Romney’s Choice: A B-12 Shot In The Arm

Jan Morgan

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To get a good feel of the impact of Romney’s VP choice, all you have to do is examine the Romney campaign before Ryan and the Romney campaign since the announcement.

Before the addition of Paul Ryan, Romney was down wallowing in campaign mud slinging with the Obama camp. Obama can not run on his record so he has no other option but to put Romney on the defensive by throwing constant passes loaded with mud and muck.

Since the announcement of Ryan, the Romney campaign has a different feel … definitely on the offensive now, talking about the issues that are important to Americans instead of answering to personal attacks by Obama.

Romney’s choice says a number of things about him as a man and a candidate. First, it is clear he has decided not get out of the mud pit. I hope he never goes back. As a man, it shows he is willing to take a risk. Ryan comes with specifics, not generalities. Americans want specific answers not political soundbites.

I believe Romney has heard the American people who do not want him wallowing in Obama mud. Conservatives are above that. Today, with the addition of Ryan, Romney presents to Americans, a more decisive leader, a candidate who chose a VP that does not beat around the bush. Obama has no plan for America’s economic woes. The Romney/Ryan team comes with a plan. Ryan’s plan is bi-partisan. Obama can’t knock it because he doesn’t have one.

Today, word is getting out that the first VP debate will center on foreign policy. Obama’s foreign policy is yet another record of failure. There will be plenty of good material for Ryan to attack on Obama’s foreign policy actions or lack there of. I almost feel sorry for Joe Biden who has to stand up and attempt to defend it. The debates will be engaging tv.

Paul with his wife Janna and their kids Liza, Charlie and Sam

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  • Frank

    Jan,I cannot wait for the first VP debate. Yes it is a shot of B-12.

  • Mo

    Obama is calling Ryan an ideologue. I think Obama is delusional. I really do.

  • Jan, you wrote, “First, it is clear he has decided not get out of the mud pit,” as if
    Romney/Ryan will engage Obama/Biden in poo flinging.
    I believe you intended, “First, it is clear he has decided get out of the mud

    During the 2008 campaign, I received criticism for speaking out when conservatives slipped into Chicago style politics in response to Obama’s underhanded tactics. My
    response then was, as my counsel now is:

    “I understand that when you wrestle a pig, you will get dirty. You cannot simply refuse the fight to avoid getting muddied. That only emboldens the pig. I do not intend avoiding the fight, but neither will I jump into the sty just because that is where the pig lives. I maintain we should drag that pig, kicking and squealing, onto higher ground where we hold the advantage – then club that sucker until it draws its last breath.”

  • Idawg67

    Why couldnt Ryan have run as Pres and chose Romney as VeeP ?? LOL

  • Love the new website, Jan! As for the Romney campaign, all I can say is this: I couldn’t express it any better than Scott Winchell did.

    I am pleased today – Romney chose a good man, an eligible candidate, a man of stature and class, a man who has the bona fides to be Vice President, and President should the worst occur. Is either my first choice? No, but I am glad for a number of reasons, most notably – both are far better than their opposition, no matter how you cut it, and these two men can win!
    We are about to do something that is very noteworthy, and I would say it is something on par with our first revolution on, Tuesday, November 6, 2012!
    Obvious…correct? No, to some on our side of the aisle it is more of the same – they would rather rail about Romney and Ryan because they are not perfect constitutional conservatives in their opinion and watch as Obama wins, allowing him four more years to tear down our nation to a point where it won’t matter how conservative you are.
    But what does it really mean in terms that we can actually hope can realistically be accomplished?
    Are we going to solve the problem of the two-party vice grip that the establishment and monied interests have over the people on that one Tuesday? No!
    Are we going to erase 100 years of the dismantling of our Constitution? No!
    Are we going to wrest control of our economy and financial system from the clutches of the Wall St./DC elites? No!
    Are we going to kick the UN out of America and withdraw? No!
    Are we going to do all those other things that make many people obsess and kvetch about from our side of the aisle? No!
    What we must do is drop our obsessions, all the nitpicking, the in-fighting, the egotistical “my way or you’re not Patriotic enough” attitudes, all the single-issue narrow-mindedness, and unite to support two adults on the national stage who can win.
    We need to support with all our strength, two men with a very good set of curricula vitae that includes principles, morals, ethics, intelligence, and business acumen; coupled with a love for country first, who understand capitalism as an asset not a negative – and that our nation is not secure, but must be made so immediately. Two men who revere the sacrifice our soldiers and their families make, and know Americans cannot suffer on much longer under this black cloud.
    We must do the only thing we can do. That thing is – UNITE and continue to recover this Republic as we began in 2010, by increasing our side’s advantage in the House, re-taking the Senate, and ousting the single most destructive force ever to hit America – our domestic downfall, our cancer within – Barack Obama, Jr. and his cadre of un-Americanism.
    So, in conclusion, since we cannot fix everything that first Tuesday in November, we can lance the boil and begin the healing – the beginning of the recovery of our representative capitalistic republic is at hand.Scott Winchell is the National Editor-in-Chief of Major General Paul E Vallely’sStand Up America US blog.http://www.standupamericaus.org/

  • FREEDOM OF SPEECH!?!?!?!?!? Say What!! Jan will block any commenters who have dissenting opinions. Watch and see. She will be blocking me soon.

  • It’s not that we think Romney did anything illegal with his taxes. We just want to see how much he paid and how he earned his money. That’s not too much to ask of someone who is running for President of The United States. Republicans would feel the same if the shoe were on the other foot

    • We do feel the same, but Romney is a private citizen. Post your taxes. Obama is not a private citizen. He works for us. So where was the Birth Certificate asked for numerous times after he was elected? What about the Fast and the Furious documents? The shoe has been on the other foot for almost four years and it’s been stomping on our constitution. I for one have had enough.

      • Romney is running for President. He should be completely transparent regardless of whatever President Obama does. We have seen both BCs, long and short form. And there is indisputable evidence besides these that President Obama was born in Hawaii.

        • “indisputable evidence” as you said John. I’ve never seen it. I’m no “berther” or whatever the term is, but, there is no way in hell you can prove to me Obama was born in this country until I see a legitmate birth certificate. We all are supposed to have one,why doesn’t he without a real explanation of the missing document?

  • Tea party Republicans have been fighting all over the country to kick RINOs out of office. Now they will be fighting to elect RINO Romney for President. How ironic.

  • YES…. Ryan vs. Biden.. a slap down in the making.

  • My gut feeling tells me that Paul Ryan is a good man even though I don’t agree with his views. I am not sure about Mitt though. That is one sneaky snake chamelion of a politician there. He changes his views with every shift of the wind. I don’t think he will think twice about sending our soldiers to die to uphold Israel’s interests. If his speeches are any evidence he has already made up his mind.

  • Jan, PLEASE explain to me how Ryan is a good choice? Have you looked at his voting record? Just the two more recent and heinous votes were both YES on the HR 347 & the NDAA. Which Romney supported, including the indefinite detention of US Citizens?

    How can ANYONE think these two are remotely conservative?

  • calboy147

    No offense Jan; I went to public school; so could you tell me what the first sentence in the fourth paragraph says.

  • calboy147

    I mean second sentence