America Needs Leadership… Not Stewardship, and an Intervention From Our Politically Correct Stupor Regarding Islam

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

This image of an American diplomat being dragged into the streets and murdered by enraged Muslims should be a wake up call to all Americans who believe President Obama deserves another four years.
President Obama’s approach to foreign policy is like an apology tour for American values with a payment plan to world bullies in hopes of appeasing the violence. It is a disgraceful display of cowardice and weakness, lacking the strength and powerful leadership expected from a country that has historically been a world power. The attacks and deaths of American diplomats in Libya and Egypt reveal once again the poor leadership and foreign policy failures of President Obama. After 9/11, President Bush stood before the American people and said of the perpetrators, “We will hunt them down.” After yesterdays attacks, President Obama stands before the American people and says, “We will work with the Libya government to bring these people to justice.” Since when did America have to stand back and work with another government when our people have been attacked?
As I listened to the President today address the attacks, it seemed he was avoiding the deeper meaning of what has occurred in Libya and Egypt, the fact that American diplomats were attacked and murdered over the values America holds dear.
What does this attack say about the people representing Islam… their lack of tolerance of free speech. Muslims murdered our diplomats, innocent people, over an independent film that they say portrayed their prophet Muhammed in a negative light.
What is even more disturbing is watching our elected leaders describe the attackers as extremists thugs. WRONG.
The people who committed these acts are not radical extremists. They are devout muslims following the 100 plus dictates in their quran of hate, murder, and terror against all people who refuse to submit or convert to Islam.
Why call these people extremists. Lets call it what it is. Devout Islam. Muslims have murdered 270 million people in the 14 hundred year history of Islam. Muslims have committed over 19 thousand deadly terror attacks SINCE 9/11. Islam has blazed a bloody trail through history and it will continue until people wake from their politically correct stupor and face this hard truth: ISLAM CAN NOT AND WILL NOT EVER PEACEFULLY CO-EXIST WITH ANY OTHER RELIGION OR NATION GOVERNED BY ANY LAW OTHER THAN SHARIA.

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  • This sickens me. Something has to be done.

    • Something is being done.. we are getting rid of this president in november

      • Defend Freedom, Avenge the Murders, Defeat Obama
        Vote Tuesday November 6th and RID America of Muslim Sympathizers
        We the People approve this message

  • jayM

    God Bless the family of this American patriot! Appalling display of hatred in the name of religious beliefs. Actions such as this must be dealt with harshly and immediately. A leader would understand this, but Barry is in way over his head!!

    • smalltownvalues

      You have precisely pinned the tail on the donkey.

    • Guest

      Oh, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He is setting up a situation with his friends on the Muslim Brotherhood and al Queda to give him reason to start another war just before the November election so he’ll call for Martial Law in America and make himself Dictator.

      • I assume you have no idea how the United States government works then. One can not just make himself a dictator. If that was possible, the events of Pearl Harbor, or 9/11 would have seen such a thing happening. There is no suggestion that there will be a new war anytime soon.

        • No suggestion?? Have you read the Bible?? Oh wait, you wouldn’t of course…and if war is declared he most certainly will stay in office, indefinitely, therefore dictating exactly what HE wants to do…most of us could see this coming long before this latest incident

          • I have read the Bible in its original languages. I am after all a religion student. And yes, there is no suggestion that is what he is doing.

            Also, your logic is flawed as we were in two wars when Bush left office. So just because there is war, that doesn’t mean the president stays.

          • Wait a second. The Congress of the United States gave their approval for Bush to move against Iraq and Afghanistan.

          • Did I say differently? I don’t think so.

          • tiredofthecrap

            Dustin, being a student of religion is fine but it alone will not provide you all of the answers you need. Now how about balancing that out with a study of “what’s currently staring you in the face”? To you and other like-minded persons: The signs are all around you but you are not seeing it (“There are none so blind as those who will not see”) either through neglect or deliberate denial. This fraud of a president has been running roughshod over Congress and usurping its authority, issuing almost innumerable executive orders which violate the Constitution which literally suck everything unto him and under his control. The near billion rounds of hollowpoint ammunition being ordered for DHS (who darned sure ain’t using it to protect our borders since border control agents have been ORDERED not to shoot illegal border jumpers) and other governmental agencies (including the Social Security Administration), etc., etc., is a clear indication to anyone with even half of a brain that something dark and dastardly is being planned by this illegal squatter in the People’s White House! Also, read some of the laws that pertain to this country and its governance. If martial law is declared then elections can be (and in this case certainly will be) suspended. Especially in this case that will make the fraud-in-chief president for life or, in his case, dictator. I say dictator because he wipes his butt with the Constitution–just another piece of paper which keeps getting in the way of him declaring himself emperor!

          • Everything you said was said about Bush as well. Guess what, never happened. And do you know what, it will probably be said about the next president, and the next, and the next. Really, the message you’re stating here is a common message, levied against nearly every president.

          • tiredofthecrap

            Must be a small circle of people with whom you associate that were saying that because I never heard such as you mentioned. While I do keep my ear close to the ground so to speak, I will admit that I don’t hear everything. However, having worked at several high-level governmental agencies (Pentagon included) during the term of several bona fide Presidents, it is unlikely that I could have missed something like that. Additionally, even if it was said of Bush or others, it was never more clear than now that it most assuredly applies to the squatter-in-chief.

          • Or maybe you simply only listen to biased conservative reports. There were even a large group of people trying to get Bush impeached. There were a few very successful documentaries on the subject as well.

          • tiredofthecrap

            Nope, I listened to all sides, weighed the evidence, and came to a solid and logical conclusion unlike you who has apparently swallowed too much of obama’s and the liberals’ Koolaid…or maybe camel dung.

        • You are right but he can fool enough people to vote for him which is exactly what he has done and is doing now.

        • obama has made himself a dictator with over 900 executive orders during his tenure so far.

      • yep

    • Barry is not in over his head .. he knows exactly what he is doing.. and is succeeding.

  • Cyber Slammer


    • Nobam2012

      Right on!

  • I agree with you Jan wholeheartedly, but I do not agree with the pic posted of one of our Americans before his death. This is insulting and hurtful to his family, to see his picture posted all over the internet.

    • In part, I would agree with you, Brenda. This IS painful (not hurtful or insulting) for the families of those murdered. My prayers go out to them.
      I’ve heard some say the photo(s) will be detrimental to the continuation of relations with Libya or the Muslim Brotherhood. To this I say, “Baloney!”
      The reason these stomach-turning, heart-wrenching images of the dear souls murdered must be shown, and broadly so, is to quickly awaken the American people from their blissful detachment from reality and truth – to show what our nation may very well face on our own shores in the near future.
      Current policies of this adminstration are pandering to atrocity-makers, excusing the heinous acts and defending a religion that demands the actions the Ambassador and his staff experienced last night.
      May God’s hand work miracles and strengthen our resolve to stand for, and defend, freedom.

      • I understand why Jan feels it’s important to show. I guess I was just thinking if it were my son, husband, or brother I would have just hated to see him like that in the last minutes of his life..but I agree with you…

  • Islam=Evil

    • that would be correct.

      • How do you figure? The intolerance that you’re showing is no better then what you condemn. Really, it’s hypocritical and ignorant.

        • Dustin why is it that your so blind by the fact that the President is the greatest thing since slice bread? The democrats sat there and spiked the football for the killing of bin laden, guess what this is retaliation for Bin laden and the crowd sat there and yelled we are all bin ladens, if thats the case one crusie missile coming right up. Grow some balls man how would you like it if it were someone in your familythat was treated the same as Mr. Stevens?

          • When did I praise Obama? I never did. Also, you are taking a minority group and assuming they speak for the entire population. That is a logical fallacy

          • You forgot to mention obama’s kill (murder) list.

        • I’ll give you tolerance. How about a grenade up your a_ _? America or nothing.

          • And that is why we have problems in America. Because of people like you, who have no idea what America stands for, or why it was founded.

          • “And that is why we have problems in America. Because of people like
            you, who have no idea what America stands for, or why it was founded.”

            Please teach it brother.

  • Now is the time to humble ourselves and pray,h 2cronicals 7:14 it is written the end has come ..we are watching it unfold..

  • Enough is Enough there. Stop pussy footing around and grow some balls will ya Mr President. More terrorism against Americans on 9/11. Close the embassy, remove all Americans from country, Close their embassy’s here & freeze all their assets, revoke their diplomatic immunity, Boot them back to Libya. Then place a ship off the coast and bomb the crap out of them to teach them what it like to mess with the USA. They want to act like barbarians well then treat them like it. If Iran or anyone else wants to get involved then we teach them a lesson too. Enough babying these people and just show them what it like to be real victims. Sorry I am not politically correct and never will be but if we had a real president with balls then none of this crap would of ever happened as they would of thought twice before messing with the USA. My prayers go out to the ambassador and his staffers families.

    • So we should kill thousands of innocent people just because some extremists acted stupidly? Do you know how many times similar stupidity is seen in the United States? Do you know how many Muslims, who had nothing to do with 9/11 nor supported it, were attacked and beaten? Should their countries have just planted ships on our coasts and killed thousands? No, because that leads nowhere but besides wars we will never get out of.

      We live in a global world. We can’t just kill everyone who disagrees.

