Obama’s Disgraceful Display of Appeasement and Apologist Foreign Policy

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

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  • Posting Policy. but that is what Obama’s statement demands!

  • This is an outrage and should close the deal for Romney. No other president would have said that or campaigned on 9/11 when the country was remembering the thousands of lives lost!
    His agenda is totally Islamic, why can’t people see that we are frogs sitting in a hot pot and the water is soon going to be boiling and we will be living as slaves or be killed.
    Christians especially need to wake up and vote for an American President that loves our country, will pledge the flag and stand up for the freedom of speech and religion!
    30,000 lazy Christians did not vote and Obama won by 10,000 votes!
    We need every vote for Romney to stop this madness while we still can!

  • Richard Hablewitz

    Jan, when was that movie trailer released? From what I am seeing on the news they are saying that a brother of one of the major terrorists was seen at the Egyption Embassy, my point is that I am wondering and almost convinced that this was planned with or without the movie on 9/11!??

    • Richard, I really don’t believe it had anything to do with the movie trailer.. It has everything to do with the 109 dictates in the quran that I have mentioned a number of times.. The movie trailer was just an excuse. In fact some news outlets today said there were chants at the scene of one of the attacks that referred to Bin Laden’s murder.

  • charlessignorecanada

    Posting Policy:::: Don’t you think there enought heatred in the world…. so you hate because you don’t agree with your President statement…. What about Salem in the States when the burn so call witches…. The Romans who crusified the belivers in Christ…. Iran who want to bomb Isereal cause who they are… The Nazi who killed 6,000,000 pepole….. look around you… You want more war in the middle east…… I have read the Quran and believe me it dont say kill , out of heatred and i am not a Muslim… I was born RC… Who ever made that statement is full of heatred cause he don’t have the same opinion as the President…

    • Gary Mac

      Wake up people. Muslims are here to kill the free world. All the free world. That may include you. Do you think they will do it with honey or vinegar? Truth or deception?

    • charlessignorecanada , I have no idea where you are from, but it is plainly obvious from your rambling post which is full of misspelling and horrible grammar that you are not very educated. You probably ought to stick to subject matters that you have some real world experience.

    • Yep, we don’t like or agree with Obama, so we must be hateful racists. Think about that. You are way off base. We never wanted to go into Libya in the first place!

    • Charles, I don’t know what you read but it was not the quran.. Either that or you have reading comprehension issues. I am inclined to believe the second is true based on your spelling and grammatical errors.

      • charlessignorecanada

        it had to do with a comment about Obama and i was stating about your policy posting as the only statement he made was F**** you Obama….. so sory the my Gramar is not up to par for you….. If you read the other statements you will find heatred in there statements…. I think i understand if its not your way its wrong let everybody hate Obama…..
        please remove me cause you aint any better then the pepole that hate pepole for there opinion that are different then your …. That is why the US is hated all over the world do you erver wonder why……

  • Donna

    F the muslim mfers!! They want Americans to switch to their religion, Well this American Redneck dont believe there ever was an Allah(Asshole)!

  • KC

    If RACIST means, Republicans Against Communists, Idiots, Socialists, and Traitors, then you got me.

  • Really?

    Wasn’t Christianity spread through manifest destiny, and the crusades etc…?? Do you think a few people died?