Murder, Mayhem … and Muslim Moonshine


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The Obama spin is that the violent protests throughout the Middle East are not directed at the United States or U.S. policy but are a response to a YouTube video.

No, Mr. Obama. In the modern world, blasphemy is shrugged off. In the 9th century, it warrants mayhem. And in your administration, it’s cause for compromising a fundamental principle, the First Amendment. How dare you, your State Department or your press secretary try to imply a moral equivalence between a video (or maybe next time it will be a book, a film, a record or any other means of expression here in the U.S.) that might indeed be distasteful and reprehensible, and the slaughter of human beings, especially OUR fellow citizens.

Are you saying that free speech in THIS country that ‘offends’ someone in another country, gives cause to rationalize what we see unfolding today in the world, or a few days ago the murder of American patriots, or the video beheading of a hostage we see every now and then, or the frequent stoning of women we see so often? What we do here in America as free citizens is our business. Why don’t you suggest to Egypt and Libya and any other country in the Middle East that they cut off all media access and electronic communications from the the world so their people don’t have access to what we do and say here if they don’t like it?

No, Mr. Obama, what we are seeing is NOT the fault of an American citizen’s video. Rather, it is typical behavior from barbarians who screw goats and marry 6 year old girls and then rape them when they are 9 — all of which might even be perfectly acceptable behavior to the Democrat party who calls this the “religion of peace” and denies, curses and boos our Almighty God at their own Democratic national convention.

What IS the truth, is that if there was even a pretense of respect for you and an anxious fear of what the ferocious might of the American military would bring in retaliation for such events, we would not be seeing the displays we are witnessing these last few days.

It was three years ago in Cairo that you sought to appease the Arab world by apologizing for America — that is, by effectively apologizing for the notion that culture truly matters, and that Western values, traditions and principles are generally superior to those animating the seething, violently chaotic Middle East. You were wrong. The fact is, there’s a world of difference between a culture evolved over centuries to value tolerance, true justice and individual freedom, and a culture that harbors a dark vein of medievalist superstitions and hatreds, that rages against modernity.

You got a life lesson this week, Mr. Obama, now didn’t you: There is NO dealing with the 9th century. It can be held at arm’s length and beaten back when necessary, but it has nothing in common with the 21st century—that is, with civilization. You’ve been shoving that Muslim moonshine down the throats of Americans for 3-1/2 years, at every turn and opportunity. With any luck, you’re choking on some right now.

Before these souls are placed into the earth for delivery to God’s embrace, you should kneel at each one of those four caskets and ask for their forgiveness.

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  • Really, what a spin!

  • eric

    Is it incrediable, how a film on truth can get you arrested, YET day in and day our in the American Media allows one candidate to cut another’s throat on commercializm! And we call that fair play in politics. Thanks for the post Jan!

    • Exactly……. and if Islam can’t deal with the TRUTH being told…..OHHHH WEEEELLL!! Get over it!!!

      TRUTH is the new “HATE SPEECH” as far as the Left and Islam see it. They just can’t deal with life without their daily Kool-Aid fix….or maybe it’s hourly….since they have such an aversion to the TRUTH…. like most of the world doesn’t already KNOW what Islam and the Marxist Left are all about by now!!

      If they are so convinced of their own beliefs, why are they so concerned about what anyone else says or thinks. It’s none of their business……….

  • No it’s not against this film no matter how they try to spin it. The truth is it’s about our Constitution and our rights as Americans and this film is one of those rights aka Freedom of Speech.

    • ABSOLUTELY, Jeff….. and it makes me SO angry that Obama’s bunch would dare to APOLOGIZE for America and our FREEDOM, regardless of what Islam likes or dislikes!!!

      Unfortunately, as a Leftist…. with deep islamic sympathies…. Obama hates America and ALL that she represents… He is obviously EMBARRASSED and ASHAMED and GUILTY that America is a FREE COUNTRY and for our way of life as compared to some fascist islamic regime, let’s say….. or one of the remaining communist regimes still left in the world……After all, why should America be so free and prosperous and be that shining light on a hill for all the world to look to….. a nation that has given and given to the world in every way she could, especially in the lives of our brave soldiers, sailors, marines, and air force…defending the Freedom and the constitution on which our country was first founded….. but THAT is an OFFENSE to Mr. Obama, a total ABOMINATION to everything that he believes and stands for in his life….. and those who follow him….He EMBRACES islam because islam HATES America and her people… those of us who cling to our freedom and our rights that DO NOT derive from the benevolence of Government, but from Almighty God Himself………..

  • otto

    I wish everyone would read this….well done Lori Wallace Boxer

  • Ollie North

    Hear hear. Common sense is a beautiful thing to behold, it is a shame that the Western powers seem to have forgotten it. Time for a re-show and put these animals back in their boxes! When it was found that the Libyan secret services had planted the bombs a West Berlin night club, Ronald Reagan’s response was to bomb Tripoli in 1986 – now there was Leadership!! All the best from a Brit who holds common sense as a priority!!

