About Last Night: He Took My Breath Away

Jan Morgan

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Prior to the debate … I had expectations as well as fears. Would he MAN UP? Could he handle the pressure? This was make or break time for Mitt Romney. How would he handle Obama’s flow of lies and deception?

Would he be able to lay it all out for the American people in a way that would capture their attention, hold it, and make them fall in love with the idea of him as our President?

Last night, Mitt Romney did MAN UP. He not only rose to the occasion, but he exceeded this woman’s expectations of what it would take to win the hearts and votes of conservatives, fence-riders, and even a few democrats.

His performance on that stage was high energy, solid, and more than persuasive. He was super smooth while Obama was awkward. Romney delivered his facts and figures with confidence while Obama stammered around sounding like he desperately needed his teleprompter. Romney called Obama down on his failures repeatedly in a way that was unmistakably polite, respectful, yet fiercely determined. Romney’s presence when he was not speaking, was respectful and attentive to his opponent. Obama, on the other hand, scowled and with pursed lips gave the appearance of man who knew he was being handed is rear end on a silver platter.

Mitt Romney was convincing and Presidential. Obama was a disaster in a Presidential suit.

So … About last night. Yes, Mitt Romney took my breath away with his performance in the first Presidential debate. Even the liberal left mainstream media had to acknowledge, as difficult as it was for them, that their man fell short. A real man, a leader, had taken on their precious sweetheart and gave him what we call in Texas, a big ole can of ass-whoopery. I am certain, David Axelrod and Obama’s media mommies spent the remainder of the evening after the debate, changing Obama’s diapers.

Today is a new day in America. The birds are chirping … the sun is shining, and hope is in the air once again!

I am more than satisfied with Mitt Romney’s performance last night and can not wait to see him out there again, showing the world the difference between a real man, a leader, with integrity versus an arrogant, childish, wanna-be man/puppet talking head.

I know I feel better today about the future of my country. How about you?

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  • Tony

    My only hope is that the campaign picks up on this momentum and uses it for fuel to be Great not just good these next few weeks…

  • Visitor Today


    PLEASE wake up … or are you so blind you can’t see the difference between a hard and soft BED of OWG TOTAL GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT?

    The debacle last night was nothing more than a hard/soft BED choice … and today’s ‘news’ (did I get enough contempt in that?) is a solid rampage to mollify the realities …

    • say what ?

    • Matt Littlefield

      @ Visitor – That is some very impassioned nonsense you managed to spew. What the heck are you talking about?

    • David

      Moron. What a pile of owl dung. Go troll a lib site.

    • Vistor with no name and face… I do not usually respond to cowards who don’t have the guts to even show themselves and hide behind computer icons to spew their crap… but.. just wanted you to know, I am WIDE AWAKE.

  • Matt

    I thought that Romney did an amazing job last night. I hope that against all odds, the media can start to see what our country should and can become with a true leader in the White House. Hopefully all of America can begin to look beyond race and labels to see qualification and accomplishment as necessary qualities in an American President.

  • oh … you can forget about the media making a sudden turn toward honest reporting. that ain’t happen’n… what is , though, is the conservative movement is on the roll .. now that Romney has finally come out.. the dude can make a difference.. and he is far from slow on the uptake.. a great performance with just the ” facts” Alexrod is having a fit

    • Paul, you are correct about the media going all honest on us.

  • I wholeheartdly agree Jan! I must admit I was extremely wary going into the debate, but he BY FAR, exceeded my expectations. I feel hope again, as you stated in your article. God Bless America!

    • I was terrified James.. going in… was so proud of him at the end.

  • It was quite splendid, wasn’t it? We won’t know how all this will turn out until 11/07/12, but this morning, if felt like “morning in America” again.

    • yes Will… totally Splendid! I was hooping and hollaring!

  • c d w

    YES! Just YES-Yes-YES! 🙂

  • John A

    It’s quite clear to us now that Obama can be seen for what he is; a liar in who is in over his head. It’s too late for him to study up on the issues at hand since he’s had four years to prepare. Even if he does study up on the issues, he can not defend his record or run on it. If we noticed last night, he referred to Bill Clinton’s presidency and performance. I think Romney could have sealed the deal by saying something along the lines of “Mr. President, Bill Clinton what a good president and got a lot of things done. He realized compromise was necessary to get things accomplished. Mr. President, you have failed to compromise on anything. You are clearly no Bill Clinton”.

