Hillary Clinton Condemns Anti-Islam Film, Praises Islamic Faith

Jan Morgan

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I just watched Hillary Clinton on Fox News use the word “disgusting” as she denounced the anti-islam film that is being used as an excuse by Muslims for their violent crimes against the United States.

I do not recall Hillary denouncing the murders around the world of coptic Christians. I don’t recall Hillary speaking out against the “art” of Christ in urine. In fact, it seems Hillary’s only concern over religion-slamming is when it involves Islam. Apparently free speech has its limitations and exemptions in Mrs. Clinton’s mind.

I also heard her call Islam a religion that believes in human dignity. I guess she has not seen the practices by muslim men of acid burning muslim women, mutilating the genitals of little girls, hanging gay men, stoning to death of women and murdering of muslim children by their own parents in the name of family honor.

Oh, yes, and then there are those 109 verses in the quran that dictate hate, murder, and terror against all humans who refuse to submit or convert to Islam.

What rock have you been hiding under Hillary?

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  • What rock? Maybe that black one in Mecca…

  • Don West

    Hillary “Rot-in-H3!!” Clinton is a Traitorous B***h. She wants our guns and now she supports the enemy. How does she stay in office?

    • She and Obama stay in office simply because the American people have yet to get the “V For Vendetta” mentality and when they do, there will be asses flying!!

  • Another bleeding heart liberal who will help these people until they turn on her and kill her as well. The problem is that they are unpredictable. You don’t know which are the “peaceful” ones and which ones aren’t. The fact of the matter is that because of this, you have to condemn them all. They are so quick to burn an American flag but when someone talks about their fake prophet, they go insane. They don’t have anything better to do, because their country is in a shambles so they have all the time in the world to storm the embassies and attack and kill OTHER innocent people. Well, like a bees’ nest, once one stings you, you have to wipe them all out or you’ll just get stung again sooner or later. But we are too soft and too PC to really do anything about this, so it will just continue until one of them sets off a nuke or a dirty bomb or flies our planes into more of our buildings. Pretty sad. We are doomed by our own sympathy towards savages.


  • What
    is it going to take to wake you people up ? obama is meeting with the
    muslim brotherhood and refuses to meet with Israeli Prime Minister
    Netanyahu, he doesn’t have time, go ahead and worship this b****** and
    what you get you WILL deserve!

  • I am really getting fed up with this administration and their blatant disregard of the American People and the rights we have. They are more worried about these extremists and their countries then their own country.
    Get it through your heads over there in Washington they don’t like us or anything we stand for no matter what you do for them.
    Hundreds of thousands of our American citizens have died protecting our right to be free and you now want to limit what we can be free to do, Guess Again Washington. We have a constitution that guarantees us those rights, yeah we really have one and it is in a building right by the White House you should go there & read it sometime. Great read BTW.
    But how dare you cow tow to these people over there when you neglect your own citizens here at home and try to take away our right of freedom of expression & speech & condemn us for using those rights. You should be ashamed of yourselves and I for one will be voting you out of office.
    While the video in question may of been in bad taste, they had every right to make it and share their views because it is called FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, oh yeah BTW we have something called FREEDOM OF RELIGION TOO.
    You do not go around knocking the person who made it nor do you go apologizing for them for expressing their right of free speech, AGAIN A GUARANETTEED right here in America.
    What you do in condemn the people who attacked us and killed Americans and warn them if it continues they will be destroyed. With modern technology we don’t have to place a single American on their soil to do it. Then if they do it, bomb them, yes the world may complain but who cares, when you go to a gun fight you don’t bring a bat you bring bigger guns.
    So wake up Washington and start defend our constitution that you swore an oath to uphold when you went into office. This is America and we will fight for our right and will never let anyone take them away.

