Uh OH! Mitt’s Mad… He’s at his Mitt’s End!

Jan Morgan

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“Put up or Shut up.”

He said it. Mitt Romney is actually beginning to sound like the american people feel: MAD!

You know how there was always a bully on the playground who would pick on the same kid over and over because the kid would not stand up for himself. Then, finally one day, all the pent up rage comes out when the bully pushes the nice guy too far.

I think the liberal bullies are finally pushing Mitt to the boiling point. He is not there yet, but I believe he is beginning to feel what conservatives in this country have been feeling for years.

Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader has repeated a rumor twice this week, that Mitt Romney did not pay any taxes for 10 years. “The word’s out that he hasn’t paid any taxes for ten years,” Sen. Reid, D-Nev., said of Romney on the Senate floor Thursday. “Let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn’t.”

Reid was repeating what he had originally said in an interview with the Huffington Post earlier in the week. According to Reid, he received a call about a month ago from a Bain Capital investor who told him that Romney “didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years.”

Romney is the former CEO of Bain Capital, but left the company in 1999.

Of course, Reid today admits he can’t substantiate the charge and he didn’t really even know if it was true. But he repeated it anyway.

Today Romney fired back at Reid and his rumors by calling on the Majority Leader to reveal his informant.

“I have paid taxes every year and a lot of taxes, a lot of taxes,” Romney said today in Las Vegas. “Harry is simply wrong, and that’s why I’m so anxious for him to give us the names of the people who have put this forward. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear the names are people from the White House or the Obama campaign or who knows where they’re coming from.” “Put up or shut up.”

Those words from Mitt Romney after days of Harry Reid’s unsubstantiated accusations. I believe I actually saw a little emotion in Mitt’s face and detected a hint of rage in his tone.

Great! It is about time.

Americans are sick and tired of the liberal left and their baseless attacks that are nothing more than efforts to distract from the real problems in America which are a reflection of the Obama Administration’s failed policies. There was a time when Americans were easily distracted and this ridiculous strategy was effective. I don’t believe the citizens of this country are so easly fooled today. President Obama’s record is clearly one of a failed administration. People see it all around them in the form of unemployment, higher taxes, bigger government, larger welfare rolls, and increased racial tension.

The american people are FED UP! We need our candidate to show the same level of disgust and determination to remove Obama from our Oval Office as we display on a daily basis.

Mitt Romney’s display of anger is long over-due. Now that we have him “fired up”, if we can just get him to move a little further RIGHT, I think there just might be some hope for righting this sinking ship!

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  • cybershyguy

    harry reid– just shut the fuck up,we the people are sooo tired of this type of bull shit. Personally I hope that mr. Pomney sues you doe defamation of character or if he loses the election, he sues you for slander. The right to free speech is superseeded by the right to sue if he is being slandered which HE IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What’s that word? “Hutspa”???
    Don’t worry Mitt we have your back!

    • JanMorgan


  • He needs to get mad, and he needs to start showing some fire if he wants anyone to get excited this election, rather than just voting for the lesser of two evils. And he needs to hurry up and get a strong conservative for his running mate. This indecisiveness is not what we want. We need a strong ballsy (for lack of a better term) conservative president. We already have one idiot. Get mad Mitt..and show some emotion.

    • JanMorgan

      yes Tonya.. I hope this is the beginning of a new Mitt coming out!

  • It’s about time Mitt got mad! I think many have viewed him as a poised, polished politician just like the rest of the Washington Mafia… He NEEDS to show the American people that he IS human! He’s not the stiff politician he’s viewed as!

    • JanMorgan

      yep… he needs to man up.. I think he is getting there.. lol

    • Good evening Kristi 🙂 I agree with you on this!!

  • Larry Knight

    He definitely needs to get more fired up!

  • There was a time when a baseless accusation such as Reid made would have been angrily received by honorable people of any party. Where is the outrage and demands for facts from the left? Reid should be censured for making such a statement without anything to back it up.

