35 Gut-Wrenching Reasons Why a “no vote” is a Vote For Obama


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If you’re thinking about not voting for Mitt Romney because he wasn’t your candidate of choice, listen to this powerful nine minute summary of Obama’s first four years and think again!

In what’s arguably the most pivotal presidential election of our lifetimes, it’s imperative that an apathetic, disenfranchised and disengaged American electorate – get engaged!

If you’re planning not to vote because your presidential candidate didn’t win the primary or because you feel disenfranchised with our two party political system, not only is that the greatest insult to every man and woman who ever died to give us the freedom to vote, it’s actually a vote for Barack Hussein Obama! So before you decide to sit this one out, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Do you want …

A president who has us on the road to serfdom?
A president who advocates higher taxes? Wealth redistribution, less freedom and less opportunity?
A president coated in Teflon who freely gets away as an accomplice to the murdering of innocent Americans?
A president who circumvents the constitution, but bows to Saudi kings?
A president who nationalizes sectors of our free market economy and single handedly picks winners and losers?
A president who forces you to buy goods and services you don’t want and then fines you for not following his orders?
A president who is systematically bankrupting our country while giving away tens of billions of dollars to our enemies abroad?
A president who, for the first time in American history, is robbing your children and grand children of the same freedoms, opportunities and dreams that were handed down to you and me?
A president who does not believe in the supremacy and exceptionalism of the United States of America?
A president who despises our military so much that he jeopardizes our national security by cutting their budget in half?
A president who is about to foist the single biggest tax increase on the American people in the 237-year history of our country come January 1st?
A president whose political ideology takes delight in a record 47 million Americans now on food stamps?
A president who invests tens of billions of dollars in failing green companies that are headed by some of his biggest campaign donors?
A president who refuses to approve a desperately needed oil pipeline that would help put many Americans to work while decreasing our dependence on foreign oil?
A president who usurps the Constitution, ignores the separation of powers, thumbs his nose at congress and issues executive orders with impunity?
A president with deeply rooted ties to domestic terrorists and radical Muslims and Marxists?
A president whose upbringing was heavily influenced by radical Communists and Socialists?
A president who appoints members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood to his cabinet?
A president who shuns the leader of Israel, our only democratic ally in the Middle East, in favor of appearances on celebrity T.V. talk shows?
A president who makes back door deals with leaders of Communist countries conditioned upon his reelection?
A president who favors partial birth abortion?
A president who produces a proven fraudulent electronic long form birth certificate?
A president who has paid 2 million dollars to keep his medical, educational and travel records hidden from the American people?
A president who is the first Commander-in-Chief in American history to violate the War Powers Act?
A president who was held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling?
A president who terminated America’s space program?
A president who has appointed 45 czars to implement his personal agenda and reduce the United States to just another country in the New World Order?
A president who not only promised to reduce the debt, but instead increased it by more than 50% in only four years?
A president whose energy policy has resulted in gas prices doubling under his stewardship?
A president who betrayed the American people and joined a foreign country in a lawsuit against a state in his own country for actually enforcing illegal immigration laws?
A president who presided over the most incompetent and inept Department of Justice that funneled guns to Mexican drug cartels who then used those guns to kill innocent Americans and law enforcement officers?
A president who presided over the largest decrease of American wealth, a mind boggling 40%, in only four years?
A president whose policies have resulted in a staggering 23 million Americans either out of work or woefully underemployed?
I could go on, but there’s not enough time to list all the atrocities of Barack Hussein Obama before the elections.
If you don’t vote on November 6th, you actually are voting – voting for the road to ruin. It’s our civic duty to vote.

If you don’t like the political process or the candidates that process has produced, you still have the freedom to change it. But don’t dishonor the selfless sacrifice of patriotic Americans who preserved your right to vote out of spite for the current system.

And until we have a new and improved system, don’t delude yourself into believing that not voting makes you neutral. It doesn’t. It makes you null and void. Vote . . . it’s your blood-bought duty!

I’m Kevin Lehmann, until next time America…


Explosive! Powerful! Undeniable! This seven minute summary of Barack Obama’s term in office will blow you away. If you want to hear the actual broadcast of this message, hear more at : Catch Kevin

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  • evangelist cas

    Jan i try to like ur posts and fb kicks me off…

  • Michael Snider

    I agree Obama has to go but our only real choice sucks almost as bad. Unless we have a revolution to restore our constitution very very soon our country and constitution are both doomed.