    • And John, when will you and others realize why they’re doing this!! Have you forgotten one huge fact? This is why you do not have a non-natural born citizen as president which is what he is…HE IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN OF THE US…his allegiance is to those he belongs to…the MUSLIMS cause why? Cause the clown IS A MUSLIM!! Thus why he hates Israel and America!! They are democracies or republics…Obamaboy hates em both cause both are enemies of Islam…the Americans and Jews…both vile enemies of Muslims…get it?

    • enufofthis

      Bravo, well stated Mr. Sweeney!!

  • She needs to wrap a rag around her face and go live amongst these peace loving people that she seems to admire.

  • Well it does say in the new testament to turn your back on those who refuse to want to live a faithful life…many times those children are not being actually murdered but their parents disown them and it’s translated through unreliable media engaged in debauchery as them being murdered

  • Oh, but Muslims are nice people! They’re not like those hateful Conservatives. They only kill Americans when we insult their prophet. That’s why they attacked the World Trade Center and our embassies and why they keep plotting further attacks on us. We need to stop making them mad because we’re so weak-kneed and unwilling to fight back. Bull pucky, Madame Secretary! We need to be at war, right now, and we need leaders that know this without having to be told by retired NCOs.

  • She must be going to the same black baptist church that the preacher blasphems GOD . Jerimiah Wright and that terrorist bunch !

  • lois

    no one in the current administration is trying to take away any American’s guns. The laws are the same as before and no one has pushed to change them. It’s just propaganda used against those in office now.
    Also, the makers of this video should have known their actions would put people in danger. They have a right to be creative, but they also need to stand up and take responsibility for their actions.
    Certain Americans now don’t want gay people or women to have rights, but I don’t see you all condemning them… sort of ironic, isn’t it?

    • Gay people and women do have rights…THE SAME RIGHTS AS EVERYONE ELSE, but we ain’t giving them special rights just they piss and moan and bitch…no one human being is above another. and lois, you my dear are a leftist, socialist minded dimwit without a brain in your head cause I can see you’re illiterate about current events and think you have a right to speak such niceties about a man trying to bury the country without so much as an ounce of information about what is actually happening…so…on behalf of all those that see this dickhead for what he is, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN YOU LITTLE OBAMA ASS KISSING SHIT FOR BRAINS…!!

      • Lois

        Illiterate means incapable of reading or writing, which I do believe we can all see is not the case here. As for my rights, I do have the right to speak niceties about anyone. It was written in that Constitution we’re all so fond of.
        As for being informed about current events, I am both well-educated and well-read.
        I, unlike you, choose to be well-rounded in where I find my information, however. I do not subscribe to a particular party. I do not drink the kool-aid, and I especially do not drink the “tea.” If you could only realize, it’s a very bitter tea.
        I would never want to turn into a hate-and-fear-mongering, name-calling person such as the likes of you.
        I do not speak to people the way you do, and while you have the right to do it, you certainly ought to be ashamed of yourself. It goes against all of those qualities you and your party claim to stand behind.

        I take pride in the right to own a gun. I am not cowering about it being taken from me because I’ve followed the voting history of our current government.

        If men and women in America are equal, why do women (with at least the same amount of education and experience as men) make 77 cents to the dollar that men make? This year, in 2012, the Senate blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act. But we’re in debt. I’ll take one for the team.

        If women are equal, why do women have to fear what they wear or where they go on dates, not leaving a drink alone on a table, because if they should happened to be raped on a date in, say, Missouri, that wouldn’t be considered a “legitimate” rape?
        If women are equal, why do women not get a say in the medical care of their bodies because the same doctors who provide protective cancer screenings and relief from horrific pain and a series of other problems also deal with something as controversial as birth control?
        And why, in 2012, is it anyone else’s business if a woman uses birth control?
        If gay people in America have the same rights as everyone else, why are they unable to be legally married?

        Why, when our country is astronomically in debt, are candidates for office meddling in these things instead of full-on tackling what’s really wrong and telling us how to fix it?

        Finally, when we have heroes dying here and elsewhere, fighting for a beautiful and once united nation, are we telling our fellow Americans (upstanding, hard-working citizens we have never met, to “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SIT THE F*CK DOWN YOU LITTLE OBAMA A*S KISSING SH*T FOR BRAINS…!!”?

