The State Department Was Warned about Embassy Attacks, Yet Failed to Put Diplomats on High Alert

Jan Morgan

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According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and “lockdown,” under which movement is severely restricted.

The killings of the US ambassador to Libya and three of his staff were likely to have been the result of a serious and continuing security breach, The Independent can reveal.

American officials believe the attack was planned, but Chris Stevens had been back in the country only a short while and the details of his visit to Benghazi, where he and his staff died, were meant to be confidential.
The US administration is now facing a crisis in Libya. Sensitive documents have gone missing from the consulate in Benghazi and the supposedly secret location of the “safe house” in the city, where the staff had retreated, came under sustained mortar attack. Other such refuges across the country are no longer deemed “safe.”

Some of the missing papers from the consulate are said to list names of Libyans who are working with Americans, putting them potentially at risk from extremist groups, while some of the other documents are said to relate to oil contracts.

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  • Why does this not surprise anyone ? Because it has been going on for a long time now and we have been conditioned to accept it BUT NOT ME !!!
    If you get a report that something is imminent then common sense says get ready for it and warn everyone there. You have Marines at every embassy & consulate so all you have to do is let them know and they will arm themselves properly and devise a plan to ensure the safety of all inside and if need be they will call in backup. SIMPLE RIGHT.
    No the administration decided it would wait and see and look what happened 4 Americans Dead, sensitive documents missing and innocent peoples lives put at risk.
    The attack was a cold hearted and well coordinated attack, yes it was planned and had nothing to do with the little movie in question. This was a terrorist attack plain and simple.
    Next time maybe they will heed the warnings, oh who I kidding they will never learn.

  • david m.

    Had we seen Mitt’s Tax returns our minds would have cleared up enough by now perhaps, to make prudent and timely decisions concerning foreign affairs. If not, well, Bush’s residual foreign policy effects would surely bear witness that the muslims are still angry over his shoot first, aim later cowboy mentality.

    • david m. ???? “Cowboy mentality”? of Bush? Wait, wasn’t Barry Soetoro (oops, I meant Barrack Hussein Obama–must be politically correct here) the one that ordered the ‘special team’ to bring him Bin Laden, ‘Dead or Alive’? And wasn’t he unarmed when they found him? Boom, one shot! Quick draw McBama!

    • Joe in Las Vegas

      I was never happy with Bush even though I voted for him the first time but to not realize that Islam radical or otherwise cannot for some reason coexist with the west is beyond me. Have you ever been to the Middle East? Do you understand what Islam wants? Do you understand that according to Islam it is ok to lie to infidels. David wake up and smell the coffee and please realize that we are in a struggle for our very existence. The fact is that sharia law is here already should be an indication to you that we face a very real problem. My wife was born in Cuba and understands what living without freedom is and never wants to go back to that life. I guess there are Americans that have their head so far in the sand that they don’t realize this is where we are heading. The reason these Americans were murdered is because according to the religion of Islam there are no innocents if they are non believers. They are infidels and they must be converted or killed period.

  • @3cb680ff5de486c40472e300910f2ff9:disqus ???? “Cowboy mentality”? of Bush? Wait, wasn’t Barry Soetoro (oops, I meant Barrack Hussein Obama–must be politically correct here) the one that ordered the ‘special team’ to bring him Bin Laden, ‘Dead or Alive’? And wasn’t he unarmed when they found him? Boom, one shot! Quick draw McBama!

  • Joe in Las Vegas

    Isn’t it about time that America holds the host countries of terrorists responsible too? We should send a message loud and clear that we will no longer tolerate the killing of Americans on foreign soil by terrorists. We must hold these host countries accountable and give them this message: WE WILL LEVEL YOUR COUNTRY OR A CITY IF WE FIND YOU DID NOTHING TO STOP THE VIOLENCE AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS! We must no longer tolerate any country that on the one hand condemns these acts with words and on the other hand does nothing to stop these terrorists. We must force them to root out these terrorists and if it takes an example of American might so be it. Unfortunately there is no leader in America that is willing to do what needs to be done.

  • Rich from New Jersey

    We have a weak kneed wimp in the White House, that is why we are under attack by these islamic extremists, they sense fear, and now they are attacking, we need to change captains of our ship, before our ship sinks,

  • Sagebrush6

    is the religion of peace – right ?

