Should Christians Support a Mormon President?


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Should Christians support a Mormon President? If it will get the communist out, YES

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  • Walter

    I didn’t realize Mormons weren’t Christians.

    • Neither did I. Been a Mormon for 39 years, and never realized I wasn’t Christian.

      • Matt

        Your not a Christian no matter what domination you claim to be for a real christian would not be threading violence just because someone has a different thought than yours remember judge tenor for ye shall be judged

        • I never claimed to be a good Mormon, nor a good Christian. And there is a difference between threatening, and stating a desire.

    • Glazed Roasted Nuts

      like I said, don’t give in to the Obama propaganda.

  • Anthony Carsella

    As a Pastor,I struggled with this when Romney was running against MCain,but after studying Romney,he has more character,integrity,than most so called born-again-christians including myself!!This is a very good decent man,something very hard to find today sad to say,the more I get to hear him,see him,I really like this guy,and his wife,how could you not just be proud of them representing the USA,especially after the DOWNGRADE in class we have suffered over the last 4 years.I live in upstate SC,and attended a Romney Rally a few weeks ago over in Asheville NC,which is about as LIBERAL as NYC,and the place was PACKED,lines around blocks,everyone behaved themselves and acted civil,I actually felt like I was back in AMERICA!!!!I have moved down from NJ,it has been quite a CULTURE SHOCK in a GREAT WAY!!!!Gov.Mike Huckabee was also there,What I saw was people who were sick and tired of seeing this great nation in decline and saying “NO MORE”It was a great night and looking forward to Nov,6th, MAY GOD DELIVER US FROM EVIL

    • Anthony you make a very good point about Romney having better character than most so called born again Christians. After many years of debating Muslims I am amazed at how they have moved away from the wacky Joseph Smith stuff and are much more in line with the traditional faith.

      • Glazed Roasted Nuts

        I lived in Utah for many years, and studied their religion. Though it’s not for me…they are all some of the finest people I’ve ever met!

  • Gentle Jim

    Someday I hope I can meet Wild Bill, he is my kind of American. God bless you Wild Bill and God Bless America… Again.

    • I would love to meet Wild Bill and put my fist down his throat. I”m conservative, and I detest those that deliberately mislead others.

      • I’m curious Chad, how have I mislead anyone?

      • FredClark

        Well Chad can not be too conservative, because what I just watched did not deserve a mindless rant such as yours. Either you are a fiscally conservative Democrat or you are stuck in your religion that you are shackled to lt’s ridgid routine.just remember Chad religion is man made Christianity is a way of life.

    • Well Jim, I am planning to do a tour of the states next year along with some other speakers. Lets plan on lunch when I get to your area!

  • Mike

    Yes, we are electing the president of the
    United States. We are NOT electing, a pastor, a priest, a pope, a
    prophet, an apostle or any other “religious office title”

  • thomas dean

    Yes anytime over a muslim

  • Supahrob

    As long as we understand that Mormons are NOT Christians. I am a Christian and will be voting for Romney, but I do feel the need to point out more and more that Mormons are NOT Christians. I am sure Romney will make a fine president, and I hope he gets saved – but he is not currently a Christian.

    • I will have you know, that I am Mormon. Born and raised. I believe in my Savior, Jesus Christ! Yes, that means I am a CHRISTIAN. If you don’t understand the truth, don’t open your mouth.

      • Supahrob

        So I should keep my mouth shut since I said something you don’t like? Isn’t that a little liberal of you?

        I’m sorry, but you are not a Christian. You say you ARE a Christian…Let me ask you this… does that mean I am a Mormon? Would I be allowed into the temple? We both know the answer. By your logic, that would mean that YOU are a Christian but Christians are NOT Christians. So you simply want to take our house over?

        Believing in Jesus as your savior doesn’t make you a Christian if you don’t believe in the Jesus of the Bible (Jehovah’s Witnesses make the same claim… so does Barak Obama). This isn’t a theology page – so I will make this brief: You believe that Jesus is the brother of Lucifer, that is NOT the Jesus of the Bible. It’s just not. You believe God was once a man – that is NOT the God of the Bible. There are two many differences between what you believe and what Christians believe. The mormon also spent a few hundred years making itself distinct from the Christian faith and making sure everyone understood it. I don’t understand the sudden desire to “join the other side.” If you suddenly want to renounce Joseph Smith and all he taught, and repent of your sins and ask Jesus (who has ALWAYS existed as the Son of God – who ALSO ALWAYS existed, who was NEVER a man) to save you… fantastic! I can’t describe to you how happy that would make me. We disagree on the nature of God, the revelation of God (the Bible alone vs. the Bible AND the Book Of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price), the virgin birth, polytheism, the atonement, the Trinity, judgement. These are DISTINCTIVES of the Christian faith. If you are wrong on ANY of these (ignorance notwithstanding – children know naught of this, neither did the thief of on the cross – but neither ACTIVELY DENIED them) then you are NOT a Christian.