      • I express my dissent with current policy and fervently hope that America’s true and lasting interests can be redefined and our policies redirected. The Democrats have failed to comprehend the size or scope of the threat on democracy. Our currant administration has failed to take measures to protect its citizens while at the same time bending over backwards to appease Blood Thirsty Muslim domination.

        • What are you even talking about? Blood Thirsty Muslim domination? If that was true, why doesn’t one of the Muslim countries begin such a war for domination? Because what you said is completely ridiculous. Not to mention that it was in the hands of a Republican that we attacked on 9/11.

          • Dustin White you are soo full of SW–T, you Squak while you Talk!!

          • Sorry, I misspelled Shit!

          • Really Dustin, they have managed to sneal one of “them” into our White House and if reelected the task will be completed…..and as far as 9/11, didn’t Clinton get warnings about thatand chose to dismiss them?

          • Obama is a Christian. There is no evidence he is a Muslim, besides bigoted individuals spouting off racist remarks. As for Clinton getting warnings about 9/11, nope. 9/11 was on Bush. If you read the commission report, you will see that the blame really laid with Bush.

          • RonMar

            Obama is no Christian. He is strongly influenced at best by his Muslim “father,” stepfather, the former also a Marxist, and by his mentor in HI who was a Marxist. If you believe Obama is a Christian prove it by posting here what he has done since January 2009 even remotely resembling Christian behavior. Such a posting will include the number of times he has gone to Christian worship or honored Jesus the Christ in his policies and actions as POTUS/CINC.

          • Daniel from TN

            I read the commission report. I saw nothing about blaming Bush.
            America or obama this November! You can’t have both!

          • reggiec

            His school record from Indonesia lists him as an Indonesian citizen and a Muslim.

          • reggiec

            Be thankful you are posting your troll messages here. Liberal sites delete ours whren we post on them. There is the difference.

          • Dustin, you are so mistaken……dude, wake up!!!!

          • Mr. White:
            Where is the evidence that Obama is a Christian? He attended a, so called, church in Chicago where pastor Wright, a former Muslim, preached “Liberation Theology” and hatred for America. That’s a far cry from Christianity! On the other hand Obama attend schools in Indonesia where he was listed as a Muslim and attended Muslim theology classes. Obama has stated that he thinks the most beautiful sound in the world is the Muslim call to evening prayer and referred to the Quran as the “Holy” Quran. When you add these FACTS to his intentional omission of the name of God when he quoted the Declaration of Independence (which this so called Constitutional scholar incorrectly referred to as the Constitution), and his insistence that all Christian symbols be removed when he spoke at George Town University, I say that the preponderance of evidence is that Obama is not a Christian and that he is very likely hiding the fact that he is a Muslim.
            And let me ask you one more question; why is it okay for a gang of Muslim terrorist to take out their anger by killing inocent Americans but it’s not okay if we retaliate in kind?

          • @Dustin….I heard Mr. Obama refer during an interview to His “muslim faith”…

          • Daniel from TN

            Clinton was offered Bin Laden when another country captured him. Unfortunately, there were no legal grounds to hold Bin Laden at that time. I am a Conservative. I do not like Clinton, but I can’t blame him for something that was out of his control.
            America or obama this November! We must make a choice!

          • Meg

            Clinton had him in his sites but refused to get him. Think of it-9-11 wouldn’t have happened!

          • RonMar

            The first attack on the WTC was during Clinton’s administration. Do yourself a favor: Look up Worldwide Terrorist Incidents, focus on those involving Muslims since the mid-1970s. Maybe even you will be able to see Islamists declared war on the world most recently in that time frame and have been taking the war to the world at least since then in recent times.

          • Dustin, We attacked because the mooslum attacked the World Trade Center, they drew first blood, as RAMBO would say!

        • Daniel from TN

          Democrats/Liberals ARE the threat on democracy. The current administration does not WANT to protect the people because it is dedicated to the destruction of the United States.
          America or obama this November! You must make a choice!

        • Leslie Williams

          And Bush sent kids into a war for what? And Bush protected Democracy how? They feared Bush so they only took out TWO towers ON US SOIL? It’s not this administration or the one prior or the one prior to that…America has not taken care of it’s own back yard, so there is no backbone and we have long lost our status as a super power…the damn dollar lost value long before this administration and 4 years ago, we were under a Republican run country for 8 years. We are not strong as a nation under either party…and never will be until we take care of our own back yard…weak nation is the result of a separated nation that can’t stop blaming an “Administration” instead of finding a way to work to solve our country’s own wars in spite of what administration is in office. For once make the issues the issues and work on them instead of going against something simply because people want to be racist and prejudice and blame…

          • IMSweetOlBob

            Leslie Williams, old girl:
            We are not being predjudicial or racist any more than a man who shoots a rabid dog or a pyscho coming at him with a knife by warning evryone about muslims and islam.
            The “Eight years you lay at Bush’s feet were divided by the last four being guided by a solid democRAT Congress. That is the “four years” that everyone blames Bush for.
            But you are right about neither party showing a willingness to protect America and her hard won values. That appears to be true up to this point.
            Now we have a chance to take someone at his word and change it. We have nothing to lose by trying. A repeat of the pervious three and a half years, with Obama coddling his muslims and Holder coddling his black crooks is suicidal.
            Don’t lose the opportunity !

      • No. That’s what the extreamist muslims do. We defend ourselves. This always happens with liberals in charge.

        • And with Conservatives in charge, we had 9/11. How easy some people forget.

          Also, if we look at Africa, Christians are doing much more harm. The fact that the Catholic Church, and other Christian missionaries are there telling people that condoms don’t stop AIDS is resulting in tens of thousands of deaths every year.

          • RonMar

            And you know what is happening in Africa, how? When were you last in Africa? Where? For how long? For what purpose(s)?

          • You can’t be serious. So by your reckoning, now Christianity has no moral high road with respect to Islam because of this “condom controversy” claim of yours?

          • IMSweetOlBob

            Sincerely, your comments open a door to cause wonder about your aims in defending muslims against Christians and your mention of the use of condoms suggests even another slant to your postings.
            Just saying.

      • Enrique

        What US based foregien embassy was ever attacked?

      • medowmuffin

        You are right we live in a global world. So why don’t you tell your muslim friends who want to kill all none muslim around the world. That what the Karon tell the to do. I think you have your head stuck in a hole. Maybe you should keep it there. A yes the muslims would like to kill all who are not muslim or will not convert to muslim. Are have you not heard that.

        • You have never read the Quran, so don’t act like you know what it says. That is not what the Quran states. I know this because I read the Quran. I studied it. More so, I know many Muslims who don’t care if someone else converts or not. To think that all Muslims will make you convert or die only shows that you have never met an actual Muslim.

      • How many Muslims stood up and decried the muslims for attacking our towers? NONE. None meaning they were for it. By the way, what is an innocent person?

        • Just because you close your eyes, and pretend there were none, doesn’t make it so. There were many Muslims standing up condemning the attacks. I was one of those Muslims. And while Muslims like me were standing up and condemning such attacks, Americans like you were beating us down.

          • Mooch

            Dustin didn’t you just say you were a Christian a little bit ago. I don’t think you know who you are.

          • RonMar

            Aha, so you are a Muslim. Thanks. Game on, Dustin. Let’s talk about the truths of Islam. Let me know when you are ready please.

      • richard

        Dustin you are an idiot and know nothing about what you speak, all those “good” muslims just are not saying what their cult teaches them, and that is that they ahve the right and duty to kill all the “infedals”, us, that they place and to convert the entire world to islam, enslave the ones that reuse and murder the ones that cannot be of use to them. That Dustin is what their Quran, their religion of peace teaches them! And the only reason they haven’t placed a ship off our shores to kill thousands of our peopel is becase they are too backwards to do so, so all they can do is fly planes into building in this country and kill thousands. Did you not learn enough about islam on Sep 11, 2001?

        • V

          What about the Ku Klux Klan? They murder black people because of hatred for them. They are extremist Christians. If all Muslims are extremists because of Al Qaeda, who murders Americans because of hatred for Americans, then all Christians are extremists because of the KKK.

          • What the Hell do you call the Black Panthers, then??!!

          • The Black Panthers are a criminal gang with political pretensions and motives.

          • Daniel from TN

            The members of the KKK are christians in name only. They use religion to justify their just as other religions use it to justify their actions.
            America or obama this November! You can’t have both!

          • hibp

            There were a lot of KKK who were democratic AND additionally the liberal progressive movement in the 1930’s and 1940’s was actually responsible for a lot of the racial divisions and discrimination during that time.

          • What, different subject….whats wrong with you?

          • Check your historical facts V. The KKK is not a Christian organization. It was formed by the Demoratic party with the intent to undo the freedom that the Republican party gave the blacks after the Civil War. And the KKK is still being used by the Democrats to stir up hatred for Republicans and Christians. The saddest thing is that the Blacks, and people like you, have fallen for it hook line and sinker.

          • “What about the Ku Klux Klan? They murder black people because of hatred
            for them. They are extremist Christians.”

            Wrong. They are cultists.

            “If all Muslims are extremists
            because of Al Qaeda”

            No, they are not “extremists because of Al Qaeda.” Al Qaeda are fundamentalists who follow basic fundamental Islamic doctrines.

            “who murders Americans because of hatred for
            Americans, then all Christians are extremists because of the KKK.”

            Nope. You oversimplified. You probably don’t know nearly enough history to even see the flaws in your statement.

