Spirit of “The Founders”.. Do YOU Have It? If Not, I Found It in North Carolina!

Jan Morgan

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America’s Founding Fathers were brave, brilliant men who recognized tyranny, faced it head on, and defeated it.
Today, we find ourselves in the midst of an administration that believes the solution to America’s problems is more government control, redistribution of the wealth, and entitlement slavery. Our Founders would have been shooting by now, yet, it appears almost 50 percent of the American people either do not recognize tyranny or they are cowards at life and simply want the government to take care of them.

Have you ever given someone a gift that they just blew off? I wonder, if our Founders could see us now, what would they think about how we treated the gift of liberty they gave us? These were men who laid it all on the line for freedom. They also understood that an armed America is a free America. They gave us the 2nd Amendment so we could defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights from those power hungry tyrants who would surely try to destroy America and steal our liberties.

As discouraging as it is to see so many people who call themselves Americans, choosing to be enslaved to the government, I know if our Founders had been where I was the past few days, they would be encouraged about the future of our country. The “Spirit of the Founders” is alive and well in central North Carolina!

I was asked to be the keynote speaker for a Constitution Day Rally involving a number of Tea Party groups in that area of the state. I arrived the day before the rally, so I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with the fine folks there. I can tell you without hesitating, I spent two days surrounded by some of the greatest Patriots in America!

From the time my flight arrived until the moment I stepped on the plane for the return trip home, I was continuously amazed at the wealth of love these wonderful people have for their country, their deep-rooted concern about her future, and their roles as individuals in saving our nation before it is too late.

These people do much more than just make their obligatory trip to the voting booths during elections. They LIVE THEIR LIVES IN THE CONSTANT PROCESS OF MAKING A DIFFERENCE FROM THE GRASSROOTS LEVEL, BEGINNING IN THEIR OWN HOMES.

I know this because I was fortunate enough to be in their homes, listen to their conversations, see their level of involvement in the communities around them and their determination to raise kids who understand and are sensitive to the greatest threats to our country.

The day before the rally, I was taken to a beautiful secluded area, at the base of the mountain, for a private shooting event just for women/girls. The Stokes County Militia organized the event in an effort to promote the concept of women taking personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their children by arming themselves.

Members of the Militia and I, worked one on one with ladies and teen girls, many of them who have never held a gun, much less fired it. I was impressed by the number of parents who brought their daughters out to learn how to shoot. That one gesture of love on the part of their parents could very well save the life of one or more of those young ladies one of these days. I will be writing a separate article about my time with the ladies and guns, later.
A special thanks goes out to the Stokes County Militia for promoting gun safety, for creating a safe environment to learn and teach marksmanship, and for the incredible meal they served us afterwards!

Before wrapping up things at the range, the Militia handed me one of their AR 15’s, a loaded magazine, a fresh target and instructed me to “have fun”… and… of course, I HAD A BLAST!

I spent the remainder of the day and evening surrounded by wonderful people of all ages and backgrounds. I listened to their stories, their concerns, and their hopes for America. Even during my last stop that night with a small group of five, sitting on the deck of their home, looking out over the lake and mountains behind it, the discussion was centered around what is wrong in America and what we need to do to right this sinking ship.

Just before my head hit the pillow at midnight that night, my mother (a speech teacher) called me to see if I had written my speech that I was expected to deliver later that day. I had not. I then spoke with my boyfriend, Bob Paskvich, who called to say goodnight and asked if I had written my speech. Once again, I said I had not. He implied that I would probably be up all night writing. I replied that I would not and fact, was about to go to bed and sleep on it.

Folks, I slept soundly, content with the knowledge that here in this little corner of America, I had discovered the Sprit of the Founders, a level of passion and patriotism unsurpassed and unspoiled by political correctness, fear, and apathy!

No, I did not need a written, memorized, canned speech. These people know what is wrong with America. These people CARE. They have taken it personally. They understand that the future is not in the hands of the masses but in the hands of the few who “get it” and are prepared to put it all on the line for the gift of liberty that our Founders handed us wrapped in the blood of those who paid the ultimate price for that gift.

Just before I walked on to that stage to address the amazing crowd that had gathered for this rally, a backstage hand asked me if I wanted him to put my speech notes on the podium. I smiled and said “sure”.. He asked where they were and I winked, then pointed to my heart. We both smiled. He understood.. and I was fired up.. eager to address this crowd of FELLOW WARRIORS.. MY FAMILY OF PATRIOTS. We do not speak AT each other. We communicate WITH each other..
That is what transpired on the stage between Jan Morgan and the fine folks of North Carolina at the base of Jomeokee Mountain. A family talk.

