Shooting: Texas A&M, College Station

Jan Morgan

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Texas A&M University says a shooter has been taken into custody near its campus in College Station.

College Station police spokeswoman Rhonda Seaton tells CNN multiple people have been shot, including law enforcement, but she doesn’t know the extent of the injuries. Multiple calls to Seaton’s cellphone from The Associated Press have gone straight to voicemail.

The university issued an alert on its website just before 12:30 p.m. Monday warning of an active shooter near the campus football stadium, Kyle Field. The warning tells residents and students to avoid the area.

Seaton says the shooting happened within a block or two of campus sometime before 12:45 p.m. She says police have one suspect in custody.

College Station lies about 90 miles northwest of Houston.

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  • Terry Kelley

    Why is this being called a “University Shooting” just because a shooting occurred a few blocks away from a college campus? If a shooting took place two blocks away from a church, would it be called a church shooting?

    • Conservativesniper


  • If this shooter turns out to be another democrat then I am calling this phase II of “Fast & Furious” – I believe these shooting may be a concerted effort to malign gun ownership and the Second Amendment by the loony left. Then the liberal media along with fear-mongering democrats will provoke mass hysteria to convince the reactionary public into giving more of our freedoms away in the false name of protecting our wellbeing and safety.

    • Joe Wicked

      It is sad but I had the same thought.

      • I’ve been thinking the same thing myself for a while now.

    • That’s what I just told my wife I wouldn’t be surprizeis Obama and his bunch is not behind it, so they can take our guns and ammo from us. We have got to get rid of Obama at all cost he is destroying this nation

  • RG

    And why are you using a picture of the UT tower on an article about A&M? Sorry, not the point of the article, but it makes this report look really amateur.

    • RG — the building is meant to represent The University in a more generic sense. We’ve got a small staff here. 😉

      • littlemike

        In that case, maybe a more generic image of some nondescript university would be better than that of A&M’s rival. You wouldn’t run a photo of Duke in a story about UNC, would you? 🙂

        • Sadly, being ignorant of college sports, I probably would. 😉

  • I think all Obummer is paying these people to do this so he can sign that UN small arms treaty him and Hillary Clinton did behing closed doors.. Civil War 2 here we come.. Wake up america we need to take a stand on this matter.. my ? is this was anybody packing a gun when this happend? just curious..

    • Conservativesniper

      Pretty sure the county constable, who was KIA, was packin’.

  • I agree with Mr. Crandell.

  • jake Mex

    Love the new site! BTW goggle is posting gay ads on the page. I believe that goggle is perhaps actively sabotaging. Just a quick heads-up.

    • Google usually puts ads up based on your search history. For instance, I have add for gun vaults. Just sayin’

      • jakemex

        I’m aware of that, but it also has the capability to target a certain site for certain ads does it not? Let’s just say to keep his within the confines of the limits of the law on this forum that you are pointing the finger in the wrong direction, get my drift?

  • Conservativesniper

    I live in College Station about 2 miles from the spot of the shooting. Three people were killed; A county constable and two civilians. This part of town is mostly students and low income people. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was drug related or domestic violence gone awry.

  • I don’t mean to sound like some wacked out conspiracy nut, but something very odd is going on.

  • Is it possible that some people worship Obama so much that they are willing to die and or spend thier lives in Prison for him ?, kind of like those that strap on suicide bombs for allah.

    • George

      There are a few out there like that and worship the ground he walks on. They are idiots.

  • Larry Knight

    I’m surprised that the left didn’t try to link this person to the Tea Party or the Republican Party yet.

    • George

      Give them time. But you know he didn’t do it, someone else did.

  • George

    Someone shoots people including police and is now in custody. Something wrong with this picture. They should be saying they have the shooters body in custody. Why do the criminals get such kid glove treatment and the law abiding folks get screwed.