Islam: The Religion of Perpetual Outrage

Jan Morgan

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It seems Barack and Hillary support the 1st Amendment right to insult religions, unless of course it involves Islam. Perhaps it is because they both realize that Islam is not “just a religion”… It is a theocracy/terrorist organization that hides behind the mask of religion in order to acheive it’s mission of world domination.. and insulting Islam always leads to Islamic Outrage which includes murder, violence, and destruction.
So, how do you insult Islam? The fact that you exist and are not muslim, you breathe, speak truth, share truth about Muhammed, draw a cartoon that makes him look foolish.

Michelle Malkin, as usual, is right on target with her assessment of Islam. Malkin says “They’ll manufacture any excuse to recycle their centuries-old call to behead the infidels who dare to breathe, speak, draw, write, or think the wrong things about Islam and Mohammed. In 2007, Malkin’scolumn titled “Behead All Those Who Insult Islam” alluded to their favorite bloodthirsty mantra.

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  • BransonBob

    From another post I recently saw: “She’s (Hillery) been anti-Israel for many years. Don’t forget her lead assistant is Huma Abedin, whose father was a founder of Muslim Brotherhood, her mother founder of the female version of it and her brother is still a key player in it. She has constant access to sensitive documents as Hillary’s most favored friend/employee. Ms. Abedin is the wife of shamed Congressman Anthony Weiner.”

  • Mike11C

    How about we deport anyone who suggests the killing, or “beheading”, of someone because they said or did something that was merely offensive.

  • AMEN, Jan…..and Michelle…… I am SO right there with you!!!

    I * D O * N O T * C A R E * what “offends” islam today, tomorrrow, or next week….or next year…… They can just suck it up and GET OVER IT…

    SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 was an OFFENSE to all Americans…..and did we ever hear so much as any kind of an apology from the so-called “peaceful” muslims in over a decade, denouncing the mass murder of Americans in the name of Islam???

    I – D O N ‘ T – T H I N K – SO —- and moreover, if Islam hates having “bad things” said about it by the world, they need to remember that THEY are the ones who are REAPING the bitter harvest of what THEY themselves have sown… in the name of Islam…… THEY are the ones who want to take over the world and murder all who won’t submit…and so WHAT do they EXPECT the reaction to their ranting and threats…… praise!?!?!

    No, they want complete and total SUBMISSION from everyone on the planet — or else!!!

    • FedupAmerican

      Kathleen you are awesome. Now if we could only get our government to stand up and do something, Oh! I forgot we have obama as our president. He is muslim. Time to take back America and stop this pussy footing around.

  • Brian Murphy

    It’s such a joy to know I’m offensive to Islam. Call me #1 infidel with a fully loaded M4. Ha!!!!

  • FedupAmerican

    Islam can kiss my ass and so can Muhammed. Bunch of goat frickers