        • Cult? Do you know that for quite some time, Christianity was called a cult as well? As for knowing what I speak, I have studied Islam, I have read the Quran, and I have practiced Islam. The Quran doesn’t say kill all the infidels. Sure, some Muslims say that, but then again, we have Americans stating that we should kill all Muslims. At one point, Christians were trying to kill all the Jews.

          And please don’t state something about the Quran when it is clear you have never read it. How can you possibly know what it teaches, if you have never read it? You can’t. You’re simply making up things to justify your hatred, and intolerance.

          Also, there are Islamic countries that would have little problem putting a ship on our coasts. To suggest otherwise shows a complete lack of knowledge on a large portion of the world.

          As for learning something after 9/11. I did. What I learned is that many Americans are hateful, spiteful people, who are hypocritical in the sense that the demonize a religion for supposedly wanting to kill Christians and the like, but then with the same breath, those same people call to kill all Muslims. What happened on 9/11 was horrible. But to further what was done with more intolerance, and hate will only lead to one thing; more attacks.

          • taliesin319

            19, 640 souls have been murdered by muslims since 9/11. This does not include the so called honor killings and the murders that go unreported and unavenged in places like Sweden where the percentage of rapes has tripled in all of their major cities. I wish you the joy of living with them. As to their ships on our coasts that would be
            really look a treat to most of the weapons enthusiasts and with a little bit of luck the Hell’s angels could be induced to have a picnic while
            every scuba diver who was willing could afix a few presents to the hull
            of that ship. If Americans are so hateful haul yours off to Saudi and put
            your money where your mouth is go jihad. You owe yourself that great pleasure. Write us and tell us all about your meteoric career carrying the water for the real jihadis whose tool you will be on both ends.

          • And because of Christian activity in Africa, millions have died from AIDS since 2000. Why is it Christian faults? Because they are telling people that condoms don’t stop the spread of AIDS.

            Rest of your post is just some hateful spouting. I’m a Christian. I’m simply not intolerant of others. I actually follow what Jesus stated, as in love your neighbor. I also love America. But some Americans are just hateful, spiteful people, who defend such ignorance with more ignorance. Also, most Muslims have never had anything to do with a jihad as you describe (jihad actually means struggle).

          • Daniel from TN

            Actually, condoms DON”T stop the spread of HIV and AIDS. There are hundreds of cases of people who have either HIV or AIDS, now known to be two distinct conditions, who reported NEVER having had sex without a condom. Research reveals why this is a real possibility.
            Get a sheet of notebook paper. Draw the biggest circle you can on that paper. Draw a single dot or period in the middle of that circle, as if you are dotting the letter “i” or placing a period at the end of a sentence. That circle represents a single pore on a condom. On the same scale that dot is the size of the AIDS bacteria (not AIDS virus). HIV is a virus. AIDS is a bacteria.
            Research has also discovered that having HIV or AIDS does not automatically mean you have or will have the other. There are many cases of people having one but not the other.
            Research is revealing that many of the things assumed about these two are incorrect.

          • Aids and HIV became rampant in Africa because they believed that sex with a virgin was the the cure. And, by the way, I too have read the Quran and it most deffinately does teach that Mohammad commanded that all infidels must be converted to Islam or slain with the sword. Ignorance is a very dangerous thing Dustin. But deception by an enemy is even more dangerous. Which are you Dustin…an idiot or an enemy?

          • “Aids and HIV became rampant in Africa because they believed that sex with a virgin was the the cure.”

            Better to lie about microbiology than to “incite” raping virgins? You are full of that love.

          • hibp

            Dustin, Sorry guy, the REAL WAR ON WOMEN is the muslim faith (which I studied in college in the 1970’s). The way they treat women is disgraceful and why aren’t all you liberals rallying against the muslims religion for this!!? Quite hypocritical if you REALLY care about women. EVEN in the USA women have to all be behind a curtain and the men all in front during their services.

          • “And because
            of Christian activity in Africa, millions have died from AIDS since
            2000. Why is it Christian faults? Because they are telling people that
            condoms don’t stop the spread of AIDS.”

            What? Your credibility is lost. Even if you were correct, you equate that with 20,000 violent murders?

            “Rest of your post is just some hateful spouting. I’m a Christian. I’m
            simply not intolerant of others. I actually follow what Jesus stated,
            as in love your neighbor. I also love America. But some Americans are
            just hateful, spiteful people, who defend such ignorance with more
            ignorance. Also, most Muslims have never had anything to do with a
            jihad as you describe (jihad actually means struggle). ”

            You love according to your own standards. Good luck with your declarations of being self-righteous.

            Tolerance is the highest form of love? LOL! Should I tolerate the crime in your neighborhood and call that loving our neighbors?

          • RonMar

            Dustin, I seriously doubt you have read the Qur’an even once. Tell me please when, where, why, how and from whom you learned Arabic. Muslims will tell you real quick you have not read the Qur’an unless you have read it in Arabic.
            As for you studying and practicing Islam, I have been involved with Muslims most of my adult life – 50 years or so – both here and in their homelands. I have been to the Middle East 12x since ’04 alone to spend time with Muslims, even living with them in their homes and with Bedouin in their tents. I studied Islam also in graduate school, in addition to what Muslims have taught me about Islam for 50 or so years.
            You are called out, Dustin. Show me what you’ve got. Start answering my questions please.

          • reggiec

            When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful.
            So if a non Muslim will pay ransom he can go.
            Then what about the ideology of “abrogation”? If a later message from Allah to Mohamed disagrees with a supposedly earlier message from Allah to Mohamed; The later message abrogates the earlier one. Who screwed up, Allah or Mohamed? If your god is perfect then Mohamed must have made the mistake. If he made one, how many others did he screw up that were not corrected? Of course if he screwed up and made a correction, what is to say the correction is not just another screwed up mistake?

          • Abrogation is what allows Muslims to single out early Mohammidan teachings to claim Islam is a religion of peace, while they hide his later teachings of hate and war upon all the nonIslamic world. “They (the Jews) will hide behind a rock and the rock will shout he is here, And you will cut his head off with a sword!” I can see where Dustin might be confused by reading that. (sarcasm)

          • Why should any American appease any muslim that attacks and kills over 3,000 innocent Americans, may you rot in hell

          • Dustin:

            “Cult? Do you know that for quite some time, Christianity was called a cult as well?”

            Your point being? There are Christian cults. Some times people make claims erroneously. But people who deny the existence of objective facts think they can prove moral equivalence by citing accusation.

            Facts and truth matter. Get it? Until you understand this point, you will understand little if anything else.

        • hibp

          Poor Dustin better put his little boy pants on and go home…

      • Strait Arrow

        Muslims are dangerous………ALL muslims. If they live by the Koran they are dangerous. Their religion is a religion of hate. To think anything else is is naive and dangerous. They believe the rest of the world are infidels and should be murdered. If you don’t get it then go live with the liberals and watch a muslim daughter try to live an American life in this country and see how her father and brother do their righteous killing. Get Smart !

        • Let me add to what you said Arrow; all Democrats are dangerous! They live by Marxism. We used to go to war to fight communist attempts to enslave the world. Now they call themselves Progressive Democrats and idiots like Dustin proudly vote for them and label us racist, as he just did, if we oppose them. Wake up America…this election will determine whether our children will grow up in commuist America or the America that used to be before fools like Dustin tried to hand it over to communist like Obama and his minions. Pray for the Dustins of this nation, because the one thing that we can’t survive is their ignorance!

        • IMSweetOlBob

          Strait Arrow:
          All muslims, even the ones born in this country unless they are of infidel parentage and convert, are inbred to some degree. Somewhere in their family bush, and maybe recently, there is a union of first cousins, or aunts and nephews, or even brothers and sisters.
          This causes “sudden jihad syndrome” where seemingly cognisant individuals suddenly become homicidal maniacs and kill or try to kill an infidel.
          This should be graven in stone for all of America to see.
          Hire them at the peril of your business. Associate with them at the peril of your life.

          • Strait Arrow

            I must tell you a personal story. My cousin is a devout Christian. She met a Jewish boy in college. He fell in love with her and wanted to marry her in the worse way. She kept telling him no but would not tell him why ( It was because she would not marry anyone who was not a Christian.) She wouldn’t tell him this because she didn’t want him to come to the Christian faith under false pretenses. Well, he found Christ on his own and became a Christian. This is very difficult as a practicing Jew but he did become a very devout Christian. Well, they found they could not have children so they decided to adopt. Her husband worked for the state department in intelligence in the Middle East. They adopted a little Arab baby boy. He is now a fine young man who is also a Christian. So miracles do happen and it all begins with LOVE! A Christian and a Jew marry and adopt a muslim baby and all are Christians in this country today! By the way, ultra conservative, too.

      • 3025

        Planted ships? They have none. Have you forgotten 9/11? Thousands WERE killed! Recall that day! did you not watch TV on 9-11? Thee are terrorists, and,no not all Libyans are terrorists. We have the capability to make killing surgical strikes and we need to do it quickly, long, and hard until these people see the light.

      • RonMar

        Dustin are you a Muslim, propagandist for the Muslims, a fool, or all three? Let me know please. Then all readers and posters here will know better how to read and respond to your posts.

