Government Entitlements: The New Slavery!

Jan Morgan

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This woman says all black people should vote for Obama because he gives them free phones. (Article continues under video.)

Unfortunately she, and so many voters in this country like her, do not have the mental capacity to comprehend the fact that she is a SLAVE AT THE HANDS OF OBAMA.

I find it unconscionable that so many people who call themselves “Americans” would choose to be slaves to the government. It is a testimony to the laziness and ignorance that is now rampant in this country.
Folks, THESE are the people who are destroying this country. They are willing victims of a system that oppresses them to an existence just above the uncivilized animals that rove the earth.

It is interesting to note that the man and the party they align themselves with are responsible for leading them down this path of enslavement.

What is so frightening is the fact that these people have voting rights and they are reproducing, creating a cycle of slaves, who learn from their behavior. (When I use the phrase “these people” I am speaking of black and white people who choose to be slaves of the system.)


We gave them freedom from slavery. We gave them the same access to the same education system that all Americans use. We gave them affirmative action so they would have the advantage on college scholarships and jobs at our own expense. We have afforded them every opportunity to succeed and be active positive contributors to society.

What is the result of all of this “giving” of opportunity?

I am of the belief that all people in this country should have the opportunity to succeed, but to do so, they must put forth the effort. When you hand people everything they need on a silver platter, you are not helping them, but instead, you cripple them. I love the old saying about feeding the starving man. You don’t give him fish. You hand him a pole and teach him how to fish.

What we have done in America is hand these people the fish rather than teach them how to survive on their own and demand that they do so. Sink or swim.

No one ever promised me success. I never grew up expecting anyone to hand me anything. I know every single day of my life that I must work to survive and do my part to make a positive contribution to my country.

Where is personal pride? I understand that sometimes people are down on their luck and may have to depend on the government briefly until they are back on their feet. I also understand that some people are disabled and must depend on the government. I am not talking about either of those groups. I am talking about Americans who are able but not willing to work and make their own way. I am talking about people who live off the system and are content to do so.

My fellow Americans, this woman, and the millions like her, black and white, male and female … they are the reason America is sinking into a socialist nation. They are the reason we are losing the world perception of American Exceptionalism. There is nothing exceptional about a nation of people who are lazy, ignorant, slaves and losers.

The question is, what do we do about this? As I write this, the only solution I can arrive at is reaching them at an early age. Doing what we can to break the cycle, to show them that there is more to life than the slave existence of their mothers and fathers… that getting an education is the key to rising above the level of their family and making a new and better life for themselves. Can it be done? I am not sure, but this I do know: America can not survive if we continue to make the same mistakes and do not change our method of addressing this issue. Obama and the democrats bring more enslavement.


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  • sayitisntsoh

    The audio timing is so off that it almost seems fake. And that voice! But I don’t think it is.

    • http://janmorganmedia.com/ Jan Morgan

      its real.

      • sayitisntsoh

        Oh i believe it is! A guy from Toledo called in to Rush today and said he had seen her in Toledo as well. And these protesters were being bussed around the state to protest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1475970264 Gary Conrad

    I agree 100% Jan. So many minorities believe they are entitled to hand outs because “The Man” has held them down. When in fact they’re keeping themselves down and passing this thought onto next generations.Have pride not only in yourselves but also in your Country.

    • Sweets

      Not just minorities–many whites as well!

      • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.simmers Daniel Simmers

        Your right Sweet. If some of their generations back would know they are doing this and could tell them what they think I am sure many or all would tell them to get to work and shut the H….. up. They would tell them they went though much harder work than they did.



    • http://janmorganmedia.com/ Jan Morgan

      actually we are paying for her cell bill.. we are providing phones and 250 minutes per month.

    • Adelia Rogers

      What she said is true. Except for Social Security. You can get a cellphone if you receive food stamps, welfare, Social Security disability if you are low income , but not retirement social security. Retirement Social Security is not government assistance, I will soon be drawing Social Security retirement because I paid in enough for 40 years to begin receiving my benefits.

    • luci

      she pays nothing for that phone, nothing, no monthly fees of any kind. and she gets new minutes every month free.

  • Littlesumthin

    She is an ignorant entitlement Slave….47% was the polite way of saying it

    • http://janmorganmedia.com/ Jan Morgan

      she is the 47 percent who will not vote for Romney

  • http://twitter.com/ScreedofChucky Stephen Bennett


    • http://janmorganmedia.com/ Jan Morgan

      yes Stephen.. but I think this woman has ears and does not hear.

      • Melanie

        I’m an audiologist. I’ll be happy to give her a ‘free’ hearing test. What she really needs is an attitude adjustment.

      • rojo1952

        She doesn’t want to hear, she’ll have to find a job and lose her free meal ticket.

