Labor Unions and Politicians: A Combination For Corruption

Jan Morgan

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In America, we are free to choose whether or not we wish to financially support political candidates in local, state and federal elections … unless of course you are a union member. Union dues that come out of members paychecks go to various political causes and candidates and workers are not consulted about where that money goes. Today, 60 percent of union members object to their dues being spent on political causes, and yet, this practice continues. If the heart of the Union was sincerely about the workers, why would they continue this practice against the wishes of the majority of their members?

According to some reports in 27 states without right-to-work laws, many unions are able to put clauses in their contracts that allow them to fire workers who do not pay union dues. If a worker wants to work for a unionized firm, he or she is forced to join the union and pay the dues, which can run from several hundred to several thousand dollars a year.

Tom McGinty and Brody Mullins published a very revealing report in The Wall Street Journal that showed organized labor spends more than most people realize on politics and lobbying.

According to that report, between 2005 and 2011, Unions spent 1.1 billion dollars supporting federal candidates.

It seems to me that Union REFORMS are in order. Union workers should be allowed to choose whether or not they want union representation. If they choose to join a union, they should have a say over how their dues are spent, especially regarding political candidates and causes.

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  • California currently has a measure on the November ballot that would force unions to seek the permission of each member before donating to any candidate. (Prop 32) As you might imagine, the unions are putting up a furious campaign against it. If it passes it will be a great day for the people of the State of California, since it will effectively neuter the unions in Ca politically.

    • LIke that Jerry!

      • Sadly, it went down in flames under a withering union backed dis-information campaign.

  • hanalad

    At the other end of the spectrum, don’t be so one-sided and just come clean on how much $$$ big business spent on supporting federal candidates from 2005-2011.

  • Speaking of unions.. when is Obama gonna weigh in on the Chicago teachers strike?