Life in the Obamanation = Threats, Fines, and Boycotts

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

Obama just said on national television that his view of America and Paul Ryan’s are fundamentally different. That is a good thing since Obama is all about the strong arm of a big abusive government.

Kevin Kerwin, a business man in Lake Oswego, Oregon knows first hand the citizen limitations of living in an Obamanation. Kerwin owns a computer shop. After hearing Obama’s famous “you didn’t build it” speech, Kevin decided to fight back by using his 1st Admt. right to free speech by posting a sign in his window telling Obama that he did build his business without the helping hand of the government.

As a result of his sign in the window, Kevin has had a visit by police who tried to remove the sign but since it is on private property, they could not. He has been slapped, called a racist, liberals threatened to put him out of business and the city threatened to fine him $150 per day unless he removed the sign and reduced it in size.

Yes, life in the Obamanation can be pretty rough if you disagree with the President openly, if you oppose his policies, or simply show your support for his opponent.

Isn’t it ironic that the liberal left that supposedly centers its platform around tolerance is actually the most intolerant movement of people in this country?

I don’t know about you but I was very proud today when Obama announced on national television that Ryan and he are fundamentally different.. THANK GOD!

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  • Jim Capobianco

    I hope he keeps the sign up, but if this was 5 years ago and some liberal put a sign up against George Bush. He would have been hailed a hero by the press. ugggg

  • Joe L

    Shades of Nazi Germany!

  • Thomas J. Smith

    need a list of conservatives to vote for on 14th, West is the only one I’m sure of so far any suggestions?

    • Check with your local tea party office that’s what I did here in Arizoner!!! Be carefull with the advertising even the most liberal demorats are calling themselves conservative now!!!

  • If he is slapped with fines is there contact info to help him out.

    • Contact info from where and what are you talking about Robert?

  • Local Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Vicki McKenna has been audited by the IRS 4 times in the last few years. There is no sense of fairness in Liberal swine.

    • Yet Obama talks about economic fairness . I suspect the only people who will treated fairly are those who are willing to go along with his policies and only until the policies are put in place and people realize they aren’t all they were touted to be.

  • I think it’s foolish to have such a sign and tick of some of your customers, but it’s perfectly legal AND it is protected speech. So HOW can the police try to fine him? What law did he violate? How is a sign on private property in any way illegal when it does not threaten anyone?

    • Wendy

      most cities have policies that limit the size of the signage you can display.

      • Billybob

        Most cops are too busy to write him a ticket or rip his sign down. If that does happen then we should film it for everyone to see

        • I concur Billybob. Your point also needs an addition, most cops are hard working down to earth men and women. For the most, they got into the police thing to help others and should be lauded and respected for that alone. I have friends that are cops and parts of their jobs they do not like are writting speeding tickets etc. and dealing with domestic arguements and fights. For the most part, the people who choose to protect the population are a far better human than most and should be treated as such.

    • Fine him for what? He put up a sign in the window of his business. It isn’t bigger than the window and it’s not out on the street where they can dictate the size of the sign so they all can go bite.

    • MR.RIGHT

      It does threaten people, it threatens the ones who voted for him, all the demoncraps liberal/marxists commies, remember only the ones who agree with him may speak. One thing I would like to say about these idiots and I quote ” want him to remove it and make it reduced in size.” why would he have to reduce it in size it its removed? hence the stupidity of the left!

  • Marshal

    So maybe that teacher that berated the child in her class room for disagreeing with her about Obama was right when she said the child could get arrested for disagreeing with the president.

  • Jon Huckins

    We should fight back as true Americans to default Obama

  • IndieChick

    I have friends that have warned me not to speak out and I know they are afraid to do so. Fear is a powerful “de-motivator” when it is used to keep a group silent. It may work on some of the people some of the time but I dare say it will ultimately fail. The brave must stand up, as so many are doing, and lead the way out of the mental oppression induced by these mob-style tactics. I wonder what Americans would really say if they didn’t fear the government?

    • Doris

      I intend to speak out for as long as I can. I have no one to support but myself, I am old and I have little to lose. People like me have an obligation to speak out when younger people with families may be afraid for their families.

    • MR.RIGHT

      “People should not fear their Government, Government should fear their people.”

