The Race Is On … Who Is Stocking Up More: The Government or the Citizens?

Jan Morgan

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It must be frustrating to Obama that the most anti-gun administration in American history has actually prompted gun and ammo sales of historical magnitude. Americans in record numbers are buying guns and ammunition. This speaks volumes about the tension and level of distrust the American people have for this President.

ON the flip side, the government is making its own sizable purchase of hollow point ammunition which is contributing to the concerns of Americans over what this government is up to. This is not a purchase for our military.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has awarded defense contractor ATK with an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) agreement for .40 caliber hollow point ammunition. According to an official ATK press release, U.S. agents will receive a maximum of 450 million rounds over a five-year period.

The following is an excerpt from the press release:

ATK announced that it is being awarded an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) agreement from the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS, ICE) for .40 caliber ammunition. This contract features a base of 12 months, includes four option years, and will have a maximum volume of 450 million rounds.
ATK was the incumbent and won the contract with its HST bullet, which has proven itself in the field. [..
The hollow point, features a pitted or hollow tip intended to expand upon entering its target. Hollow points are not used for target ammo.

This is not the first time DHS has placed such an order, however. In 2009, it signed a contract with Winchester for the procurement of 200 million hollow points.

So is this a calculated move by the government to curb ammunition availability to civilians or is there something else going on here? You decide. As for me, I am going to head to the store and buy some more hollow points… for target practice, of course. ( wink, wink)

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  • I wonder why the MSM is not questioning the Obama Administration about this.

    • ThatsWhyIUse762

      Really? You really wonder why?

    • They may find themselves in a firing squad by asking too many questions.

    • Because you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Dennis

    If we’re not buying, we’re making our own. They have to remember that there are more of us then there are of them.

  • There may be more of us than there is of them but they have armored vehicles, body armor, automatic weapons, STS and STA missles, fighter jets and drones. If we have to go to war with our government we may win in the end but many millions of people will die in the process.

    • @ Dan, that’s true but I don’t think it’s as much to go to war against the American people than to intimidate (into suppression) rather than to fight (into suppression). Don’t get me wrong, socialists (like Osamabama) would have no problem giving the order to kill American citizens, they just know that right now the military is on the side of the citizens they protect. They also have to know that they are losing in this country, with the exception of the larger cities, and people who work for a living and vote republican (anti-socialists) are going to vote them out of power before too much longer. This move just helps us citizens who own firearms to decide to buy more of them in .40S&W to make use of the possibility of wide-spread availability and commonality of ammunition during such a hypothetical civil unrest situation. Much the way that most gun owners are buying AR-15s, hi-cap magazines and lots of 5.56×45. This may prove to be a bonus to us citizens since there is sure to be lots of (relatively) cheap surplus .40S&W ammunition available, as there is with 5.56×45 now. As much as I despise Anti-American politicians like Clinton, Gore, Pelosi, Osamabama, Feinstein and Schumer, they have doubled the number of gun owners in the last thirty years. Unfortunately they have caused the prices of these items to rise pretty fast at times, but I can live with that if more people are arming themselves since it tends to reduce crime.

      • bolagard

        Good post, Shawn. Don’t forget the large number of our military and police who have joined Oathkeepers and have signed pledges to uphold their oath to protect our Constitution against ALL ENEMIES, both foreign and domestic. These men and women have pledged to disobey orders to turn their weapons on their fellow citizens to further a despotic government

      • that is why it is so important to OB & hitler that they get the UN troop’s in here as fast s they can..OB islooking for a reason to have marshal-law,,WHY else do you think all the shooting’s are happing so fast and much ?? not even under clintion did we have this much..AND befor I here about 9-11,,remember they came across the border AFTER clinton opened it,,JUST LIKE now !!

    • checker99

      Rest assured that not everyone operating these weapons is devoted to killing US citizens — I like to think very few would actually fire heavy weapons on fellow US Citizens or their property. Today’s all-volunteer force is not trained to blindly follow orders, .

      • REMEMBER katrina,,WHAT the police did,,and NG said ?? A lot of them just wanted to kill someone,,REMEMBER the 83 year old lady,,and what the police did to her ??

    • Hal49

      Dan, you speak of the government as if it was a thing, and not people… The police and military are people first, AMERICAN PEOPLE. Do you really think they would blindly follow illegal orders and turn against fellow Americans? And don’t give me any BS please about foreign troops doing the dirty work. The military and the police would turn on them faster than they would turn on the government, my friend. Their fathers and grandfathers did not fight in foreign wars on foreign soil just so their offspring can join with a foreign enemy on American soil to wage war against fellow Americans. I think you have been watching to many end of the world, evil bad guy movies. All those black clad full helmet facesless bad guys running around gunning down everybody, are just actors following a script.

