – my personal history is that I was raised on a farm and by the time we were 8-10 years old we knew the reproductive cycle and gestation period of most every animal known to mankind and we certainly did not believe that the “stork” brought our brothers and sisters – we were informed in a very tactful and educational manner by our parents – it was not, and is not, the government’s responsibility – that is what separates our nation from yours.
            All Europe is literally enveloped in financial and moral decline as the result of liberal/progressive leadership and government for the past 30-40 years – the majority of loyal American citizens do not wish to have this nation fall to the same fate.
            And since you are of the mindset that your system is at least ‘superior’ to ours here in America the next time you have an event such as Hitler perpetrated upon you beginning in 1937 and ending in 1945 please don’t call on us for any assistance since we are not of your equal.

          • fridihem

            Regarding Europe, Greece and perhaps Spain are in serious financial difficulties, BUT they will be saved by the efforts of the other EU nations. the USA on the other hand has no one to turn too, where your debt is at 103% of GDP, and rising by the day………the fate of the USA is already sealed.
            Dont get me wrong, but due to the efforts of USAs companies in Germany up until Dec 41, the Brits were in it all alone………..but when the USA did finally decide to get involved, you were welcome……even if you arrived when all the nasty stuff was over

    • American 1st

      All incumbants, except maybe Allen West, need to be thrown out with the trash & replaced with responsible, patriotic politicians. Democraps need to be the first to go. They keep the welfare system propped up, a way of enslaving their voter base. VOTE EVERY DEMOCRAT OUT OF OFFICE AT EVERY LEVEL!

      • victoryman

        Amen, American 1st, AMEN! Democrats out – yes. However there is a long list of Repubs that need to go…….McCain and his butt boy, Graham, The strange lady from Maine in the senate, Collins. Boehner and McConnell need to be replaced. Collins and Mr. Lieberman (Independent?) co sponsored the bill to give the president authority to appoint people to very high governmental positions WITHOUT congressional approval. The reasoning was, “To speed up the process.” Anyone believing that, I have two bridges to sell you and I’ll give you a third one – FREE!
        Saw the documentary, “2016” yesterday. Excellent!

        • RUSTY


          • victoryman

            Right on, Rusty. The people MUST speak on Nov. 6th.

        • Els

          Logical & fair points.

      • Els


    • billyjshafer

      Just hang around the banks. On the third of the month. They will show up.

      • victoryman

        I have friends who own four large nail salons in the area. (Yes, they built them themselves!) They put on extra staff at the first of the month…their busiest time by far. Getting nails done is a priority. Getting a job and off the dole is not.

      • XX

        oh try working in retail when the checks get cashed and the spending frenzy starts, if you want to really experience the Obama Utopia up close and personal.
        It is very hard to work as hard as we do, be there with a smile on our faces and blisters on our feet, our legs swollen from the hours we spend standing, our backs hurt, selling things we cannot personally afford to buy.
        Hard to know our kids get just two meals a day because that is what we can afford. Hard to keep nursing along a 15 year old car to get just one more year out of it. Hard to see our kids wearing hand me down clothes that are faded and frayed when they would love, just once to have something new off the racks.
        But we have the pride to know we can pinch those pennies and make our lives ok, that our kids are going to earn scholarships, go to school and have better lives. That satisfaction that comes from earning your own way, from working, from living on what you earn is wonderful.
        Still there is resentment, we don’t covet the entitlement money they get, just resent it that they are getting it out of our small incomes, and yet walk into the store like they are the greatest thing that ever happened to the earth.
        It is hard to see the loud talking big butted, bib boobed head bobbing shoulder wagging jiggle strutting welfare moms come in with their gaggle of kids in all shades shuffling along behind. They shop like there is no tomorrow and when they have put more in the cart than even their generous entitlement will pay for, they simply shoplift from there. Their favorite place to stuff stolen merchandise in in their underwear. We cannot stop that, cannot say anything, because that would be racism.
        First Friday of every month. We call it Hellfare Friday

        • Billy shafer

          I used to work all the major grocery stores in Texas. I have seen the food stamp convoys many times. Plus the shop lifting. Then they complain because there are no major stores in their neighborhood.

    • Don’t worry, under Romney’s tax plan, we won’t be able to claim dependents (which to be honest is middle class welfare) and we won’t be able to deduct your mortgage interest (another middle class welfare break), so your wanting to claim dependents will be moot.

      • victoryman

        Good Heavens. Where did this information come from…..MSNBC?

      • GOP Slogans, You sound as if you live in California. If you don’t, you should. The progressive libs out here would welcome you with open arms. Nancy the Pelosi could be your mama. Jerry the “moonbeam” Brown could be your papa. Barbara the Boxer could be your sister. What a wonderful world that would be.

      • Evermyrtle

        It looks bad however you look at it. No light in sight, just the same old grudge.

      • Another clueless sheep willing to outright lie to get more Demoncrats reelected! Truly a pathetic non thinking loser.