      • Dustin, your right, we should not kill thousands of innocent people based on what another government does to any American, but what happened to Daniel Pearl, a newsreport, that was drug through the streets and beheaded, not by a government but by supporters of the government. It is useless to try and explain anything to you, because you will believe anything the “bought and paid for” media will tell you, open your eyes….we are under attack. Go live in that country, or go to oregon and hug a tree…

      • Delftsman

        Dustin, just give me ONE example of a Muslim being retaliated against here in America after 9/11.
        Appeasement NEVER works, just ask Chamberlain.
        I would like America to be Liked,but failing that, I want Her to be Respected, and if that isn’t to be the case, then Feared for the over-sized reaction that she will take when her citizens are attacked.

      • Rogie 33

        There are no innocent people in the Muslim world. They are all to blame for the terrorists because they do nothing to stop them. They don’t even talk about how terrible the terrorists are. If they cared at all they would be doing SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • dantalbot

        Wrong. We used to have some gonads that were used to bomb Japan into near oblivion. The precedent was set, and this “undesired civilian damage” issue is one that can’t be avoided if you are serious about stopping a tyrant. YOU CAN’T FIGHT A “POLITE WAR”. We have pussy-footed too much, especially when democraps are in charge.

      • Eric Houtz Sr.

        Why not you muslims do!!!!!!!!

      • jerry sweet [email protected]

        a large group of muslims in college in san diego were asked in the event of hostilities with the muslims would they defend america.everyone of them stated they would not offend alla and would fight against the USA.there are no innocent muslims.they will commit suicide to futher their demands.all muslims living here are just waiting for their marching orders.we kill those who kill innocent people,hitler,mao,castro stalin an endless array of despots who have no regard for life.all muslims are extremists.we just lost our guts and since we in america kicked out the only true God JESUS CHRIST we now can expect the worst.america was never perfect.but it was the best thing going when we honored God.we did things He did’nt want done,but he used us to promote the Gospel of Christ so that millions can live.but we sure showed Him.we told Him to get lost

    • I like your way of thinking John.

      • Obama and his Blood Thirsty Muslim Sympathizing Adminatration is more Concerned with negative international public relations impacts than protecting Americans.
        The Democrats have blood on their hands and they are licking their boney crooked fingers clean just like Fast and Furious..

      • Thank You

    • IM8888

      He’ll never do that, John. He loves them…because he’s one of them – as you should know. He was raised muslim, lived in Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia. He’s not American…we all have been fooled (I did not vote for him) – he’s destroying our country from within, and that is the frightening thing. Go see 2016 – you will put it all together.

      • Navy Vet

        Anything that Obama does concerning this act of terrorism will be for “show”only. Within a month, he won’t even mention that it ever happened because it’s what he wanted to happen.

    • bomb the pyrimads and turn it into a giant kittylitter box and there goes their
      main source of income tourists

    • RightWingLeftyGolfer

      The only balls Oblitheringidiot has are yellow with dimples and brother would I love to wind up with a Taylormade R11s and pound the daylights out of those low compression things!! He has no real balls!!! It’s about time that he and his ilks stop apolgizing for the US (and us) as a whole. Time to go moron!!

    • conniechickiepie

      Finally, somebody gets it!!!

    • I agree. You fight fire with a backfire. No more of our money goes to these criminals.

    • If they want war then I say give it to them, and take the damn shackles off the dog. We send our solders into these conflicts and then tie their hands and keep them from doing what they were trained to do. Turn them loose and let hell rain down.

    • echo5n

      The reality is we Conservatives are outraged of what had happened to our people there and our supposed to be President and his gangs doing nothing but put out some statements! Yet, to the Liberals they think he’s doing a good job and want to keep him in the WH for 4 more years. Liberalism is sick in their fuc—g heads!

      • Kind of like when Bush was in power, and he did nothing after 9/11? How he waited for over a month to do a single thing, and then instead of attacking those who committed 9/11, he waged a stupid war in Iraq, and consistently lied to the public as for the reason why we were there. Some people forget way too soon.

        • Meg

          But boy, didn’t the Dem congress go along too?? He knew they were training there and was told there were weapons of mass destruction there too.

        • Okay Dustin, listen to this, the President cannot make war against anyone, it takes an act of Congress, if I remember correctly the dumbrats sided with President Bush on attacking Al Quida, who happened to be in the countries other than Iraq. You sound like you have drank entirely to much of the kool aid this “rookie” president is offering…

          • wnettles

            The President CAN give an order to the military to protect and defend our embasy and he CAN authorize the use of deadly force to accomplish that order. He IS the Commander in Chief of the military and he has a duty to defend our nation and it’s people, both here domestically, and, our embassies in foreign nations. He cannot declare war on another nation, but, that does not mean that he cannot order our military to defend our embassy and it’s employees.

        • Eric Houtz Sr.

          you’r just a fish under water, comes up for a little air and only hears a very small part of the truth and then changes it to fit your mentality.

        • Better than what this idiot has done in the last 4 yrs.

    • 3025

      Correct. Force and power is all those heathens understand. punish them to the point they won’t ant to retaliate.

      • So commit genocide. I’m happy that most Americans have more tolerance and love in them then you do.

    • BetaGuy

      You took this right out of our hearts, John. Seriously, this Obama is doing all the wrong things to the right guys and the right things to all the wrong guys. In the next 5 years, it’s better to have a mormon than a pro-moslem as president.

    • Bleading Red, White and Blue

      I agree John. I was outraged. But we are still going to give these god-less people billions of dollars. If ANYONE votes for any godless democrat, they should be tared and feathered. Better yet, leave us and go to Europe. They love left wing socialist there.

    • Right-On John How Can A “Cub Scout Drop-out” Without A Birth Certificate And Social Security Number (Forged And Stolen) This Pres Is A Full Blown Muslim And Is A Pathological Liar With A Marxist-Leninist Mind-Set, Yikeess, Who The Heck Could Be Dumb Enough (Except Demo-Rats) Vote For This Empty-Suit Muslim. God Bless America And Sheriff Joe.

  • Guest

    It should be widely accepted by now that Obama (and he’s said so in his own words) is a MUSLIM and hates America, Christians and Jews. Instead of Obama sending Marines into Libya after this foreign affairs debacle, the Marines should be sent to Washington to clean house.

    • Why should it be widely accepted when there isn’t a thread of evidence? And Muslims, in general, don’t hate America, Christians, or Jews. If that was so, no Muslim would ever move here. Yet they do, and become important parts of our society, helping many who have such intolerant ideas as you are spouting off now.

      • The problem as I perceive it is not just an American problem it’s a Pandemic with an international public relations impact. The threat to America is the under minding of our Constitution thru the provocation of Islam’s Sharia Law’s. The Muslims have premeditated the invasion of America using our Immigration Law’s and their interpretation of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. This conflict has escalated to confrontation on September 11, 2001. Islam succeeded with a sudden and deliberate attack. The leadership of Islam has threatened America in the past and continues to threaten America, as proved in the Deliberate Coordinated Attacks on our American Embassies in Libya and Egypte 11 years to the Date of 9/11. I say the diversity of Muslims is something America and the rest of the world can do without.

        • Islam didn’t attack us. Some fanatical Muslims, who weren’t even working in the name of religion, but were committing an act of war (if it was religiously motivated, you wouldn’t attack government buildings). As for Sharia law, most don’t even understand what that is.

          And what leadership of Islam are you talking about? Because frankly, there is no central leadership. You’re simply just making things up. And really, you’re doing the same thing that we say during the communist scare. It’s intolerant, it’s hate filled, and really, it’s unAmerican.

          • “Some fanatical Muslims, who weren’t even working in the name of
            religion, but were committing an act of war (if it was religiously
            motivated, you wouldn’t attack government buildings)”

            I see that you’re not fully equipped to follow the discourse here. Their religious beliefs were key to their motives, and they see Americans as “Christians, Pagans and non-believers.” Motives live in the hearts of the actors, not the targets.

        • taliesin319

          Tony don’t waste your time with the Jihadi wannabe. If he had any testicular fortitude he would be cavorting about in Yemen with
          allah’s dim warriors, at least until they got tired of his whinning.
          None of those clowns would spit on the best part of him. He’d only be worth it as a throw away.

          • I find it funny that instead of trying to debunk what is being said, you have to resort to name calling and personal attacks. I guess when all one has is ignorance, the best they can do is resort to insults.

      • Jai blevins

        Dustin, have you studied the quran? Do you understand that Islam is based on hated and intolerance. Those who practice Islam, are by definition, extremists, because their religion is extreme from its foundation. There are no such thing as moderate Muslims, because to be a devout Muslim requires that they kill others, period. Even those who act like they are integrating into American culture, are only working from inside the system to implement sharia law.

        • I have studied the Quran. Have you? Sure, one can rip out of it some intolerant ideas. However, you can do that with the Bible as well. Both exercises are ridiculous. Islam is not based on hatred and intolerance. To state such shows that you don’t know what Islam stands for. The fact that the vast majority of Muslims never commit these hate filled acts, and are peaceful, shows that you’re wrong on all levels.

          Instead of reading biased and intolerant websites that only spread hatred, you might want to actually do some credible research. I have many Muslim friends, who are devout, who have never did anything violent to me. In fact, they are quite tolerant. One of them even teaches classes on world religions, where he is very fair and balanced.

          • “I have studied the Quran. Have you? Sure, one can rip out of it some
            intolerant ideas. However, you can do that with the Bible as well”

            Just use a dictionary or encyclopedia if you need inspiration for fantastic new stories. If you want to compare what those 2 sets of texts say, they could not be more opposed to one another. There is very little in common.