    • http://www.facebook.com/buster.atkins Buster Atkins

      Well Stephen, the oresent day government and Obama certainly are not helping to answer any of these problems,

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.allee.3 Paul Allee

    Jan, if you get a chance, see the movie Runaway Slave…it is exactly this theme. If you look at the roots of the Democratic party, and trace that to their now supposedly “Liberal” stance, the calculated evil of that party is so apparent it is just amazing to me that any American can vote Democrat, ever.

    • http://janmorganmedia.com/ Jan Morgan

      cant wait to see it Paul.. thanks for reminding me..

  • fairisfair

    They fought for freddom you didnt give them anything that God didnt endow them because they are our equal. The goverent did give them special treatment and welfare on top of the social public school system (of which children of all races are victims of) where always the lowest common denominator of standards prevail and where the minds of millions in this country have been shaped to think as bond mem not as freemen…. now that is the root of the problem… when welfare was firat instituted in this country people such as are represented in this video were at that time working and were a target of a heavy recruiting campaign because no one was participating in welfare and before they gave up they recruited many that were working they quit their jobs and stayed home to become generational recepients of welfare and the rest is history

  • DetGoochberg

    I had to argue with a radio talk show host about this not too long ago. He was saying that being a welfare mother at home with your kids was the same as being a stay-at-home mother with a husband who is working. I could not make him understand the way the welfare system demeans and enslaves people. It strips away your pride until there’s nothing left, so of course you are willing to take any handout anybody gives to you.

    • http://janmorganmedia.com/ Jan Morgan

      yes.. big difference between welfare moms and stay at home moms.

      • Shermer

        But we shouldn’t forget that the stay at home mums don’t pay taxes either.

  • sweets

    I worked in a school that had the highest percentage of free/reduced lunch students in the city. I saw the entitlement mentality first hand. These students were being taught to expect handouts, and the handouts were never good enough. I saw parents driving around in a brand new Escalade, their children had the lastest gaming system, wore the lastest tennis shoes, etc but they could not pay the school lunch bill. This carried over to the school work as well. The teacher was blamed for bad grades even though little or no effort was being put forth by the student to do the work necessary to learn the lessons taught. Parents were upset if a child was given homework (usually work not done in class because they were playing around) and complained the teacher was “picking on” their child. I live in a community where there are very few blacks, predominately white and hispanics. I agree with Jan Morgan, these are the people who are ruining our society!

    • http://janmorganmedia.com/ Jan Morgan

      thanks for your input sweets..

    • Bucko27

      That will take a war to change! I was a teacher and saw the same thing, that is why I quit! The thugs run the schools. One radical in a class and all was a waste, yet nothing done to them. On punishment of any kind for anything!

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.simmers Daniel Simmers

      Your right. Our country has made it from working hard. Some people eating very little and working hard. Our people didn’t have time for little pink suits and lots of time to spend feeling sorry for themselves. People in my family farmed and went to war for our freedoms, not for certain rights that really have no merit or stupid isses. They were just glad to survive and have the right to be here.

  • G-Man in H’Wood

    Turn off the spigot. End the freebie handouts. Tell these people they have two choices: work or starve. They will choose the former. (Although some will still beg…we will always have beggars…) They will then form a ‘coalition of the oppressed’ and they will riot. It wil get ugly. But they will eventually crawl back to their hovels… grumble for a few years…then get jobs. And if we elect a Republican, there will be jobs. This is not rocket surgery, peeps. Rip the bandaid off quickly…it’ll sting…then we’ll heal.

    • http://janmorganmedia.com/ Jan Morgan

      sounds like a plan..

    • http://www.facebook.com/jarid.moon Jarid Moon

      “rocket surgery” LMAO What a dumbass!

      • Rebecca

        I don’t know what type of computer your working on but I’m on an iPad. I spend a great deal of my time when I write something correcting the corrections. Cut people some slack. This isn’t Eng101. What are you an English major? And maybe he actually meant surgery since his next sentence referenced a bandaid. My iPad wanted to say bandwidth not bandaid. I had to tell it not to change my word.

      • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.hess.37 Thomas Hess

        rocket surgery is a phrase purposefully used to show the absurdity of a situation or of the people involved. google things next time so that you may learn something and not be considered a dumbass yourself.

    • Bucko27

      Only if we get a strong conservative government will that happen. Or a Revolution!

    • luci

      i agee with you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robertjohn63 Robert Koellisch

    This is really sad. There are so many ‘useful idiots’ who continue to follow the path of destruction for the USA. Americans need to WAKE UP!

    • http://janmorganmedia.com/ Jan Morgan

      useful idiots.. you got that right

  • jkdriss

    I have a simple answer. Look up “The weight of the poor: a strategy to end poverty” by the left wing hacks Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. Read article, look at society and come to your own conclusions, however it will be rather apparent after reading.

