Obama’s Plan ‘Works’

Jan Morgan

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If his plan was to:

  • destroy the economy
  • increase welfare roles
  • ruin America’s good credit rating
  • increase the defecit
  • further divide the races
  • weaken our military
  • promote socialism
  • rape the Constitution
  • prop up and empower the Muslim Brotherhood
  • expand the size of government
  • arm mexican drug cartels
  • promote illegal immigration
  • punish middle class tax paying law abiding citizens
  • enable voter fraud
  • raise the jobless rate
  • and destroy world perception of American exceptionalism

then, YES … I would say, Obama’s plan worked and his first term was a huge success.

It is difficult to watch the President of the United States on national television, telling the American people that his plans are working. That statement alone says two things about the man who is in our Oval Office. Either he is a liar and intentionally attempting to deceive the american people, or he is grossly misinformed by his staff and is clueless. Neither is acceptable for a man who holds the highest office in this country.

Perhaps, however, what is most discouraging of all is watching the thunderous applause of the people surrounding him when he makes such ridiculous statements. I wonder if they are so blinded by their hate for the “right” that they can’t see how America is suffocating under his leadership or they simply hate the concept of a Constitutional Republic and want America to fail. If the American people vote this man in for another term, America will get what she deserves and America as we know her will cease to exist.

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    His plan is definitely at work and succeeding.Before long the Muslim brotherhood and the liberal left will become both moderate in their beliefs and then soon after discover they are not that much apart and they will join forces in order to finish off the ‘big picture” of the Muslim subversive jihad.The Muslim Jihadist is really working their plan to make the religion of the world to become to become Islam. And effectively place the population of the world under Sharia law. Islam requires all people to recognize only Allah as the one and only god of all things as the prophet Mohammed called for. Believe me folks that is coming to life before your blind eyes. Are we dead or are we soldiers of liberty? Fight for freedom or die for nothing!Yes Obama’s plan working perfectly to destroy America and all that is in it.

    • Joe Geer

      Stay armed my friend ! Stay very armed πŸ™‚

      • Always armed Joe… but.. you already know that about me.. πŸ™‚

    • great post cuzinlukey… I don’t know whose “cuz” you are but I hope the rest of your relatives are as up to speed on Islam as you are my friend.. πŸ™‚ thanks for the comment

  • Re: Obama’s Plan “worked”…spot on in your analysis. This country cannot take another 4 years of this president and his administration, especially with the likes of Eric Holder at the helm of the Justice Department. Not only do I see the American worker being taxed into oblivion, I see anarchy looming in the not too distant future. Given that this president, and this Justice Dept. have already shown they have no intention of fairly enforcing federal laws, depending on race or application of law’s they happen to dissagree with, people might take that as an indication they may get a pass breaking other laws. Failure to vote this president out, and in the process take the senatate and keep the house, will surely mean the demise of our country as we know it. God help us…

    • JanMorgan

      Phil.. thanks.. I think people are waking up.. I just don’t know if there are enough of us to right this sinking ship.. The election fraud issue is one that deeply concerns me.. if you check out the video link on this site you will see I made a video post about Holder blocking my home state from requiring photo ID to vote…
      I am also worried about the fact that at least 20 states are sending their votes over seas to barcelona spain to be counted by a company called Scytl.. What is up with that.. Interesting that Barcelona is the obama’s favorite vacation spot.. hmm.
      thanks for your input..

  • Joe Geer

    What he has done to humiliate my beloved Army is unforgiveable and I will wait for the hand of God to deal with him. Until then I can exercise my first and second amendment rights until such time. He screws with either of those there will be egregious consequences on the behalf of many Patriots. Enough of this tyrant and his following of sypmathizers !

    • JanMorgan

      yes Joe.. he should be jailed on multiple counts of treason..

      • Grumpy

        Not to mention at least one charge of murder on behalf of Brian Terry

  • Robert

    To hear President Barry Soetora talk, his economic policies have done wonders for this country and we are on the right track to a recovery. His Inability to lead and solve the problems we have regarding the economy has been evident in his lack of knowledge and leadership. His administration has been a flop since he took office and it will only be worst if he is reelection to another term. Liberal’s have done the same the past three and half years, blamed everyone else, except themselves.

    • JanMorgan

      Robert, we just can’t afford him another term.. America can not survive it.

    • He is a failure in every sense of the word Robert..

  • I keep telling people this stuff and thtey look at me like I am nuts. So then I tell them, “Watch and see….when they come for your rights, who will be left to stand up for you?”

    • JanMorgan

      you got that right Karen..

  • Larry Knight

    I hope that he doesn’t get voted in for another term, he is dragging
    this country down. He is putting my friends up north out of work with all the
    rules he is having the EPA put on the coal companies.

    • JanMorgan

      you and me both.. larry

  • msladymb

    We have to get the word out this destroyer is evil and dont want him as President,heard today Clint Eastwood endorsed MITT!!!

    • JanMorgan

      I was so happy to hear about the Eastwood endorsement.. πŸ™‚

  • John McElhiney

    That was and is his plan he just can’t
    state it that way, but it is in place and will be worse if he gets re-elected. Great site you are a true patriot

    • thanks John.. I am so glad you are here!