  • I am sooooo happy you no longer have the liberal side of facebook trying to dictate your content. I have started to notate on my posts I run across, ” I bet this don’t get posted” LOL
    anyway it must be a big breath of freash air to be able to speak your mind and freely go it

  • Barry Kaplan

    To liberals, freedom of speech only matters IF they agree with the speech.

    • No shit Barry, that’s why we have to fix this mess. Don’t slow down with the fight no matter what they say. You understand their tactics, don’t fall prey to them.

  • Freedom of speech going out the door:(

    • FLPI !

      Only for the right wing,, as long as you are left leaning you can still say whatever you want and however you want to say it, do it or express it.. If flipping the bird is protected and burning the flag is protected,, then how can anyone say that this guys sign is wrong??

    • No shit Brian, that’s why we have to fix this mess. Don’t slow down with the fight no matter what they say. You understand their tactics, don’t fall prey to them. I can’t believe I just copied and pasted a response from one person to another, but, it fit so well I couldn’t help doing it.

  • lets not forget about the black panthers at pollig places

  • people so need to get over it—–his right to post the sign…don;t like it, don;t do business there………Same way i felt about ChickFilA

  • I always love how expressing your opinion in opposition to the Progressive ideology you are told to sit down and shut up all the while “they” are expressing their opinion in support of their ideology.. Apparently 1A only goes one way… theirs. Good thing 2A is there to enforce 1A without it we would not have a voice.

    • So what is 1A and 2A? I get the “progressive-communist” idealogy and can’t stand the concept of it,let alone the full blown practice of it now!

      • MR.RIGHT

        1st Amendment and 2nd amendment get it now?

  • Ssg bridges

    Well the it was the second amendment he is attacking and now the first amendent what’s next the third, forth when does it stop? When we are no longer home of the free? When will America wake up and stop all this nonsense? I will defend America and her call for her people of America. I swore an oath to defend and up hold the constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Ssg B U.S. Army

    • FLPI !

      The fourth Amendment is gone already with the Patriot Act and all of obummers modifications and extensions..

      • We’re going to fix this soon, you and I and every other redblooded patriotic american that can vote.

    • Yes sir staff sargent, I am absolutely with you 100 percent and am a little p.o.”d at some of these bozo’s posting on here. I swore that oath as well and will never renig on my promise. For some reason, people seem to think the Constitution can be rewritten on a whim. I say, F that and a whole lot more to these people. Are other people with Staff Sargent Bridges and myself?

      • MR.RIGHT

        You must remember one of the goals of communism #13. Do away with all loyalty oaths. Exert from The Naked Communist. It doesn’t matter to obasturd the oath of office, he’s a communist, and he follows the communist manifesto.

  • I no longer watch any of the once major channels because they only spout lies. If they think they can tell me Obummer is good for this nation, then I can turn them off, and have. I will NEVER support Obummer and his policies. If the stupid Democrats and Liberals were to get their way, this Country will come crashing down, further than he has already brought it. We will take America back, and get rid of ALL of the politicians that are owned by special interests.

  • I do not agree with his message, but I will absolutely agree and defend his right to express his own personal view. This is the basic tenet of our freedom, if we lose this we lose everything. I am not saying Obama built his business at all, but rather he should show a little more respect for his President.

    • David

      In my opinion, respect is earned and should be deserved, no matter who it is. And in this case, it is neither. I respect the *office* of President, but absolutely not the person currently holding it. Honesty, integrity, etc. are necessary ingredients for respect to be had, and they are just about non-existent with O.

      • Orrir

        You are so correct, David. Mr. Obama has defiled the office of the presidency by the very nature of his actions. Yes, all presidents have lied or were not totally honest but when it becomes obvious to everyone that Obama has no love for our country and has done everything possible to bring it down is proof that he has no respect for the office. His arrogance is beyond belief.

  • Dixie Berry

    Hopefully, there will be enough of us to overthrough this dictator and put his family out on the streets where they belong. They have taken advantage of this country for too long and should have been impeached the minute he started changing the Constitution and denying Veterans and the elderly their rights.

    • MR.RIGHT

      So what do you think will happen if he is not brought up on charges of treason, and stripped of all his worldly possessions? for he knows all the secrets of this nation and will sell them to the highest bidder. The moment Romney walks though the white house with him, the military should be there to arrest him and his bitch wife and taken into custody, thrown into jail/gitmo without a trial. isn’t what this new bill wants to do to us? just a thought.