        But as a fellow American, I have NO problem with your faith. I think it’s wrong – but that isn’t really a discussion for THIS page (I would LOVE to talk to you about it over email, but I suspect you wouldn’t be willing) – but I have some good friends that are Mormons – and I think Mitt Romney will make a great president – yes, I think he’s gonna win. So he will be President. He will be Mormon. But he will NOT be Christian – as it is not possible to be a Mormon AND a Christian. It’s just not.

  • Linda

    Get all the Muslims out of the White House and government.

  • Jan;

    Regretfully, I am done with your page. With your Facebook and with following you on Twitter. This is vile, reprehensible and every bit as hateful as the liberals show themselves to be. I had thought we were the better people, morally. I can’t even begin to put into words how disgusted I am, as a Christian, AND A MORMON, to the level of childishness that is being displayed by conservatives now. And to think, you claim to love and follow the constitution. Yet at every turn, you and most of the readers, bash religions that differ from your own.

    • ezekiel22

      Chad I am sorry for you. You claim Christ yet show all of the tolerance and understanding of the Pharisee. Wanting to shove your fist down someones throat is not very Christlike at all. I have studied Mormonism versus classical core beliefs of Christianity. Believe me when I say there is a difference. Most of the issues come from the pronouncements of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young themselves. As the Prophets of LDS the leadership has not refuted their pronouncements as false. It seems doing so would undermine the foundations of the faith. However, it seems that a lot of Mormons are beginning to move away from the extra teachings of the LDS and moving more toward classical Christianity.
      Bill did not say anything wroing about mormonism as such so no offense should be taken. Kennedy had his Catholicism brought up to disqualify him from the presidency. Don’t you think that maybe this whole mormon issue is just something thrown into the campaign intended to divide conservatives and their vote in order to re-elect Obama?

      • Glazed Roasted Nuts

        Ezekiel22…You hit it on the nail…people, don’t give in to the Obama propaganda.

    • Glazed Roasted Nuts

      No chad…don’t let one of a confused view, chase you off. There are many that know the truth.

  • I think too many people base their opinions on Mormons on ignorance and what they see on tv. Kennedy had this problem when he ran for president. Everyone was worried that the pope was going to call the shots through the president. We have had several presidents that weren’t even “Christian” really, but were Deists. So this should really be no different.
    Wailing that Romney is a Mormon is basically fear-mongering to get you to NOT vote; which is what the liberals want.

    If Billy Graham can come out and endorse Romney, then I think you should be able to as well.

  • Mike

    Being a member of ANY church or denomination does not make one a Christian. I could join a local fellowship of every denomination and when I die I will split the gates of hell wide open. There is going to be a lot of people from just about every denomination that are going to be greatly surprised when they stand before the White Thrown of Judgement and the book of life is opened and the Lord is going to say “Depart from me I never knew you”. http://ka5cvh.com/faith/salvation.htm

  • Marc

    Yes, I see no problem with it. At the moment some of the country are supporting a muslim. I’m a Christian and I’d rather have a Mormon running this country than a muslim.

  • Bob

    I doesn’t appear that Chad MiIllard is a Mormon or a Conservative.

  • txcowgirldawn

    Everyday as Christians we’re faced with choosing between the lesser of two evils, and will in this case, because Jesus isn’t running for president.

  • Tim Godwin.

    It is a Mormon or a Muslim. I pick Mormon.

  • Most Christians supported a muslim pretending to be a Christian. Remember when he even went to church with all the press once. ONCE…..The rest of us knew he was a muslim or a hate monger like Jeremiah Wright. Or both… Anything for a vote.

  • How about the Jews currently supporting the known muslim in office now and still voting for him when he has made it clear his hate for Israel. The Mormon will support Israel and the Jews before Obama’s arrogant hate mongering butt would.

  • Sean

    Uh, Mormans are Christians. Just sayin’.

  • Sparky

    Not on your life will I vote for either one in our time of need. I’ll vote for Jesus Christ first.

    • Glazed Roasted Nuts

      By doing that, you are giving yer vote to Obama…

  • Of course we should. Heck we elected a Muslim and you see where that got us. I agree with Anthony.

  • olehand

    In the book of Acts when the disciples needed helpers they told the people to choose men “of honest report.” This same principal still applys today. Choose with wisdom the people you would want to be your leaders. Leadership is not who is the most popular but who has the ability to do the best job.

  • Glazed Roasted Nuts

    My goodness! I’ve been reading through all this. Stop all the bickering. Do you want another 4 years of this bull, or do we all want to make a change. Mormon, Catholic, Buddhist, I don’t care…but Never An Islamic, who as we all know was the religion behind 911. Come on people…let’s get together and make America whole again!

  • carlg

    Whats the differance between a mormon,cathaic or christion we beleive Jesus Christ and Father GOD, our crountry was founding on christion befeif,