Raub Ordered Released! Judge Rules Police Had NO GROUNDS To Detain Him.

Jan Morgan

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A circuit court judge has ordered that the Marine veteran detained over anti-government Facebook posts be released from a state psychiatric hospital because  law enforcement had no grounds to detain him. 

“This is a great victory for the First Amendment and the rule of law,” Rutherford Institute president John W. Whitehead said in a press release.

Brandon Raub’s attorneys filed a motion to suspend the August 20 ruling that ordered Raub to be involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric ward.

On August 20 the 26-year-old Marine veteran was sentenced to up to 30 days in a psych ward after he was detained on August 16 in connection to Facebook posts that are critical of the official story regarding 9/11 and refer to “starting a revolution.”

Raub’s lead attorney, John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, told Business Insider that the August 20 order was “rubber-stamped” and indicative of the corrupt system in Virginia. “The special justice is very old,” Whitehead said. “He had trouble hearing Brandon. He brought into the courtroom a personal cassette player — we tried to listen to it and you can hardly hear what’s being said. This is the so-called judge — he’s a lawyer, not a real judge — it’s like what you would see in a bad movie.”

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  • He should be freed, he did not do anything wrong. They violated his rights. The Government thinks they can intimidate us into silence, but it will not work.

  • I want to see this existing law enforce in this case: Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242
    Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

    This statute makes it a crime for any person acting under color of law,
    statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom to willfully deprive or cause
    to be deprived from any person those rights, privileges, or immunities
    secured or protected by the Constitution and laws of the U.S.

    This law further prohibits a person acting under color of law, statute,
    ordinance, regulation or custom to willfully subject or cause to be
    subjected any person to different punishments, pains, or penalties, than
    those prescribed for punishment of citizens on account of such person
    being an alien or by reason of his/her color or race.

    under “color of any law” include acts not only done by federal, state,
    or local officials within the bounds or limits of their lawful
    authority, but also acts done without and beyond the bounds of their
    lawful authority; provided that, in order for unlawful acts of any
    official to be done under “color of any law,” the unlawful acts must be
    done while such official is purporting or pretending to act in the
    performance of his/her official duties. This definition includes, in
    addition to law enforcement officials, individuals such as Mayors,
    Council persons, Judges, Nursing Home Proprietors, Security Guards,
    etc., persons who are bound by laws, statutes ordinances, or customs.

    Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to one year, or
    both, and if bodily injury results or if such acts include the use,
    attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or
    fire shall be fined or imprisoned up to ten years or both, and if death
    results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap,
    aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse,
    or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned
    for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to

  • Jan, is there any way you can get an interview with this gentleman? I would sure like some enlightenment to this and certainly this needs more attention this is just more Ruby Ridge style management of our government.

  • mike

    he should not have been jailed at all, a day prior to his statements on FB, the leader of the black panthers PUBLICALLY stated he wanted an army to kill white babies and skkin white people, yet no one arrested that man for his murderess statements. this Marine says something bad on FB and he is arrested right then and there… possibly if he were black or a muslim nothing would have been done to him, makes you think anyway///

    • Tiffani Mills

      New Black Panthers always get a free pass. They represent Obama and the dems and leftists.

  • August Rose

    Rejoicing with him! What a victory. Those who gave the order to detain him should be facing charges.

  • Mandatory detainment for mental health evals will be a key weapon the left will use against conservatives and Christians….my new video “Psycho Attacks” details once such case…..if you dare to stand against the left….be prepared to protect yourself from this!

  • Raymond

    Obama & his followers have another tool
    to silence anyone who opposes them.
    It’s only a matter of time before they come
    for you & me…… Raymond

  • Raymond

    Republican vs. Democrat Women…
    CAUTION: If you have a weak heart, please
    don’t watch this video. Pictures of these Democrat women
    are so frightening, they’ve been known to cause heart failure.

  • Raymond

    I find this so sad. She truly earned this medal…
    American Lindsey Vonn had to forfeit her
    Gold Medal on Friday, JUNE 15, 2012.

    The International Olympic Committee announced
    today that it has taken back the gold medal previously
    awarded to American skier Lindsey Vonn and given it
    to U.S. President Barack Obama.

    Olympic officials said Obama deserved the medal
    more than Vonn because no one has ever taken a
    country downhill faster than he has.

    NOBAMA November 6, 2012

  • Raymond

    President Obama decided to do one of his public addresses against the backdrop of an American farm, but the ceremony couldn’t get started because of all the flies buzzing around his head. Obama demanded to know why the flies wouldn’t leave, so the farmer explained to him, “Well, those are called circle flies. They always circle around the back end of horses.” Obama angrily replied, “Hey, are you saying that I’m a horse’s behind?” The farmer answered, “No Sir, Mister President. I would never call someone a horse’s behind. It’s hard to fool them flies though.”

  • Raymond

    What has America become?