    • http://janmorganmedia.com/ Jan Morgan

      yes.. thanks for sharing that.

      • jkdriss

        @JanMorgan:disqus Sure thing. That is definitely an article needs to read. they need to make the connections between these left wingers and the dingaling in the white house. Overwhelming the welfare system is the plan and Obama is intent on carrying it out. The minions who take all the handouts will, as history tells the story, likely be the first to feel the pain of such foolishness.

    • Kyukaisakana

      Just finished reading that article and re-attaching my jaw after it dropped to the floor. This is definitely a “must read”. And to think that even back in the 60’s, the Left was pushing “distribution of wealth”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.v.parrillo Michael V Parrillo

    Oh. My. God. So many issues race through my mind as I watch this video. Firstly, I think it is heinous that this administration preys for votes in such a way. Secondly, it is glaringly evident that the educational system in this country must be reformed outright. Thirdly, I agree that the handouts must end – and real assistance programs be installed. In order to cleanse any system of a disease, it must be treated in a harshly pragmatic way before any preventive measures can be applied. Be prepared for worse before it gets better.

    • http://janmorganmedia.com/ Jan Morgan

      it will get much worse.. the worst is yet to come.

      • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.simmers Daniel Simmers

        Right Jan. This is like a drug. They can’t do with out this free stuff. Society should once again look down on people like this unless they are having a really hard time. Many today are hooked on free stuff. To much of anything is bad for everyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/howard.wolcott Howard Wolcott

    Takes very little for a person to sell their soul now a days .

    • http://janmorganmedia.com/ Jan Morgan


      • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.simmers Daniel Simmers

        I think you and I Jan and these people on here will probabley be gone by this time though. I feel sorry for these people on the left.

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.simmers Daniel Simmers

      It’s comming to that. we are so close to the “chip” it’s not funny.

  • Thomas Bonniot

    Not too worry e’one, that woman and all others like her will not be enough to vote obummer back into office…I will have some serious doubts about the ppl of this great country if obummer not only loses, but loses in a landslide…

  • Thib

    This is not a problem of genetics; it is a situation designed, created, and perpetuated by a federally imposed public education system designed to create compliance, not critical thought. And it is with such federal programs that I increasingly believe we have less a two-party system than a single-party system with two faces. One side wants to dash to global socialism, the other wants to saunter. Put ’em together in a three-legged sack race, if you like, to average their speed but their finish line is the same: global socialism.

  • Barry

    I absolutely agree with your opinion, and the simple fact that you include people of all races is proof enough that there’s no racial tone to it – morons come in all colors, shapes and sizes. I’ve been saying for years that voting should be an earned privilege and not an automatic right. There are people in this country who in fact lose their right to vote – well people who can’t answer even the most basic questions regarding current events, elections and the politicians running shouldn’t allowed to vote either.



    • http://www.facebook.com/buster.atkins Buster Atkins

      But those that are not paying taxes now have nothing to gain and you don’t want to hurt their feelings, do you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/vu.huan Huan Vu

    “We gave them freedom from slavery. We gave them the same access to the same education system that all Americans use. We gave them affirmative action so they would have the advantage on college scholarships and jobs at our own expense. We have afforded them every opportunity to succeed and be active positive contributors to society.”

    I fully get your message about the crippling problems of entitlement that is plaguing our nation, Ms. Morgan. But who is “we”. We do not have the capacity to “give” freedom from slavery, nor life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are unalienable rights endowed by God that we fight to preserve for ourselves and our prosterity. Poor choice of words, Ms. Morgan. I suggest a quick edit.

    • Julie Evans

      “We” is the gov’t of the U.S. – the elected officials. The slaves were emancipated by a proclamation from the gov’t. The gov’t also passed affirmative action in a bill in Congress. “We” is used collectively for everyone in the U.S. since our elected officials represent “We the people”.

  • KatzPajamas

    Jan, I totally agree with what you have said. It truly is sad that there are people who cannot understand the feeling of pride, satisfaction, and human dignity that comes with a hard days work and success achieved by their own resolve to succeed. I think first that God’s people need to pray for help in this, second the Church in our country needs to return to the Lord’s business-What Jesus labeled “true” religion-To take care of the orphans and widows among us. Instead of building mega church buildings, equipped with enough sound and video equipment to produce a Hollywood movie. But most of all, God’s people need to heed the words of II Chronicles 7:14-If My people who are called by My name, will turn from their own wicked ways, humble themselves and pray, I will hear from Heaven and I will heal their land.” The Church needs to spread the Good News of the Gospel and it’s message of unending HOPE and CHANGE-change of heart and change of personal accountability and action. Then these people will look to their Heavenly Father to meet their needs( which may not necessarily be what they think) and give them protection from the true evil of this world….Just my $0.02 worth! God Bless!

