A Rare Thing: TRUTH from Obama

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

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  • There’s a reason why the President (and I think Congress, as well) PARDONS the annual Thanksgiving Turkey….

    Cannibalism is ILLEGAL.

    Where does it say in our Constitution that any elected official serving is prevented, or forbidden from LYING to anyone?

    Even if that LIE would preserve, protect and defend that Constitution, from all Enemies, foreign or Domestic?

    You show me where, and maybe we’ll talk….

  • Conservativesniper

    The cartoon with lil barry and Romney is misleading, Bush 43 NEVER had a balanced budget.