About Tonight’s Debate

Jan Morgan

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About Tonight

All eyes will be on the debate… I personally will be sitting on pins and needles, hoping Romney comes out swinging rather than on the defense.

Obama’s first term has given Romney more than enough material for a successful performance tonight. The facts are on Mitt’s side. I just hope and pray that he has the courage and passion to lay it all out for the American people.

I am certain Obama is prepared with his usual bag of lies to cover for his first term failures.
In case Mitt fails to do so, here are some facts that can not be argued.


OBAMA: Under President Obama, America received its first S&P credit rating downgrade.
ROMNEY: Under Romney’s watch, the state of Massachusetts received a credit rating upgrade


OBAMA: Under Obama, the national debt has increased by more than 5.4 trillion
ROMNEY: Under Romney’s watch, the Governor left more than 2 billion in the state’s rainy day fund


OBAMA: Obama promised that under his stimulus, unemployment would be around 5.4 percent today.
ROMNEY: Under Romney’s watch, Massachusetts unemployment rate fell from 5.6 percent to 4.7 percent
Mitt’s Plan
Mitt Romney has a plan for a stronger middle class. Getting the federal government out of private business.
By making trade work for America, balancing our budget, and championing small business, He says we can create 12 million new jobs.


OBAMA- Obama’s apologist, appeasement with bribery, and cover-up foreign policy has been a complete failure. It has been extremely detrimental to world perception of America’s strength and power. It has led to the murders of Americans worldwide. He has spent billions of our tax dollars propping up The Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic Terrorist Organization. They are stronger today because of his support.
Iran, Egypt, Libya…. enough said

ROMNEY- has promised a stronger approach to American foreign policy. He has promised allegiance to our friend, Israel.

I am ready for some real hope and change. I HOPE Romney uses Obama’s own record to take him down tonight so we can get on with the business of CHANGING the direction of our country back to the Constitutional Republic it was meant to be.

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  • T-Bone

    Seems like a nobrainer Miss Jan, Romney has plenty to expose, just hope that the American ppl u’stand it and that the liberal media is unsuccessful in it’s normal spin tactics…

    • definitely a no brainer.. but too many americans are running around with no brains.. so you have to worry about the outcome of the debate… and the election..

  • Chris

    Mitt needs to hammer HARD on the Moslem {sic – I follow President Reagan’s habit of “misnaming” those followers of Mohammed} threat to this country. Let’s see if Barry can tap dance like he can fast-talk.

  • Londa

    One of my main concerns is that Obama will have the election votes rigged. I have heard several reports concerning G.S. owning the company that is doing the vote count…..I trust nothing that Obama does. What are your thoughts on this issue?

  • Londa

    By the way, soooo sorry I missed you in NC – I was out of state myself or I would’ve been at the rally! Bless you!