Anticipation Times Ten!

Jan Morgan

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As I write this, I am boarding a plane for North Carolina. Tomorrow, I will be the keynote speaker at a Constitution Day Rally and have the opportunity to meet thousands of people from 25 different Tea Parties that form the Central North Carolina Tea Party Coalition!
I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about the opportunity to spend some time visiting with the fine folks of that state!
This evening, they have an invitation only event at a local shooting range where I will have the chance to target shoot with a number of the women from that area. I am told men can attend but will not be allowed to shoot. (smiles) Not sure who made that rule but I am sure the ladies could have held their own against the men if it came down to a bit of competitive shooting!

Because of the repeated threats made against my life over the past year related to my truth based posts about the Islamization of my country, the Tea Party is providing me with full time, well armed security guards for the duration of my visit. I have also been offered the guns and rifles of my choice to be utilized at the range and for concealed carry purposes while I am there. This means I do not have to deal with the security issues related to transporting my concealed carry gun by air. What a relief.

Yes, the folks in North Carolina thought of everything. I am already in love with the people there and I have yet to meet them in person.

Many of you have been private messaging me and letting me know on my public Facebook walls that you will be attending the rally this Saturday. I am so excited about the chance to meet many of you who have been loyal Facebook friends on my pages for several years! I have intentionally asked for a period of time before or after my speech, to spend a few hours just meeting and visiting with you.

My speech has not been written. I will be speaking from the heart….

This is easy for me because I am very passionate about my country, her problems,, the solutions, and the resolve of the Patriots to right this sinking ship. I will be talking about the power of the individual… how each of us can make a difference.

Of course, you know me, I never speak without taking the opportunity to push defense of the 2nd Amendment. I truly believe it is our last line of defense against tyranny and we must guard it passionately. Remember, in the 20th century, 170 million people have been annihilated by their own governments after being disarmed. Gun control has never been about guns, but always about control. The American people must always fight to retain gun rights.

Well folks…I hope to see you there.. Details of the event are in the photo graphic attached to this post. Time to run. I must board the plane.. NORTH CAROLINA.. HERE I COME!!

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  • Jan Jan Jan! If only I’d KNOWN! That’s up in “my neck of the woods!” NC is my state of birth. My folks have a place just over the VA border from where you will be! AH! Wish I’d known you were gonna be up there! I hope the folks from NC REALLY treat you RIGHT! Be sure and eat some REAL (NC Vinegar-based) BBQ! 😀

    • Had that amazing BBQ last night.. !! and yes they have treated me like royalty!


    Tonights event was awesome, as our tea ladies shot with her until it was too dark and then she rattled off one of our automatic weapons. We had two styles of barbecue pig and all the fixings as the Stokes County Militia were excellent hosts for our event. We had more than ten of our tea women say they wanted to get a concealed class started. We in the Tea are so looking forward to tomorrow. If we have 300 or 1000 we will be happy since we are all on the same page of ousting the sociaist in chief. Jan is a true American heroine and is much more beautiful in person and has strength and wisdom, that I wish one in five republican congressmen had. The democrats are all weak and might as well go to North Korea since O has taken over their party. She will be bringing down the house at Jomeokee Tomorrow and we are excited.

    • Kevin, I love the folks here! Had a blast with the ladies and gents from the Stokes County Militia and the Tea Party! I do believe if the poop hits the fan in America, thisis the place to be.. The fine people here are intelligent, prepared and true lovers of America!

  • vahillbilly4

    My friend and I who are from Virginia just returned from todays rally. Jan I enjoyed hearing you speak and as a woman with a concealed carry permit I too am worried about this government taking away my gun and my rights. Keep up the good work.