  • Jan- First, thanks for the site! I look forward to checking it on a regular basis.

    I have been on this roller coaster for a while now. I simply cannot wrap my mind around the possibility that, with the media’s complicity, we elected an avowed Marxist, America-hating, demagog to be our president. On the other hand…there are the last three plus years of his administration as evidence.

    He is either following a well planned playbook to cripple this nation, or he truly believes that somehow his economic policies are heading us in the right direction. Either he is bent on the destruction of America or he is so ill-informed as to believe he is ‘fixing’ things.

    With each passing day I see more and more people feeling fed up with what is happening. I don’t think it will be close in November.

    • Ted, I believe obama is a puppet. I also know he believes in collective salvation which means he believes his salvation depends on his ability to save the world.. lol.. He may truly feel his ideas are the answer but he is sadly deceived and has failed to hear mainstream America lashing back against his socialist policies. I hope you are right about it not being close.. I think if the elections are not hampered by fraud, we will win by a reasonable margin.. I am very concerned however about the fact that votes from at least 20 states are being counted in barcelona spain.

      • Joe Wieck

        So we have another country counting our votes? One more thing that I do not like and all the more reason for everyone to get out and vote.

  • EthHaAdam

    This person is imaging exactly what Hitler did to the Germans [I’m going to ‘save’ the country’] but we should not be so sottish as to accept his antics. His antics are similar to Hitler’s and we need to vote those characteristics out of office this coming November for sure. But I look at this way…the Convervative party just needs to keep on hammering “if” this humanistic element that we address as the CEO of this great nation is re-elected.

  • Kepin

    First oblabla must go, and ALL if his cronies !!

  • The” clueless” person is the one who wrote this article. It is inteded to fuel the misinformed people who will believe anything they hear. Research yourself and you will see that basically EVERY bullet of this farsical rant is FALSE!

    • Donna, are you saying that none of those bullets are true? Or are you attempting to maintain that none of them are Obama’s fault?

      * Destroy the economy- Our economy went into the tank when the Democrats took over Congress in 2007. Obama was a senator at the time and recognized as one of the most liberal (when he bothered to participate at all).

      *Increase welfare roles- You really believe that welfare rolls are not increasing? Record numbers of Americans are not only receiving welfare, but are going on disability, food stamps and a myriad of other programs as well. With Obama’s recent gutting of welfare reform even more are sure to attempt to join the government dole.

      *Ruin America’s Good Credit – Obama is the only president to have our credit rating downgraded. Can’t say it didn’t happen or that it’s not true.

      *Increase the Deficit- Don’t really need to explain this, do I? You can claim all kinds of reasons, but Obama hasn’t done anything to rein in spending and many of his programs are going to result in massively larger government spending.

      *Further Divide the Races- He has done nothing to bring us together as he promised. Instead he has chosen to frequently engage in class and race warfare. His policies on illegal immigration, education reform for blacks only, and fictitious ‘war on women’ are only a few ways he’s divided us further.

      *Weaken our Military- If we don’t solve the fiscal cliff crisis our military will be brought down to dangerous levels. He has also worked to reduce medical benefits for service people. It should be enough to see how disliked he is by the military to know THEY don’t support him. Liberals love to point to military expenditures as a major problem with government spending, but what they fail to understand is that the military is one of the few things the government is engaged in that is actually in the Constitution.

      *Promote Socialism- Bailouts are the most obvious area. We are now finding out that GM’s bailout has not been the success Obama has claimed. I think we’ll see that not only did it not work as advertised, they are going to fail again and either go under or require another infusion of public money. I don’t know if I would characterize many of his policies as ‘socialist’ in the classic definition of the word, but it is clear that he wants a much stronger, larger federal government that has more power to control our lives and upon which we are more dependent. He has said he wants to redistribute wealth which makes him a collectivist and that is even worse.

      *Rape the Constitution- He has shown a disdain for the rule of law and procedure. Not since Roosevelt was president have we seen a president work so hard to go around Congress to get what he wants. Now you may maintain that he has little choice if he wishes to get anything done and that is true enough. However, he promoted himself as a unifier. Part of that would involve working in a bi-partisan manner to accomplish his goals. Of course, since his goal was to ‘fundamentally change America’ bi-partisanship was not likely to be effective.

      *Prop Up and Empower the Muslim Brotherhood- This is harder to prove perhaps, but there are a lot of questions. That there are ties between his administration and the MB are hard to deny. Certainly it’s hard to feel positive about this situation and there is a very reasonable cause for concern. http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/07/obama_administration_draws_closer_to_egypts_moslem_brotherhood.html

      *Expand the Size of Government- This is probably my biggest argument against this administration. When the government spends more than it takes in. In fact, spends more than we even produce, this is unsustainable and has to change. It is clear that Obama not only isn’t working to reduce spending but, in fact, wants to grow the government exponentially. The ACA is, without doubt, the largest increase in government since the New Deal.

      *Arm Mexican Drug Cartels- Fast and Furious.