            Yeah, it’s just a simple gauge to see who is tolerant and we are all the same. I heard that before. Results through history prove that to be a lie.

            Humans have a lot in common. The ideas of the Bible and the Koran are totally in opposition to each other.

        • vv

          Where in the Qu’ran does it say that Muslims should kill?

          • HonorTheCreator

            I have also studied the Qu’ran, and can give you 2 references: Chapter 47, verse 4: “When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds.” Chapter 2, verses 187-188: “And slay them wherever you come upon them, and expel them from where they expelled you; persecution is more grievous than slaying. But fight them not by the Holy Mosque until they should fight you there; then, if they fight you, slay them–such is the recompense of unbelievers…”

      • del

        Where ever muslims have moved disaster has followed…you folks are out to murder infidels and that includes your muslim bro squatting illegally in our white house! Go back to your own country and blow each other up and stone your women to death so you can get your flucking virgins!

        • You mean kind of like how wherever humans go, there is disaster? Name a continent, and you can see disaster following humans moving there.

          And really, you show that you have no idea what Islam teaches. The forty virgins isn’t in the Quran, and really, the vast majority of Muslims don’t teach that. Most Muslims also don’t stone women to death, and in all actuality, that is a cultural thing. Sort of like how Christians burned witches and heretics.

          • “You mean kind of like how wherever humans go, there is disaster? Name a
            continent, and you can see disaster following humans moving there.”

            Accidents happen, no need to analyze anything. Move along, nothing to see. Focus on anything trivial that you can use to cite equivalence. Don’t talk about anything salient like ideology and the behaviors that are encouraged.

            Nothing to talk about! Stop the hate! If we could all just get along, this would never happen again.

            I need a drink.

      • Andy

        The very real circumstance is that none of these Islamists who you indicate are peace loving important members of our society come forward and categorically condemn this abhorrent violence. Have you honestly read of any open condemnation of these extremist behaviours? I have seen nothing from anyone in the muslim communities here in this country who have come forward defending our embassy personnel or the freedoms we have and which they currently live under and enjoy. I find your observations a bit hollow, my friend. No, I am not encouraging violence, but I find the silence from these groups DEAFENING!

        • I’ve read a lot of open condemnation from Muslims about these sorts of behaviors. The problem is that people like you are not willing to actually listen because it is much easier to just demonize people based on ignorance and hatred.

          • “I’ve read a lot of open condemnation from Muslims about these sorts of behaviors”

            Show some evidence and provide an URL or something. I’ve seen a little but not too much to be totally honest. CAIR does NOT count. Weasel words also point out the complete lack of sincerity, and unfortunately that leave very, very little to report. It’s not zero though. I heard there was a protest in Egypt today against the violent behavior. Why didn’t you report that?

            “The problem is that people like you…”

            That gets us nowhere and makes you look like a hypocrite. Hypocrites aren’t always wrong entirely though. Take solace in that.

      • You sophomoric putz. Wait until they are 8 to 10 % of the population in this country as they are in Great Britain. Hell, all you have to do is look to Dearborn, MI. You sound a lot like one of Rick Warren’s disciples from the “First Church of the Gooey Death and Discount House of Worship Feel Good Church”! If you are looking to join the Christian Martyrs you just may get your chance. Da muzzies will oblige you.

      • they are the front squad once in force and the laws in their favor
        (shiria law) then they will turn up the pressure and if you look cross-eyed
        at them they will say you disrespected them and will have the law on
        their side and then they will enforce the muslim religion and make all
        convert (that is the master plan) to convert the world and there will be
        no choice as to anyother religion….if you dont convert then you will
        be killed (they love cutting heads off people who refuse and dont abide)

        • Have you ever taken the time to see what Sharia law is about? From what you said, I doubt it. Because that is not what Sharia law is about. It also wouldn’t enforce the Muslim religion. If you read the Quran, Christians and Jews are given quite a bit of freedom.

          The funny thing is, what you’re describing is what Christians did in the past.

          • “Have you ever taken the time to see what Sharia law is about? From what you said, I doubt it.”

            Saudi Arabia is about Sharia without external limits. That is the goal.

            “The funny thing is, what you’re describing is what Christians did in the past.”

            Specifically? Oh here we go again…using trivial examples to distract from the salient points of the discussion;

            What is distinct about Islam? Please explain the whole, balanced truth as you know it. Stop with the bullshit distractions. They don’t work.

    • Of course he is a muslim.

    • obama said he would stand with the Muslims.

    • medowmuffin

      Thats what I say.

  • poincr

    Why in the hell Jan Morgan are you showing this picture of one of our diplomats being dragged. Its a lack of thought and respect for the family. Do you really think that Obama wants this??? Really. Get the facts straight before writing an article of this nature. A horrific tragic event has occurred due to some guy in California making a very disrespectful movie…not Obama. If this was any other politician that you liked would you have the same reaction???? B.S.!

    • I will tell you the same thing I told Dustin. Do your homework and come back when you have the proper background to engage in discourse from an educated position on islam and Obama. I have posted repeatedly the source of islamic violence.. The people who commit these acts are not extremists or radicals.. they are devout muslims following the dictates of their quran, hadith and surah. Obama’s history with Islam combined with the monetary support he has provided to prop up the muslim brotherhood, which is a terrorist organization, is more than sufficient evidence to support my position that his apologist and appeasement foreign policy positions are exactly why these things are happening to innocent americans.
      By the way. these photos are all over the web and on tv. I chose to post it to jolt the american people out of their politically correct stupor regarding islam.. I stand firmly by my decision and make no apologies for it. My website is not for the weak.. If my work offends you I suggest you check out walt disneys site… Daffy Duck and Mickey Mouse are probably more along the lines of your taste.

      • Was President Bush the same then? Because he was close friends with the Saudi royals, had them over at his house, sent money to them, etc. So Bush must be just as guilty. As well as most previous presidents as well.

      • Starting in the earliest days of his administration, he [Barack Obama] showed an intense desire to establish friendly ties with Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations — despite the Brotherhood’s stated goal of “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.” It is no secret that Mr. Obama has maintained close relationships with Islamists over the years and appointed some of them to key advisory posts in his administration. They are the “man behind the curtain” advising US policy toward the Middle East in general and the various national uprisings in particular. Dalia Mogahed, Barack Obama’s advisor to the Muslim world, is a strong supporter of the Islamist Gülen Movement which seeks restoration of the Caliphate. Would she not advise Mr. Obama to act in support of that vision?

        • Furthermore, Western “community organizing” (socialist) interests have been in the Middle East for years, helping grassroots movements organize for uprising and regime change. There are clear indications that Islamist and socialist world views have found common cause in the Middle East uprisings. In each country where a popular revolt has deposed a sitting regime, the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) have been involved, fomenting uprising and swooping in to fill the void created by the chaos. Interestingly, Mr. Obama has been most vocal against secular regimes and leaders that historically limit or prohibit the Ikhwan’s (Muslim Brotherhood) participation in government. This would suggest that Mr. Obama is simply fulfilling a promise to radical interests (i.e. Brotherhood) in the region who have asked him to help them depose those secular regimes which would likely be an impediment to a restored Caliphate.

          • Also, The Obama administration knows that a radicalized Middle East will do the Western left’s “dirty work” as far as Israel goes. They’ll wash their hands of the guilt and claim that improved relations with the Muslim World mean energy security for the United States. Nothing could be further from the truth. A Brotherhood-dominated Middle East will have the America over an oil barrell and they will use that advantage to manipulate our domestic and foreign policy, dragging us faster and further down the road to Amerabia.

  • Dustin

    Really, this is nothing that ignorant intolerance. First, we are talking about extremists. To suggest anything else is ridiculous. If this was normal, we would expect to see the millions of such instances happening all of the time. Yet, when actually looked at, this isn’t the rule, but the exception. Most Muslims are kind, generous people. And really, if one wants to look at it, Christians have killed just as many people, if not more. Even various atheists have killed similar numbers. What did they all have in common? They were extremists.

    What I find most shocking though is that the author of this piece even seems like an extremists. When 9/11 happened, Bush did nothing for over a month. He talked, but did nothing. And the situation was different anyway. We were talking about a government, a group that was easily distinguished. It wasn’t just some random citizens of an area. It was masterminded by a terrorist group that also ruled a country. Huge difference.

    What we are talking about here is some citizens. We can’t just wage war on the entire population for the crimes of a couple. That is reckless, hateful, and simply ridiculous. We live in a global world. We can’t just invade any country we want. We are not better than these other people.

    • Sorry, I dont have to tolerate a religion that allows for the beheading and killing of people that do not believe in that religion. Oh, and yes.. we ARE better..

      • So, you don’t have to tolerate Christianity or Judaism then? Because both have scriptures that can be used in order to support the same sort of actions.

        And the religion as a whole generally don’t allow for such atrocities. In fact, if you read the Quran, such actions are forbidden.

        • Old testament may have supported this kind of activity but when Christ came…He changed it all…hence the New Testament. Christians and Jews DO NOT engage in killing people who do not believe in their religion TODAY. The only religion TODAY doing ANY killing of others is ISLAM!

          • The New Testament, in fact Jesus himself says we should obey the Old Testament. Jesus also says he came not to bring peace but the sword. Also, Christians still use the Old Testament.

