“America is not just a place, it is an idea. Our rights come from God and nature, NOT THE GOVERNMENT.” – Rep. Paul Ryan

Jan Morgan

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  • Guy Daley

    I don’t understand the purpose of posting the above about Paul Ryan. The hunting picture above is a joke. I’m getting tired of the photo ops by professional politicians that are designed to appeal to voting blocks. The implication from the above picture is that Ryan is pro gun because he’s seen with a dead deer. He’s a backstabber of the worst sort. You want a run down on how he’s backstabbed Americans?


    Anybody that voted FOR TARP should be an automatic no in your book. TARP was a bailout on the backs of the taxpayers in the form of the inflation tax. And that is to be compensated for with a picture of Ryan and a deer?

    Judge Napolitano ALSO had some very negative things to say about Ryan and do you know anybody else that is a stronger advocate for freedom and liberty?

    Jan Morgan, if the above is some kind of endorsement for Paul Ryan, don’t do it anymore. It means you have NOT done your homework.

    • Guy, you are entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to mine. We have two choices in this upcoming election. I am voting against obama and promoting the only team that has a chance in hell of pushing him off his throne. …
      I have done my homework. I am not a huge Romney/Ryan fan but until this election is over I will be their biggest cheerleaders. Once the election is over, I will be all over their actions and if they do not begin the appropriate steps in the Conservative direction, I will do my best to contribute to their term being short and swift.

      • Jan . I agree with you that any one esle has to be better then OBAMA and his anti american Czars. I am so ashamed of Obama and his pass history of bad behaver……… OBAMA BOY FRIEND AND FELONY PASS WITH DOPE ””””http://liberty.com/content/barack-obama-used-cocaine-had-gay-sex-1999 >> Obama must be defeated.******SHARE THIS WITH AMERICA !!!!***** http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/trojanhorse.asp****

      • Jan, i am with you on this one. We too, will be Voting against Obama/Biden. I believe he has been the worst president Americans have ever voted into office. A quote from a good friend of mine was, “People wanted change – well they got it -But, they never asked what kind of change.” And I strongly agree with him, as well.

      • Ray

        My attitude exactly Jan. if we hold their feet to the fire we can win the culture war. Obama does not care what the voter’s want. The citizen to him is only an item to be controled. If he wins, as a lame duck pres. America will be no more unless a bloody revolution is won by the USA Conservative movement. The chances of this happening is slim to no cchance at all because the government has been to a degree successful at breaking the Americcan spirit of rugged individualism.

  • George

    Guy, I can understand you dislike for Ryan. But he has done more good in his tern than Obama/Bidon has done in theirs.

  • Michael Lee Duncan

    Guy, Jan Morgan has done her research and to claim that she has not shows that YOU have not done your homework. I’ve known Jan for years now; she is opinionated, but that comes from being INFORMED and not parroting what Napolitano tells you to think. This is your choice, and the last election that will count if this administration gets another 4 years to indoctrinate more people into a progressive worldview; Obama/Biden or Romney/Ryan. Listen to the Paulbots lie Napolitano and re-elect a Marxist/Communist or elect a liberal Republican balanced by a conservative Republican that has an actual and detailed plan. It has taken 98 years of progressive indoctrination to get to this point and it’s unrealistic and dangerous to think that we can get out of this mess in one term. Ryan is 42 years old, Romney is last establishment candidate that has been waiting in line for his turn. Ryan is the new face and future of the party. Accept that reality and get on-board or get out of the way. Take your ideological purity to your bunker because that’s where it’s going to lead all of us. If Obama gets a second, unleashed term then save room for me.

  • I can vote for this All American guy!!

  • I like this guy . He show his american values. Obama need to take lesson form him. He wants to balance the budget , While our president want to spend and waste. This november should be a no brainer for the american voters……….TEN REASON TO FIRE OBAma……http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=51446)

  • He is a bully who wants to raise the retirement age to pay for raiding the SSI Trust Fund, banker bailouts and our corrupt Federal Reserve system. He signed globalist treaties like CAFTA that exported US jobs. He was talking about US “full employment” when GW was signing “most favored nations” trading status to the PRC (where your jobs have gone.) He wants all Americans working, even if it’s at slave wages. He doesn’t believe government has any culpability for its policies of exporting jobs, globalism is just the “free market” at work, as far as he’s concerned, and if you read investor blogs, you’ll know they have no allegiance to the American Idea or ideals. There are many reasons for disliking Obama, but what I see in R/R is a class of globalist, big-business plutocrats seizing the reins of power, and America being run by 50 billionaires, give or take, who financed the R/R campaign. Kiss clean energy good bye, we will be going back to a 1950’s culture, authoritarian business model, and fossil fuels, while investors exert their right to make money at your expense

  • The Scriptures provide no evidence of God-given (or unalienable) rights. Even life and liberty are not rights, but rather responsibilities delegated by Yahweh. Of course, rights are much more popular than responsibilities. Everyone, including homosexuals and
    infant murderers, demand their rights, but few are interested in fulfilling their responsibilities.

    The Puritan idea of rights and liberty was quite different from what the framers had in mind:

    “John Winthrop [first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony] … reminded his fellow-citizens of Massachusetts that a doctrine of civil rights [as in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights] which looked to natural or sinful man as its source and guardian [as in the Preamble] was actually destructive of that very liberty which they were seeking to protect. True freedom can never be found in institutions which are under the direction of sinful men, but only in the redemption wrought for man by Jesus Christ. Christ, not man, is the sole source and guarantee of true liberty.” (C. Gregg Singer, A Theological Interpretation of American History (Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., 1964) p. 19.)

    For more, see Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/biblelaw-constitutionalism-pt11.php.

    Also don’t miss our Constitution Survey in the right-hand column by which you can receive a free 85-page “Primer” of the book mentioned above.

    • Jeff Weakley


      I must take issue with you here. I do find the concept of God-given rights in the Scripture. In Acts 17:25 Paul tells us that God has “… given to all life, and breath, and all things.” This concept is generally understood in the doctrine of “Common Grace.” God gave to each of us life. And we know that we are to respect the life of others because of God’s command “Thou shalt not kill.” Yes, these blessings are GIFTS from God, and He is sovereign over them. But in relationship to other men, it is proper to call these gifts “rights” because no man has the legitimate authority to take these God-given gifts from us. Now, as to your point about how we are not to look to man-made institutions as the source or guardians of these gifts/rights, I am in 100% agreement.

      In Christ,

      • Jeff, I understand your point. However, the gift of life given to me is not a right but something God expects me to take responsibility for to be used and even poured out on His behalf. The lives of others are my responsibility to respect, honor, and protect. I have a right to nothing, I have a God-expected responsibility in everything that by His grace has been given to me.

        • Challenging issue — Excellent answer! I’ll go with Ted for personal accountability and “civil responsibility”. We’ve got it all backwards!

          Also, I’ve read his book: very much on target. Highly recommended!

    • the labourer is worthy of his hire