    • John… we knew what he was all along.. I just hope some of those independents discovered last night who he really is.

  • ok, yes, Mitt was great, but let’s not go all “Obama mania” on him with “he took my breath away.” It sounds too much like Chris Matthews “tingle up my leg.”

    • Marisa, I meant it in the most innocent of terms. Of course you have to understand how much I know was on the line here.. I am definitely not a huge Romney fan.. He was not my choice.. but.. he has my support… more so now..

  • The term I heard was “mitt-slapped” and I love it! Obama got Mitt-Slapped!

    • Love that Rob.. The term I heard and posted in a cartoon on this site is, Obama is in a Mitt Load of trouble.

  • I knew he had it in him. He just needed a neutral arena with no teleprompters and talking heads.

    • yep.. that was part of obama’s problem.. no teleprompter..

  • MH Snider

    Yes Mitt did kick butt, but not a word about gun laws. Nor NASA, nor our rights being taken away, nor TSA, etc; You know the important stuff. I hate to say it but to date Obama has a better gun rights record than Romney. But as long as we all have jobs that’s okay right? Don’t worry I am not voting Obama, just saying is all. Jan I love you but you tend to look the other way on many issues (and facts) when it does not fit in with your articles.

    • MH… I am hoping he will get to it..

  • Craig

    Romney didn’t surprise me at all. He did what he has always done. But, because of the lack of fair media coverage, and the out of context clips taken from Romney speeches, combined with the pro-Obama spin machine in constant play… Most people never really knew the real Romney until last night. For the first time in this Presidential campaign, has the mass voting public gotten to see and hear Romney, without prejudice. What you see and hear, is what you get with him… Whereas with Obama, what you don’t see and don’t hear is what you get with him! The differences could not be more stark! Romney definitely spanked Obama good and hard last night, and he’s got a lot more whipping yet to do in the upcoming debates. GO MITT!!!!

  • Bonecrusher

    I got a tingle down my leg……………………………………………….LOL

    • hahahahahahahhaa… love it! wonder if Chris Matthews felt it too..

  • Sagebrush6

    Where is the “PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY” game ( with Obama’s face of course)? I was hoping to find a new game here today. Obama sure earned it last night. That was pathetic on Obama’s part. Was he on something or was he just looking at a mirror on his podium ?

    • yes.. pathetic is a good descriptive.

  • I have a very serious question and I seem to be being blown off because people think I am trying to criticize Mitt Romney. Is there any kind of problem with his eyes?

  • Yeah Romney was so good, Michelle wanted to go home with him!..ha ha

  • Bill Steenborg

    Mitt gave a “Tour Dr Force” Demonstration of his mastery of the subjects, citing figures & specific examples with poise & ease. He came across as warm, attentive; his demeanor: well, PRESIDENTIAL!!! The current occupant looked like a chastised schoolboy with no answers who would have liked desperately to be somewhere else! Being a cut-of the same Conservative cloth as yourself, I enjoyed this debate thoroughly!!!!

  • Jim Alvey

    While watching the debate last night I kept thinking of the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

  • Chris

    Barry sure gave me an Admiral James Stockdale-flashback last night…….

  • It was a great night for Mitt. It is good that 60 million people got to
    see him without the image being sieved through a biased press. Mitt was
    clearly in command from the first minute. His points were sharp and on
    target. In terms of style, presentation and intellectual content (to the
    extent that is possible in such a forum,) he waxed Obama’s tail. As for polls, I’d
    stick with the Rasmussen Polls, since he has called the last two elections
    within 1 percentage point. Reagan was slightly behind Carter until the
    debates when people actually got to compare and contrast without the
    spinners and pundits filtering the facts. Mitt’s performance was pretty
    close to that one. Remember, the first presidential and VP debates will
    be the ones the most people watch. It is highly likely that Ryan will
    take Biden apart. Ryan is a smart policy guy while Joe is, well you know. He is a policy wonk with an engaging style. I think
    Mitt just set himself up to take the lead. Watch the numbers in a few days. By the weekend it will be Romney by 2-3 points.

  • Super evening, new hope and change coming, this time for the better. I think the only thing I might enjoy more than this debate is the next one, between Ryan and Biden.

  • I just read Al Gore’s explanation for Obama’s horrible showing in the debate. He says it was the mile high altitude in Denver! lol. Gore needs to check his thermometer on the world and leave the spin to the spin doctors. Positively hilarious.