Time for Some Shock and Awe!


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I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of the visual 24/7 barrage of the anti-American protests by Muslim fanatics and terrorists. It’s even the cause for a national holiday in Pakistan, where all schools and businesses closed to allow for the rabid rantings and ravings by its citizens against the American infidel.

In Malaysia, it is being reported that 3,000 Muslims have marched on the U.S. embassy, burning an American flag, again using the excuse of an American-made video. Protestors were shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest), they were declaring their willingness to sacrifice their lives to defend the honor of their Prophet Mohammed and warned “there will be consequences” over the film. One placard read: “Obama, our patience has its limit. Don’t blame us if your citizens die. Blame yourself. U started it!”

Enough is enough is enough. This issue (and I don’t mean just this last week; I mean since the day the majesty of The Towers disappeared from the New York landscape) of dancing around the problem of Islamo-nazis and allowing them to dictate to us how we live our lives has got to stop. We need to take it to them, and not the other way around. Isn’t it enough that because of them, and in response to 9/11/01, WE have spent BILLIONS of our hard-earned dollars to initiate and grossly expand the bloated bureaucracies of the DHS and the TSA? Isn’t it enough that WE have to subject ourselves to TSA sexual assaults at the airports? Isn’t it enough that American‘sensitivity’ to political correctness was the catalyst for a Muslim fanatic to infiltrate and assassinate members of our military at Fort Hood? Isn’t it enough that we allow our government to continue to send billions of our hard-earned dollars in aid to the very same 6th century goat-raping countries that we know want our destruction?

This long ceased to be a political issue. This needs to be a military issue. Let the echelon of the military branch do whatever it takes to ‘handle’ the problem. Let them plan it, present it, and before it’s acted upon, the heads of those countries who are encouraging and condoning the destruction of our property, and the harming or assassinating of our personnel should each get just one warning:

“You may not like our way of life, and our right to free speech, but you will not dictate what we do here in America. If you don’t like it, don’t come here. You have 24 hours to not only call off your citizens who have breached and defiled the property of the United States of America, but to apologize for doing so. And if you don’t, the American people do agree with those protestors— “there WILL be consequences,” and we ARE going to take them up on their “willingness to sacrifice” their lives. In 24 hours plus one second from now there’s going to be a ferocious firestorm of American shit falling from the skies, the likes of which you’ve never seen … and probably won’t live through to see again.”

Then … let ‘er rip.

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  • I don’t want your ‘likes’, or your comments, or anything from any one of you, with the exception of THIS! If you have ANY human decency about you, and if you have ANY ounce of true allegiance to this country, and if you have ANY true Patriotism left in you, then SHARE THE HELL out of this above posting. Americans DO still have a backbone you know. Let’s see you people use it!
    And Jan, a sincere thank you for sharing FACTUAL statements and commentary, as well as forthright and candid news and feelings. I personally and humbly thank you with all the regard and respect that one can give to another. My very best to you and yours!

  • Joseph

    I agree. I think Libya would make a good sized parking lot.

  • Hugh

    Damn right Jan it’s time to stand up fight.

  • Hell Yeah!

  • yankeewatchdog

    Let them diaperheads come.First off,how are they gonna get here?Swim?Ain’t a one of them that makes a full weeks pay,per year.Secondly,only the “sheep” would really be in any danger.There’s too many of them anyway.A real Patriot wouldn’t be.And last,I’m too old to be in the military,but I wanna be in the fight.It might be time to go out and buy a Qaran.I already have the camcorder.Anybody got a light?

    • Baltimoron

      They are already here Yankee.

    • Since our current administration won’t get serious about border security, they can enter just like any other illegal immigrant. Too many Americans think the US mainland is untouchable. It’s not safe by a long shot. Not too old to shoot, are ya? I would trust myself.

  • Lavon

    I believe that we need to bomb the crap out of them and show the savages what we think of their Muhommed the pedophile and murderer. It is time to stop letting them bully us around and we need to stand up and do something about it. No troops on the ground just lots of planes in the air and bombs falling on their heads. Obama has given them a lot of weapons but I think we have more sofisticated ones in our arsinal. Lets get it on and get it over. Stop the terror now!

  • Bfoo

    Holy Cow….this writer has more balls than all of DC combined. She should be our president.

  • sagebrush6

    You sure have my vote and energy. Time for those towelheads to go back to their sandbox and stay there and for our government to stop all aid. I’ve had enough of those closet porkers.

    • What’s a “closet porkers.” I’ve never heard the term before. Just out of curiosity?

  • HPD

    cut off all aid to the Islamic countries…let them hate US for free..

  • Machine Gun Kelly

    As long as there is a Democrat in the White House everything mentioned here will continue. It is SO important that everyone tell their friends that voted for Obama that mistakes are made and you learn from your mistakes. No ones perfect. Convince them to vote Republican in November. Every single time that there is a Democrat in the White House this great country, that you and I built, takes a nose drive into the toilet!!! Some people get it and some don’t. Focus your efforts on those that don’t and tell them to vote Republican in November! Tell them! These people need to be told what to do! Jan, our army is growing. Keep up the great work! I’m your #1 fan. God Bless America and forget everyone else!!!

  • Jim

    Hmmmmm, noticed your posting policy above reads you have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity or discourteous behavior, but every comment I see on here contains at least one if not more. Just curious on how serious you are on your policy?

  • Brian P. Pellicano

    Right on! Jan!

  • As President, ALLEN WEST would NEVER appease, apologize to, or placate our ENEMIES in any way whatsoever, LET ALONE, be “okay” with any kind of THREAT against our very precious FIRST AMENDMENT for the sake of appeasing “wounded feelings” about their “PEACEFUL” religion….. yeah,… “peaceful”…….right….. I – D O N ‘T – T H I N K – S O !!!!


    I’ll tell you who else feels the same way and will stand up for American freedom, especially our freedom of speech, and that is SEAN HANNITY, also MICHELE MALKIN and JAY SECULOW…. He is Jewish, Christian, and a first amendment attorney who has argued cases before the SUPREME COURT itself, no less. They are ALL there on the front line, standing up for OUR freedom of speech against those who would take it from us to appease our enemies………and that is what radical islamists ARE….Make no mistake………. They are NOT our friends, regardless of what Obama, Hillary, or anyone else would try to get America to fall for…..WE ARE NOT BLIND or STUPID….and we do NOT drink their Libtard p.c Kool-Aid!!