The Choice—Continued Pain or Capital Gains


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Here are some hard-core facts, whether an Obama supporter likes it or not:

1. There isn’t a single company or corporation in America or anywhere in the world, big or small, across all industry lines, who, if going through tough times would hire Barack Obama over Mitt Romney to give them the discipline, guidance, structure and accountability they would need to give them the best chance to save their business and turn things around.

2. There isn’t a single company or corporation in America or anywhere in the world, big or small, across all industry lines, who if profitable but wanted to expand their product line or market reach would hire Barack Obama over Mitt Romney to see them through the formulation of a direction, help them generate a business plan, coordinate a marketing approach and oversee a successful launch.

3. There isn’t one single company in America whose current liberal elite owner or CEO or Boards of Directors who contribute money personally and/or corporately to Barack Obama for their own self-interest, or go out on the campaign trail with him and support him publicly—whether it’s the lap dog Jeff Immelt at GE, or any of the Hollywood elite studio heads like Harvey Weinstein—who would hire Barack Obama over Mitt Romney to take the helm of their companies, either in good times or in bad, at any time in this lifetime or any other under any circumstances whatsoever.

4. There isn’t a single high net worth liberal in the movie, television, theatrical or recording fields, sports or political worlds who publicly shills for Obama—those who makes $50 million to act in one movie, or rakes in $100 million for a two-year sports contract, or reaps $200 million for a concert tour, etc.—who would privately choose Obama over Romney as the person with whom they would invest millions of their own money to make smart decisions and give them the best return on their investment.

5. There isn’t a single union member, or any struggling liberal Democrat family, perhaps about to lose their home, who for their own dependent self-interests supports Obama, who would privately trust their last $100 in his hands over Romney’s as the best opportunity they would have to make that money grow and give them the best chance to turn things around.

… and all of the above is but a mere microcosm of why there is NO CONTEST between which of these men is more capable and qualified to be the CEO of this country to give us the best chance to turn things around economically. And, a strong, vibrant economy is the ABSOLUTE foundation on top of which EVERYTHING ELSE is possible.

It’s time to grow OUR capital and shrink the capital in D.C.

It’s time to replace the ‘cool’ with ‘competent.’

It’s time to trade in the Lightweight for a Leader.

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