  • audgeo

    I looked for a way to respond regarding babies vs. baby’s in private. I could not discover a way.
    If you want to influence people you must use proper punctuation, spelling, capitalization, grammar, etc.:
    One baby’ s property
    More than one baby = babies’s property
    To Emily Ann:
    You must mean “supposed to”

  • Brian

    I say when the get the FIRST check they must list the daddy, If he does not start paying support then they must report for government duty. They can clean streets, remove graffiti and what ever else needs doing . We the people CAN pass this law. I would suggest it be called The responsible parent bill” If you do not support your kids and we have to you MUSTgive some work in return. I bet they would get a real job quick, as well I bet the sale of birth control would rise to the moon!

    • Sagebrush6

      I agree, but the democrats are fighting this with everything they’ve got. They refuse to even talk about it.

    • J.X.Pershing

      Those who are receiving public support, should have their tubes tied. Both men AND women, until they can support themselves. We should not be forced to support irresponsible behavior.

  • Hugh Billeaud

    It all started with the Democrat Lyndon Johnson and his “Great Society” program which has resulted in the mindset of so many Americans today. It has “sapped” the work ethic of many people and also has resulted in the complete destruction of the Black American Family. And, the White American Family is following in those same footprints.

    • billyjshafer

      Started long before LBJ Hugh. People in love with the Democrats need to check their history. Find out who really wanted to keep slavery going and which party ended it. Of course LBJ got the slavery side going again.

  • diana

    thats why work for check should be automatic when on welfare the women can work cleaning offices the men clean up roads fields other women can watch others kids while they work take turns, and hunt down the dads and make them pay for the kids and the mom he played now pay tired of the guys getting off scott free never was and never should be, i know that sometimes it is not thier fault, and they should not have to give up everything they worked for because our gov. gave thier jobs away that is wrong, gov. gave jobs away then they should retrain them if they are young enough, o0therwise give thier ss that they worked for and congress keep your dirty hands off

  • keepersleeper

    This is what you get when you’re ignorant of the facts and allow the gov’t to dictate your life…your life is not yours when you willingly surrender to a monthly check from a massive, bureaucratic gov’t. Lazy, shiftless, irresponsible, whiny, sorry individuals who work the system to reap a measly, monthly handout, display a weak mindset: They are VICTIMS of their own stupidity, believing they are getting something for nothing, not realizing they are relinquishing their most precious gift from God-their individual sovereignty. Poor fools!

    • ET53

      I concur for the most part

  • Raymond

    The Ten Commandments According to Obama.

    I. Thou shalt have no God in America, except for me.
    I am the chosen One. (And like God, I do not have a birth certificate.)

    II. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image,
    unless it is my face carved on Mt. Rushmore.

    III. Thou shalt not utter my middle name in vain (or in public). Only I can say Barack Hussein Obama.

    IV. Remember tax day, April 15th, to keep it holy.

    V. Honour thy father and thy mother until they are too old and sick to care for. They will cost our public-funded health-care system too much money.

    VI. Thou shalt not kill, unless you have an unwanted, unborn baby. For it would be an abomination to punish your daughter with a baby.

    VII. Thou shalt not commit adultery if you are conservative or a Republican.Liberals and Democrats are hereby forgiven for all of their infidelity and immorality, but the careers of conservatives will be forever destroyed.

    VIII. Thou shalt not steal, until you’ve been elected to public office. Only then is it acceptable to take money from hard-working, successful citizens and give it to those who do not work, illegal immigrants, or thosewho do not have the motivation to better their own lives.

    IX. Thou shalt not discriminate against thy neighbor unless they are conservative,Caucasian, or Christian.

    X. Thou shalt not covet because it is simply unnecessary. I will place such a heavy tax burden on those that have achieved theAmerican Dream that, by the end of my term as President, nobody will have any wealth or material goods left for you to covet.

  • Raymond

    The Ant & The


    The ant works hard in the withering heat and the
    rain all summer long, building his house and laying
    up supplies for the winter.

    The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs
    and dances and plays the summer away.

    Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press
    conference and demands to know why the ant should be
    allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving.

    CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures
    of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his
    comfortable home with a table filled with food. America is
    stunned by the sharp contrast.

    How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this
    poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?

    Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah with the grasshopper
    and everybody cries when they sing, ‘It’s Not EasyBeing Green…’

    ACORN stages a demonstration in front of the ant’s house
    where the news stations film the SEIU group singing,
    We shall overcome.

    Then Rev.. Jeremiah Wright has the group kneel down
    to pray for the grasshopper’s sake, while he damns the ants.

    President Obama condems the ant and blames
    President Bush 43, President Bush 41, President Reagan
    & Christopher Columbus for the grasshopper’s plight.

    Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid exclaim in an interview
    with LarryKing that the ant has gotten rich off the back
    of the grasshopper, and both call for an immediate
    tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.

    Finally, the EEOC drafts the Economic Equity &
    Anti-Grasshopper Act retroactive to the beginning
    of the summer.