        It’s a little shameful.
        You can continue your behavior. I can see I won’t be learning anything productive here so you won’t be seeing anything new from me.
        Best regards to you all

    • you know the american ambassadore was sodomised tortured and murdered that is being kept away from the american people

  • I think she need to sit back and have a nice Cigar so she can start thinking straight.

  • Walter C. Kosmeh Jr.

    I really fear that the American people are falling for all this Liberal BS. being spewed by our current President, the Polls are way too close for my liking. I fear 4 more years of Obama will turn this great country of ours into the laughing stock of the world.Why do we bend over backwards to defend people fanatic enough to fly our planes, into our buildings, and killing thousands of our people.It seems that president Obama no longer cares about the people He should care for”Americans”, I don’t believe that all Middle Eastern people are evil, but a religion that condones violence against non Islamic religion has no place in our society.And I am damn tired of this administrations attempts to abuse our Constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for which My ancestors fought so hard for,to make Life easier for people who enter our country illegally ,committing crimes, and stealing jobs from hard working Americans ,which this administration seems to believe is ok,,Jan I have spread your web sights among my like minded friends and they also agree Obama must not be re elected.But being from Massachusetts we have a very tough fight, but one we are doing our best to win,and we thank you Jan for being the Brave woman you are by speaking the truth government does not want the real patriots of this country to hear Hopefully with conservatives in this state can somehow convince these Liberals to realize that Obama has done absolutely nothing to improve the American Dream

    • Walter, don’t lose faith…God is on our side…and after the debates, rest assured, America will know the answer to the person to vote for and them which hang with Obozo are too stupid to not sterilize cause we don’t want that much stupid reproducing…

  • Where the hell is this film that the administration keeps talking about? I have searched and I don’t think it exists!

    • “Innocence of the Muslims” all over the internet….google it.

    • It exists I wouldn’t even rate it a B movie more like a F movie. Stupid and silly with horrible acting. That being said the guy who is now in jail and being charged for using the internet violating his probation was also a government informant. We will never know who put him up to this but it might be nice for a bookie to make book on.

  • It’s time to start throwing these idiot Muslims out of the country and banning any from entering it ever again.

    • No what we need to do is apply Blackjack Pershing’s method in modern ways… Look him up and see how he put them back in the proverbial closet for 45 yrs…also Reagan sent em packing for 25 yrs after they did a killing…

      • Yes Pershing did have a way about him…and yes I do suggest people look it up. As mad as I am at the moment Pj you tickled my funny bone with your post.

  • haroldson

    Hilary has a Muslim on her staff who is related to the brotherhood, and is very protective of her. Wonder if hillary would like to move out.and go home with her.

  • dude

    There is no compulsion in religion…(2:256) Quran

  • Vlad Tepes Jr

    Stupid Dhimmi Bitch. I bet she gets the Jizya taken out of her pay each week just to be PC.

  • c d w

    AND she HOSTED a Ramadan MULSIM DINNER for the LIBYAN officials TWO (2) *DAYS* after Libyan muslims KILLED 4 of AMERICANS!!!! WTF!!?????

  • She is one very Sic person, getting really fed up with her. As if I wasn’t before.

  • Hillary is just stupid.

  • If Hillary is so enamored with the Muslim faith might I suggest a change of residence. Perhaps Syria or Egypt. Forget the security detail because of course they will not be allowed to have ammo in their weapons. She would look fabulous in a Burka. The majority of American’s will never forget this dark time in our nation when we look for leadership and find instead the swine have taken over the White House. With over 900+ Executive Orders since coming into office Mr. Obama has violated our Constitution and should be prosecuted. Somebody out there has access to his “sealed” records and if they were any kind of American they would leak them. This is a matter of life and death for our nation and it appears that when he wrote in the Audacity of Hope that if things turned ugly he would side with the Muslims some of these idiots who fawn all over him should have had a clue.