The Latest Politically Correct Anti-Gun Fiasco Courtesy of a Public School District

Jan Morgan

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Just when you believe you have heard the most ridiculous example of political correctness, some other elitist fool comes along and tops the last one with something even more absurd.

Take the case of the little deaf boy, named Hunter, who is now no longer allowed to use the sign language hand sign for his name because it looks like a gun.

Three-and-a-half year old Hunter Spanjer, who is deaf, signs his name by crossing his forefinger and index finger and moving his hand up and down. To his family, friends and those who know the Signing Exact English (S.E.E.) language that the Grand Island, Nebraska, boy uses, that gesture uniquely means “Hunter Spanjer.”

But to Hunter’s school district, it might mean something else. The district claims that it violates a rule that forbids anything in the school that looks like a weapon, reports KOLN-TV. And Hunter’s parents claim that Grand Island Pubic Schools administrators have asked them to change their son’s sign language name.

“Anybody that I have talked to thinks this is absolutely ridiculous,” Hunter’s grandmother Janet Logue told the TV station. “This is not threatening in any way.”

Hunter’s father Brian Spanjer said, “It’s a symbol. It’s an actual sign, a registered sign, through S.E.E.”
The family told KOLN that lawyers from the National Association of the Deaf may push for Hunter’s right to sign his name at the school.

Read More at Yahoo News.

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  • Can’t Fix Stupid

  • heck then you can not spell LOVE either in sign language…bs

  • Mark Jones


    • Mark, you are so right,and,sadly, its been this way for far too long.

  • Ridiculous

  • Will it never cease? I can’t remember who, but someone recently said,”Common sense is no longer common.” I couldn’t agree more. It’s like someone is putting stupid in our water, or the air. That’s why I don’t drink water, or breathe any longer. Without filters that is.

  • Brian

    Another reason that both Obama bin Lyin & Eric the Red Holder need to GO this November !!!!

  • They need to be SUED to teach them a lesson in STUPIDITY.

  • Rawhide

    Only in america….who are the twits that decide what’s politically correct…

  • Can’t fix stupid. I have a finger for you!

    • Don’t tell the guys on that side about that Bob. They might take you up on your offer.

  • AlmightyShmun

    I get that it’s silly, but you’ve failed completely in making an argument for this being an issue motivated by a sense of “political correctness.” This is pretty clearly motivated by the district’s fear and paranoia regarding student violence, which has….frankly, not a single thing to do with an attempt to not use offensive terminology. Again, it’s dumb, but your attribution to an ill-defined and deliberately nebulous buzz word is poorly conceived at best.

    • Shmun? Is that your actual name? But, besides all that. What was your point? You said a lot of words but said nothing at all. I’m not sure why you even added this part of a sentence “frankly, not a single thing to do with an attempt to not use offensive terminology.”. Also, I’m pretty sure you used “attribution” in an incorrect manner. And again,not sure why you added this sentence “Again, it’s dumb, but your attribution to an ill-defined and deliberately nebulous buzz word is poorly conceived at best.” mostly because it has no point in this conversation and the other point is that it’s just silly. If your on our side and I just offended you,get over it and learn how to write.


  • Sue those liberals into the stone age.

  • I should have been a lawyer instead of a truckdriver.

    • Gregg, don’t even think of sinking that low in the gene pool on purpose. I’m sure you first have to start off as a snake and then go to school. 99 percent of them anyways. If your going to be the 1 percent? God speed my friend,God speed.

  • Another good reason to home school. (Which also lessons the chance of having a liberal in the family.)

  • “Zero Tolerance” is code for “no judgement required”. “Zero Tolerance” policies protect administrators from having to make any sort of decision about what is good or bad, right or wrong, permitted or not permitted. “Zero Tolerance” of anything protects no one except the government employees and the government organizations that such policies. You would be surprised at how little actual judgement or decision-making skill is required for many “responsible” government jobs, and especially those jobs in public education.

    • I had a job once that the boss/owner of the company said to me we were not supposed to make any decisions, just follow the supply companys direction without question. While having to do the job without the ability to contact anyone at the supply company. Retarded as anything the government does.

  • This is a very good example of “zero tolerance” school policies. In thousands of incidents of abuse and misguided interpretations of these policies, school administrators are going to the extreme (as liberal progressives often do).

    The intent of these policies is make schools and other public places safe, but in reality, they provide an environment where over zealous administrators wield way too much power.

    Banning children’s play where they use their fingers to mimic a gun (playing cowboys and Indians is no longer acceptable) is “outlawed” because it represents a weapon?? Who was the moron that thought that up? Answer: A liberal progressive.

    Banning clothing that displays anything the local administration might deem as “offensive”…particularly clothing and jewelery that has a Christian message or symbol, while NOT banning clothing that denotes an Islamic or Muslim message or symbol…do you find this behavior and the resulting action offensive? I do.

    What you are witnessing is the slow methodical eradication of the American morality and Christian/Judeo principles that America was built on. It is a devious plan that has been in place for decades. Sadly, its working.

    • Even though I am not religious in any way, I say you are dead on with your observation Reverend.

  • Bullit

    Obviously Hunters parents (right-wing-nut-jobs) genetically engineered their unborn sons DNA so he would be born deaf, just so they could name him Hunter, just so they could antagonize the “lefties’ whom they KNEW would be offended by their deaf son who would fiendishly sign his name as a reference to weapons. Really??? Boy, i can’t believe this is the America I grew up in as a kid.

  • Bullit

    @29857b0022c076d77e9f86cba5bdb069:disqus “This is pretty clearly motivated by the district’s fear and paranoia regarding student violence”,Not sure what you were getting at with your comment, but from the disgust I see here with what can only be defined as over-the-top-politically-correct-absurdity, the facts are that this is a “pre-school-aged-environment”. Do you agree with the above statement? Are we to believe that non-signing children (or anyone else for that matter), would somehow be motivated to go on a shooting rampage due to this tiny “audio-challened” child?

  • Joe

    This has got to be one of the God awful stupidist things I have ever heard in my life….How in the hell do people that stupid live so long?? People that stupid usually die due to their own randon acts of stupidity….