  • Jeffery

    ~ And so it begins … LOL !

    Mark Cheney ~ Yeah, she got a free phone from an initiative that Bush started! 29 minutes ago · Like

    Badger ~ HA !!! ….Bush’s fault … Gotta love it ! 27 minutes ago · Like

    Mark Cheney ~ Yeah, this one is honestly bush’s fault.14 minutes ago · Like

    Badger ~ Get your head out of the sand Mark.11 minutes ago · Like

  • Tim

    Like some many others she thinks that the world owes her something

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.conrad.14 Craig A. Conrad

    Funny how people don’t read history – Democrats have been in favor of slavory since it’s inception and the Whigs left existence in basically one election cycle because they too, wanted to support the expantion of slavery. Which gave rise to the republican party. Democrats (who had acting members of the KKK until last decade) fought civil rights tooth and nail for almost 14 years until it just so happen that the largest opponent to civil rights (LBJ) happened to sign it into law because of the death of JFK and the political suicide it would have caused had it been vetoed. Ever since the democrats have ran on a platform of being “for the little guy” gaining votes, power, and money by having a growing base of people willing to take something for nothing. Unfortunately this next round of enslavement is far more severe and insidious. Unlike the slavory of the past were the slaves did not want to be there and due to political pressure was a declining population, now with a different political climate and help of a largely one-sided media you have a new class of growing population that want to be there, with their hands out asking for more. Which is great for the lazy at heart untill they over burden our economy and we all are transformed into third world country overnight. Which when it happens to the US, all the riots and OWS types will be even more out of luck as the shinking population of those with money leave the country all together. Throughout history there are hundreds of examples of how poorly the liberal ideals end. The US is the first in history to attempt what we set out to do and in just over 200 years we have not only become the sole world power but advance the living standards of the vast majority of all occupants of this great country. I have been to hundreds of countries in my lifetime and few can even come close and those that do are very small countries with far greater imported money than GDP.

  • patrick f

    hi jan, what is an “entitlement” and what makes it so that so many people feel they deserve such genorosity?i agree with you totally. i was raised to go to school, study hard, make good grades, i was taught how to work, and be responsible at an early age. i started working when i was 14, at a real paycheck, taking taxes out of, job. i was mowing yards in my neighborhood at 8. i was raised with the fact that no one was going to give me anything, so i had to make it on my own. i am glad i was raised that way. i work in the food industry, and i see all too often more and more people that do not work, but live off of the people of this country that do work. these people come into my place of business covered with thousands of dollars worth of tatoos, they have thier i-phones, their i-pads, and they purchase their food with food stamps, i find it almost disheartening to see that they can afford all the tatoos, but can’t afford food . it is an epidemic running rampent through this country. i think it is time for the country to get back to the “sink or swim” mentality.i do not receive any govt. handouts, i am married with 4 kids, i teach my kids the same lessons i was taught as well as the same values. they will be proud that they can make it with thier own merits and not be lazy and live off of hard working, strugglng people. thank you for all your hard work, and information. you are a bright light amongst the darkness that the bho administration has taken us to.

  • Nancy

    I agree, but I hope you don’t get backlash from “these people” and the apparent idea that you have black people in mind. You could have used a picture of white folks. I still wish you were running for pres.

  • Phil R.

    This is 100% fact!
    The dems have recreated the very slave market they did in the times of slavery. All they ask is your vote and loyalty and abeyance.

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.simmers Daniel Simmers

      They were even the very people that caused slavery. Now they are giving them “candy” free things to bring them in. How stupid. Like a sheep going to be sloughtered.

  • blommelr

    Obama DID NOT “give” her a phone! He stole it from working people and then handed it to her and sent us the bill for her touse it!

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.simmers Daniel Simmers

      This is true. My wife works in a doctors office and she has people comming in with these ipods and showing them their paperwork. The ipods are expensive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1793104758 Sharon Lynn


    It begins right where you said, “We gave them the same access to the same education system that all Americans use” No what we have paid for with tax payer dollars is a form of education system created by communists to lead Americans away from understanding their importance and blessings that started the foundation of this nation. In the black community as well as the hispanic and native American communities they teach VICTIM MENTALITY. It’s done often in the English classrooms – they push atheistic ideas – lie about 10 million year ago in science class and push out the facts from the bible.

    GOD GAVE EACH OF US A THINKING MIND but the teachers unions and the atheistic education system told them to be dependent on government for anything from student loans to condoms! WE THE PEOPLE need to change it, for the future of our kids!


