The Most Memorable and True Statement Delivered at the RNC

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

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  • TamiS

    What a VERY SMART Man!!!

  • Stunning and true statement from Paul Ryan. It also accurately depicts how many young graduates deluded by liberal college professors hardly find traction in the real world.

  • GaryB

    First comment by Bob Schieffer was about Clint…HE needs to retire or CBS needs to FIRE him!! Such a liberal with negatives all the time… How about Clint for Secretary of Defense?? Yea, go ahead and ‘Make My Day’!!

  • Yes, so many unemployed young people are turning to alcohol and drugs in order to drown their sorrow, Alcohol and drugs are far more available than job in the US. Obviously this leads to more promiscuous sex and the resulting increase in abortions. It also leads to more people going into the military and being sent overseas to kill people the US government wants us to hate. And it leads to more people ending up as slaves of fascist government US prisons. Works just fine for the government terrorists.