    The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate
    number of green bugs and, having nothing left
    to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated
    by the Government Green Czar and given to the

    The story ends as we see the grasshopper and his
    free-loading friends finishing up the last bits of the
    ant’s food while the government house he is in, which,
    as you recall, just happens to be the ant’s old house,
    crumbles around them because the grasshopper
    doesn’t maintain it.

    The ant has disappeared in the snow, never to be
    seen again.

    The grasshopper is found dead in a drug related
    incident, and the house, now abandoned, is taken
    over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the ramshackle,
    once prosperous and peaceful, neighborhood.

    The entire Nation collapses bringing the rest of the
    free world with it.

    Be careful how you vote in 2012.

    I’ve sent this to you because I believe that you’re
    an ant, not a grasshopper!

    Make sure that you pass this on to other ants.

    Don’t bother sending it on to any grasshoppers
    because they wouldn’t understand it, anyway

    • Texas Patriot

      Thanks again Raymond. I shared it with 20 other ants.

      • Raymond

        Semper Fi.

    • MR.RIGHT

      Raymond, you are too cool, I am an Ant.. with a gun, if any grasshoppers come to take my home, they’ll be one dead grasshopper, oh and aren’t grasshoppers cousins of the locusts?

  • Just wondering:>|

    Hey, there’s another twist to the story. You know all that money they’re receiving on their “monthly paychecks” because they’re “entitled” to sit at home and procreate on a daily basis? Check out your local casino and see who’s sitting and playing for hours on end…one wonders, or not, where in the he.. they get that kind of money to blow on those machines?

  • thismustend

    I just LOVE listening to all the STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMEN BRAGGING how they do NOT NEED A MAN! No, they don’t need ONE man, they need THOUSANDS of MEN to pay for their abortions, birth control & their illegitimate offspring.
    WHY should I have to pay for YOU, the strong, independent women who don’t need a f–king man, to have an abortion, I did not have sex with you. WHY should I pay for YOUR birth control? I am not having sex with you. WHY should I support YOUR ILLEGITIMATE offspring, I did not get you pregnant. By the way, since you are SO tough, strong, independent & MUCH more intelligent than men WHY can’t YOU pay for your own abortions, birth control & illegitimate offspring?
    Yes, you have come a LONG way, ladies. You are no longer dependent on men, you are now HOPELESSLY dependent on the government & you vote accordingly. Yep, those Democrats/leftists made you independent & those big, bad Republicans are waging a war against you. WOW!

    • Els

      BRAVO!! another one with brains. Glad to see their some other people out there who are week too.

    • Dennis

      Couldnt have said it better myself.Bravo

    • Theresa

      Thismustend, I just want to let you know that there are still women out there who never gave up on men. felt better than men, or expected a handout from men. But you will not find these women in bars. Look in the conservative churches for women who believe in God and in His plan for mankind. These women appreciate their men and understand their own roles in life. These women do not feel inferior to men, nor superior. Men and women need to help each other, not tear each other down. I understand your frustration with the females of our society. You are absolutely right to be sick of the women’s lib movement. It is everything you said and more. I also abhor what these women have done to our country. I teach school and try my hardest to instill in all of our young people that they have a responsibility to contribute to society, not be a leech. Anyway, I just wanted you to have hope that there are still some God-fearing women out there. I hope some day you meet one, assuming you haven’t already. They are getting harder and harder to find. May God bless you.

      • lois

        Men and women need each other in life. Man and woman are to be help mates. I’ve never liked the “women’s liberation movement”. It was anything but liberating. It dug a rocky hole for women, made it more difficult on women, and men. The movement was/is a product of the enemy within, wanting to destroy God’s family unity.

        Men and women are partners, loving help mates, or should be. I’ve never felt in competition with men. I accept God’s plan and our roles in life.

        May God have mercy on the nation.

    • falling321

      As a woman, I want you to know that I agree with you 100%. This MUST stop! It can be argued that government should give citizens a hand up, but these life long handouts must end and the sooner the better! A good start would be giving no new funds if a woman has another child after she begins to accept Social Service dollars.

  • Randy K

    Well, de gubmint sho’ is ma baby daddy. Day pay’s fo’ his cigarettes and dope and even fo’ dis ‘partmint. Ah love’s ma baby daddy. =)

    • ET53

      Most of the people I know who share your description are white and sure don’t talk like that.

  • DrBillLemoine

    Actually the increase in unemployed and homeless is due to deregulation and big business layoffs. What are you going to do about it? Cut the budget? Lay off more? Increase taxes on the unemployed? Cut fat cat taxes with a budget deficit? Dump women and young adults from healthcare? What’s your plan?