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=841343677 Christopher L. Jackson
  • Kevin

    Went to my favorite hang-out tonight. Didn’t eat to save some cash. Just got a drink. Saw 3 obese females come in. If I hadn’t seen them I would have heard them, as they could only yell, apparently. They rdered more food than I eat in a week. Sat after complaining that they couldn’t use EBT (food stamps). Dressed better than me (surprisingly). Had to leave to avoid their “conversation” to find they parked their Escalade, illegally, in the handy-caped parking space beside me. Too much of a cliche to make-up. I’m sure at least one’s name included the word “Queen-____ !

  • Chauster

    Why are people like this allowed to vote? FYI, there is NO constitutional right to vote in a national election. But it’s not hard to understand if you have half a brain and are objective to see why people like this is the reason this country is in the predicament its in. When people like this enter the voting booth, its BAD for this great country of ours!

  • Michele

    This woman, along with most Obama supporter, are uneducated. I am a working mother of three children. I recently signed up for the free phone service so that i can stay in contact with my children while i am at work. I feel that the program is helpful in a situation like mine. I pay taxes and work long, back breaking hours. The economy is awful right now and some of us could use a hand at times. I also feel a lot of people do take advantage of the system. If you are able to work, you should.

  • http://www.facebook.com/protocoldefiance Otis ProtocolDefiance Davis II

    Oh My God *palmface* I am official ashamed of my race

  • Robert

    I fell bad for these people because they will never realize there full potential.All there life they will be just existing,waiting for the government hand out.The government has made slaves out of them and they don`t even know it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Peacock/100001241183282 David Peacock

    this ignorant FOOL is the poster child for the MORON VOTE obama is going for.

  • bowtonoone2

    The poster child for what’s wrong with America lately. This is Obama’s base and his key to further destroy America’s values.

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.simmers Daniel Simmers

      I really think Obama failed college or made very low grades. All liberals are proud of their acheivments so why is he not allowing this to come out?

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Really no one should be paid for having children out of wedlock. Most welfare need to be stopped.

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.simmers Daniel Simmers

      I feel the same way Jeanette. These people can’t survuve with out our support and this is why we need to seperate our selves from this loosing part. Scientificaly their way can’t work. We shouldn’t have any connection with these people. It’s killing us and keeping us from being the great country we are. We have allowed they to make a mess of things for years and I am getting tired of the waist of time spending money on things that don’t work.

  • Bucko27

    It is slavery, nothing has changed except the Plantation location! Now it is in the Historic part of town! We feed them, house them, provide medical, give them phones, they don’t work, now the master is the DemoRats!!

  • [email protected]

    This is what a proud democrat looks like.

  • nans


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

    and just who is paying for that “free phone’? It is not Obama, it is not the government because the government is not a generator but only a consumer.

  • Rob

    Please if you will, better define what “Government Handouts” are? Too many are beginning to view “Social Security and Medicare” (which we’ve all paid into throughout our working lives) as a “Handout.” It isn’t so. It is a Pension suppliment and Medical Care (for which we also pay an insurance Premium) upn retirement. If you were to make this clear, I think your case would be stated better and you would garner much more support. If you want a real example of Government Waste, ask why just today, we gave 450 Billion to Egypt? Didnt they (along with Libya) also “Sack” our Embassy killing the US Ambassador?
    Stop “All” Foreign Aid without exception.

    • http://www.facebook.com/buster.atkins Buster Atkins

      I used to live in Upstate N.Y. and my wife was a clerk in a little country store. There was a welfare family that traded there and my wife used to tell me about how they had bought canned shrimp. She thought it was quite odd, but we later found out that he was using tha shrimp as bait for ice fishing. Its hard to dig worms in the winter!

    • Jeff

      I remember years ago hearing my parents talking about how the older generation was ashamed when they had to receive social security benefits. Most people did not want any type of handout from the government, including pension supplement. If I’m not mistaken, it was originally considered a pension for those less fortunate that everyone paid into. It was like an insurance policy — there for bad times, but you never hope to have to use it. That mindset has changed and people now feel entitled to social security, health insurance, free cell phones, etc.

      • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.simmers Daniel Simmers

        I like this Jeff. Most didn’t want this. They would have been the laughing stock.

  • FreedomLover

    “Give a Man a Fish – Feed Him for a Day, Teach a Man to Fish – Feed Him for a Lifetime.” I think we’re just handing out Fish anymore and very Few Fish for themselves.

  • jimmy john

    Now what these stupid pepole don’t realize is, that when the people who are
    working and paying their way Stop and refuse to carry their load, all the
    freeloaders will be SOL then they can protest until hell freezes over and no one
    will give a sh it about them, oh by the way where do i get no new cell

  • http://www.facebook.com/luvmyusa Brt Tan

    Romney is correct that those who are generations of welfare recipients are not going to vote for him. But those, through no fault of their own (thanks Obama) are receiving some form of government assistance he wants to help! Romney has to make his message clear that many of Obama supporter are takers and leaches to the financial system, but for those of us who want to work , Romney will do what is necessary to accomplish this! I am so disgusted with the bias main street media! Our country is at war, Americans are being killed, threats to Israel survival, and this media is spinning their liberal bias reporting on a statement Romney made that is factual. Maybe it is not 47%, but it is sure damn close! Now what happens if it goes to 51% of the citizens who are forced to become dependent on the Government? Will you be one of that 51%? I am sadly one of the 47% through no fault of my own! Thanks Obama!