  • Romney and RYan are my vote and husbands,for sence in americans ,love the massage,working americams


    The only thing that was left out was the fact that our votes will be counted in Spain, by George Soros’s company SYCTL with no way of checking, BUT THE VOTES CAN BE CHANGED WITH NO PAPER TRAIL!!!
    (check out the following…)
    Of course SYCTL &
    Goldman Sachs seals the fraud off shore in Spain ! GOLDMAN … CLEAR CHANNEL =
    Mitt Romney Rush Limbaugh Glenn Beck Sean Hannity Mike Savage Mark

    – Cached

  • I agree, Obama has to go. I served my country for 8 years and to took an oath to uphold and protect the constitution. You have listed several reasons why Obama needs to go and I agree 100%.

    I served my country for 8 years, Marine Corps and Okla National Guard. I will vote, but I refuse to vote for a man that I don’t trust. I know you’ll say that I am throwing my vote away or not voting for Mitt Romney is a vote for Obama.

    When a man can say 1 thing, then turn around and say just the opposite to get the vote he lost credibility with me. Mitt Romney supports the NDAA, one minute he’s for Obama Care the next he’s against it. He said he would let Auto Industry go bankrupt, then he tries to claim that he couldn’t let them go bankrupt. He claimed that he didn’t support Obama’s Stimulus guess what he lied again. Which leads me to the Federal Reserve.

    The Federal Reserve is a private central bank, that loans money to our government in exchange for US treasury bonds normally. Every dollar that they print devalues the currency. This currency is not backed by anything. Created out of thin air, then the taxpayers are responsible for paying back this loan to the Federal Reserve with interest.
    It’s not rocket science, the Federal Reserve is exactly what our Founding Fathers warned us about.

    The huge corporations that are owned by the Federal Reserve have a monopoly. I think I remember in grade school that this was a bad thing and that the government was in place to protect us from such things. So when Mitt Romney says that he won’t bother with the federal reserve, that really bothers me. If nothing else he could at least enforce an audit. There is absolutely no reason why the Federal Reserve shouldn’t have full transparency when the American people are footing the bill. Unless, they have something to hide.

    My next concern with Mitt is our military. Why are we policing the world? How are the troops overseas protecting our constitution and freedoms. Spreading our troops around the world makes our country vulnerable and also creates enemies that we wouldn’t normally have. Why are we funding Al Queda to overthrow these governments. Why would Mitt provide these terrorists support?

    Our troops should be at home and ready to deploy if our national security is threatened.
    If we are attacked we send a message, put the boot in their ass and come home not rebuild. Wars are created simply to line the pockets of the military industrial complex and the huge government contractors, again the taxpayers get stuck with the bill.

    We have our own problems here at home that we need to deal with…..

    Back to the main point, I will not be voting for the worse of 2 evils. I will vote for the one I feel in my heart has the of our country in mind not the corporations that they work for.

    I believe that I earned this right as well as any American has this right because those that shed their blood for this great country. Call it a wasted vote, but what would happen if everyone wasted their vote. We might actually break this 2 party system.

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again I am not a democrat or republican.

    I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    I am not trying change your vote, and I agree that it’s every Americans duty to vote as well.
    I do feel that people have the right to know there are other options.
    I don’t think Romney will change anything or I would vote for him.

    I do read your posts Jan and will continue to do so. You are doing a great thing here even if we don’t agree on everything!
    Thanks and keep it up…..

    • Rob

      I agree Wayne, people do need to wake up, the President and Senate has worked against the people for a very long time because of greed. They are just puppets of the system.

  • Rob

    Why is it that everyone forget’s we had a President before Obama that screwed us up? Why do people believe in Mitt Romney when they do not check his own background of failure and then expect him to turn this country around when it’s turning around already? Why do people believe in the lies of the press and media that backs one or the other?

  • Rob

    I like to know where you get these questions and answers Kevin Lehmann? Cause some of them does not make any sense at all. Your posting a lot of negativity toward Obama but nothing on Mitt Romney, tells us who your backing.

    • It’s pretty obvious who their backing….. The republican party who cheated Ron Paul being on the ballot and ensured that they can choose the delegates that they want come 2016 and beyond.

      If our country survives Romney or Obama until 2016 we’ll be lucky…..

  • Is anyone fact checking this?