The Romney Campaign is Faltering. Wild Bill Slaps the Spurs to It.


About the author: As “America’s Leading Liberalologist,” Bill Finlay pokes fun at the liberal left while exposing the evil that undermines freedom and faith throughout America. He also provides common sense solutions to bring the United States back into the path of honor as “one nation under God, with liberty ... [read 's FULL BIO]

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  • He is right

  • Yeehaw! Love Wild Bill. A breath of fresh air who tells it like it is. Very much like you do, Jan.

    I wish someone would post this on Mitt’s wall. Maybe he’ll wake up……………..

  • Carolina Carsella


  • Thanks for introducing me to “Wild Bill”! This is an AWESOME video!

  • Could not have said it better!Go Wild Bill!

  • Hi Gang! Thanks for your nice comments. The liberals really tear into me but it is good to know that I can always come here for backup and encouragement!
    Wild Bill for America

  • The Celtic Parrot

    I love all of WB’s videos. I sure hope our buddy Mitt finds him. WB for Chief of Staff … sounds about right, eh?.