          • the difference IS….Christians or Jews whether considered extremist or not ARE NOT KILLING people like this TODAY!

        • When was the last time a Christian or a Jew killed over 3000 people in the name of their religion?

          • Have you heard of the combat in Northern Ireland? What about the extermination of the Native American population? Sure, in the last few hundred years Christians have settled down but that doesn’t excuse the nearly two thousand years of blood shed committed in the name of Christianity.

          • Ok, Thank you. I am not asking for it to be excused, just wondering if your implying that it is OK now, in this century for anyone to go around mass killing due to not believing in their religion. You say we should not hold all of Islam accountable due to a few “extremists” and I say you shouldn’t hold Christians accountable for things that happened two centuries ago. Anyway, off topic I know, but just trying to be clear on your thinking.

          • Oh, and Christians and Muslims have hated either other for what? 5000 years? I mean, they kill us, we kill them. I understand well what the crusades were all about. I believe Christians have become very tolerant and as you say, have “settled down”, but unfortunately, there are people in power (and its more than just a few extremists) that have perverted Islam and believe that if you do not convert, you are to be killed. It is just a fact, and simply trying to be nice to them and not offending them is not going to alter this reality.

          • The same thing was going on in Northern Ireland for years. Now it was Christian against Christian, but the same thing was happening. It isn’t about religion, it is about power, and culture. That is why Muslims will kill other Muslims as well. That is also why Muslims will kill Christians, even though Christians are given a special place in the Quran. This isn’t about religion, it is about power, and a fear of others.

    • Dustin. do your homework and come back when you have the proper background to engage in discourse from an educated position on islam. I have posted repeatedly the source of islamic violence.. The people who commit these acts are not extremists or radicals.. they are devout muslims following the dictates of their quran, hadith and surah.

      • I am a religion student. I was a practicing Muslim. I have studied Islam for years now, from a position of academia, as well as personal experience. I have the background.

        I know what the Quran states. I’ve read it in it’s entirety. As for the Hadith, and Surah, not all Muslims accept those. And which ones are accepted is a matter of debate even among the most devout.

        The vast majority of Muslims do not support these intolerant actions. The vast majority of Muslims never commit any such act either.

        • GREG T


        • getemfirst

          “The vast majority of Muslims never commit any such act either.” You mean they haven’t committed such an act YET! If you were a practicing muslim then surely you know that when called upon to act in the name of islam that they are REQUIRED to do so!

          • Are you being serious? Because if you are, I simply feel sorry for humanity.

          • getemfirst

            I feel sorry for you since you obviously don’t comprehend what you read! I, too, have read the Qu’ran–obviously a translation–and found in it exactly what I said.

        • Work2SnowSki

          Uhhh?? I’ve seen the polls taken that show upwards of 70% supported Bin Laden.

          • Show those polls then. I doubt they exist, because every credible research on the subject shows that there is only a tiny percent who are extremists. Bin Laden was a tyrant. He didn’t allow women to go to school, nor gave women really any right. And women were more than thirty percent of that population.

      • Jan, sounds like Dustin has done his homework. Here’s an idea, let’s give Dustin a white flag and let him go to a Muslim country and walk around with his flag saying, “My name is Dustin, I think Islam is wrong and follow another religion, but I come in peace.” Education complete!

        • And nothing probably would happen, besides people getting angry. You use a similar flag, but put Christianity is wrong, and walk through much of the United States, you would get the same reactions.

          • Oh Dustin, I will pray for you, because at some point in your life you will come to certain realizations, one of which is things aren’t as you wish them to be, just because you wish them to be.

  • Religion of peace?

  • That THUG! ..he doesn’t even have the new Iphone!

    • LOL …

    • Work2SnowSki

      Which one the Muslim in the Photo or the other one in DC? I heard he had a hard time trying to operate a smart phone the other day. 😉

  • Erik

    Thank you Jan for telling it like it is, and not sugar coating it. Islam MUST be stopped….

  • Julian

    What government does Libya have for the US to work with? I think our Marines have been trained to protect our country on this land or foreign soil. Have at it guys….you have my approval!

  • after watching the 9/11 shows yesterday, and after these events, i have only one question. why are there any Muslim countries still in existence? we have given them the benefit of the doubt over and over, and all they do is continue to attack us, and anyone one else who does not agree with their beleifs. when is enough going to be enough, and we just nuke the entire Muslim world, then mop up the survivors? i know that is a harsh way to look at things, but, if your house is infested with roaches, you eventually give up on squashing the few you see, and use any method available to wipe out the colony

  • bobbintb

    Wow. Apparently we can ramble off our ill-informed opinions and call ourselves “journalists”. It’s this kind of drivel that just keeps making things worse.

    • Bob, I do not ramble and my opinions are based on research. I challenge you to provide evidence that anything in my article is not accurate

  • Isn’t the black flag with the shahada and sword on it the general symbol of Jihad anyways? And they replaced our American flag with that one?? Devout Muslims who instantly bust out their Jihad flags when anything bad is said about Islam. In Afghanistan we had villages worth of people, about 250-300 of them, throughout our entire valley come to our gates chanting about Jihad this and that, over someone who engaged us! Can you imagine what it’s like pulling tower guard not 50m away from that mob? Unfortunately, I cannot support pulling everyone out until we are sure that AQN and all influencing VEOs in Afghanistan and the surrounding regions are put to rest. Might be an argument to turn it all into glass…

  • Killing then Dragging our Ambassadors through the streets of Benghazi is how these God awful Libyans thank us for helping them remove Qaddaffi, this is proof Obama’s involvement was a deal with the Devil, the wrong thing to do in the first place, aiding and abetting our Al-Qaida enemies. TREASON!!
    If Barack Obama does not do what needs to be done, then Congress needs to step up and remove him from office and have him tried before a tribunal for failure to execute his authority as Commander-in-Chief. This is an ACT of WAR that demands nothing short of the total destruction of Libya as a nation and the immediate occupation.

    Hilary asked how could this happen?
    Its because you and Obama made a deal with the Musllim Brotherhood, no differant than a deal with the Devil!

    • Tony, I agree,… you can not work with the enemy.

    • Right on.

    • Progressive Republican

      That’s not what happened and Jan knows it. She just doesn’t care.

  • Are these Coordinated Attacks on American Embassies an Act of WAR?

    Let’s Reveiw the Deliberate Coordinated Attacks on our American Embassies in Libya and Egypte 11 years to the Date of 9/11
    On 9/11/2001 President Bush said We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail “Lets Roll”
    On 9/11/2012 President Obama issues an apology along with a condamnation statement, then heads off to Viva Las Vegas….
    What is more important to America, going to Las Vegas or taking Decisive Action on an Enemy that wages WAR on America?

  • del

    Wow you all should read the crap on Ovomit on huff and puff…you would have thought the doofus reigned supreme and Romney was evil and way out of line…It is disgusting what these double food stampers hear and believe. They have not a clue of reality…Mitt was the only leader that spoke to the rag heads with anything resembling leadership…We must get rid of doofus and Romney has to win or we are doomed with the arab creep in our white house

  • IM8888


  • IM8888

    an edlerly woman called into Rush L. today and actually enlighted him. She said that maybe Obama is to blame for all this going on w/ muslims/americans, because he’s been going around bragging about “he” killed bid laden — bid laden was their hero.

  • IM8888

    what a horrible scene this photo depicts. My heart goes out to him, and his family.

  • I feel bad that this happened but I am glad it happened before people started voting this time around for good old Obama. If this doesn’t open your eyes to what this man thinks of the USA then nothing is going to make you realize he don’t care about you.

  • freedomforall

    it is time for America to eradicate itself of the spreading cancer of islam. Muslims in this country should be worried. There is no place for them in our country. What they believe and what they stand for is contrary to our Christian nation…and YES we are a Christian nation. Let us prove obama wrong in November and vote this muslim out of office and then forcefully make him leave our country.

  • Vincenta

    Our government, through many administrations, have let the murderers through the gate. When will Common Sense once more prevail? Each of us must convince at least one Obomite to change their vote.

  • lirae

    Recall him. Impeach him. He is literally killing us. What does it take to get rid of Satan’s advocate? An honest congress which we don’t have either?

  • just think they want our country to have the same zealots preaching there crap here
    in our schools enforcing a religous agenda down our kids throats and brainwashing
    them into thinking it is their way or the highway….and will cut the heads off nobelievers
    who refuse to worship their demon allah

  • gertie

    Folks, Obama IS accomplishing his goals. He wants to destroy us. He is our president in name only. He doesn’t represent us. Heaven help us and take away his power.

  • The country is going to hell with Barack Hussein in the White House. Diplomats killed, American flag desecrated and replaced with an Islamic flag in Cairo. Aren’t these places where we encouraged the rebels to take over and Barack expected them to be nice little democratic citizens? Time to put down the iron fist only there is no iron fist in Washington…only lace gloves. Iran spits in our face and our government sits and pontificates. Wasn’t it Michelle O who uttered those famous words after her hubby was elected, “this is the first time I am proud to be an American”. Well her POS husband is creating a country that many of us don’t recognize. We can all alter that in November by sending them packing back to Chicago where that other POS Rev. Jeremiah Wright can console them.

  • medowmuffin

    It’s time we stop funding the mislim world. That money returns back to us AMERICANS wirh hate and murder. Hell they kill there own people for what ever reason. Islam is not religan but it is a cult. I say we should look under where they pray. There is no telling what we would find, you bet it would not be good. Our so call leader is a muslim who has to go the sooner the better. Lets all vote IT out.

