No Budget, NO PAY!

Jan Morgan

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I have a message for the House and Senate. I am one of your bosses. You work for me and I am repulsed by your job performance! If it were my decision, and mine only, you would be fired. Your performance aligns perfectly with your approval rating… reproachful and bleak!


(an outraged taxpayer who has to work every day, fulfill my job responsibilities, balance my bank account, and live within my budget. What have YOU done to earn the salary and benefits I pay you?)

Three years and no budget from our lawmakers, but hey, it is break time and the paychecks with plush benefits keep coming for our lawmakers who apparently feel they have no accountability or responsibility to the American people they serve. Yes, my fellow Americans, they do work for us, but somehow I believe those republicans and democrats that are on our payroll have come to the conclusion that they answer to no one.

First, lets examine WHY our lawmakers not only can not, but will not produce and pass a budget. The dirty secret of today’s Congress is that many members actually benefit from missing our financial deadlines. When they hold up negotiations, highlight a parochial cause, and take a budget or appropriations bill hostage, they get lots of free publicity and become a hero to the special interests they are protecting.

Our lawmakers have left for a 5-week break with a long list of work that has not been completed and nothing to show for the past year and a half. According to the latest polls, 80 of Americans are very unhappy with members of our House and Senate. I believe those polls are underestimating the level of dissatisfaction. I submit that 80 percent of the American people are not “unhappy” but instead, “outraged” at our House and Senate.

The practical consequences of failing to produce a federal budget for next year are about the same as they are for a family that doesn’t set a plan for income and spending: Congress doesn’t need a budget to tax or spend, but enforcing discipline is harder without one. And, like a family that misses out on efficiencies because it hasn’t taken a hard look at its finances, Congress can’t use reconciliation rules to cut the deficit if the House and the Senate don’t adopt the same budget.

This is a Congress that can’t address the major issues and yet even the small decisions, such as a one-year extension of student loan subsidies that passed in June, makes them sweat.

Congress left Washington for a five-week vacation one day early on Thursday on a typical note: a GOP filibuster in the Senate of a bipartisan cybersecurity bill and the House’s abandonment of a one-year extension, as Republican leaders had planned, of food and farm policy.

Lawmakers will return in September for what promises to be an abbreviated pre-election session with two main items of business.

Most important is a six-month spending bill to keep the government running through March and prevent any possibility of a politically explosive government shutdown before the election. Not one of the 13 must-pass spending bills has been completed and the new budget year begins Oct. 1.

The bottom line is this: A budget is a STATUTORY RESPONSIBILITY because the American people have a right to know how politicians are spending their taxes. And there’s a reason lawmakers on both sides of the fence have contempt for that law: so their recklessness can be hidden from voters.

One of the proposals that is gaining traction in light of Congress’s inability to pass a federal budget is the so-called “No Budget, No Pay” proposal, in which members of Congress would stop being paid if they do not pass a federal budget on time. A new nationwide poll shows that support for this concept is so strong that 72% of American voters support a Constitutional amendment to that effect.

I’m game. .. How about YOU?

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  • scott mc

    I agree 100%, Americans should vote every elected person out of Washington DC , let’s start over with new people in DC , we need real working people in DC & some REDNECKS wouldn’t hurt either

    • Jose R

      I agree, throw them all out of office and start over again!!!

    • agree Scott.. some americans who live in real world america who know what it is like to live within their means… could be the answer

  • David Sauber

    I totally agree Jan. We absolutely need this amendment added asap. Not only should every member of congress not be paid when they do not come out with and vote on a balanced budget each year, they should be reprimanded with a re-call, and all current and future benefits retracted. They need to be held responsible for their elected positions. Same should happen if they do not completely read and understand a Bill before voting on it, for that is their job and what we send them there to do because we do not have the time to do that ourselves and thats why we elect them to represent us.

    • We need to clean house and start over.. send them home without checks and benefits with a pink slip saying YOU ARE FIRED.

      • Alan

        Absolutely true- I hope the crowds at the voting precincts this year are as big as the ones at Chick Fil A-I bet we could count the number of real Americans in congress on both hands- with fingers left over

  • Jill Barrett

    I think flooding Congress with this message is paramount! If everyone would write letters (or emails, but they really regard taking the time out of your day to write and mail a physical letter more highly) to tell them exactly this, perhaps they would finally take us seriously. You only have to type one letter, find your Representatives/Senators online, and send a copy to each one of them. If we don’t let them know what we expect, and that we’re watching, they will continue to get away with it.

    • I think we should all just forward them this article.. 🙂 Great to see ya here Jill!

  • You are right on! There is a reason that they don’t want us to see their expenditures!!! Because they are wasting more than we can pay in!!! By 40% and growing!!! We are broke and still those idiots spend. And waste. I will not vote for incumbents!!! They are all a part of the biggest cover up in the history of the free world. And they will not be forgiven for all of the pain and suffering that America feels daily.

    • Beth… they will never come up with a budget unless the american people apply the pressure or cut the purse strings..

  • awunsh… I agree but I fear it will never happen.

  • Overseas Soldier

    Amen. But who has the time to go to each state and get a constitutional amendment passed to force then to act. To freeze their salary with no interest and no back pay until they pass one. I am for it, but I am too busy fighting a forgotten war in a little place like Afghanistan. If people only knew how much we are wasting over here. How much the Republicans have given away in the name of contracts, how much the liberals have sold us out to the other nations. If people only knew how bad Pakistan is and how involved they are in exporting their jihadists to fight and kill us, every day, and to keep the war alive in Afghanistan. If you only knew.

  • I stand with you Jan – 100%…we must defend America from a despot Government that has run amuck…it is our greatest challenge to our freedoms ever.

  • ABO

    Jan is absolutely right!, and put it on paper exceptionally well. As the employers of these incompetent sleasy, thieving lowlifes, we need to fire every one of them, starting with the pathological liar that currently occupies the White House and his crew of worthless criminals. The sooner, the better.