    • ET53

      You are right on the money DrBillLemoine. What is the plan? Trickle down was disproved in the 1980’s but still keeps getting trotted out as “the plan”. Those on subsistence welfare are not the problem. Corporate welfare costs ALL of us far more. For example we have given welfare checks to the fossil fuel industry for almost 100 years and all we get is higher and higher prices while they complain if the taxpayer takes away their candy they will continue to raise prices. Cut them off and take the money back into education and aid to the states. We have to create jobs right now and like it or not,that will take government investment because the big banks are holding the economy hostage by not loaning to small businesses. If the private sector won’t act the federal government must.

      • DrBillLemoine

        Exactly what the president would like to do and proposed the legislation the radical right rejects. The banks are also reluctant to lend to individuals, even those with sterling credit like me. If the voting public understands what you just said, they’ll generate working majorities in congress to support the president who has resurrected us from impending depression despite immense political headwinds from the 112th congress.

  • GerryB

    I am one of those who served my country and now gets a retirement check and who became sick and disabled asfter my retirement, My wife is one who became disabled through no fault of her own. We dtrongly dislike the whiners who won’t work even though they are fully capable of it. Welfare is out of control. Let’s fix it.


      I too after working for 34 years have become disable. I have had my entire neck fused together ( C2-T1 a plate 22 screws) my spinal column craved open (2 Giant pins and 3 rods stabilizing it) and I have 5 degenerate disc (L3, L4, L5, S1 & S 2 no disc at all remain) and 3 bulging disc( L1, L2 & T6) I am in constant pain and they can’t at this time fix it. I would not be able to bend at all, so if I fell I couldn’t get up unless someone actually picked me up and sat me on my feet. I would do anything to go back to work. It is a shame that the lazy has now started using disability as their new source of income. I and my employer paid into this system for 34 years. I am NOT lazy, I am disable and I am a natural born American citizens. No more money to illegals, no more money to people who never contributed to the system and no more anchor babies.

      God bless America

      • d1032

        A serious and sympathetic question: What type of industry did you work in that caused such a complete destruction of your spine? From cervical to sacrum? Literally from neck to tailbone.

  • Bob Marshall

    Ronald Reagan: “If the government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take everything you have.”

  • The bumper sticker is misspelled! It should be “Baby’s Daddy” not what you see above! Garsh, how can we deliver a good message when we can’t even spell?

    • Pat C

      Navarro – it’s slang. The targeted audience understands the message.

      • Okay, thanks, I can accept that. Not sure I understand the slang. I thought it would be “babeez” if it were slang, or something like that. Appreciate the info.

  • ste1021

    More and more people on the public dole – more and more votes for the community organizer. Yes, the hearts and minds are sure to follow.

  • thismustend

    Ever try turning some of these leeches in for fraud? Well good luck because I have & the first thing they ask you is “what do you have against this person”, & question YOU as if you are the one in the wrong! This particular woman had 2 kids by 2 fathers & had been on welfare since she was 19, she is now 49 & on disability because she is so obese her ankle turned under & she can’t walk anymore. Her daughter, also on disability for ADHD just produced her own illegitimate baby.
    Honestly though it is the MASSIVE influx of ILLEGALS that is BANKRUPTING this country. They get more state & federal funds than any other group, even bla cks. WA. State spent $1.4 BILLION on entitlements for illegals, NV. spent $1.1 BILLION & the federal government spent over $100 BILLION on them.

    • billyjshafer

      I see you found that out also.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    A smart HUMAN must agree that we are a far greater advanced mathematically (Romney-Ryan) then Woodrow Wilson in 1920’s or Hitler economics of 1930’s or FDR 1940’s… These are the three that book smart Obama seems to follow very closely. Obama has only had 3 years of actually running anything and importunity we are all learning a HUGE lesson over his lack of street smarts.