  • Lance Zobel

    Shall we all sit back and let it happen? I think not. The only way evil can triumph, is for good men to do nothing.

  • A Man

    why is Obama the enemy? You know Romney and his crony are snake oils salesmen? Hell, we all know you can’t trust a politician, so why defend the known liars? Because they promise you a strong economical country, and all the good things you want to hear? You defend your IDEAS and OPINIONS like they were FACT. ideas and opinions are open to change, every conversation doesn’t have to be a fight. Sometimes i think y’all couldn’t pour water from a boot if the instructions were written on the heel. Just keep that in mind next time you open your mouth, and question who you will vote for. As far as I see, Romney ain’t much better than Obama. different suite, different party, same A**hole.

  • Don’t know what corruption is?
    Please watch this and forward onto friends and relatives. Amazing.
    Watch these two videos…..there is a way out…you don’t have to continue on that path….. watch both videos..there is hope………. Very very informative!! Please watch both videos all the way through. This young black woman has some incredibly important first person observations. Please listen to this gal. What Anita Moncrief tells us is downright scary.This is not going to make the Obama campaign very happy!PART Ihttp://www.youtube.com/embed/3CmkbShVqNA?feature=player_embedded PART IIhttp://www.youtube.com/embed/gy6odnqyLeU?feature=player_embedded

    Sandy Hoffpauir

  • Jackie E

    does anyone ever consider how difficult it must be for the president’s children to hear & see all this name-calling against their dad? Why cannot a person express displeasure or disagreement without resorting to name-calling? That surely is ‘discourteous behavior’ and is likely why the man’s sign is offensive to the authorities.

    • The same could be said of all the outrageous things the left AND THE PRESS, called G. W. Bush. Bush also had children who loved and supported him. Isn’t what’s good for the goose is good for the gander? Unfortunately, name calling and insults aren’t good for anyone.

    • Lewis

      That is silly, actually, it’s damned silly! How in the hell is “incompetent” or “lousy excuse” considered “name calling?” They may only be nothing more opinions, but “name calling?” I see through your thinly veiled, syrupy and sympathy laden shaming tactic attempt here and also your ridiculous attempt to have us ignore the reality of the present state of political discourse, as realistically being far, far worse than anything this man has written and displayed here. His sign is “pee wee league” stuff, at best. You’re a liberal, aren’t you??? You sound like one of those who are sneaky and dishonest like them, if not…

    • Well whose fault is that? If Obama wasn’t such a liberal socialist who is bringing this country down, then his children wouldn’t have to hear all that.

  • FLPI !

    Did everyone see the leftwing hatchet job that 60minutes did to Ryan on his economic plan? see the article at

  • Bill Q

    City officials in Lake Oswego clearly don’t support the First Amendment if they’d threaten to fine someone for speaking out on his own property.

    • MR.RIGHT

      They did the same thing to a group of Christian for having a bible study on their own property.

  • barroom

    The US spent billions getting rid of Hussin and then we elected one.

  • jcwink

    If you want to change someone’s view you don’t insult them first. While I do not agree with BHO, I would not publish an insult aimed at him. The owner appears to enjoy confrontation and did so with full knowledge of the reaction. After reading as much info as I can find about the incident, I would question some of it as fiction. Designed to curry favor with a sympathic public.

    • Guest

      These two people have been linked to writing fake review on business listing kevinthegeekdotcom websites. Their Names are John Christopher Winkler Euless Texas Used Car Dealer on Carsdotcom and Stephanie S. Bouc Divorced House Wife in Carmel Valley CA. and Oklahoma City, OK. She is known for being an Pathological Liar. If you see any reviews with Jcwink or John please let me know. I’m trying to put a end to this.

      After my Greta interview on Foxnews John got jealous and tried to destroy my business with lies and deceit. He is a very unhappy man and warned by his sister he is dangerous. With all the exposure I recieved after Greta this is just one instance where people try and tear you down because of your beliefs.

  • Everyone is forgetting George Owell’s warning. Double speak; up is down, left is right, good is bad, ememy is friend… AND opposing the Government will get you re-educated!