  • Wow, What an article! Everyone in America and the whole world should read this. As I keep saying in my opinion, Obama is part of the Muslim Brotherhood and is ready and willing to destroy the United States. It is my Prayer that he will not get a second term. I believe if he gets a second term, America will end as we it.
    Thank you so much for writing the TRUTH

  • PC Logic at work concerning Islam: If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s definitely a dove.

    It’s time for all of you who believe the violence being done against our country in faraway lands is because of some offensive video on YouTube to pull your heads out of your asses. There are COUNTLESS videos on YouTube that are “offensive to Islam” and they have been there for many years. Even the video in question, “Innocence of Muslims” had been on YouTube since July, and that was after it was shown in a theater in California in June.

    This business about the film is yet another in a long list of foils to excuse violent tendencies of large masses of populations in the Islamic world. Get it through your heads. The predisposition towards hatred and violence against anything associated with the Western World, anything allied with Israel, and anything non-Muslim already existed in the hearts and minds of those committing the violence. They didn’t need some ridiculously campy video production to set them off. And you’ll have to pardon me for believing that this claimed outrage over the stupid film was nothing but a convenient cover for pre-planned murders and attacks against our ambassador and embassies and staff on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

    After you pull your head out of your ass, take the time to learn and embrace truth. Muslims are called upon and expected to follow the example of the Prophet Mohammed. The Prophet, to Muslims, is the perfect example of the perfect human being. Do you have any problem believing that to be the case? Or are you projecting your semi-secular, “love and accept everyone” belief set on everyone else on the planet? Just because you might not find yourself particularly concerned with following a religious example doesn’t mean that others aren’t.

    Next, consider the example of the Prophet. What did he do in his lifetime? Do you even know the first thing about him? I’m betting for most of you, you don’t. If that’s the case, then SHAME on you for daring to try to understand, much less explain what is happening over there. If you don’t know about the life of Mohammed, then you don’t know jack shit and you should keep your yaps shut on the matter. Period.

    Mohammed became a Prophet at the age of 41. Prior to that, he was just another businessman of his era. In what is described as “visions”, the archangel Gabriel came to Mohammed with messages from Allah, and revealed to him verbally over many years the books that make up the Koran.

    For nearly a dozen years, Mohammed was peaceful little street preacher in Mecca, until he finally got enough followers and began making enough noise for the pagan leaders to want him out. He and his followers left for Medina and the peaceful street preacher era was over.

    It might occur to you uninformed people that Mohammed is just another in a line of religious prophets like Jesus or Buddha, and therefore a virtuous and peaceful type of a character who preached of love and acceptance, and never lifted a finger to harm another. Had he died before the expulsion from Mecca, he might have been. But he did not die a peaceful prophet. If you believe he did, then again, SHAME on you. Mohammed only compares to Christ or to Buddha in that they are the inspiration for billions of followers throughout history. But as to how they conducted themselves according to scripture while they lived, there is no comparison. Christ and Buddha merely delivered messages to followers. Mohammed, by contrast, was a successful and brutal military conqueror who is more aptly compared to Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great.

    Mohammed began amassing power and wealth by raiding caravans. He and his followers stole their goods, sometimes killed the caravan owners and other times taking them prisoner to be returned to their tribes after a ransom was paid. They often took the women and children as war brides and slaves. After Mohammed’s first wife Khadija died, he himself took brides and concubines from those he conquered.

    Mohammed and his followers then began sacking villages, and then cities. Even after surrendering, he would have the men beheaded en masse. By the time he prepared to return to Mecca and sack that city, the pagan leaders saw the writing on the wall and gave up without a fight. Islam’s future expansion by conquest was then assured.

    Yes Mohammed took Aisha as his wife at 6, and consummated the marriage when she was nine. Yes he had many wives. Yes, he beheaded prisoners. Yes, he said it was okay for Muslims to lie to unbelievers if it furthered the cause of Islam. Yes, Allah commanded Muslims to kill the unbelievers wherever they were found. Yes, the suicide attack was commanded and glorified by Mohammed himself. Yes, Mohammed and his followers had a particular hatred for Jews, describing them as inhuman, as pigs, as monkeys, etc. Yes, the Islamic texts spell out the “convert or die” doctrine. Yes, leaving the Islamic faith is a crime punishable by death.

    STOP BELIEVING ISLAM IS A TOLERANT RELIGION OF PEACE! It is anything but. It was born in blood, spread by the sword, and wholly intolerant of anything not Islamic. I’m not making that assessment. It’s written in THEIR holy texts. It is there for YOU to read.