  • reggiec

    Adults needed
    It is no longer a question that can be asked as: Is the federal government out of control? It has now reached the point where we can make a definitive statement. The same applies to California.
    The brutally honest truth is that government has grown to the point that the productive, private sector, wealth creating portion of society can no longer support it. In California it is worse because California is driving that portion of society out of the state.
    There is a TV program that now airs called “Intervention”. It showcases individuals who are locked in some type of self-destructive behavior and documents the efforts of others who intervene in attempts to convince those people to abandon their particular destructive behavior. Without intervention these people have no hope.
    Washington DC and some states, including California, are locked into self-destructive behavior just like some individuals are locked into the destructive addiction to drugs or alcohol. The government’s addiction is spending.
    Where are the adults, including members of Congress, or state legislatures in our society that will stand up and do what is necessary to intervene in the government’s addiction? Failure to do so will have the same ultimate results for our nation that faces the individual that continues their self-destructive addiction.
    The alternative to reform is an economic crash greater than anything previously experienced in our country. Government with all of its bureaucracies, agencies, regulations and continued out of controlled growth is presently the biggest danger facing These United States of America and specifically California.
    That proverbial can being kicked down the road is no longer an empty battered can that used to contain some beans. It has grown to the size of one of those city water tanks atop a tower. The road the can has been kicked down is now a steep hill and it goes up not down. When the efforts to keep kicking it fail, it will roll back down the hill and crush us.
    The debt that our federal government has saddled the American people with is not sustainable. The path that liberal controlled California is taking will result in the failure of a once great state. Our politicians in both parties know this but they are frozen in their current path like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. They are addicted to spending as an addict is addicted to his drug of choice. Both the politicians and the addict know what they are doing is destructive but the years of addiction have destroyed their self-control. The brutal truth is that if we are to survive economically as individuals or as a nation some “cold turkey” treatment administered by adults in our society and based on brutal economic honesty is going to be needed.
    Both political parties share in the blame of causing government to grow and assume powers not considered by our founding generations. The present “Establishment” of both parties in Washington has forgotten the American public and has created an “old boys elite” that has lost touch with America and its founding ideals. California has been taken over almost completely by the left whose agendas are bleeding the state dry. The influence of special interests, bringing home the bacon to their respective states or in the case of California their state districts and or being reelected is more important than the traditional national interests of American citizens at all levels. The only programs the federal government should have any influence in are those that have a significant “national” interest. State and local interests should be dependent on state and local support.
    Are you an adult? Monitoring your government at all levels is like the old saying about checking the proverbial baby diaper. Many of our politicians and governmental agencies can be equated to baby diapers in many ways. You are irresponsible if you don’t monitor them with great frequency and change them when needed for the very same reasons.
    In another respect government is like the baby itself or like a teenager when older. “We The People” should be the adults and it is our responsibility to guide our politicians and government away from irresponsible or destructive actions. One of the problems in our society is that the proper role has been reversed and some in our society have allowed government to usurp the role of parent while they have accepted the role of the child.

  • Reid

    The borders of “Fishtown” continue to expand. Families are penalized for having a mother and father present.

  • American 1st

    Who in the HELL thought it was a good idea to give ILLEGAL aliens welfare (money), food stamps, free or reduced housing, free medical, etc. paid for by our tax dollars?
    Over a year ago it was costing American taxpayers $100+ BILLION a year!
    Our Seniors are in dire straits & need more help due to the rising costs of everything! They have worked all their lives, paying taxes & contributing to our country. They are truly suffering while our dumba$$ politicians dole out money like it’s candy to these illegal freeloaders. It makes me SICK! IT’S TIME TO FIRE THEM! ESPECIALLY DEMOCRATS THAT IMPLEMENTED & APPROVE OF THIS SCANDALOUS PRACTICE!
    What are our politicians thinking? This practice needs to be STOPPED immediately & illegal aliens need to be deported!

    • Sagebrush6

      Jimmy Carter was the person responsible for this action. Look it up.

  • billyjshafer

    This is me.
    62 year old white man. Been working since I was 10.
    23 Years military service. Navy/ National Guard.
    One tour Viet Namn.
    Forty two years Power Generation.
    Now forced into retirement with bone cancer.
    Still work when I can.

    But according to Obama and his bunch I am living well. After I pay my bills. I have 100.00 dollars to live on. In a town where if you want most anything. It is a forty mile one way trip. I stay home quite a bit. If I want a food card. I will get one that will let me have 15.00 dollars a month.

    We also have bank day in my town. Where you will find the parking lot full of cars and trucks less than four years old. Price range twenty five thousand and up to fifty five thousand. Driven by people living off of the Government. But I guess they can afford it. Since they get free housing,medical care,cell,phones,free transportation to any hospital of their choice. Plus the free food Meals on Wheels brings some of them. Not to mention the pay checks for babies they don’t have.Along with whatever drug they are using this month.

    The rest of us poor folks. Just keep driving what we have. Mine is twenty two years old..


    we learn fast from what happened in the 60’s.Get equal pay for equal work? or was it equal statis with the rest. Think its all there.

  • Both repubs and dems are equally responsible. Our only hope for real change is still available if we all came together….

  • thetruthasitis

    This post does have merit. While we do need to help those who need it there are many who are abusing the system. One major accomplishment would be to change the president because this one wants more government which isn’t good for anyone in the US. Secondly more rules and regulations need to be set for this welfare system so that we don’t have people abusing the system and really get the help to those who need it.

  • mrsmorrise

    Please, PLEASE correct the grammar on this bumper sticker: Baby’s = one baby, possessive. Babies = multiple infants. Babies’ = multiple babies possessive. So….Babies Daddy means nothing. Babies’ Daddy means the father of multiple infants. Baby’s Daddy means the father or one baby.

    • Schawminator

      Mrs Morrise, please consider this bumper sticker is not exclusivly meant for your eyes. Consider it is for the the near 70% of black children born to single mom having babies without the support of the Babies daddy.