  • I never believe all everyone says on the internet, everyone has opinions. and anyone can start a blog or a website and say it is the truth. If I did not hear it or see it on the news,

    • MR.RIGHT

      Oh so does that mean evolution is true just because they teach it as ‘truth’ in the pubic schrools? If you believe what the so called media puts out as news, then you are just a stupid as those who report it. I don’t believe anything this media says, they are all mouth pieces for obasturd. maybe you should be listening to what the people of this country have to say and not a bunch of worthless so called reporters.





  • David Thompson

    Need to Watch this as is very important. FBI & Secret Service Agents that did this are assholes for taking this Patriotic American!

    Remember that the Constitution even gives us the right to toss this government out!
    The First Amendment gives us the right to free speech!

    So you dumbass FBI & Secret Service Agents should be charged with violating Raub Brandon Constitutional Rights to free SPEECH!

    If Barrack Obama & Eric holder back you up on this than they are maggots like you!

    I am an American Citizen using right under the first amendment to free speech!
    BREAKING NEWS: Fmr. Marine Arrested by FBI for Patriotic Facebook Posts!! SHARE EVERYWHERE!Former Marine Raub Brandon was taken by FBI and Secret Service last night

  • Jan perhaps you should make a slight change the in the title of the article to “Lberal Life is an Obamination”.

  • David Thompson

    This is of a Patriotic Former Marine Having his Constitutional Rights Violated!

  • Jan, perjaps you should change the title slightly yo “Liberal Life is an Obamination.”

  • lwjones72

    I guess not everyone is as lucky as I am to have their own copy of the Constitution and could blow up a copy of the 1st Amendment to show to those threatening legal action so they could be asked exactly which law was being violated.

    • MR.RIGHT

      Maybe every business should have a blown up copy of the constitution on their windows, I wonder if they would tell them to take that down too? hum isn’t it interesting that the same document that gives the liberal/marxists their rights to speak would be touted as hate speech in the window of a conservative business.

  • This is how liberals are.. they can dish it out.. but they are absolute PUSSIES – they can’t take it! ha ha.. they talk big.. but do NOTHING!

  • defender3

    Amazing that Obama is still in office! This Despot will stop at nothing to enforce his rule on the American people. Wake up America before it is to late.

  • Look like our president want to put american in jail and let the law violaters out. What a backword guy we have for a leader. Everyone need to join me in November and kick this joker out…………………….. OBAMA BOY FRIEND AND FELONY PASS WITH DOPE ””””http://liberty.com/content/barack-obama-used-cocaine-had-gay-sex-1999 >> Obama must be defeated.******SHARE THIS WITH AMERICA !!!!***** http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/trojanhorse.asp****

  • Guest
  • Mitt lover

    So he is breaking the sign ordinance?? Nice. Idiot

  • Public_Citizen

    This all sounds so familiar.
    Let me think, where have I read about this sort of intimidation before?
    Oh yeah, Germany in the late 1920s and early 1930s.
    We all know how ~that~ turned out.

  • I enjoyed reading this article about me. Thank you for helping with my cause against Obama.
    Kevin the Geek

  • jcwink
  • Little Brain Johnny Winkler got jealous of my article here and accused his sister of writing the note I used on Greta Show. I told him to apologize and he posted fraudulent reviews about me all over the internet. A restraining order was made which I broke and got community service. Johnny Winkler is a frustrated old man and very jealous of anyone telling him what to do. I sacrifice being in trouble with the law just to get back at him. My mug shot is my badge of honor not letting this worthless person get away with fraudulent lies. 🙂

    • jcwink


      Kevin Kerwin also known as Kevin the Geek can’t handle the truth being published about him by this author. There has NEVER been a fake review written about him or his business by this author. What has been written is factually truthful. This author has never accused anyone of writing a ‘fake note’. Mr. Kerwin complains he has been attacked for the ‘purpose of putting him out of business’. Mr Kerwin is his own worst enemy and his actions are the cause of all this. The claim of being a victim can not be supported by the reality of the facts.Victimization hum right out of the liberal playbook. This is an example of the fabrications running rampant in Kerwin’s mind. Mr Kerwin jumps to conclusions without reasonable thought. Check out his business reviews on yahoo, google, yelp, pissed consumer, tell me the truth, business review in your neighborhood, better business review, gogobot, and rate it all. Are all these reviews FAKE?. These reviews are 90 PERCENT negative and one or two that are positive are more than likely published by an alias used by Mr. Kerwin. Who is authoring fake reviews? He has incessantly harassed my family with obscene text, emails, voice mails, internet post and stalking comments on news articles. The comment above is an example. Our family will continue to request Mr. Kerwin to stop posting comments insulting, taunting and harassing us. His facebook page is littered with foul and distasteful harassing post. Friend him you will see.