At the rally, I had to honor of meeting many of my Facebook friends for the first time who have been on my walls for years, fighting with me to educate people about what is happening in our country. It was so heartwarming to meet these sweet people and fellow warriors for our Constitutional Republic!

As my plane lifted into the air for my departure from North Carolina, I looked back through the small window of the plane with the knowledge that I would return one day. I hope my return will be under good circumstances, but I also now know that if the situation continues to digress in my country to the level that some suggest it may, there is only one place I want to be when and if the (bleep) hits the fan. It is here, where the Patriots are sharp, passionate, and prepared in every way necessary to lay it all on the line, as our Founders did, if necessary to restore our Constitutional Republic. Yes America, the fine folks here are well-armed in more ways than one. Brilliant Minds, Passionate Patriots, Compassionate Hearts… and yes, you might find a few guns here and there too. (big smiles)

(thanks Amos for providing me with a concealed carry gun of my choice during my visit… Special Thanks for The Stokes Country Militia for my 24/7 armed bodyguards, Will, Mike, and Steve! Thanks Kevin for arranging my schedule, and Bob and Judy for opening your beautiful home to me!

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  • We enjoyed the visit and what a great day! My daughter Lainey will never forget the experience. Here’s some pics for you. Thanks.

    • awww.. thanks.. it was great meeting you all! Thanks for the photos!

  • Thanks for coming to NC and helping make our Constitution Day rally a success. Everyone had a great time.

    • Rex.. I can not find the photo you had taken of you and me.. where is it?

  • Jan, it was a real treat for you to visit Stokes and Surry Counties. Many of the ladies you gave instruction to were inspired by your patience with them and are no longer afraid of shooting on the range. They have expressed the desire for a CCW Class. The special info that opened eyes after the BBQ Dinner was well delivered. You hit the ten ring and “X” on that message.
    Next you slammed a Homerun on stage at the Consitition Day Rally. Americans are tired of the( NON) job that “o” has done and are hoping for a Change. Ben Smith was on target when he said Mitt needs to grow some stones. We need a Leader not a Follower. ( Roll up the Sleeves Mitt )
    We all envite you to come back to see us again. Not mentioning names, but we all enjoyed helping you in your Peresonal Safety and Security during your visit. ( I might miss someone’s name) You know where to come if the PHTF.

    • Yes Amos! I know where to come and the numbers to call if I lose my way there.. lol
      I can’t wait to come back!

  • John V. Rigdon

    Thanks Jan. For all you do! Wish I could have been there, but… Great Job! What’s the deal with the Star? Nothing here is a negative. +15 stars!

  • kevin shinault

    Thank you Jan for accepting my request to come and share with us… and that you did! God be with you and protect you as you speak out against the weak leaders in government who allow evil to prevail and our rights that are being attacked daily by the socialists in the white house and congress! We look forward to a return trip soon and you may see some of us down towards Arkansas and Texas sometime in the near future also. We appreciate you and will be plugged in to all you do and stand for here in NC!
    We love you at Jomeokee in NC!
    In Liberty
    Kevin H Shinault

  • Jan:
    Here is your full speech that day:


    Stephen Bennett
    (the guy in the orange NRA t-shirt and cowboy hat)

  • John Smithson

    Wow if you arent something Jan, thanks for all your hard work & dedication-Long live the Militias- God bless the Militias & GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Steve Thompson

    Jan, When you come back to North Carolina,Be sure to give us a little notice so we can provide you with the Proper Welcome. Being an honorary member of the Stokes County Militia comes with its privileges……

  • Looks like it was a great and successful event!

  • Dorothy

    Am a recent subscriber, and am glad to find fellow patriots. In researching the service of an ancestor who served in the Continental Army as well as in the militia in PA & TN, I’ve found desciptions of our founder’s sacrifices that make me sick when I think of those who are throwing away our freedoms with both hands. A big deal is made of Valley Forge, but for most of the War the ordinary soldiers were starving, freezing or sweltering, poorly sheltered, dressed in rags, and not being paid–and that was those who survived! The suffering of those who didn’t survive is beyond description. We can’t let what they gave so much for be thrown away without a fight.

  • bartmansan

    Come on back now….Ya hear!

  • sagebrush6

    Outstanding article! Jan, you are truely and inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  • Jan you need to run for office I would vote for you in an instant god bless.

  • Ramona Timm

    Yes we had a grand time with you Jan,
    The shoot was fabulous, the fellowship was rich and the food was finger lickin’ good!
    Most of all we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the “talk’ you gave from your heart ..it will never be forgotten.
    Thanks for all the folks of our Militia and their dear wives for the Ladies shoot and for the Constitution Day Rally the next day! The weather was perfect and everything went like clockwork…Thanks Kevin, Mike, Todd and all the others too numerous to mention (you are not forgotten!), that made it all a success!
    “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”
    John Adams 1826