  • Chicot

    This is going to continue and get worse until the states stand up and make the dad’s responsible for the well being of the children. They could very easily hold them responsible by forcing the mother to give a list of who she slept with and do DNA, this would be a lot cheaper than welfare. I still think there should be orphanages run by the churches for all children who are abandoned by the fathers and mothers who have to have welfare to raise the child. The children would at least have some christian guidance and three good meals a day, a bed to sleep in and some caring people to mentor. These children should be taken away at birth and the parents not be able to have any influence on their lives. I could go on and on, but I know that any thoughtful person out there who has had experience with the majority of these kids, know exactly wha t I am talking about…

  • Schawminator

    I know it is a dangerous statement for Democrats to say, but one did. “It is not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. This needs to be repeated as a 101 civics lesson not to be forgotten..

  • One2Stupid

    1960 the number of children born to a single mom was 6%. 1965 LBJ and a Democrtic Congress create the Great Society, a huge welfare program designed to end poverty as we know it. 15 Trillion dollars later there is no change in the poverty rate and 42% (above 70% for black americans) of our children are born to an unwed mother, a 700% increase. We have allowed mothers and fathers to escape responsibility for anything. Isn’t our national debt approaching 16 Trillion? I wonder if there’s any connection?

  • yip yap

    Bumper sticker needs proper punctuation 🙂

  • Its really quite simple, for years we have had so called experts tell us how we should feel, behave and think. There was one large thing all these experts forgot, accept responsibility for your own actions, we now expect the government to give us, we don’t look at ourselves and say its my responsibility any more, we say someone else must give it to us.The trouble is that the givers are running out of things to give, and when that happens all hell will brake lose.

  • This is what happens when a Republic becomes a “Democracy of Takers”

  • While I despise those who won’t work, the ones I blame the most are the politicians, especially the democrats. They give these handouts in order to buy votes…and they succeed! Plus Obama is allowing tens of thousands of Muslims over here every month who have no skills and will not work. Each of these Muslim women have on average 8.2 children each. Since the man is allowed to have 4 wives (These marriages take place in mosques and are not registered) that adds up to almost 33 more Muslims we have to pay for. Obama must go!!!

  • Salty Sailor

    Yes that info came from msmbc the freeloader station of choice They keep there viewers filled in on the latest Gov. freebees .

  • sly311

    Government dependent whores is more like it. We have become that kind of entitlement society willing to lay down and give it all up for Big Brother. Deliver us from this madness

  • Salty Sailor

    Raymond it sad but true they play we pay. About that women boy how ugly can one get? She said i love him becouse he is black forgot to mention that his mom was white. Don’t think she gets that much sex , who the hell would want to roll in the hay with that. WHO THE HELL KNOWS WHAT YOU COULD CATCH FROM THE LIKES OF THAT.

  • Southern American & Proud!

    You state:

    “How did the greatest,
    most industrious nation on earth become the land of government dependent
    whiners? 80 million people nursing off mother government is beyond excessive.”

    “What happened to an
    attitude of pride in being self sufficient?”

    What happened? SLAVERY! And the GUILT laid on all of us because
    SOMEONE in the PAST had slaves. It is
    conveniently forgotten that blacks were the ones who originally sold their own
    kind. It is conveniently forgotten that welfare
    was designed to provide TEMPORARY help for those who needed it—NOT to provide a
    life-long living wage! It is
    conveniently forgotten that blacks have received the exact same education as
    whites since at least 1965!!! I know
    this because I attended public schools in America – and the black schools
    closed and all students attended the same school (and had the same
    classes/teachers/books) in our city in the fall of 1966. So the “discrimination” card can no longer be
    used. If blacks can’t pass a test, or
    get a degree, or get a job—I’M TIRED OF BEING BLAMED!!!

    Watch this:


  • ScarletDove

    The fool in the WH appealed to all these lazy slackers who expect him to lay down the red carpet for their lazy behinds. Birth control is no ones responsibility but mine, feeding and caring for my family or myself is my responsibility, my health care is my responsibility. If I want to create a business, it is my responsibility. This is why people left England, came here and started the United States beause they wanted independence. But we have always had the dependent and lazy slackers (welfare recipient ghetto trash and trailer trash). These types have moved into the spoiled and entitled people who want everyone else to pay for their needs; I work with some of these immature types, they are well educated and lazy, usually in their 20’s; no loyalties, no obligations, still living with and being catered to by parents. Is this what is going to be running the country in 30 years??? How did this mentality evolve, my generation is nothing like this at all…..but then my type is hated by this WH because I do not need Obama, he intrudes into my life, as well as the other dictatorial liberals like OMalley and Leggett who have overrun and damaged my beautiful state of MD..

  • 1JBRice1

    You know what really bothers me? The entitlement people will not accept any used article, furniture, clothing, etc. They demand and get new. I some days wish I could afford what these people get every day. I work, pay taxes, have a leaky roof that I can’t afford to have fixed, shop for sale items even at the grocery store just to stay above water and all they have to do is “demand” their “rights”. Sad world we live in.