    • JCWINK aka John Winkler, my brother, is a very conservative republican, lives in Dallas, TX, and in the last 5 years… ended a very conflicted marriage and remarried. There’s more… but it’s just best to say that he’s no saint.

      “note” refers to a hand-written note left on kevin’s store door saying “you think you are special and you built your business by yourself….so on … so on…”
      “post” refers to the post that John left on kevinthegeek Yahoo website stating that Kevin has a reputation for engaging in illicit relationships with married female clients who have children…

      Here goes….My brother, John , left this text message on my phone last sunday evening: “The note someone left on the window of his business look like your writing?”

      Stephanie responds: “Not quite…. Maybe you are confusing me with alison’s hand. Don’t even go there bro… call me if you wanna talk.” (Alison is John’s 30 y/o daughter)

      John: “Don’t go there bro…..A little bossy aren’t we…..”

      Stephanie: “Lol… Its hard to believe that you could come up with something like that… oh well… Skepticism is a good thing. bring it on. I love you.”

      We continue texting over the next 24 hours and he comments on my interesting (i.e., defensive) reaction to his text… and that I have experienced a “conversion to conservatism.” I proceed to say skepticism is good when so much around us is fraud and that I am sending him copies of my handwriting and a copy of the note and he can be the judge. (He received the envelop yesterday and texted me that he trashed it…)

      He continues his badgering by texting that Kevin’s sign is a desperate marketing attempt. Well this really hooks kevin in… I truly believe that Kevin’s hot head and strong political beliefs fueled his signage… not a desire for attention or a need for business. But kevin wanted John to apologize for accusing me of writing the note. Kevin said you apologize to your sister or we will have words. John wrote kevin saying “You guys need to lighten up… I was just kidding… can’t you take a joke.” No apology.

      All of this happened Friday and Saturday… Sunday morning, the defaming, infamous post was on kevinthegeek Yahoo! local website. Victoria Taft (local conservative talk show host who had interviewed Kevin and was responsible for the story going nationwide) also received the post which she didn’t allow on her website and notified Kevin… which is how Kevin realized John had blogged. I immediately called John and asked him to take it off. He wouldn’t. Kevin yelled obscenities into the phone and John laughed hysterically. Sick. I called David. David volunteered to call John. At David’s request, for my children’s sake, John apologized and said he would request the posting’s removal. John said that he was trying to stand up for David, my 2 kids, and my Dad and expose Kevin for the hypocrite that he is… i.e., A conservative with anything but traditional conservative family values, etc… the posting was intended to enlighten everyone… and thereby ruin his reputation, likely hurt his repair business and negate any political speaking opportunities which are very likely… there are opportunities being discussed.

      However, the biggest inaccuracy is the suggestion that Kevin’s behavior is a pattern. Also, our relationship would not have happened if I hadn’t encouraged it.
      Kevin says that John is jealous of him because of his recent notariety and is a disturbed individual.

      I am so angry with him and I know he is not going to change.
      However, John is continuing to hold a grudge and feels it necessary to punish me…. and/or expose me by harming Kevin. Rather than supporting my efforts to make a go of a new relationship and support his sister, he is doing everything he can to wreck it. It’s definately sadistic and passive-aggressive. Possibly is heightened by guilt from his recent divorce and circumstances surrounding it.

      Does Kevin have a case… I will quote David. First ammendment gives a lot of leeway on business blog sites. However, with a lot of money and a lot of personal facts made public, Kevin could have a case against John because the blog is an exaggeration and with a motive to harm. The behavior is not a pattern.

      • Kevin Kerwin is a revenge porn poster. Has violated the restraining order against him. Is on probation and has violated his probation. He is the owner of a computer repair service in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Called Kevin the Geek Computer repair.