Ryan Homecoming / A Double Dose of Conservative Victory In Wisconsin

Jan Morgan

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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan addressed an enthusiastic crowd of supporters in Waukesha, Wisconsin this evening.

Paul Ryan teared up over the electricity of the crowd who showed up in large numbers for his homecoming. As Ryan addressed the crowd, Mitt and Ann Romney also were visibly emotional about the response of the Wisconsin crowd.

Ryan talked about how courage was on the mound recently in Wisconsin (referring to Governor Walker’s recall election) and that courage won! Ryan told the crowd that the people of Wisconsin saved their state that day and now Wisconsinites would help save America!

Mitt Romney told the crowd that there were many reasons he chose Paul Ryan as his VP, but one of the most important was his ability to reach across the aisle in DC and address the issues in a respectful, very intelligent manner. Romney says Ryan is highly respected by Republicans and Democrats and that is important in getting things accomplished for the good of the country.

As Romney was speaking there were two very loud hecklers in the crowd who were so loud it threatened to ruin the event. The crowd began to shout USA and drowned out the hecklers until police could remove them from the event.

As one of the hecklers was being removed, Romney made the comment, “Young man, it is time for the Obama camp to come out of the gutter in this campaign” (referring to the personal attacks, hate tactics, insults and negative ads as opposed to talking about the issues).

Romney today said his team would restore America to the great nation of our earlier years and America would once again be the exceptional nation she was intended to be.

The people of Wisconsin know how bitter and nasty the left can get during a campaign. Conservatives in that state defeated the left and big unions earlier this year as they voted to keep Governor Walker in office to clean up the state’s financial mess. The Conservatives of that state see Ryan as another victory for Conservatism in their state and in America.

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  • Right on Jan.. you go girl! rock the vote!

  • Reuben

    Victory is ours! November 7th is our day of triumph!

  • Rick Carfagna

    It has been said. “If Carter gave us Reagan, what will Obama
    give us?” Now we know. What I am looking forward to with great anticipation is
    the Ryan/Biden debates. I think that broadcast will have more viewers than the
    Super Bowl. Can you imagine how entertaining that is going to be? I believe the
    “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” will pale in comparison to the laughs per minute.

    • Rick.. lol.. I agree.. Biden is sunk

    • how is Biden going to play the race card? They expected Allen West by their own leaks

  • John Canion

    No matter how much they rant about the the deficit it goes up by 2.6 Trillion (with a T) under their plan…lol…Paul Ryan voted for the auto bailout, Medicare expansion, housing subsidies, a national ID card, making the Patriot Act permanent, surveillance without warrant with armed drones, keeping troops in Iraq indefinitely, the 2008 & 2009 stimulus, and he BEGGED for TARP…real conservatives here, Jan!

  • John Canion

    Oh you didn’t like that did you…like a cockroach running from the light..lol

  • General Motors worker

    John can you please explain to me the difference between a bailout and a loan. If my memory serves me right General Motors has to pay that money back by I think June of 2015. So wouldn’t that be considered a loan?

  • General Motors worker

    WI work for General Motors and I’m proud of it. I would like to thank obama for that bailout/loan cause I still have a job. What I won’t thank him for is bringing OUR COUNTRY further into debt and for the millions of people that are unemployed. I especially won’t thank him for trying to take away my 2nd amendment rights!!!!