The DNC- In with Islam, OUT WITH God and Jerusalem

Jan Morgan

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The Democratic National Convention opens with special events embracing Islam, while initially rejecting the prayer offer by a catholic cardinal, followed by boos of God and Jerusalem.
If actions truly speak louder than words, then the actions of the DNC this week related to God and Christianity are undeniable. No one from the DNC can explain how God and Jerusalem were omitted to begin with.

Realizing the election day fallout from Christian Democrats over such blatant behavior, likely prompted the reversals on two of the above actions, but the reversals were not without awkward moments..

Here we have DNC delegates on tape booing the mention of God and Jerusalem in the party’s official platform. Where’s the condemnation of that? What’s the explanation Democrats? Are members of your party against God? Do you not support Jerusalem as the proper capital of Israel?

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  • MsHoney

    Why did the women in this video NOT vote ? She didn’t say a word ! Nothing! Why did she not vote with her husband? After the vote she motioned no, that was it. Ladies is this what we want ? Talk about a party going back to the 1950’s looks like this party is going back to the 1800’s. where women had no say!!!! For our granddaughters, Wake up Ladies. Think.

  • Deadocracy

    I feel dumber after watching Jesse Jackson explain things in that video.

  • Frank

    This is the sign of the anti-Christ mocking God.

  • Joe

    didn’t I hear a rooster crow??

  • Jessie Jackson sits in front of millions of people and denounces the Christian Bible.

    He stated, clearly, that he follows the Bible, but yet he stands in support of abortion. Jessie Jackson is a two-faced, liberal progressive, disguised as a Christian Minister. The 6th Commandment from God, is; “Thou shall NOT commit murder.” It does not say except through abortion. Life begins at conception. The taking of a human life, with malice and forethought, by legal definition, is “premeditated murder.” A CRIME in every civilization.

    Jackson promotes murder by abortion. A clear repudiation of Christian Biblical teaching.

    Sorry Jessie, you don’t get it both ways. You are an embarrassment to us all.

  • Revlonnie

    The Failure of both parties, has bought shame to us and may have bought judgement as well.

  • Soon they will take off the cloak and will announce themselves as the new Communist Party.

  • In order to be a Dem you must suspend reality.

  • Maybe he is having a stroke?

  • W.T.F?

  • Jim Capobianco

    Why even interview Jesse anymore, he’s as much a snake as Obama.

  • Jim Capobianco

    Maybe the Democrats should just change the parties name to The American Muslim Brotherhood. Maybe then people would wake up.

  • jeese get off the the drugs you cant speak straight.

  • if you are strongly commited to our bible. you would stand against abortion. jesse you dont get the respect to be called reverend.

  • Homeless white boy

    The Jewish run this Country.And the Banks.And there not muslum.Obama is there Puppet just like all the other Presidants.

    • Better look at the board of directors of major corps and banks. Islam has received oil money for so many years, they are running most everything. How many sports teams have gotten Muslim owners the past few years. Open your eyes

    • Father Flotsky

      Thankfully the homeless white boys don’t have the keys to anything… At least he left out the Catholics, hybrid car owners, imported beer drinkers, and vegetarians.

  • wow, I always knew that Jesse was maybe a little over the edge. Now it’s confirmed in that interview. A minister choosing civil law over his faith in the bible and god’s word. WWJD ?

  • You shall have no other gods before me, first Commandment Dr. Jackson. Allah is the Islam god, and the Muslims claim they are the same, they’re not, in word or action. Mohammed borrowed and used the Bible, but that was plagiarism and then his own words were distortions

  • One jj should not be called reverend period……… Two it is time for conservative Dems. to get out of the party and join the Tea Party or reform the party from within.

  • It’s hard for me to understand how any believer can be in this party!?

  • God and Jerusalem should be excluded from any political forum and debate. This DNC convention is about what is best for Americans and neither God or Jerusalem have any relevancy or importance to that objective. Religion has no place in politics and Israel’s claim to Jerusalem is unfounded. But of course the Zionists got all hysterical and must have threatened to withdraw some of the billions that they donate to make sure that all politicians stay addicted to the corrupt state of Israel. Fucking shameful..but there you have it.

    • Now that’s a real mature way of putting it. When all else fails use profanity.

  • JohninMd(HELP!)

    If I am correct, MR. Jackson never matriculated thru the Seminary. No degree, no title of “Reverend”. Barring “honerary” degrees, a ‘course…..

  • This is a blatant rubber stamp example of how twisted and corrupt the political process in America really is. Despite obvious (listen to the audio response yourselves) objection to the amendment they passed it anyway. Because voting against Israels interest in America appears to be illegal. Who fucking cares what Israel thinks/ This is a convention about A.M.E.R.I.CA…Israel is not the focus and issue. The future of A.M.E.R.I.C.A. is.

    • Maybe the truest comment I have read here. Our government (our being the operational word) must be held to a truth in which our leaders are selected for candidacy and office by ‘us’. The wealthy welfare, ass kissing to Israel, and the banker influence along with corporate corruptive energies is rotting out our country from the center out. If we don’t reel it in soon it Will be soon too late.

  • don’t believe anything,think for yourself as propaganda is rampant in this country to a very high degree,distortion in politics is also disgraceful as the deceit is never ending!Their main focus is control to a high fascist degree!

  • I become tired of the green apple quick step I have been seeing these people do all the way through their convention. There is either out and out marxizm being shown or total falsehoods beiong presented; things said with little or no substance with the exception of out and out attacks on the “other party”. I have seen no solutions offered just indication of more of the same to come. I honestly tried to watch a lot of the program throughout the week to draw informed conclusions. Sadly I had to take more insuilin because the stuff they were spouting was more like spoons full of sugar giving one empty calories and therefor inherantly not good for this body.

  • Alton Hughes

    Of all the people in the world and they got Jesse to talk and he couldn’t, wouldn’t or didn’t even answer the questions. He sounded like he was in bad need of a “fix.”

  • Joe

    Rev. Jesse Jackson……??????? Reverand my ass…….

  • Better watch out for the lightening bolts! God will strike them all down!

  • Our government (our being the operational word) must be held to a truth in which our leaders are selected for candidacy and office by ‘us’. The wealthy welfare, molly coddling the poor and exploiting them for votes, ass kissing to Israel, the banker/finance world influence, and corporate corruptive energies is rotting out our country from the center out. If we don’t reel it in soon it Will be soon too late. The DNC is virtual evidence of this.

  • American101

    Jessie Jackson is a biggot and now stands with anti “God” you shure he is a minister? Ok Minister of what Allah? who?

  • John

    The most sickening scum to ever claim to be Americans… Every one of them need to be sent to Iran or Iraq. The war is coming and it will not be pretty…

  • MyNana510

    I would not vote for that man for dog catcher (and I use the term “man” loosely as I use the term for one I respect).

  • Kathy

    As a proclaimed “minister” doesn’t Jesse Jackson have to answer to “higher ups” who monitor him as a minister? This was beyond disgraceful. Jesse may be looking forward to 72 virgins…..but it’s going .to be TOO HOT FOR SEX where he’s going!