    • JanMorgan

      Ted, if it is not true, it is slander and should be addressed legally.

      • Chris Harrison

        On one hand, I agree Jan. But on the other hand, I am so sick of the litigious nature of our country. It seems like as things “progress” the only options are to sue or go postal, and I am personally sick of both.

        • Danny

          I know what you are saying Chris, but there are times when that is about all that will work. Do you think that telling Reid or Pelosi or any other pathetic liberal to stop slandering people will work? I have absolutely NO doubt that it will NOT work.

      • That takes time, Jan. With our ever decreasing attention span, things like this have to be dealt with quickly or they are forgotten.

        Just as the Democrats have dropped their attacks on Bain capital once it was revealed who really did the outsourcing and his relationship to Obama. The Democrats had to know that when they made the attacks, but they also knew that it would take time for the Republicans to respond. They managed to get a couple of news cycles out of it and, no doubt, it did some damage.

        I’m glad to see Mitt getting mad, but he needs to also be careful to pick the right battles. I think he’s making a mistake going after the Ohio early voting lawsuit.

        It also seems like it takes the Republicans far too long to react and go on the offensive. Romney should have immediately gone after Reid for keeping his own financial records hidden.

        We all know this is a non story being used to distract people from the terrible economic situation.

    • Rawhide

      Good point Ted…everytime I post in local newspaper on something the first things the libs do is ask where is your PROOF,,,,where is your credible evidence…they want you to post a link for them…the second thing they do is call you a racist if they dont agree with your point of view…ie…talking about 3rd/4th generation welfare recipients…I was referring to some folks that live round here that happen to be WHITE…but still your a racist…and as far as the chik fil a thing goes…who cares…live and Let live…JUST DON’T RUB MY NOSE IN IT,,,,

    • Larry Knight

      Since when have liberals ever needed any thing to back them up? They seem to get away with saying anything they want and they media never calls them out on any of it.

  • Jackbl

    Harry Reid is a pedophile, prove me wrong Harry….

    • JanMorgan


  • Democrats want Americans to focus on anything but the truth about Obama’s “Tour of Destruction” on the Worlds “Only” remaining FREE Country & It’s Economy! It is made easier with control over 90% of Media Outlets & The Love Of Hollywood Elites. November will finally show Liberals that America has no intentions of selling our Constitutional “Rights” for Communistic Dreams that can only be made to look perfect by Hollywood Writers & Dime Store Magazines.

    • JanMorgan

      You got that right Gary… Distraction is their strategy now..

  • Romney needs to come back with”:::: Well MR.Pedophile Reid….why doesn’t your “god” Ovomit released ALL that he has Sealed up in a WELL GUARDED Vault on his Tax records his birthright, his actual school records…etc????? Romney needs to chew some serious butt..and GET FIREY ANGRY..AND JUST LET IT RIP ALL OVER THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION……….HHOOOYA…

    • JanMorgan

      interesting come back

  • I don’t know which one I despise more, Reid or Pelosi, doesn’t matter they both need to GO! Neither of them has the courage or credibility to release their financials allowing them to be scrutinized and “examined.”

    • JanMorgan

      I agree Kevin.. tough contest there between the two for most despised

      • Larry Henman

        Harry. Only because he is supposed to be representing me, not the White House!

  • Mitt needed to ratchet up the responses and show that he should be taken serious and means what he says. Obama can be a disaster without his trusty teleprompter as we already know he sputters, and gaffs constantly. The debate should be interesting. I believe this is where Mitt could use Newt Gingrich to help him prepare. Anyway, my first post is under my belt on the new website Jan!! Thank you so much!!

    • JanMorgan

      glad you made it here Todd!

  • Now if only the Republicans in Congress would grow a spine..and some testicle fortitude…

  • As always they seem to come up with distractions from Obama’s record. Everytime they do I ask for Obama to come clean on Fast and Furious where 300 people have died including a US border guard! We are sick and tired of the pointed finger when we want to know what is going on behind that finger!