    Islam Does Not
    Mean Peace


    Islam only means peace to Muslims who blindly submit. To Christians
    Islam means war, persecution and death.

    The Qur’an says: “Fight and slay the pagans [Christians] wherever ye find them and
    seize them, confine
    them, and lie in wait for them in every place of
    ambush” (Surah 9:5)

    Kill the unbelievers wherever you
    find them. Koran 2:191

    Make war on the infidels living in
    your neighborhood. Koran 9:123

    When opportunity arises, kill the
    infidels wherever you catch them. Koran

    Any religion other than Islam is not
    acceptable. Koran 3:85

    The Jews & Christians are
    perverts, fight them. Koran 9:30

    Maim and crucify the infidels if
    they criticize Islam. Koran 5:33

    Punish the unbelievers with garments
    of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water

    & melt their skin &
    bellies. Koran 22:19

    The unbelievers are stupid; urge the
    Muslims to fight them. Koran 8:65

    Muslims must not take the infidels
    as friends. Koran 3:28

    Terrorize & behead those who
    believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.
    Koran 8:12

    Muslims must muster all weapons to
    terrorize the infidels. Koran 8:60

  • Rich from New Jersey

    As for the State Department knowing about the attacks, it goes to obama, he never sits in on these meetings, doesn’t care about what is going on, he only cares about staying in power, that’s what he is most interested in, no9w we have people dying, and he doesn’t care.

    • President Obama is fully informed at all times. He is on the job 24/7 wherever he is.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    From what I heard today, the embassies in OTHER muslim countries STILL DO NOT HAVE PROPER DEFENSES ESTABLISHED! This “PC” mentality is pure barack and it STINKS!

  • Wish505

    Yet the WH idiots deny any knowledge beforehand. Liar Lias pants on fire.

  • Raymond

    Can Snopes.com be trusted?

    Atheist Brian Flemings made a “documentary” attempting
    to prove that Jesus never existed. Snopes owners Barbara
    & David Mikkelson are cast members in this film. Do you
    want to trust Snopes who have aligned themselves with
    Athiest’s??? Raymond

    “The God Who Wasn’t There is a 2005 independent documentary written and directed by Brian Flemming.
    The documentary questions the existence of Jesus,
    examining evidence that supports the Christ myth theory
    against the existence of a historical Jesus, as well as other
    aspects of Christianity. Brian Flemming (born 6 June 1966)
    is an American film director and playwright.
    Brian Flemings is an athiest.”

    Directed by – Brian Flemming

    Produced by – Brian Flemming

    Amanda Jackson

    Written by – Brian Flemming

    Starring Brian Flemming (narration)

    Sam Harris

    Richard Carrier

    Alan Dundes

    Barbara Mikkelson – Snopes Founder/Owner

    David P. Mikkelson – Snopes Founder/Owner

    Robert M. Price

    Scott Butcher

    Ronald Sipus

    Distributed by – Beyond Belief Media

    Microcinema International

    Release date(s) May 21, 2005

    Running time – 62 mins

    Language – English

    “As composer/musician
    Flemming composed and performed the music scores for
    Nothing So Strange under the name Mary Rosh and for
    The God Who Wasn’t There under the name DJ Madson.
    Flemming plays guitar, trumpet and keyboards on his music
    scores. He played guitar and sang as part of a 2008 April
    Fool’s Day stunt [1] in which he pretended to have converted
    to Christianity.”

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Oh, yeah…. Sept.11th, let’s just have open house at embassies in every muslim nation, so we can show them how soft and cuddly America really is…. “Come on in and sit a spell and tell your friends we’d like to see them too!”

    But TSA better not allow grandma onto a jet, without probing her depends.

  • I am more and more convinced everyday that Obama is a Muslim and advancing true Islamic religion which is to be the dominate religion of the world, there is too much about him we don’t know, are not allowed to know I should say.

  • Disgraceful, related reports and events are what make me believe Obama is a Muslim, and that he is going to something very extreme to try to stay in power

  • Yes…Aparently Republicans are cheering for America to fail as Americans are coming home in caskets.