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Although the latest threats to our 2nd Amendment protected rights — via the U.N. SALT treaty — were blocked for now, we must also understand this is just one round in a never ending contest of wills. New anti-Second Amendment legislation is being crafted as you read this.

This contest of wills is between those who seek and value liberty for the individual, as did America’s founders, and those who seek absolute power for the State over the individual … as did the founders of Communist Russia, Communist China, the Third Reich, and many other socialist, collectivist, totalitarian States throughout history.

In order to understand upon which side of this contest our POTUS stands, we must first understand his ideology and end game historically, and as he seeks re-election:

The POTUS’s historical views have recently been brought to light by a number of sources and most recently by a former fellow professor at the University of Chicago, who noted the POTUS’s clear support for the eradication of our 2nd Amendment rights, even as he was teaching the Constitution:

POTUS Obama: “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.”1

2nd Amendment: “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The POTUS’s end game seems clear … from not only this statement, but also via recent attempts by this POTUS to drive a supranational arms control treaty, and thus erosion of the 2nd Amendment.

The POTUS’s end game can be realized if this he and his like-minded “progressive” neo-Marxists achieve a second term, as he would potentially be in a position to replace from 1 to 3 Justices. This would shift the courts for many years to an anti-liberty, anti-Constitutional view (even when their role is to uphold the Constitution). This is very clear from actions to date, information gathered on second term plans, and understanding the POTUS’s ideology.

One wonders … are we really this ignorant of history, apathetic towards our future and that of our progeny, or are we simply willing to gamble away our liberties in the hope that this POTUS will pull a magic rabbit out of his bag of tricks? (When the magic hasn’t happened in 3 years?)

Were the Russians, Chinese, Germans, and Cubans all as ignorant, apathetic, or careless prior to their countries moving into horrific tyranny, revolution, and destruction of liberty? Were they really? Or were they also tricked and through political expediency, silenced into submission?

There is no question where this POTUS stands. Now, it is up to the Russian, Chinese, German people … no, sadly, that history has past. They cannot bring back the millions lost. Today, however, it is up to the American people to see the handwriting on the gulag walls … and avoid tyranny, now.

Think this tyranny is impossible? Stuck in the “normalcy bias”? Personally, I would rather err on the side of avoiding the impossible, to save liberty, than to err on the side of political correctness, and end in a tyranny from which we may never recover. The choice is ours.

Watch for every sign of encroachment upon our liberties. Stop it in its tracks. Regardless the source.

“I think the real damage Obama is going to do is in terms of Supreme Court appointments on the gun issue. We have two major decisions in the Heller case striking down … gun-ownership rules for D.C. and also Chicago, but those were 5-4 decisions. If you have either Kennedy or Scalia retire — who are going to be in their 80s soon — you’re going to end up with a situation where they could easily reverse it. The two people Obama put on the court, [Sonia] Sotomayor and [Elena] Kagan, don’t believe that there’s an individual right to self-defense.”2

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  • John Q Public

    I agree with everything you say here. (You pretty much just state facts, so, there’s little room for disagreement.) Here’s my question: Suppose BO wins re-election and installs the necessary Justices on the Supreme Court. A case or two make their way to the Court. The Court rules that the Second Amendment applies only a regulated militia, that is, government military (in whatever form). How will the government disarm the US populace? There are way too many pro-2nd Amendment gun owners for disarmament to happen without major blood shed. The country will be in chaos. Do you think “they” are willing to pay that price?