  • Harry Reid is one of those that makes me think we need more Chlorine in the gene pool. What a total waste. I believe they (Dem’s) are starting to see the writing on the wall and will take this Presidential race down into the gutter in hopes it will motivate many of their base to support Obama. There are too many polls out there saying that the young will not go to the polls this year like in the past and even many of the black ministers are preaching to not vote for the guy due to his stance on gay marriage.

    • JanMorgan

      Al, of course they will take it down into the gutter.. They are already headed that way.

      • Danny

        Headed there Jan? They have been there for some time. They’ve been swimming in the gutter for years.

  • BobbyMac

    Sad thing is, they are both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And when the attacks start against Mitt’s (and 14 million people world wide, oh and me too ;D ) for the religion he practices. No one will bother to mention that Harry Reid is also LDS.
    Sad very sad.

    • winlass

      Being of the LDS church, I have written letters to Dingy Harry about his miserable “representation” of us in the Senate & including our church. I can only imagine what would be said to him by our leadership if they had a chance!! Be a fly on the wall that day? It’s shameful to treat the U.S. as a joke.

      Mitt won’t quit like McCain. When the going gets rough in Nov. with fraud & lawsuits, he will be ready to fight. The man is serious . . .

  • Scott Shumaker

    I too am am Mormon, like Mitt, but that is not why I am voting for him this fall! I want someone who has the business sense to get us out of this economic mess, someone who will stand up to our enemies, both foreign and domestic, someone who will not apologize for being American! Mitt Romney is that man, and by God he is going to win this election! I too am glad to see him show some emotion finally, maybe he’ll get angry enough to call Obummer out on the carpet come time for the debates. I hope he makes a mockery of him and that he wins by a landslide!

  • Gin

    There is a story going around now about Mitt impersonating a policeman in college and actually pulling people over..via his room mate! It’s the website, One Million against Mitt Romney or some such..One would be hard pressed to find someone that hadn’t pulled a prank in college..The story is probably another fabrication anyway..Geez..

  • SoCARep

    I believe that the Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day, and the bashing that the Left is doing in their interpretation and redefining what the day was, has awoken some conservatives. About time… Hopefully Mitt can see the temperature clearly now, that people are fed up with the Left, and they want a leader that will hold the left not only accountable for their words and actions, but on the defensive. Ii seems to me that this turn the other cheek, started with Bush. I do not beleive Reagan would have put up with this…

  • Chris Harrison

    I **LOVE** seeing this. If he wants to send this PO(TU)S packing, he needs to show some fire, some desire, some emotion. If he wants to lead and get people excited, he needs to lead by example. I doubt some calm, polished gentleman led the troops into battle at Normandy. It was someone who was fired up and believed that we could scale a cliff where the Nazis were dug in and prepared to met all comers – or so they thought. Leaders need to LEAD – not walk calmly in front and expect everyone to follow.

  • Rawhide

    Distract is right,,,that all those libs do is distract…in fact every time Harry or nancy open their mouths it’s distracting…down right annoying….

  • Katheryn Hasara

    Yesss!!! Want to see more of miffed Mitt! It’s time!

  • Jan said: “You know how there was always a bully on the playground […]”: that reminds me of this schoolyard bully caught on video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbDGmuaolfI

  • Yea Yea Yea…… John Boehner is starting to sound like a Conservative also. What is it? Four month before the election? What they sound like before the election really isn’t what matters. What they sound like a few months afterwards is what’s telling.

  • Obama refuse to be transparent regarding his background – so does Romney. What makes you think this isn’t just a dog & pony act – get real. Obama & Romney are the same in regard to global agendas & our individual liberties. Think for yourself. Obama needs to give up his records regarding citizenship & Romney needs to release his returns.