  • mrsgunnut10

    In 2008, before Obama’s election, Obama was promising ALL minorities lots of things. I remember one black woman saying : “He say he goin to buy me a house” and after that she said: “He say he goin to by me a car”. I have wondered ever since if he ever bought her those things and if he didn’t, is she going to vote for him again ? Obama’s 3 1/2 years of broken promises now equal “NOTHING” . Why will people, that know Obama will still do nothing if he gets in another four years, still vote for this do-nothing person. They should know, by now, that they will have nothing to gain and everything to lose, with his possible re-election. You know Obama will give you nothing, so why not vote for another person, Governor Mitt Romney, and give him a chance to, maybe , make things so much better. At least it can’t be any worse. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • http://www.facebook.com/buster.atkins Buster Atkins

    Guess Obama should give them computers too, so they can read this and maybe learn something, but actually I think they are too lazy to even read it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AJNJTSN3EHQNFSJ3BJQ36BDOYY Hedy

    jeanette v
    wy ,stop that , the whant to be obamas slaves, the talk about slavery all the time , now the wil have a new master , OBAMA, i`m so sik of that man , amerika get your eyes open and see the lier hi is , ore do you like to be his slave also, the cant print money al the time , so what wil the slaves of his do then, proberly like muchels tells us , eat ruts, berrys dirt , i dont think so

  • nama

    When a skier is at the top of the mountain and pushes off, nothing short of catastrophe will stop him and it is only by the choices he makes to end safely at his goal. In a way that is our government at when they “push off” nothing can stop the momentum until they crash, because “crash” they will judging from their past choices! It’s a horrible thing to give people who have no clue and only an entitlement to vote for the NATIONS solvency for future generations. This woman says it all when she expects the “government” to give her, give her, give her…….just gimme, I don’t care who has to pay for it as long as I get it.

    • pilgrimsjog

      This is what has happened to all historical democracies. This is why the Democrat party operates like a historical democracy, to get the votes of the majority by using the public treasury to buy votes. And, why the conservative members of the Republican party operate to protect the Republic from internal collapse.

  • nama

    Jan, this article reminds me of Joe Biden telling a crowd of Black folks Romney wants to put them “back” in chains, but they responded with shouts and comments, however they didn’t seem to understand they are ALREADY IN CHAINS, ENSLAVED to the government largess, ie., “You do as I say or I take back your phone, your food stamps, your child care, your big screen TV, ad infinitum.” Paid for by the Obama team and administration, funded by the American Taxpayer.

  • Docs357

    Those old champaign promises about if I’m elected I’ll put a chicken in every pot and a Ford in every garage still have that magic charm. God only knows what they would do for a new Ford

  • http://www.facebook.com/ruby.tritt Ruby Tritt

    if you want a phone do as I did work for it also the food on my table and the roof over my head a feel of accomplishment and pride comes from working for things in life including your own life. God gave us the brains to work and sustain ourselves from our deeds. I wil fight for my right to do just that by voting for mr Romney

  • pilgrimsjog

    In the late 1850’s Abe Lincoln said Democrats have the negro securely locked in a prison cell. And, Democrats seek ways to make the negro’s imprisonment more secure. It is as though Democrats seek to lock the negro in a prison cell that has a thousand locks that require a thousand keys in a thousand hands to turn each key at the same time to unlock the cell. And, Democrats still seek better ways to each the negro locked in his cell.

    Well, Abe, as we see, after generations of southern Democrat Jim Crow laws denied education and opportunity to generation after generation of black Americans forcing us to flee to northern Democrat cities controlled by political bosses that enflamed hatred of incoming European immirgrants against the black Americans fleeing the southern Democrat’s KKK. In these northern Democrat cities their discrimination and mis-education continued in Democrat run union school systems. We finally arrive at modern Democrats who have enslaved black Americans to the Democrats party by it’s entitlement system of discrimination.

    The trade off is modern Democrats use the history of Democrat oppression of black Americans as a means to advance their Progressive socialism in the name of “social justice.” And, all other Democrat collectivist groups can wrap their socialist agenda under the umbrella of “black Civil Rights” while stealing the franchise, the vote of the black American. Progressive socialist have stolen “black Civil Rights” and lend it out to all their other collectivist causes and only give the black American a free cell phone and a continued life of oppressive misery under their Democrat slave masters.