      • Hall49, Yes the government is people and there are people in the government and in the media that are demonizing large portions of the population. Anti-gun advocates like Piers Morgan and Michael Moore refer to anyone who owns a semi-automatic weapon as evil. The DHS profiles American citizens that are pro-life, Christian, anti big government, gun owners and preppers as potential terrorists. Do I believe that there are Americans who would fire upon other Americans? Yes, I do.

    • Bfoo

      Dan…what you stated is called Defending Liberty….

    • curious

      Yup.That’s called war,and with some accurate firepower,you too can have armor,auto weapons,etc.,etc.

    • So You Think We Should Roll Over?

      • No, I am ready to fight for liberty. I simply believe that those that are saying “Bring it on” do not fully comprehend the bloodshed that will follow. The next civil war will make the first one look like a school yard game. Every one of us will lose someone we love. That is what we must be prepared for. There may be 80 to 100 million gun owners in the US, but if they present no coordinated resistance in the face of government oppression their numbers will be meaningless.

  • Hog Rider

    hehehe …. silly Government …… we the people have more guns and ammo than they do, ….. i’ll take my chances on 100,000,000 hunters and redneck’s and 80% of out own military against the rest of the country …. ya’ll bitches in D.C. bring it any damn time you want !!!

    • Dude, if the gov’t really does come after you, your pea shooter isn’t going to stop squat.

      • Seems to work well enough in Afghanistan.

      • curious

        Sonny,you don’t stand in one spot and blaze away.You follow the enemy and fill one body bag at a time,and you keep moving.You make it cost them.Grief in their homes will show them the real cost to being a traitor’s bitch.Now,if you want to roll over on your back and piss on your belly,that’s fine with me.Have at it.

  • Harleyman 618

    Gun control is using both hands! But don’t forget, they have the Milatery behind them!

  • Matt

    I can’t believe that more peopke aren’t concerned by the fact that the government has purchased 2+ rounds per man, woman, and child in America.

    • Thomas Rossi

      It’s so they can double-tap every American.

  • For example: Social Security has 295 armed agents. They bought 176,000 rounds – about 600 round per agent. Hardly a shocking number. ΒΆ Look, the conspiracy theory is either that they are buying ammo to make it less available to you, but bullets are manufactured without a limit I believe. So the companies will manufacture more. (And I don’t think I need hollow point bullets to stop someone attacking me, either). OR, they’re buying bullets to kill Americans. I don’t buy into either conspiracy theory. It is what it is – armed agents need to be armed. Oh, and by the way, I’m 100% Reagan conservative here.

  • Grandpa Greer

    The only question which needs to be asked is… which direction will all those projectiles be pointing…in or out?

  • Raymond

    Snake-A-Way is the worlds only EPA approved, university tested, patented snake repellent. It has been proven effective against both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. When used and applied as directed it is safe to humans, animals and plant life. It has been universally approved and endorsed by naturalists, conservationists and ecologists.

    Election day is almost here..

  • DHS has purchased enough ammunition (hollow point) to shoot every
    American citizen; man, woman and child, four (4) times. Their first
    order for 450 million rds was followed by another for 750 million rds.
    That is OVER one BILLION rounds of ammunition. The National Weather
    Service and The Social Security Administration are also buying
    exaggerated amounts of ammunition. Hollow point ammo is NOT used for target practice.

    I contacted my Senators and my (worthless) Congressman to complain and
    demand they investigate the issue…each one replied with the EXACT same
    form letter…the same one I received from DHS. They are all in this

    The federal government is preparing for “civil unrest”. They are
    training our local police to deal with civilian disturbances and
    potentially, riots and instructing American military to prepare to fight
    American civilians and to detain them. FEMA has built “Training Camps”
    across the country to house those who need “re-education”. Military
    personnel are training in our major cities to respond to domestic
    “urban” disturbances.

    The Congress has aided the Obama administration is passing multiple laws
    that strip away your Constitutional Rights: The Patriot Act (extended
    under Obama), The NDAA, which allows the military to detain,
    indefinitely, American Citizens, without legal council, or charges. The
    Federal Building Security Act which allows citizens to be arrested and
    charged with a felony for protesting around any federally protected
    person or event. The list goes on and is expanded every day.

    Your government is getting ready to fight you. Your government is already set up to implement Martial Law.

  • curious

    The Geneva Convention specifically prohibits any combatant armies to use “dum-dum”,or hollow-pointed,or projectiles with exposed lead tips.Soooo….if the Gummint is buying hollow point ammo,it ain’t to shoot people in a foreign army,Geneva convention be damned.This Commie and his bunch of progressive brown shirts are aimin’ to KILL all y’all.You need to buy as much ammo for yourselves as you can….or buy an iron shirt.Can’t happen here,you say?Check out the Russian Bolsheviks,the Nazis,Cuba,China’s Mao Zhe Dong,PolPot,etc.,etc.For my part,I would much prefer to be killed fighting than to be slaughtered as a sheep.Sheep aren’t allowed into Valhalla…..where the brave live forever!