One More Reason NOT to live in California

Jan Morgan

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I have some conservative friends who live in California and I can not for the life of me figure out WHY …

I could not survive surrounded and out-numbered by liberals who elect socialists who in turn come up with new ways every single day to strip rights from the law abiding people in their state. Here is just one more example and yet one of a thousand reasons I WOULD NEVER LIVE IN CALIFORNIA!

Hundreds of thousand of gun owners in California could be forced to rebuild and re-register their firearms as a result of the Colorado movie theater massacre. State Senator Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, who introduced a gun control bill after watching a CBS 5 investigation, is about to make that bill much tougher.

The gunman in the Colorado movie massacre fired off most of his shots with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. It was equipped with a hundred round magazine and purchased legally at a local gun shop.
In California, the state’s assault weapons laws limit you to a 10-round magazine with some exceptions. Under this new law you can legally own an AR-15 in California as long as you remove some of the most important features that make it an AR 15 and bring it into conformity with the new law. In other words, once you neuter it, you can keep it.

Can someone remind me again why any person who supports the 2nd Amendment would live in that state?

For more background on this story, check out CBS 5 San Francisco at sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com.

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  • Claudia

    Jan, I live in Southern CA… I live in the Temecula Valley which is a red dot in the blue ocean that is CA. There are various reasons I’m here… one is the entertainment industry… not all of us are liberals, but yes, it’s difficult. I actually launched and was head of programming and development for The Outdoor Channel… but my first love is screenwriting… creating story, characters… though I also produce. Generally the weather is great and I LOVE the ocean… those are the reasons I’m here. That doesn’t mean I haven’t often thought about moving!!!!

    • Steve

      Hey Claudia…. I am also in the industry and conservative. I’ve been villified and boycotted for my beliefs, despite the fact that I am the best in the business and have brought new technology to the industry. This really happens here. It’s disgusting behavior. I would like to stay in touch with you. I have a friend who also lives in Temecula.

  • Here are the facts that show the lies this legislation is founded on!

  • Gina

    I think both sides agree.There is an old old adage that says, “Welcome to California, now go home.”

  • What they need to have is more Conservative’s move there and then fight against those libs. that is what they need!

  • Don

    If most of the companies that are supportive of Second Amendment right threatened to leave the state along with most of the residents the state would need to come into line with the rest of the country on this.

  • I would simply ignore the law. …..shall not be infringed.

    • Conservativesniper

      The Second Amendment is my gun permit. And natural law supersedes human law. Every sentient life form on the planet HAS to practice self defense, just to survive. And yet, the most advanced species on the planet willfully wants to deny that right to its own.

  • Hopefully the great earthquake happens soon and that state falls into the ocean. We’ll have less liberals to contend with.

  • This is evidence, to me that Gun control is about nothing but control, Semi-Auto Rifles account for less than 3% of all Gun deaths in the USA, yet they are always the ones they target to control.

  • I’d have left yesterday if my grandson didn’t live here, he’s my only reason for statying. I was born here and I do like the state (minus the libtards), but I’ve given up any hope of un-liberalizing this place. I used to think I could fight it and not surrender MY state to these people but we are simply too overwhelmed and outnumbered by them.

  • Richard Krall

    Yeah, CA laws are crazy and they think it’s preventing crime. The yearly F.B.I. crime stastitics reports clearly show that on average states that have reasonable firearms laws have a violent crime rate that is about 24% lower then states like CA, NJ and NY. I’m glad I live in PA where we can still protect ourselves, of course we have a lot of libtards here too but if you have a clean record you can get your carry permit and buy an XDm with it’s 19 round magazine. Of course I think we should be able to annex Phila off to NJ LOL.

  • Doug Rea

    Jan, We still live here (and were born here) because Southern California IS a GREAT place. With most of the Libs in Sacramento and L.A., I admit it is getting tougher to survive here. The cost of living in California is outrageous! We are $0.25 to $0.40 more per gallon of gas at anytime of the year. However, our parents, children and grandchildren live in close proximity and are a predominate reason for us to remain here. But, I do like the idea of maintaining a “second home” somewhere more friendly to our [2nd Amendment] Constitutional beliefs. ROMNEY/RYAN in 2012!!!

  • David

    Ron Paul is the Answer

  • I am stuck, all my money is tied up in my property. If I could sell my place even for a decent fraction of what it was worth 3 years ago I would most likely move to the AZ mountians, Prescot or Flagstaff. Anyhow I honestly feel that we are coming to a point that we either have a revolution to restore our constitution (a very real revolutitution) or very soon it is going to be to late. Our so called elected government is working for those that pull their purse strings, mainly the mega rich one world order bankers. I have been doing a lot of research lately and we are in deep poop. You are a very smart lady, you mention the CO shooter. I hope that you do not believe the BS the media is feeding us. That kid did not shoot anyone, he was set up and is being played as a patsy. The UN small arms treaty coming up was icing on the cake for those that did it, but I think the real reason was because of who his father is and what he was going to testify in front of congress about. If you do think the kid did it, please send me a private e-mail and I will send you info and links to everything I have found that pretty much screams our government officals owners di it.

  • Conservativesniper

    Jan, I was stationed in SoCal (Camp Pendleton, the Stumps) for a couple years and It was very different. The illegals weren’t nearly as numerous or deadly. It was great place to live but the classic liberals were consumed by the new Liberals, who from now on will be called what they are, Communists. And the place has gone to Hell.

    I’m sure there lots of good hearted people in California, but now they don’t seem too bright. They’ve reelected Jerry Brown for chrissakes. California isn’t called The Golden State for nothing. But most of the populace seems like, well, like the zombies Jay Leno encounters when he goes Jaywalking. I think the zombie apocalypse will be when the CA economy crashes and all the government services and free money dries up, Then all those zombies will go to another place. Like a cloud of locusts, they land and destroy everything in their path. I hear Nevada and Oregon have pretty liberal policies for the dole.

  • Steve Hunter

    I have guns and I am for people having guns, but assault rifles should not be for sale publicly!! Sorry I agree, There is no reason at all for a citizen to have an Assault Rifle, why just to say you have one or to take it out and shoot, nah cmon now!!

    • StaunchPatriot

      All that you have proven with this post is that you clearly don’t know the definition of the term “assault rifle” and that you clearly have no understanding of what the 2nd amendment actually means.
      Please stop getting your “facts” from the lamestream media and do some independent research for yourself. Otherwise you fall into the “anti-gun liberal” category by default.
      Knowledge is power! Educate yourself!