      *Promote Illegal Immigration- His recent EO to offer amnesty to at least 800,000 illegal immigrants. Yes, it is only for a two year period, but once they are here and established, it will be next to impossible to move them out again.

      *Punish Middle Class Tax Paying Law Abiding Citizens- this one is kind of vague, I’ll admit. I once was a middle class citizen, but under Obama I have now become poor. When we have a president who isn’t interested (no matter what he says) in growing the economy by getting government out of the way and letting our markets work, he is, destroying the middle class. Promoting class warfare and pushing us to become more dependent for subsistence on the government might be considered a form of punishment. I’d certainly like to be left alone and allowed to reach my potential.

      *Enable Voter Fraud- Opposition to voter ID laws can only be explained as an attempt to allow illegal voting. There is no other reasonable argument.

      *Raise the Jobless Rate- While he could claim to have lowered the unemployment rate somewhat, the truth is that the REAL jobless numbers are closer to 15% and have not been higher since the Great Depression. It is not a stretch to make this claim. Many people are underemployed (I’m one of them) or have just given up. Obama’s policies have done nothing to address this. In fact, he has shown NO INTEREST in doing anything to improve employment and many of his policies have had the effect of decreasing employment. the only place where we are seeing a growth of jobs is in the government.

      *Destroy World Perception of American Exceptionalism- I don’t know if he can be credited with starting this, but he’s certainly made it much worse. This is part of the liberal ideology that he promotes and has been a large part of the liberal arts educational system for quite a while.

  • I guess unemployment going up was another ‘step in the right direction’- if the right direction is having everyone dependent on the government for their basic needs.

    I still cannot believe that I hear people saying that Obama is doing the best he can after inheriting a disaster (which they neglect to mention he helped cause as a senator). The tax base keeps eroding as fewer and fewer people are earning enough to be taxed. Surely, even the village idiot can see that this is unsustainable. At some point there will not be enough income anywhere to keep even the most basic functions operating.

    • yes Ted… I don’t understand why socialists don’t get that..

  • Why isn’t anyone focusing on Obama’s change of heart in religion? I believe he got elected president convincing the Christian voter that he was a Christian. We all no what happened after he became president. Where are those pictures of him not holding his hand across his heart while others are paying their respects to the flag and God who is SUPPOSED to guide our country? Is Obama going after the homosexual vote and still claiming to be a christian? Can being a Christian and supporting homosexuality even be in the same phrase?

    • Todd, I think a majority of Americans are so concerned about obama’s policy failures they don’t have time to worry about his religion..

  • Everybody should read this… Obama’s brotherhood will put down america!


  • we need to pray for BHO.. as a person.. but we definetly need him out of the office.

  • Tuc- I bet you don’t hate “him” but instead hate what everything he represents… but honestly, I understand how you feel..

  • Joe in Las Vegas

    I have been out of work for the last 6 years and have not asked the government for a handout. I am at an age (60) where being hired for a job over a younger applicant is getting harder and harder. I am one of the lucky ones because I have been able to get by being unemployed. I am in a unique situation as I cannot move to another location for now due to family constraints but I have not given up on the hunt.
    The plain facts are that both political parties have in my opinion conspired to destroy this once great country. Since the establishment of the Fed the dollar has lost 95% of its value. Every party that has been in control has had the opportunity to rid this country of the Fed. or at the very least audit it. The question begs as to why not? There are so many things wrong today that it would take hours to write down my thoughts. I ask one simple question: If both parties have come to the point of ruining this once great nation why have we the people not demanded that all those in charge be brought up on charges of treason?

  • Joe in Las Vegas

    Another of my ramblings: Its funny to me that I have a permit to carry concealed, have multiple handguns (2 for now), am out of work, have family problems (don’t we all?), have no real income coming in, and most of all have no urge to use my guns other than for protection or target practice. I see a few nut jobs out there that make the news because of the horrific deeds that they do and the cry for taking away our weapons keeps raging. The question is why don’t we see all the good that is done by gun owners protecting those around them. Why are those stories buried in the back pages or not even shown on the national media?
    Sorry to ramble on and on but my mind is cluttered with these thoughts and this is the order they come out in….lol

  • Joe in Las Vegas

    How is it that one person can get to the highest office in the land and still have his birthplace and citizenship questioned? How can he have gone this far and not shown the proof needed. I for one believe there is something fishy going on but for the life of me cannot understand how a conspiracy of this kind could succeed in today’s world. I do see the harm being done by this administration: FAST AND FURIOUS, OBAMACARE, TRILLIONS ADDED TO THE DEFICIT, THE EXPLOSION OF PEOPLE ON FOOD STAMPS AND OTHER GOV’T PROGRAMS, and many more examples. Mitt has an opportunity to stand up and address every one of these examples of the failure of this administration. I have yet to hear anything other than the same political garbage you hear in every campaign. If you want to make it to the Oval Office please please give us the outline as to what you are going to do and the timetable needed to do it. But please give the American people your plan for action and not just the same old same old political rhetoric.

  • What is your view of franchising in the United States Jan?