Obama About to “Get Tough” With Romney

Jan Morgan

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Realizing his first debate was a disaster, Obama is going to change his approach for the next one.

The Obama campaign now says President Obama will be more aggressive in his second debate with Mitt Romney, hinting that he will go after the Republican presidential nominee at several angles  — from women’s issue to Romney’s tax plan and his tenure at Bain Capital.

David Axelrod, Obma’s senior campaign adviser told Fox News yesterday , “I think he’s going to be aggressive in making the case for his view of where we should go as a country,”
Axelrod argued that Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan failed during a Sept. 30 appearance on Fox, then during his debate last week to detail how Romney would pay for his $5 trillion tax plan.
“So, we’re going to give Governor Romney another chance on Tuesday to try and square this impossible circle,” Axelrod said.
He also said Obama plans to be more aggressive and is making “adjustments” before the debate, then seemed to refer to Romney’s investment capital career before entering politics.

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  • Support Obama on Nov 6th…

    Nov 6th is the day we throw the SQUATTERS OCCUPYING the White House out the front door..

    • Yes, Nov.6th time to bid the empty chair farewell & good riddance!

  • C mic

    My question is…How can you defend all his failed policies? Romney will put him in his place, again!

  • johnny

    Give Romney a piece of raw meat before the debate.Then let him loose and chew on Obamas ass and he will eat him up like he did last time.Buy obama a hot dog stand and let him have a few years of practice.on how to run something.Then when he grows up and learns something. Send him to the kremlin to get a job.He would be good over there.That place is already screwed up because of people that thinks as Obama does LOLOLO Its getting cold here already in chicago.I hope Obama has his bills paid up.He is going to need the heat on this winter.Living back on the south side of chicag.and i wont be at the home comming parade.Lead by jessie Jr. and the black panthers ha ha .

  • I wonder if by more aggresive~ Does he mean more Immature and obnoxous like his VP

  • Jeff Brodhead

    OOOOooooooOOOOOoooooo We is scared! Oblahblah is gonna try an LIE his way through another debate.