  • Very few people are “self-sufficient” you need to define your terms. The native Americans were self-sufficient but they still needed to follow game. Culture depends upon resources which in our case is defined as money. Government “creates” money and determines how it gets distributed. Currently, banks have a cornered market and privy cartel to distributing currency. They profit on every dollar printed and held on deposit by leverage exceeding 10:1. Americans are also “dependent” upon government policies that either foster the creation (or export) of US jobs. Perhaps the most destructive piece of legislation apart from NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA and other bills that rewarded millionaires and billionaires for out-sourcing and exporting US jobs AND factories, was GW signing “most favored nations” trading status to the PRC. You cannot just talk about “dependency” like it occurs in some kind of vacuum. People are looking to survive. The government is the direct source for currency, bankers know it, and so do alert citizens, who are simply looking for the most direct way of obtaining it. Gopvernment policies also determine the job market. Over 3 years ago I recall seeing photos of TEA party rallies, picketers carrying posters that said “We are not hiring until Obama is gone.” so until there are more jobs to be had, you cannot really blame people for sucking on the government tit. Government did in fact cause these economic circumstances. It is hardly fair now, for politicians to punish citizens for those policies that turned a lush forest of jobs into an arid desert. And you also must realize that when educated industrialists leave America, you have a less educated and largely dissenfranchised-from-their-assets, majority who are here, who you are asking and expecting to pull themselves up by their own boot-straps. Why aren’t rich people teaching the rest of US how to make money? Because they never really internalized the Christian ideal, of “loving your neighbor as yourself.” American culture is still very immature that way, still a competitive free-for-all, trying to reconcile disparate and contradictory philosophies while justifying its own multiple-personality disorder, blaming the other guy.

  • Diane

    Jan forgot to mention those seniors on legitimate social security who worked all of their lives and get a check each month that they had believed was a promised insurance return and not a hand-out. Now those people are thrown in the barrel with the welfare bums as if on the same page.


  • Diane

    No one on welfare should be allowed to vote for what is happening is simply bribery.

  • I concur. You know that this person will be crucified now. It’s OK because we will support and protect this person. Hear that libs? We will protect!

  • marineh2ominer

    It all started when the federal government got into the charity business in direct violation of the United States constitutions limiting parameters as to their responsibilities versus their illegal activities . We NEED legislation passed that will bar the fed. from taking the roll of charities from the churches and aid organizations that were formed for that very purpose .

  • Els

    Jan I could not have said it better myself.

  • Sagebrush6

    I have to agree with her 100%. Why is it our responsibility to support all these illigitiment kids when the mothers set around a do booze and drugs. I ask a neighbor one time why she didn’t get a job and get off welfare and her comment was ” I don’t have to get dressed to collect welfare and I prefer not to let someone else watch my kids”. Yea right.

  • Jan Morgan, your article has omitted or miss reported several things. I’m retired and collect social security I paid into for over 40 years of working. During those same years I contributed to medicare and still do. The latest number I saw was 100 million getting government subsidies and I don’t know if that includes the illegal alien criminals that cost us over $200 billion per year. Now the left wing numbskulls want us to pay for these illegal criminals education in favor of our own citizens.

  • ERB


  • Theresa

    I just pray all of your messages are heard. We have been so blessed and yet we have let it slip through our fingers because we have tried to be tolerant law abiding citizens. I saw 2016 today. Please, everyone, try to see it. You probably already know most of it but it will solidify what you already know. It also will send a message that we want the truth to be told. I will move to Texas and help with the “war” if Obama is re-elected. Let’s take our country back!

  • Pudbert_Savannah GA

    It used to be that being a societal LEECH was nothing to be proud of,,
    now people DEMAND their SISTANCE to pay for EVERY cost of raising their 7 ChilRens ! !

    How is it that those of us that EARN the money to pay for these LEECHES every financial need have to take a uring/drug test and the libTards call it unfair for those LEECHES to do the same thing to GET our hard EARNED money ? ?

    LibTards are like a CANCER to our country ! ! !

  • Stephen Calhoun

    I Can”t have children so quite frankly I find this offensive! What children of mine have ever been alive to take a dime from uncle sam, or ran a bank and took a 100 billion?????

  • Dear Jan,
    Apparently you haven’t been following recent history. Corporate America out sourced millions of jobs over seas into the slave market. These jobs would have been putting currency into our economy rather than theirs. Ignorance amoung Republicans is fictitious and getting pretty old. You took jobs awawy from what have now become dead beat fathers not taking responcibility for their children. You have now created poverty where there once was stability. Please stop. It’s more than obvious what you claim ignorance of. So, wake up and smell the coffee. 35 million jobs over seas no longer paying taxes into our system, no longer going into our economy by means of small business…

