“Progressives” Never Change — Only Demand Change of Others


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Those committed to the cults of “progressivism,” socialism, collectivism — all essentially stealing from producers to gain power for themselves and gain allegiance from non-producers to achieve their power and the destruction, not salvation, of non-producers* — will never change their stripes, never negotiate, never “come to the middle,” never admit failure of their collectivist systems and mindset, regardless the historical and economic proof of this failure.

You see, it is not about their success in delivering on the un-deliverable promises of welfare, bailouts, “security,” or any other undeserved benefits paid for by producers, it is simply about achieving and maintaining power and control.

On the other hand, rather than change, they demand those who sacrifice, sweat, produce, risk, endure, and create, to change, negotiate, come to the middle, and admit failure.

The only solution, therefore, is not coming to the middle; rather, it is producers realizing the previous and ensuring they maintain power sufficient — via protections provided by the Constitution and founding principles, practices, and values — to repel the evils of progressivism, socialism, and collectivism.

For those who do not sacrifice, do not sweat, do not produce, do not risk, do not endure, do not create, or those who lead these efforts to undermine producers … will never understand what it takes to successfully create and sustain economic or governmental systems necessary for their own liberty and well being.

* I must clarify this from time-to-time as progressives will twist my words to mean other than what I clearly am saying.

Clearly, those who cannot care for themselves, who cannot work, who cannot provide for themselves or their families, will be cared for by a responsible society and people. America has been the most charitable nation in the world by a factor of 10, proving that we do accomplish this goal privately, without State assistance. And, of course, there will always be a need for the Constitutionally mandated public services (those which cannot be better provided by the private sector, and are necessary).

We must not, on the other hand, through evil deception and manipulation, encourage those who are able to care for themselves, able to work, able to achieve, to become permanently self-disabled. Most welfare programs in America do this (not all), and destroy generations, cultures, and families.

The POTUS’ most recent efforts to enable those on welfare to not show intent to work, at all, and prove efforts to do so, is pure, unadulterated evil, as this enables the creation of a permanent underclass who have no incentive to produce for themselves and feel the honor and pride of self-responsibility and achievement.

Finally, there are many very well meaning and caring individuals who are caught up by the ill-named “progressive” movement because they do care. They have sadly been duped, as they have not been educated as to the real drivers and end game behind the movement, and its ultimate end, destruction. For these people, we hope you research and learn liberty, to understand its far superior value to all humans, and to care for those who cannot care for themselves.

For those confused with regards to a Biblical perspective of Socialism, and thus “progressivism,” “collectivism,” and so forth, Kelly O’Connell breaks down fallacies and provides reference in a short article that concludes:

“Can we afford to ignore the obvious differences between Christian doctrine and socialist theory? First, Christian charity is both private and voluntary; yet socialism is public and forcibly collected. Again, biblical giving is motivated by religious belief; yet socialism is ostensibly an atheist system. Also, when Western leftists claim the Bible as a model for state socialism, doesn’t this contradict the liberal “wall of separation between church and state”? Likewise, wouldn’t it be patently illegal to use the Bible as a transparent source of public policy? Socialism only concerns present asset ownership; no worry is wasted on how redistribution damages future economies.”

Of course there are many other scholarly analyses available to those truly interested in research and objective analysis of this subject. It is clear, and always has been, in my view, that socialism is anti-Christian.

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  • Cherry

    Great article…and timely. This message needs to get out to our twenty somethings, who have been indoctrinated in almost all public schools and most colleges…and now even in our churches, in progressive thought. “Social Justice” has been picked up and advocated w/o people (or churches for that matter) even knowing that it originated in Marxism.