  • Tchiock

    And the Truth is now Hate Crime!!!

  • richard

    Well stated the truth about islam will not come from our PC government leaders or the lame stream media, We are being hoodwinked and the quicker we awaken and eradicate this cancer calling itself a “religion” the sooner we may have pease. Nuke the muslims and turn the sands in to glass from the heat generated by the bombing. If we don’t end this cult calling itself a religion it end us just like thier “book” instructs all muslims to do.

  • Whatzrname

    Obummer’s always bragging about his foreign policy experience. Well, obummer you’ve gotten us in one fine mess now-

  • wayneogilvy

    I will give my address to any muslim faggot, pedophile, if they would like to try this shit on someone who will fight back. I am sure our Diplomat did his best, but being unarmed did not have much of a chance. Here’s my address/30609 6th Ave.Ct.So Roy,Wa,98580
    Hope to see ya soon!!!

  • Whatzrname

    Obummer, you own libya- can’t blame bush for this-

  • mm

    I have to pray to God not to hate Obama. Seeing this poor helpless man and knowing that Obama apologized to these ANIMALS literally made me vomit. He needs to be yanked out of the white house before more Americans are viciously tortured and die at the hands of insane Muslims. For all we know Obama has them here ready to destroy us at a moments notice.

  • bigjack1

    It is time to recognize Islam is not a peaceful religion and muslims consider non-muslims infidels. Infidels are to be converted , subjugated or killed. Those are the options. Muslims are taught this from the the time they can comprehend. Islam is at war with the infidel and we don’t recognize we are the infidel. Look at europe, see the turmoil Islam has created , look at the demographics, europe will be controlled by muslims by 2025. We have tasted just a smidgin of what is growing and growing and most people are oblivious to it. Islam has used us. They use our constitution against us, and say they have religious freedom. but yet they want sharia law instead of our rule of law based on the constitution. Wake up America before it is too late. If you don’t America will be a different place , and given the socialist and muslim in the white house , it could be soon.

  • Lowell

    The Red Telephone rang at the White House last evening. ( remember the 08 election) Guess what, all we did was issue a apology to the terrorist that killed our Citizens.

  • mm

    Look at the cell phone in his mouth so he can take a picture of his evil deed!Can you imagine what his family will have to say after seeing this? Obama voters are dangerous to us all!

  • Diana

    Congress send the military in and arrest ob and his minions read holder polosi just to name a few for TREASON

  • cae973

    Take p.c. and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. I am sick and tired of being told a few extremists are the problem when the problem is a hate filled devil worship passing itself off as religion. Wake up people, the muslims intend to take over the world and in the not so distant future it will be us against them and the them is not a few extremists, it is all muslims!

    • vv

      Who said they’re trying to take over the world? Why are they only attacking Americans, then?

      • Strait Arrow

        They have set bomb off in Britain and France and Germany and Italy must I go on Figi and and the Pilippines and o n and on and………………All you have to is quit being lazy and look it up. Besides that who is the greatest country in the world and the biggest threat.

  • lawrencecarson

    What a moron. And unfortunately most people can not discern the difference between psy ops .. from dis information … from intelligence … from wisdom. In fact most people in this world can not even give a one simple sentence definition of the word “Truth.” in yet most proclaim they are smare enought to know the difference between truth vs. a belief conviction. My my my … what a stupid world we live in. At least ignorance will pick up a mirror … stupidity … well that is an entirely different issue now isnt’ it. Good by the the American dream of dignity, peace, love, joy, integrity, truth and the wisdom of stewardship.

  • cae973

    How about all aid stopped to muslim countries….that way they will actually have to learn to feed themselves instead of sponging off the rest of the world like they normally do!

  • vv

    You do realize that Christians have killed in the past. http://suite101.com/article/christianitys-violent-past-a250210

  • gypsy314

    We Americans or humans must put a stop to the Muslim holy war once and for all we need to meet them on the battle field and take no prisoners. Obama has ties to Muslim since his dad was a Muslim and he must believe in Muslim ways since he is always bowing to them. He has Bill Clinton bowing now to Obama go figure. Anyway there will be no peace until the holy war is settled. Lets get it on.

  • xyz

    “the people who committed these acts are not radical extremists. They are devout muslims…” and “Why call these people extremists. Lets call it what it is. Devout Islam”
    Please open your eyes. Meet some muslims. Go to a country where the majority of people are muslim. There are many types of muslims. There exist muslims (in fact, the majority of them are like this) who are truly devout (who pray 5 times a day, read the Qu’ran everyday, recite passages from the Qu’ran, attend mosques regularly) who are not extremists and are peaceful people who just want to praise and worship God like christians do, but just with different traditions. A very tiny minority of muslims are extremists, who devote their life to violence and killing, like Al Qaida. There are more than 1.1 billion muslims in this world and about 2.6 million muslims in the US. If all muslims were extremists/terrorists, why aren’t there constant terrorist attacks in the US? The US would be bombed out/dead by now if all of these muslims in the US were “extremists”.

  • jim in TX

    nuke them till they glow then shoot them in the dark

  • Lauralee Hensley

    This was another attack on America. It is basically to me a declaration of WAR. Why don’t the government officials see it that way? I think it’s because they are scared. Let some conservative true American Women run the country, because I think many of them have more brains and more patriotism then the men and women in the white house, senate, congress and supreme court right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t they all just cover their heads with their vails and go home to the country they seem to love, because it sure isn’t the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1gentready

    Enough is Enough and a word to the stupid damn Republicans get your head out of your A### you are asked to tell us what you will do to make things good in the USA and you say. We will create jobs and we will let the Muslims know we mean business. You jerks are repeating the very same information that Barrack Obama gave all of us when he was running back in 2006 you are saying the very same thing. How can the American people believe what you say when you jest repeat what Barrack Obama said in 2006 the only thing different he said was the words hope and change. Well we got the change but not the change he promised not the change he had us believe and he does describe exactly how he will win. He did tell us that to win the opponent will lie with every word he says so he has told the world how to win or should I say how he did win the first term and how he will win the second term. Well he will because the stupid damn Republicans will not spell out what there plans are. All you are doing is say you will create jobs we have heard that many times you tell us you will make life better for us we have heard that so many times now and that is what Obama has been telling us for six years now. You are not telling us anything we have not heard for many years now and not jest from Obama we have been hearing the very same thing now for so long the people have jest given up and said they are going to vote for the Rock Star because he is famous. Damn when are you stupid Republicans going to get your head out of your A### and see the light and stop repeating the same old thing that we have heard from Obama from Bush, from Clinton and so many others. If you don’t have anything more to tell us than you will create jobs and you will make our lives better then jest go away.

  • I solely believe that any individual that serves in the Senate, Congress, or any exective office should have a minimum of four years of Active Duty in the US Military! Most of the present and 1990 to Present have been to big of COWARDS to do a man job! Andas of Present we are seeing nothing bbut GangaterTatictics, Cowardly Deeds, Treason, Cold Blooded Murders, and God Forsaken Deeds!!
    Vietnam Vet: 1962-1967 and Damned Proud of It!!

  • They killed an American Ambassador because their “feelings were hurt”! How does hurt feelings equate to murder? But they can carry signs saying, Kill the Jews! and that is OK with our current administration! A film that depicted their prophet as the evil man that he was hurts their feelings so they don’t want anyone who does not like them to have free speech but they want to have their free speech on American campuses to scream their hatred to Jews, they want their free speech but don’t want anyone else to have it. And Obama and Hillary both condemn the film and are blaming the film maker instead of the murderers. What is that about??

  • This is infuriating!!

  • 3025

    Send this picture to the White House! What will Obama do? Nothing but talk and pretend he’s going to get the killers. Sleep well tonight folks, Obama is in charge!

  • RonMar

    Obama must go. Enough is enough.

  • Progressive Republican

    Were this not a RWNJ site, I’d say, “you should be ashamed of yourselves for promulgating such an odious and dastardly lie”. The cowardice is the author’s. It is shown by his fear of the truth. The entire article is based on lies, filled with lies, surrounded with lies with lies as a foundation. This is nothing less than appalling if not treasonous.

    Lying like this is not patriotic.

  • Frogman17

    To anyone who has read any of Dustin White’s commentary. The boy fell on his head as a child and obviously doesn’t remember what he says from one minute to the next. One minute here’s a devout Christian tallking about Christ, and the next minute he’s spouting of verses from the Koran, and telling us what a loving group muslims really are, except for a very few extremists. I’m sorry, but almost every day there are news articles describing unspeakable acts of cruelity and brutality by muslims against other muslims as well as nonmuslims. That means the small/isolated number of fanatics has all of a sudden grown into a much larger actual number, which actually only represents those acts that make the world news, most of which don’t include what happens in muslim countries, where such acts are permitted and common place. Truth is, man is man , and every race and religion includes both good and bad people. However, it is not for man to judge himelf or otheres, and the real jusgement will happen at the appointed time and place, and we willall answer for our actions. As for Dutin, he lives in a make believe place, seeing and hearing oly that which fits his agenda, which is how islam works, so I’m guessing that he really is a mus;im in his heart, and for that i pity him. One additional thought, I have read most of the Koran, and can’t believe, from his comments that he has ever done so, or totally misunderstood what he read, which I think would be nearly impossible to do. Get a real life my friend…………
    impossible to do.he has

  • reggiec

    Deport every Lybian and Egyptain in the US. diplomats, college student or any visa of any kind. Ban the import of any product from either country, Ban any US product from being sent to either country. Seize every asset of theirs possible. Ban the entry of any person from either country from entry into the US for any reason including attending the UN. Then kick the UN out of the United states. Stop all foreign aid to any country that has talked trash about the US. Withdraw all troups from all Islamic countries. Then tell them if any attack is perpetrated against the US by any Muslim the country of that terrorist will have their capital city turned into radioactive glass. Then follow through every time a terrorist act occurs.