    This is the modern from the Demcorat slavery.

  • http://www.facebook.com/buster.atkins Buster Atkins

    I used to have a man working for me that said he thought he knew how to cure welfare from being taken out of his check. He wanted the govt to give him a list of those that he had to give the money to and let him deliver it personally. For some reason, he thought this would help prevent a lot of fraud.

  • Dodie1990

    The author makes the assumption that these people dislike their benefits/entitlements. I maintain that the 47% are perfectly content to leech off the rest of us and that many of those who are now paying are hoping to join the 47%. All 47% will vote for OIbama and so will a lot of the 53% who are paying for those 47%, unfortunately.. reform to many means cutting “your benefit but increasing mine”, because I am” entitled to my benefit”.

    • pilgrimsjog

      The progressive Democrat party is trying to repeat the French Revolution. While the Republican party respects the American Revolution. The French Revolution was the precursor to the Russian Revolution, the mob, the proliterate overthrow. The lawless rule of “freed convicts” in power promoting mob violence. Followed by the oppression of the mob by the freed convicts who grab total power.

      This is what the Democrat party is seeking to establish. This is why the Democrat party hates the very idea of American Exceptionalism.


  • bhudda

    A child molester uses a toy or candy to get close to a child .We are told at a very young age ,be where of a stranger bearing gifts .Fabric is the rule of thumb voting .Obama has the gift of gab and is a plesant person be he lacks fabric to lead ,fabric to create a decent economy ,fabric to defend our country , and the fabric to represent our country in the world .We apoligize for nothing in helping others .We have lost too many so the rest of the world could be free .

  • luci

    that woman was just like obama, she cant speak in a normal tone, she had to yell, just like obama. maybe americans need to just stop giving any of them anything. we will be bankrupt, what a mess.

  • Public_Citizen

    The “free” cell phone is just a physical manifestation of the self imposed slave collar of those who prefer living on their knees to standing on their own feet.
    As long as the FED continues to print “money” that dilutes the efforts of the productive citizenry these slaves on Plantation Democrat will continue to proliferate.
    When [and history teaches us that it ~~is~~ when, not if] the paper becomes worthless the slaves will be presented with the full bill for their “free ride”. They will be cut loose to fend for themselves with no survival skills except a thrown brick or a baseball bat. The correction will be short and bloody, as it has been every time in the past.
    History may not repeat itself but it sure seems to like to rhyme.

  • Joanna McGinn

    YOU ALL ARE JUST NOW ‘GETTING’ THIS???? SHEESH when I was back in the 60s and was a congressional paige and then an intern… I heard all this … the Dems want to keep the people of colour ON THE PLANTATION on the Civil RIghts movement was CALCULATED to keep them in the Dem pocket … despite that the Dems had been the worst opposition to ‘uppity blacks’ …. the KKK was solidly Democratic and apparently the mentality is that the ‘poor blacks’ aren’t capable of running their own lives’ is still prevalent in the DNC today… sigh… and to think that two of the dog bites I have on my body are from police dogs when I was active in civil rights demonstrations because it was the right thing to do….. I guess I was just kidding myself… I just keep on stamping out racism wherever I am …. not a huge circle of influence but it is what I can do…

  • Jim Guirard

    PLEASE stay off the OPRAH Land (the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-And-Hillary Land) Plantation — because soon you’ll owe your SOUL to the OPRAH Land store !!
    JIM GUIRARD — TrueSpeak.org

  • http://www.facebook.com/ThunderBirdWoman1 Barbara Johnson

    Geesh, you can get a phone now for a dollar or less. You still have to pay for hookup and service for it (usually a 2 year contract). She and others like her, have sold their vote very cheap. They should have held out for a better deal… lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    this is how Obama is going to be re-elected. God Bless America

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/B4FSZWMGAMGB2SY5ZETQ4ELUKU FRENCHIE


  • usluv

    These people might as well be giving up their souls……for a cell phone. How sad is that? They have no idea what its going to cost them….and the rest of the country , if he takes this election.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wolfman4u Wolfman Thomas

    there are a lot more Obama phone lady’s out there

  • red-white-blue

    In Canada, welfare makes up only a scant 5% of their nation. They have also calculated that $ 448.00 per month, is the check given out, as that represents the amount to get food, clothes, and bare essentials. No more, no less. More kids, but no more money! That way, you have an incentive to go out and get a job! Our country, does it backwards! They give them too much! How can these people go gamble at the casinos? Play $20.00 per week in lottery tickets? Get multiple tattoos? Buy jewelery? Buy cigarettes, and booze? Just how stupid have we become?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-E-Taylor-Jr/100000821441406 Paul E Taylor Jr

    There should be an IQ test in order to vote. It is morons like these that are killing this country

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001391534335 Wayne Bennett

    I don’t know if this woman would understand your point Stephen, let alone believe you after all the media and welfare system people have told her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hurklin Ron Olson

    She can vote and REPRODUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DianaPawelski

    BO is incompetent & immature! The whole world knows, 47% of the population of our country knows…BUT the media covers it and won’t admit it and blind followers don’t care as long as they get the freebies BO is handing out to the LAZY.

