Penn for Chavez

Jan Morgan

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One more reason to dislike Sean Penn (as if we need more reasons) … and another reason NOT to pay money to view his movies.

Sean Penn makes a trip to Venezuela to stump for Hugo Chavez.

It is disgraceful that one of America’s sworn enemies can count on support from such a high profile U.S. citizen. Sean, why don’t you just move to Venezuela?

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  • Maybe when he got stoned in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, it stayed with him till now

  • Anti Liberal

    Sean Penn is a jerk!!!

    • TLady62

      Yes, a jerk who wears his politics on his sleeve and has ruined any bankability he may have once had at the box office. And just as Jan said in her blog, it really makes it more difficult to get motivated to watch him in any films, even if they’re on AMC or TCM. I also feel the same way about Jane Fonda in this respect.

  • Did you notice, all these pacifists like murdering creeps on the left?

  • Dracula131

    In the older days, when we encountered afool like S Penn, we were obligated to just shoot the fools.

  • Les

    Bring back the day sof Joe McCarthy, we need to get the socialists/communist out of the country. If Penn likes Venezuela and Chavez so much, let him stay there, revoke his citizenship.

    • Anon

      What would you call a government that punishes people for their personal beliefs?

  • lizaz

    Slow news day????

  • there are plenty of movies please boycott penn’s

  • God and everyone in the USA

    we can only hope that he has a positive impact,

  • paco12348

    Listening to Sean Penn reminds me of what the Founders did when they sent the British packing back to England. They put the Loyalists on the ships with the British and deported every one of them. Just goes to show how far we’ve come from our roots. The US of today say traitors like Sean Penn have the right to remain in America and spread his foreign ideology to contaminate others while our Founders recognized the dangers of holding Asps to the bosom.

  • DockyWocky

    Uh! Has anyone told Sean Penn that the election of the century isn’t Chavez’s, but SuperBama’s?
    Hugo ain’t gonna last the year, anyway, thanks to Cuban medicine, so that’s a waste of Sean’s valuable commie time that could be put to better use selling comrade Barack to the idiots here.

  • randellmd

    I looked up the word lunatic the other day and saw Sean Penn’s pic right next to it.

  • Mari Jo O’Neill

    This is just another example of these left wing Hollywood people who think that it is ok to bash this Country, yet it is this Country only where they can make the millions they earn for play acting. Sean Penn is an idiot and he sould be branded a traitor for his cavorting with an enemy of this Country. I have never spen money on any film that Penn was in becuase of his traitor like rerlationships. He shold be exiled to live in Venezuela and see what happens when his speech & everything he does is suppressed. What a moron.

  • Lee Dutra

    Can you use the names Sean Penn and Jane Fonda in the same sentence? I can, but don’t want to use that language here.


  • Someone ought to let Penn know that the glasses he is wearing are for those over 70.

  • Fred Haskell

    Was never a grade A actor in Hollywood…but certaintly is in Venezuela…

  • Keith

    Do not forget Obamy met with Hugo also.

  • Fin-Meister

    Sean Penn has always been a jerk. The reason Madonna left him was because he started knocking her around. His career wasn’t going as well as her’s at the time,so he took his frustrations out on her.Anyone who beats on a woman is a cowardly pig, a punk and a putz. Always has been.

  • DilloTank

    Support people like Paul Croshaw that seek to create conservative entertainment media. Paul’s movie ‘Baseball, Dennis and the French’ is very fun and informative. It is available at his website.

    Sean Penn is a traitor. And so is the rest of the Hollywood establishment for that matter. Conservatives must begin an organized campaign to show our contempt for the vile material that is snuck into our homes via TV. And the subtle Communist style rewriting of history that Hollywood is dedicated to.