  • fredh

    Government says 40 million Americans can not afford health care insurance, yet every time they pay their taxes, they are paying so every government employee can have the best health care plan money can buy. The Civil Rights Bill of 1964 gave all white women minority status, women of other races were already consider minorities. Since 1964 congress has passed over 400 laws to empower women,0 laws for men. Married women becoming a mother would quit their job after six months of being pregnant , go home an prepare to be a mother. This all change in 1972, young mother were told by government ,you are to important to stay home an rear children. So mothers burnt their bras in 1972 and started staying in the workforce. In 1970 Americas workforce was 70 million people( 80% men, 20 % women) And that hold true all way back to early 1900’s . How with mothers staying in the workforce the workforce double to 135,000 million people, 505 women. Productivity in 1970 was rated at 100%, by 1983 it drop to 50% productivity. All so in 1972 , congress passed laws like affirmative action, and quotas. Companies could no longer hire productive people , they had to go by quotas, so many minorities. This in my opinion was the main reason companies started moving their operations overseas. They could not afford to have workers that did not produce. How that mothers were in the workforce ,they had to buy a vehicle,before 1970 the average family own one vehicle, and the husband use that vehicle to go to his job, so he could support his family. Before 1970 most women never carries personal DEBT. A young man had to go into DEBT so he could have the money to date girls and fine his other half(wife). How that women were staying in the workforce started to skyrocket, women no longer needed a man, she had her own money. The inflation before 1972 was 2% per year, after 1972 it jump up to 15%, in 1792 gasoline was 28 to 32 cents per gallon, the average home ran from 6,000 to 18,000 dollars, you could buy a brand new two wheel drive pickup for 1800 dollars. After 1972 prices started to skyrocket. In 1974 congress passed another law , for families buying a home, congress told the banks you must consider the husband and wife’s salary when they figured a mortgage , because of this law the price of a home quadruple by 1980 and have been going up till 2009. Every home in the U.S. the price of a home is based on both husband and wife both working outside the home, if either spouse loses their job , they lose their home. The worse part of this essay is the fact that no one is home rearing Children, government assume that job.

  • Jan, I see more than my share of this. Sadly this area seems to be chocked full of lazies both men and women who depend upon that “check.”

    I work in the rent-to-own industry (I realize some people don’t have the highest opinion of what I do) and I consistently see those who live off the government come in wanting 60″ plasma TV’s, DJ systems, etc. They walk around all cocky and loud-mouthed like they are something so special. In essence we, the American taxpayers, are affording them this type of lifestyle.

    There are limits on what food stamps can buy and there should be a limit on what they can buy with their check as well. Sure, it would hurt my business but it’s ridiculous

  • lois

    I thought they had a law against multiple babies by single women…I guess not.

    If a woman makes one mistake, and goes on public assistance, I feel she needs to be temporarily sterilized.

  • You are right on target with this, but there is one mistake in this post. The part about babies are father is not true they have one, they just don’t support their family. Otherwise I give you 4 stars.

  • Becky

    I agree that the government is not my baby daddy but me begin a single parent doing my best to make sure my son has everything he need I need some help my sons father left us when I was 4 months pregnant and hasn’t look back no I don’t want to use the governments money but that what I had to to do for my son and yes I do have my son father on child support but that doesn’t mean that he going to pay I am a STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMEN that is a full time mother and and a full time student trying to make a life better for me and my child .

  • I experience another side of this die. I say die because coins only have two sides. This issue has at least six. My problem is that my daughter is my ex-wife’s first born. She is my only child, and I am not looking to have more, as the cost of living continues to rise far more quickly than which my pay rate does.

    My daughter suffers because my ex-wife keeps having children with other men. I pay child support and after the math is done, it equals 23% of my gross pay. But as my ex jumps from one relationship to the next, she insists on having more children with each man.

    She is on her third marriage now and has four children. She had one with me, one with her second husband and another two with her present husband. She does not work to earn money, and keeps herself occupied with infants to guarantee that this will never change.

    The problem is, I pay child support and so does her other ex-husband, but our money is her only source of income. Her present husband does not earn enough to support the family they’ve created and so my support payments wind up taking care of her other children and not mine. I found out over the weekend that my daughter only has one pair of pants. She has been given little more than a name by my ex-wife, despite the fact that I have paid her over $25,000 and will more than likely triple that figure in the next decade.

    I’m sorry to disagree with the bumper sticker, but I would rather have the government take over the role of baby’s daddy than me, regarding children born after our divorce.

    My daughter deserves to not live in poverty. I pay taxes. If my tax money, combined with my child support obligation, can see to it that my daughter has a full dresser and a full stomach, I believe that my tax money is being put to good use.

    Of course, my ex could have also been responsible with her uterus, but what’s done is done. These are real children with real needs. If a bill was sent to capitol hill that required women on government subsidy to have sterilization surgery performed, I would write my congressman to vote yes. If a bill was sent to capitol hill requiring that children living in poverty were taken away from their parents and placed in a more financially stable family, I would support that, too.

    Until then, I appreciate you paying your fair share of the tax burden. Hopefully one day it trickles down to my daughter and I won’t have to borrow money to buy her pants.

  • Child support payor

    I have been looking at the some of the average age of our governing bodies and I believe that there should definitely be an age limit and term limit imposed. Some of these guys are relics and out of touch with the people.