  • Timdad

    Thanks for the video and your amazing article, Jan! You definitely hit the ‘nail on the head!’ I find it interesting that Obama and his Obamatons consider ‘greed’ as a personality weakness of only the rich. At least, most of the rich, actually, worked and earned what they have. Can greed not be a character flaw in the poor and middle class, as well? I think it can. Covetousness also knows no social class. I think Obama and the Dims have taken ‘need’ and turned it into ‘pleonexia.’

  • Love4Tax

    Ugh, I’ve seen this firsthand too. I got pregnant during my second year of college and had a little boy with Down Syndrome. The amount of stuff I’ve been offered by the government is crazy to me… Medicaid, SSI, Food Stamps, housing assistance, electricity, cell phones, Pell grants for school, TANF. I made 5k at a PT job one year, and received 8k back as my tax return. Tens of thousands of dollars. For one mom and child. How in the world can we afford that?? I’ve taken some gov’t help to get me through college, but my mom and I have tried to cover as much as we can. I guess I’m fortunate in the sense that when I came to my family with the crisis pregnancy, we discussed adoption versus parenting and decided that we would come together as a family to raise our own and get me to the point that I could support him fully on my own.. I’ve never once felt “entitled” to anyone else’s tax dollars, but do appreciate that they were there to get me to the point now that I’ll be paying taxes and supporting my family. I would naturally assume that people in messy situations would humbly accept the government assistance, and then do everything possible to get off of it. Instead, I’ve come across people who spend their last dollars on big screen TVs instead of saving, then call themselves “down on their luck” and go apply for government benefits. It just breaks my heart for the kids who grow up with that example. My little son is quite developmentally delayed but I teach him to be responsible to the extent of his abilities. He has 3 money jars – 50% save, 40% spend, and 10% charity. We count every dollar he gets together. And you know what? This little exercise gives him so much pride in himself – priceless! I honestly believe my 4 year old with Down Syndrome has a better grasp on finances than the voters the woman displayed in this video represents 🙁

  • Rhonda

    Our government give the free programs to these people (phones, housing, child care etc) but has eliminated the adoption assistance tax credit which will cripple the adoptions of thousands of children per year. Why!?! Because he is anti family. Adoption bad…abortion good. So sad.

  • Countrygran

    Ms. Morgan, I could blow holes in every part of this article… Are you really that ignorant, or are you just trying to stir up the situation?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ScreaminMime Screamin Mime

    I don’t find this video entertaining at all, I find it very, very sad…

  • http://www.facebook.com/lanny.clement Lanny Clement

    “Runaway Slave” should be mandatory education media for all voluntary government dependents-all who choose to not help themselves.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Myers/1006818958 Tom Myers

    Why would you believe that death
    threats would come from basic common sense? Capitalism is based on
    self-preservation, therefore doing what we need to get ahead; hopefully without
    infringing on others right to pursue happiness. One of the biggest impediments to individuals
    is our education system. There is way too much brainwashing and sanitizing of
    our history in order to control the masses. Remember TX wanting to remove
    Jeffersonian writing from the curriculum. If we are to succeed in returning our
    country to a truly free state, we need to teach pragmatically and with open
    discussion our constitution, declaration of independence and encourage dissent
    through voting.

    Maybe we need to have our
    politicians write an essay on each of the constitutional amendments and how
    they would uphold them while in office before they can be elected. That way we
    would have their own standard to hold against them.

    Nice write, keep it up.

  • I am going to Puke

    This sounds nice, actually it is insulting and riddled with assumptions but the truth is without education and training we are all going to starve. A college education is a must and for many poor, working poor and middle class it is getting even further out of reach.

    I watched my mother go to Boston University while raising 3 children. Our father suffered a tragic loss of life. We lived in poverty were called all kinds of names and had lived in property not fit for a kennel. Upon graduation she became a police officer. It was only because she was able to attend school for free that these chains were broken. It is easy to make stories and insult a group of people you know nothing about. So save me your heroics and insults. I have lived it and believe me this country has more to fear from the banter of the so called Americans telling us what the dream is than the poor, working poor and lower middle class.

    So spare me your so called intellect and solutions because none of you have a clue. I volunteer and work with the people you all are talking about because I have been blessed and see the power of the Lord in giving back maybe you ought to go to church too or better yet volunteer. I

  • ec

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