    • har82

      I agree with everything you say here with one exception. We need – more – troops in those countries to finally wipe them out lol. NO MORE KID GLOVES ON THE MILITARY… LET ,, THEM ,,, DO ,, THEIR ,, JOBS ….

  • Joey Omlin, Modesto CA

    This makes me sick….I would like to take some revenge on those bums! That Diplomat was from Nor Cal I believe. What a waste.

  • Obama is an IDIOT! We cannot coexist with an inbred society of 7th century Morons who believe we must all live under Sharia Law or Die. Obama thinks that his popularity will have Muslims and other “love” him. History has shown us that people like Obama cause more Wars, Deaths and Misery than those who are Respected and Feared.

    Give me a Mitt Romney any day of the week. The Muslim Bastards who did this on 9/11 will pee themselves when dealing with a True Leader…not some Empty Suit, Empty Chair Empty Headed Obama Dummy. Screw the Muslims and screw Obama.

  • mrsawdust

    LEADERSHIP-Your not going to get if from Barack Obama. That word is not in his vocabulary, besides why would he go against his own beloved people the Radical Islamic Muslims. This is another example of Barack Obama’s incompetance. Barack Obama is neither a leader, American Patrioit, supporter of American values, but a fraud, imposter, and a cancer to America.

  • Hmmmmmmmm didn’t something similiar happen during jimmy carters time in office? Hmmmmm how dumb are the dumbrats…..Hmmmmm and he wants four more years, people get your heads out of your a**es, its time the people of this country stood up, what are we waiting for? I have my weapons….do you?

  • Tony

    Dustin you must be getting paid for your comments on this blog, for you are taking up space here. Why are you afraid to show your face in your picture, you look like a radical!

  • Fred

    This is what we get for electing a Muslim presitent. Don’t make the same mistake twice!

  • Gym

    If this had been a Christian group, the Muslim in the oval office would have said, “We will not stop until everyone of these attackers is dead.” or “Death to all Christians.” This SLUG should be tried for Treason.

    • har82

      So should most of Congress ,,, for allowing him to sit there this long.

  • har82

    hmmm, not so long ago if this happened to one of our diplomats ( much less 2 or 3 ,, of them by the same people ) ,,,, it would be a declaration – Of War – . What’s different you might ask ??. Well , we have a muslim radical ,, in the white house right now as we speak… That,,,, is what is different lol.
    He not only condones these actions, he financially supports them as well. He just wishes he could do it here before he gets – booted – out of office is all.

  • Dodie1990

    We should expect more from the great apologizer. We have no foreign policy, except blame the U.S. and are withdrawing and downsizing our military. Any wonder that we have no respect fropm anyone. Obama will do nothing about this outrage. maybe it was his idea all along.

  • jerry sweet [email protected]

    and to think we have around 8 million of these murdering thugs just waiting for their marching orders living right here in good OLD?/new america

  • jerry sweet [email protected]

    when you play with vipers you get bit.our pres has his fangs showing

  • markinla

    Somebody please explain to me why we have been letting them emigrate to the US for 40 years now? Nobody democrat or Republican has suggested stopping it.

  • Nick L.

    I did not vote for Obama in 2008, and will not in 2012 either. Those foriegn countries take our money and hold no loyalty to us. Mr. Obama, if your going to spend our money, at least dont waste it on bad people. A citizen of my country was killed while representing our nation, Hello if you wanna run this country, then dont want to support my country and the people in it, then leave. God rest the poor American souls killed representing our country and their families find peace.

  • wfwilson6

    Nuke Mecca.

  • hibp

    This picture is devastating. I hope more information comes out that it’s not true (just from one picture like this, I’m hoping he wasn’t killed in this way). I’m sure this man is a uber liberal working for President obama and Hillary but I believe NO person who represents America and or any other country should be attacked in their embassy. WHY WAS THERE NOT MORE SECURITY – army, marines – PROTECTING this embassy on 911??!!! Someone please explain that to me. I’m SO SICK of the bo administration APOLIGISING for Everything. “Being nice’ will not work with killers and people who hate us. THIS IS SO NAIVE!! This is scary that I feel like I could do a better job on foreign policy than bo!

  • geneww1938

    Your last sentence ” Islam can not and will not ever peacefully co-exist with any other religion of nation governed by any law other than Sharia”, is an absolute truth. However, I disagree with your leadership versus stewardship statement. To me, stewardship is caring, protecting and growing what God has given to the steward. If every legislator and elected official became good stewards of this ‘God blessed land’, our country would never have slowed in its remarkable growth and prosperity.
    It appeared that our elected ‘stewards’ replaced caring for our [and their] blessed inheritance and to provide thanks to God with the ‘American Dream’ to acquire wealth, power and stature at the cost of their country’s hard working providers and stewards.
    I shudder when I consider where their souls will spend eternity because that is a very long time.

  • dana

    How many deaths have christians caused? Too many to count.

  • TFOX

    Obama and his Demonuts crew show more anger at American citizens than he does towards these filthy low down cowardly Sinbads in Libya. No more of our money, support of any kind, American citizens lives to give them freedom, no more. There is something very wrong with our Commander in Chief, we need a change. I chose to be FREE over PC. God bless America

  • Leslie Williams

    Ok, everyone wants to blame this presidency…well, Bush had “balls” as you say and they brought their ass over here and took out the World Trade Centers and didn’t blink…this is such bull and if anyone makes this a racial issue or religion, most of you call yourself this or that but don’t practice what you preach as a religion and the rest of you don’t even know your own damn biology or history let alone your origin…and on a last note, it’s always easy to talk shit and not do anything yourself…and voting someone in office just because you’re a racist and prejudice is as “ignorant” a reason as any….your asses lost homes and lost family members to fake ass wars, your jobs, you lost your retirements or your parents lost their retirements and investments under “who”, not this presidency…it has nothing to do with race or religion…but everything to do with “YOU” and your willingness to blame someone else for your lack of knowledge, your lack of initiative to even do better for yourself instead of waiting on “ANY” presidency to fix your problems…No presidency is going to be all that anyone wants it to be or believes it should be…SO GET OFF THE CROSS WE NEED THE WOOD…you crying ass babies with nothing else better to do but “BLAME” “BLAME” “BLAME”….get some balls of your own…

  • Alligator

    Now the people who the misinformed people killed had nothing to do with the film. Goes to show Islam believes murder is a way into heaven. They include everyone in an action of a few. A Diplomat’s job is to work for peace between countries. What in the World does those extremists think they are doing. My God is a God of love, not a God of hate like theirs.

  • wnettles

    A nation cannot negotiate from a position of weakness, only from a position of power. No one wants to negotiate with a sissy. That’s just the way that the world works.
    That being said, It would not have been quite the same if I had been President and these hoodlums had attacked our embassy. The first responders to arrive would have been the F-18’s, followed by the AC-130 and then the U.S. Marines in choppers. If the sonic boom of a low level pass of F-18’s did not get their attention, then, the munitions that they dropped would. If there were any bad guys left that still wanted to play, then, the AC-130 would have made pretty quick work in small pieces of them. Still got a problem? The Marines arriving via helo would secure the compound, collect the injured and dead, and establish “peace”, in their very special manner. The embassy compound would be evacuated, then, the B-52’s would arrive and proceed to level the embassy compound and the surrounding area with saturation munitions. All assets would be seized, all aid permanently stopped, all foreign emmisaries pruged from our country, and a warning would be issued that any further actions against the United States of America would garner a much stearner response. But, then again, they are very fortunate that I am NOT President……..

  • IMSweetOlBob

    Our President is just like his appointed racist Attorney General. He’s taking care of “his people”.

  • haroldson

    muslims are not worried about Obama, he has cow towed to every dignitary he has visited. They have no respect for him or our country

  • aussiewoman

    Obamas plans are right on target…humiliation of America, and promotion of Islam under Sharia, starting with restrictions of free speech about anything islamic, just watch what he does about the fantasy known as Islamophobia, in tandem with the UN and the OIC…forget about your First Amendment rights, if this traitorous malcontent is re-elected!

  • Jim Neidner

    Life is not easy, I never followed Politics much until Mr. Obama was elected and watched him lie and lie and lie. I also learned that both sides are at fault, and this is how we got to where we are today. But it’s not about them anymore it’s about you, me and all of us. Time is running out. Help get your friends and family and their friends and family, especially those who don’t always Vote out to vote. If we don’t pull together “Shame” on us. I support the Romney/Ryan (business leader) because that’s what this Country needs leadership to correct this mess and for our elected officials to work together and do their jobs. Romney not perfect but I have seen where Mr. Obama’s going, Ouch!! (See My Video-SHARE)


  • Nancy

    I agree with John, except for the president growing balls. From what I continue to read his must be monstrous to get away with all he does.