    STOP WONDERING WHY THEY HATE ISRAEL! It isn’t because Israel exists in Palestine, or that the Palestinian people are having such a hard time…it is because they are Jews. Period. Every concession could be made in accordance with Islamic demands and it wouldn’t change a damned thing. The hatred has been enshrined since the dawn of Islamic power by Mohammed himself. “The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time of judgment will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!” (Sahih Muslim book 41, no. 6985)

    STOP WONDERING WHY THEY COMMIT SUICIDE ATTACKS! It is NOT a tiny minority perverting a peaceful religion. The suicide attack is point of pride in Islam. The first one drew such fulsome praise from Mohammed himself, and that man’s reward was spelled out through revelation, that we still see that type of conviction today. No, it is not a perversion. It is a following of the example set at the genesis of the religion. People who carry out these attacks are purists, not some extremist offshoot. It is the Muslims who disavow violence and speak of acceptance of non-religious beliefs or other faiths who are perverting the religion.

    STOP BELIEVING THEY ARE ATTACKING OUR EMBASSIES BECAUSE OF A YOUTUBE VIDEO! We are speaking of a religion born of violence and intolerance…which I agree is part and parcel of the nature of all mankind…it’s just that in Islam, it is enshrined as a founding principle as surely as Freedom of Religion is enshrined as a founding principle of America. True believers of true Islam do not come here merely so that the can freely practice their religion unmolested. The stated goal of Islam is to convert the entire world. These embassy attacks are about that, not about some stupid video. Islam programs its followers to believe that anything not Islamic should not be tolerated and should be eventually defeated, forced to submit and convert, pay a tax in order to be allowed to live, or to die.

    These things are written in the Koran, and the Hadith, and the Sira. In order to understand Islam, all of these must be read. A person cannot just open a Koran and expect to understand it. It is not remotely like the Bible. It does not contain stories; only commentary and revelations by Allah on and about events that happened during Mohammed’s lifetime. It is not a history book. And this is true for Muslim believers as well; if you want to understand what Mohammed did and said during his prohpethood, then you must read the Hadith and the Sira. Only there will you find context for the Koran, and gain understanding of so many whys about the religion…like, “Why is an entire book of the Koran devoted to how to divide up the stolen riches from the caravans Muslims raided at Mohammed’s command?”

    Don’t believe me? Fine. Don’t take my word for it…go and learn for yourself…and by that I don’t mean go buy a book by that blithering idiot apologist Karen Armstrong. I mean go and read the Koran online…there are numerous sources where you can compare translations to ensure you aren’t missing the meaning of the passage. You can go to http://hadithcollection.com/ and read Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari…not much need to look at the others since they aren’t considered as authoritative by Islamic scholars. The Sira, or biography of Mohammed based on Ibn Ishaq’s work is something you’d probably have to buy. I haven’t found an online source for it in its entirety. But you can start with reading about it on Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prophetic_biography

    Do those things and THEN bring your A-Game if you want to argue that it is some asshole filmmaker that nobody has ever heard of that is causing the violence against our embassies. Do those things before you dare argue with me that Islam is a religion of peace.

    I don’t hate Islam. I many ways I admire it for its singular focus and patience. I don’t claim Islam is evil. Nor do I claim that everyone calling themselves a Muslim is a bad person. I prefer to look on non-violent Muslims as oppressed victims of a smothering, violent, misogynistic, xenophobic and intolerant system of governance. They don’t dare speak out against the system they find themselves subject to lest they get labeled an apostate and sentenced to death.

    No. I don’t see 1.5 billion enemies. I see 1.5 billion victims in need of rescue. And that rescue won’t come at the point of a sword or the barrel of a gun. It can only come by exposing REAL TRUTH about Islam. It can only come through rhetoric and open debate. Exposing it for what it is will expose those who truly believe in those core tenets, and separate them from those who don’t. It can only be done through shame. And when the militant true believers stand alone, abandoned by those who they once oppressed, then we will have our enemy identified.

    And their hostility towards us will still have nothing whatsoever to do with some stupid YouTube video from some asshole who nobody has ever heard of. And it has nothing to do with foreign policy of Obama or Bush or George Washington. This is a country that has saved Islamic countries’ asses over the last 20 years…yet they still attack, yet still they attack…

    STOP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR FOR THE REASON. This violence is Islam’s, and no one else’s.

    • wfobjr

      Your knowledge is appreciated. You find it easy to relate Mohamed as the same type of individual as Jesus or Buddah. One difference is Jesus and Buddha didn’t yearn to attack, rape and kill. As you and I are humans, as was Hitler. The path we take reflects our deeds. My question to you is, “How are you able to read the rantings of a madman, hence the koran, while your head is stuck up your ass?” God bless you anyway…

  • AMEN and THANK YOU, LORI ANN BOXER…….Absolutely!!!! 🙂 Your success as an American is an AFFRONT to Leftists like OBAMA, who want to tear down our freedom in this country and turn us into the U.S.S.A……. Revived “soviet union”…… so that they wouldn’t have to go around apologizing for America any more…… Yeah, that’s it….Success and achievement are VULGAR to marxist types….as is the FREEDOM that makes that success possible…..and, of course, they DESPISE all Americans who refuse to drink their brand of Commie Kool-Aid!!!