    Has America become the land of special interest and home of the
    double standard? Let’s see: If we lie to the Congress, it’s a felony
    and if Congress lies to us it’s just politics. If we dislike a black person,
    we’re a racist and if a black dislikes whites, it’s their 1st Amendment
    right. The government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals and
    they do almost nothing for the victims. In public schools you can teach
    that homosexuality and lesbianism is ok, but you better not use the
    word God in the process. You can murder a child in the mothers womb,
    but it’s wrong to execute a mass murderer. We don’t burn books in
    America, we now rewrite them. We got rid of the communist & socialist
    threat by renaming them progressives. If you protest against Obama’s
    policies you’re a terrorist, but if you burn an American flag or George
    Bush in effigy, it’s your 1st Amendment right.

    You can have pornography on TV or the internet, but you better not
    put a nativity scene in a public park during Christmas. In America,
    criminals are now called sick people. The government takes money
    from those who work hard & gives it to those who are lazy. Parenting
    has been replaced with Ritalin & video games. The land of opportunity
    is now the land of hand outs.

    And how do we handle a major crisis today? The Government
    appoints a committee to determine who’s at fault, then threatens
    them, passes a law, raises our taxes, then tells us the problem is
    solved so they can get back to their reelection campaign.

  • Hotnike

    Has he really been released?????

  • NannieMcPhee

    Is the term anti-government sometimes used too lightly? I, for one, am not anti-government. I AM against corruption in government. Big difference. Nuff said….

    • I use the phrase “”anti-american” government continually in posts, and I don’t believe is any part of an overreaction. Our governments, from federal down to city is now dominated by “militant progrssives”, that is rapidly taking oppressive control of all Americans every day lives and actions! Naivete and a general feeling of false security is somehow blinding the average American to the dangers of “progressivism” that is in fact more capable of bringing down our Constitutional Republic than the Axis Powers ever were! Please every one research militant progressivism and the teachings and theories of militant professors cloward and piven who are the modern day mentors of “radical progressivism”, which openly preaches the downfall of capitalism and democracy!

  • chvietvet

    Releasing this Marine veteran is insufficient to cure the problem. Both the FBI agent and the policeman who took Mr. Raub away to the insane asylum should be criminally prosecuted for kidnapping. They made no arrest and performed their criminal actions just to deprive a veteran of the Constitutional rights that he defended with his life on active duty. In addition, the American Psychiatric Association should take all necessary actions to revoke the licenses of any professional who cooperated with this kidnapping. This is the misuse of psychiatry for political repression in a way similar to those notorious abuses in the Soviet Union before it collapsed. If there is no punishment, this kind of thing will happen again. If it is not reported on the Internet the next time, the victim may spend the rest of his life doped and strapped to a hospital bed.

  • defender3

    Horrifying that this could happen in what use to be the land of the free! We have been slowly marching toward a tyrannical government for over 50 years. Big brother is watching our ever move today.

  • john4637

    right, he won, big deal. He just lost his 2nd amendment right to own or bear arms due to his now documented mental condition. they are coming for your guns and unless this bum Obama is turned out of office you can bet THEY WILL TAKE THEM FROM YOU!!!

  • blackhawk132

    Hell; This ain’t nuttin. Wait to see a heck of a lot worse IF Obama is re-elected by gullible fools.

  • celador2

    If Raub was tossed into a psych ward and is a verteran he is a civilian and police never should have detained him for his FB speech. Were he in uniform he would be in violation of ethics code at most but not insane or criminal.

  • No American, I repeat , no American should ever be arrested or detained for what they say, especially in opposition to politicians! Perhaps we should be dissecting what has given rise to thoughts of revolution in the United States, never before in our history has a person been elected to the POTUS that is anti-american and who is actively attacking our US Constitution and the Constitutional Republic it governs! The only reason there has not been massive street demonstrations and more serious talk of removing obammi early is because he is buying off opposition with bribes and entitlements, and also the absolute refusal of most Americans to educate themselves on the real intentions of “militant progressivism” and its’ potential to destroy the America we know!

  • What happened to Brandon Raub is indicative of expanding operations to intimidate, silence and strip American Patriots of their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. This sort of thing is happening all across the country. What is sad is that in many cases no one is coming to their aid, as Brandon’s family and friends did, and these people are not being heard from again.

    The progressive movement, now spearheaded by the Obama administration and supported and endorsed by clueless (or not) liberals, socialist, Marxists, has been maneuvering for decades to corrupt the public view and erode Constitutional protections for the purpose of allowing them to expand government control and take power from the people. They will use every deviate devise they can find or manufacture, to accomplish this. In recent times, they have now aligned with radical Muslims and Islamists bent on incorporating Shari’a Law into our courts. Shari’a law conflicts with America’s Constitutional dictates and with American morals and social acceptance.

    The way to save this country and bring America back to what our Founding Fathers envisioned for us, is to get involved. Start at the local and state level. Know your leaders. Know their wants, desires and ambitions, know how they plan to achieve their goals and make sure those goals are the same as yours.

    I pray that God have mercy and bless us with His Grace.

  • Just another reason the Fearless One should be kicked out of the offc he holds and lands on his [email protected] He’s makin it clear with each day he’s there what stand he takes and his view of the American People. For the love of God and Country People you’ve got to go along with me and vote this bozo outa offc, we don’t need to be reminded daily of how this Country has suffered cause we’ll get plenty of that when our granchilens grow up and have to clean up his mess. I suspect it’ll take till hell freezes over to get rid of the last reminder of how bad we’ve had it.

  • Anne Suzel

    God Bless!