The Tea Party is ON A ROLL!

Jan Morgan

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Score another win for the Tea Party. This makes FOUR victories!

Missouri Rep. Todd Akin broke out of a three-way GOP primary fight Tuesday and won the nomination to take on Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in the fall. Akin had played up his Tea Party credentials, in an unusual primary race in which all three candidates claimed conservative, outsider appeal. 

The results send yet another Tea Party-backed candidate into the general election, with the McCaskill face-off considered one of the most closely watched Senate races of the year. 

Akin won a contest defined by which candidate was the most conservative. In doing so, he beat out Sarah Palin’s candidate of choice, former state treasurer Sarah Steelman, and John Brunner, a businessman who poured more than $7.5 million of his own money into the race.

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  • Jan, I wanted to share what you wrote about a third party possibility…this was on my home page, however thre was not a share option…..On the picture regarding the Tea Party win there was a share option, but only hat picture was shared….not your words…whats up with that? Is that a problem with your post, or FB’s option to put a share button on each post?

    • Maebelle, you have to copy the part that I wrote, then click the share option on my poste and when it gives you a comment box before you click share, you paste my words on it… that way you have the entire post..

      • Thanks Jan…thats exactly what I did…I find I am unable to friend you on FB also…Boy they are sure making it difficult to keep up with you these days, but I am very persistent and refuse to give up…I enjoy your site too much to lose it…Keep up the Great work of informing the masses….I am so worried about the apathy I see in the world today…I am not a youngster and much of what is happening to our Country will not affect me, but it most certainly will impact my Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren whom I adore. If we do not take up the fight now to end Obama’s reign of mediocracy and obstruct his vision of a Communist/socialist society for the USA we will not reognize our Great Nation in a few short years. We are losing our liberties daily under the Obama Administration and it can and will get worse if he is reelected. Thank you for your wonderful contributions through this site to inform the masses….You’re the very best of what this Country has to Offer…

        • I believe the only way we are going to remove the impostor from the presidency is to pray diligently for the truth to be unveiled about him. I think the election will be stolen by him and his evil supporters if there isn’t a divine intervention. I wish we could have a Chick-fil-A type day of prayer for the complete truth to come out about him. Thank God for the tea party fight to save America.