    • Wolfebets

      Romney released the required 2 yrs of returns, just like McCain. Nobody is sure that Obama released 2yrs, and some don’t believe he released more than one, and that year did not account for or explain why he has three SS#s and multiple real estate tax IDs and alias for his homes in Chicago. Why would anyone advocate that Romney, who has paid taxes for the last 10 years should have to violate his privacy more than required to be a candidate just because the libs want to distract from not wanting to release things like the Fast and Furious FEDERALLY subpoenaed documents or Obama’s sealed life history?

  • Bonny

    i was really excited about visiting your new home, but the first thing i saw…. was an Angus King ad… i wanted to leave right away. I voted for him too, in the days, but he is not a true Independent. If you find out different please let me know.. (like the person)

  • The Untied States Government has 15 trillion of real debt and has told 119
    trillion dollars worth of lies. Also known as unfunded mandates. What
    politicians is talking about it? NONE OF THEM? So what else is there that really
    matters when they ignore what’s most important? SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!! who gives a
    damn about Romney’s earnings, tax return or BS from anyone of the grifters in
    Washington DC?

  • Don’t worry Jan I posted my same commits to Mark Levin’s page and he
    doesn’t remove them. So lets talk about who’s a phony conservative shall we?
    Probably not………… right?

  • Sorry Jan I didnt mean to be a a-hole I thougth you were removing my posts. My Bad

  • Donna Bennett

    Don’t you think that if Romney hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years, the IRS would be after him by now–and we would have heard from them?

  • I sent them a message stating that it’s time to grab some of Ronald Reagan’s DNA and start firing back.

  • joesixpack31

    Mitt needs to drop the “Mr Nice guy” routine an start throwin punches. Maybe put on some brass knuckles. This one’s for keeps.

  • bazballfan24

    Mitt, You and Your Campaign Are So Slow. Get Out Front Will You !!! Hit Spineless Harry Reid Upside His Little Head With Facts and Get His Public Land Deals Out There and The Money Shifting Games He Played with His Son To Not Pay Taxes Himself. Please Hit Back Sooner and Harder. Being Nice Doesn’t Mean You Have To be Stupid, Be Strong Please and Show the Country You Are Willing To Fight For Yourself and US !!!! Lead !

  • Hillfarmer

    If the Republicans want to win this election they have to nominate a candidate who can beat Oboma. If they nominate Romney it proves they want Oboma to have four more years. Romney cannot beat Oboma. He is nothing but a white Oboma. Look at his record. He invented ObomaCare and he is a big government politician all around.

  • What makes me sick is Mitt is keeping facts from the people, Obama is keeping facts from the people, Presidents can smoke pot and not inhale, Presidents can lie and say they didn’t have sexual relations with that women, American security officers can have orgies over seas. When is someone going to start caring about American people again? I love Jan’s stances on guns and keeping our constitutional rights as our forefathers wanted them to be but why am I being attacked as well as the veterans I am trying to represent?

  • It’s about time someone said something about the RACIAL TENSION. BO has been DIVIDING our country since day one. The racial tension is worse now then it was in the 60’s and I do remember the tensions back then. BO has been diverting attention away from what he is doing to our great country by doing what he does best. LIE. Good for you Jan to post what I have been posting on my FB for a long time now. VOTE AMERICAN PEOPLE and let’s take America back from this Muslim liar in chief.

  • Steve Hunter

    Honestly I think Mitt Romney should just show his tax’s and prove that he paid them and make the Democrats look like the fools they are, why play games in the media, just prove them wrong, its simple, I mean this is for the Presidency, isn’t it? Stop acting like kids!!

  • I’m glad to see Mitt stop acting like a polished CEO and start to get PO’d at the false allegations Mitt ddin’t ever show emotion or anger when he was Governor. Jan my one comment on your article is that shouldn’t you refer to Americans with a capital A and not americans? Keep up the good work and the good fight!! You have many fans in the Commonwealth of Mass. There are many gun owning conservatives in our state!!

  • Ready to battle

    I heard some people talking about crowd control training that the Army Reserves are doing in Montana. They better watch it. If Montana’s get mad they have lots of back up!!!

  • crazyjack66

    Romney should have gotten angry while running against Obama. Too late now!