Insanity: A Broke Nation Paying Enemies

Jan Morgan

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, yet, expecting a different outcome.
Is it just me or is America’s policy of U.S. taxpayer aid to the Middle East countries that hate us, a perfect example of “insanity:..

As Anti-American riots by perpetually outraged muslims around the world increase and innocent Americans die from that violence, it seems to me that the appeasement bucks policy is not working.

I have never believed that paying off a bully is the solution to changing his behavior.

The amount of money we send adds up to billions of dollars every year.
The tab for Egypt and Libya since last year is in excess of three billion dollars. Egypt has been the second largest recipient of U.S. aid only just behind Israel. Egypt has received 1.6 billion annually for the past four years and according to the Congressional Research Service, 1.3 billion of that annual amount goes to Egypt’s Military which coincidentally failed to stop the attacks on our embassy and the murders of our America’s there.

The State Department has allocated more than 300 million dollars for Tunisia since early 2011.
In Sudan the United States spent more than a half million dollars this year.
We have given Libya more than $200 million — including $89 million in humanitarian assistance and $25 million from the Defense Department, according to Congressional Research Service.

I say, CUT THE PURSE STRINGS. America has its own financial issues to deal with. Why send money we do not have to our enemies? Continuing to send money, especially after the murders of our people, is rewarding this savage behavior.

Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., said such action should be taken in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Pakistan. And he has proposed an amendment that would require those countries to help in the investigations of the attacks on U.S. embassies in Yemen and Egypt and the consulate in Benghazi.

While I appreciate the Senator’s efforts, I disagree. Expecting any of the mentioned governments to help with the investigations is like teaming up and sharing intelligence with the fox and asking him to help us guard the hen house.
Seriously, I do not trust these people who have clearly demonstrated a lack loyalty to America.

Apparently our leaders do not “get it” that Islam can not and will not peacefully co-exist with any other religion or government that does not govern by Sharia.
Guess what? We are a Constitutional Republic. There is no room for Sharia Law in this country. Not now… Not EVER.

So, my solution… Cut the aid. Cut the appeasement.. and Cut the pretense of friendship. Cut the oil ties and drill for our own oil. Take care of our own needs and the needs of the nations that are true ally’s. Stand up to the bullies and show them America will no longer be used and abused.
Give me a President and Congress that understands American Pride and in return, we will once again rise to the position of World Super Power that we once were.
Praying for that day to come and it will not come soon enough.

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  • You can’t buy the loyalty of crazy people. Because they’re…crazy.

  • Orrie

    There are many crazy people in the world but most of them are in our government.

  • Jay Clagg

    #uck Em

  • To you Republicans:

    I toyed with the Idea of voting for Romney, but this is what it comes down to.

    I’ve been a libertarian since I saw the Ed Clarke commercial during the Carter/Reagan debates. Election cycle after election cycle, we’re given this lesser of two evils, you can work with us spiel. Ron Paul represented an opportunity for the Republican party to embrace the principles of limited go…vernment, both in fiscal and social policies. They made it absolutely clear that we were as welcome as a fart at a State Dinner. We’re farther from freedom than we’ve ever been, and the GOP is at least as culpable as the Dems. Does anyone really think that I’m going to work against my own freedom because of a difference in brands?….. If I’m standing in front of a Pepsi machine, I won’t walk 50 feet for a coke,…….. and there’s a bigger difference between pepsi & coke than between Obama and Romney!!!!! I’m working for freedom, limited government. The only vote that says that is Gary Johnson. Instead of the GOP offering me some future commitment to a “Slightly Enhanced” freedom, I’ll offer you my vote and support when you start actually favoring limited government: fiscally, socially, in foreign relations, militarism, etc. Until then, it’s just a few decades more of promises nobody means to keep. It is in our best interest to demonstrate that you need us. To get us, make voting for you a vote for Freedom. Today, it is not. It is a vote for militarism, empire, a police state, and the “unitary executive”. Romney doesn’t want a limited government. Romney wants an all-powerful government with himself at the helm. In July Romney was for, “repealing All of Obamacare”…now he’s keeping “some of it”, ( Which will mean keeping all of the intricacies it needed to be set up), And it tells me he’ll cave on the whole thin right after he’s elected. There’s not a “dimes difference”, between them, and looking back,.. All Republicans from Hoover to Bush II are just as guilty as any Democrat of pushing the “PROGRESSIVE style government on us. In short, Democrats want to be your Mommy….Republicans want to be your Daddy…Libertarians want to treat you as the Adults that you are. No, thanks. Gary Johnson 2012!PS: If this country dosen’t get back on Sound Constitutional Principles…and I mean soon…Our Posterities Posteriors are in for a mighty bangin…and there will be NO grease!!!

    • Typical Ron Paul supporter. Not everyone who votes Romney is a republican. I hate the two party/lessor evil system too! But I have to face reality. It’s here and only Obama or Romney has a shot of winning. Sad but true.

      “and there’s a bigger difference between pepsi & coke than between Obama and Romney!!!!!” SERIOUSLY? Do I need to list all the acts of treason Obama, Holder, Clinton, Napolitano, and others have committed? I won’t debate with someone who actually believes that statement you wrote.

  • J.X.Peshing

    If Owebama really was an enemy of America, he would A- devalue our monetary system,and have huge unsustainable debt (?).B-reduce our military’s strength through huge budget cuts,(??),C-allow millions of enemy comatants into this country through a pourous border (???) D- use political correctness to force our country to recognize a violent cult group as a legitimate religion. (????) Hey, wait a minute……