More Islamic Rage Against Liberty- ANOTHER U.S. EMBASSY ATTACKED

Jan Morgan

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Once again, Islamic rage on display for the world to ignore, make excuses for, and appease. If Christians physically attacked every entity and person who slammed Christ, there would be a United Nations World Summit calling for peace. Islam is at war with Liberty. When will the rest of the world acknowledge this?

Yemen’s president has apologized to President Barack Obama for the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, by a mob angry over an anti-Islam film.

The U.S. Embassy in Yemen says nobody was harmed in Thursday’s assault. “All embassy personnel are safe and accounted for,” spokesman Lou Fintor said.

President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi also ordered an investigation into the attack. Several hundred protesters stormed the embassy’s compound, brought down the U.S. flag in the courtyard, burned it and replaced it with a black, Islamist banner.

Hadi avowed to bring the culprits to justice, saying the attack by a “rowdy crowd” was part of a conspiracy to derail Yemen’s close relations with Washington.

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  • Some amateur makes a film half a world away that insults their demented “prophet” and 3 US embassies are attacked, one US Ambassador and three (marines was it?) dead. And Obama apologizes to the radicals who did it!

    “If Christians physically attacked every entity and person who slammed Christ, there would be a United Nations World Summit calling for peace.” EXACTLY Jan! Why are Christians killed almost daily, ridiculed, and verbally attacked, but muslims have a free pass??

  • Daniel

    Hopefully we have a leader soon that don’t apologise to these people for them killing our fellow Americans and show some balls. Maybe if he wasn’t one of them, this wouldn’t keep happening. Hope Americans get smart enough to relize who we have in there and let him go..Do the math people..Whats been said in the bible about these Hioly Wars are coming to past with the help of our own President.. Wake Up America…

  • kahnavka

    Jan, these are some of the same rants I put up on facebook and other sites. We have an administration which is appeasement mode when it comes to terrorists and our enemies but will leave our allies hanging in the breeze.
    This administration believes that peace can be obtained through showing weakness (where they learned this dumb, ignorant, stupid, totally misplaced doctrine is anybodies guess) and letting your enemy overpower you.
    We are all aware of the muslim violence that is perpetrated when anyone says or does anything that displeases them. Why are there not a contingency of armed Marines at each and every consulate and embassy in the middle east whose job is to guard and protect the place. After all this is American soil and we need to be able to repel and invasion. If anyone tries to commit a crime against us (break down gates, walls etc) the Marines should shoot to kill.
    This would cause them to think twice before committing these crimes.
    Am I being an extreme? Not really, ask the families of the Americans that were killed in these violent attacks this week. You will probably find that they agree with me.

  • When is the world going to realize that Islam IS ALREADY at war against EVERYONE ELSE?
    You can’t win a war unless you admit & realize you are in one.
    This joke of an administration (and anyone who voted for Hussein Obama is to blame) doesn’t even acknowledge the phrase “War on Terror”….. and they refuse to mention Islam in any negative light.
    Even when the radical Muslim at Ft Hood slaughtered his fellow American soldiers IN THE NAME OF HIS ALLAH……
    We need Schwartzenegger’s Terminator character in the White House. It’s time to fight back against those at war against us.
    Barry & Hillary prefer turning the other cheek, and instead putting us deeper in debt by handing out more foreign aid to these Muslim nations.

  • Team Forman

    I can only hope that this does not go unanswered !!!!!!