Benghazigate: Gun-Walking to Jihadists?


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Doug Hagmann wrote a great piece today (see the link to “The Hidden Real Truth About Benghazi” below).  It struck me because many of my own thoughts and suspicions about this incident were validated by his words.  I read it a couple of times, and want to bypass some of the ‘weeds’ and list in a sort-of chrono order the points he makes, interspersed with some of my own comments.

1.  Our Benghazi facility was not a consulate; it was the largest of our CIA operations centers in the Middle East which served as the logistics headquarters for arms and weapons being shipped out of post-Qaddafi Libya.

2.  Our personnel there, aside from other routine things they may have been doing, were engaged in covert arms and weapons running from Libya to anti-Assad rebels in Syria via Turkey.

3.  Russia was aware of the operation and warned America against working to destabilize Syria because (a) it would endanger Russia’s own national security interests, and (b) they knew that as demonic, despotic and tyrannical as Assad may be, his forced ouster would leave yet another Mubarak-like and Qadaffi-like vacuum, and that the Muslim Brotherhood would move in and orchestrate more Islamic chaos across the region.  (And Putin would be right about that.)

4.  Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 to meet with his Turkish counterpart, who reportedly warned Stevens that the operation was compromised. The reason they met in person was so that his Turkish colleague could show Stevens overhead satellite images, taken by the Russians, of unmistakable surveillance footage of the anti-Assad “rebels” being shown how to load chemical payloads onto missiles inside Turkey near the border of Syria—weapons that were shipped from Libya by the CIA in conjunction with various Muslim Brotherhood rebel groups; —weapons that could be used as a “false flag” type of operation to “set-up” Assad by making it appear that he was using these weapons on forces dedicated to his overthrow.  In that scenario, the projected collective reaction of the international community would be swift and punishing, and the world would demand Assad’s overthrow.  NATO would then be used to expedite his ouster, and Russia’s moral position within the international community would be weakened.  So, the purpose of that Turkish diplomat’s in-person meeting was to show Ambassador Stevens that the operation was compromised and that they had to stop.  You can bet that Panetta and the highest levels of the administration knew that the operation was compromised; Stevens would have reported that to them after the Turkish diplomat left. 

5.  The attack started not too long after the Turkish diplomat’s departure—no doubt the timing of which wasn’t a coincidence.  

6.  The Obama administration asserts that the attack in Benghazi was conducted by a group of rebels acting alone.  If that was true, our military assets, located just an hour or two away by air, could have easily handled them in short order and rescued our personnel.  So why was there no rescue operation?

7.  No rescue effort was made because the attack was not conducted by a group of rebels; it was a nation/state coordinated and sponsored attack in response to our covert operation in Libya and arming the anti-Assad Syrian opposition—and Panetta and everyone else knew it.  They also knew that the nation/state sponsored attack teams were lying in wait for U.S. rescue forces to arrive, which is the reason the fight did not end sooner.  From signal communication intercepts, they knew those nation/state attack teams were present but didn’t know exactly where all of them were and that was the Obama administration dilemma.  So, now, that gives deeper meaning to Panetta’s statement about why no rescue attempt was made, and why Dougherty/Woods was told three times to stand down:   “…the basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on…”  Would Obama-the-weak risk deploying a  rescue team to Benghazi, only to end up with another Black Hawk down type scenario, especially so close to an election?  Remember, this is the president who for months kept wavering and vacillating on giving the OK to get OBL, and even with all that time STILL couldn’t do it (Panetta had to make the call).  So, c’mon .. you don’t think he’s capable of actually making a tough call to deploy military assets in such a tight and fast-moving time frame, do you?  I mean, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod could never allow that, don’t you know?  After all, what’s ‘just’ 4 lives when you compare it to the possibility of another 4 years?

8.  As daylight approached with no response from the U.S. and no aid to the Americans under fire, the nation/state attack teams completed their mission in the remaining cover of darkness … killing four patriots.

Bottom line:

We were using anti-Assad forces to advance our objectives in Syria.

Russia was using Iranian-backed forces to protect theirs.  

If you’re keeping score, put a check-mark in the Russian/Iranian column.

The hidden real truth about Benghazi

The hidden real truth about Benghazi

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  • Patsy

    And….Dead men tell no tales.

  • Jan


  • wildwill

    why are we the people the only ones who know this and care about it?

    • Jim Jones

      I have sent at least three stories about all this to Fox News and have yet to hear anything about it as of Sunday Oct. 28th.

    • fliteking

      Great question. Are other Americans that stupid? Uhhh, yep.

  • Jim Jones

    WAKE UP FOX NEWS, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC. What in heck is the matter with you people, this country is selling us out to the Muslim Brotherhood, Russia and Iran and you don’t give a crap. Thanks a lot dumb asses!!!!!

  • IrishGal

    This article explains a lot. Wonder if our president was running guns without Congressional approval. Leading from behind again as he had to know disaster was knocking at the Ambassador’s door. Oh, but maybe that was in the 50% of the National security briefings he blew off. Shameful!!! Wonder if this changes President Obama’s message to Putin that he’d “have more flexibility after he’s re-elected.” Let’s pray that doesn’t happen.

    • Warthog0

      Vote first, Pray afterwards

      • Pablo Descartes

        You’re wrong warthog. Pray first. Then vote. Pray always, we need Divine Intercession now as ever.

  • doctor7

    Dead witnesses can’t talk. There is an obvious cover-up going on with the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, the CIA, and other high military and security officials involved. Either Obama lied (again) about issuing orders to keep the 4 Americans safe or his orders were disobeyed. Either way, there is no leadership and no one wants to be responsible (weak leaders).

  • jo_ella

    This makes my stomach turn…..how evil of a person does it take to stand by and let this happen, because he wants to play the rock star? I pray this epic failure is booted out by a landslide Nov. 6…he should be impeached and imprisioned!

  • mthammer

    This guy Obama needs to be impeached, Panetta needs to go ,Holder and everyone else in his administration especially Phoeffe his advisor an Valerie Jarret needs to be sent back toIraq.

  • could go a bit deeper than that and this is only me thinking out loud but maybe the ambassador might have been thinking about going public about this gun walking thing maybe it was similiar to the one in Mexico/Arizona where the border patrol agent was murdered they are still covering up evidence in that its not too far of a jump to think that the CIA were to put out chemical weapons and send them to syria via the muslim brotherhood to blame on the syrian government,that would go a long way to setting up another puppet government run by the muslim brotherhood hand picked by you know who,now if ambassador stevens was to make that public nobody would re-elect obama,so now I reckon the question is did the obama adminestration have 4 american citizens murdered to shut them up about this syrian gun running thing (remember the obama kill list) ,sounds more plausable than “violence erupted over a video that was unfavorable to mohommed”or that some terrorist organazation just so happened to show up complete with all kinds of assult weapons and RPG’s and whatever else they had ,this just beggs for some deep independent investigation about the obama adminestration and the role that the CIA played in this fiasco neither one of them can come out smelling very good

  • rascallyrabbit

    Who were the “nation/state” attackers?

  • AD Roberts

    If you go to war, you must fight.
    And if you fight, you must fight to win.
    Otherwise, do go.

  • AD Roberts

    Obama has proven time and time again to the muslims that we, as a nation with Obama in charge, are weak, indecisive and not a threat to ANYTHING. This once again proves that there is no moral fiber in this man. He does not take a stand on ANYTHING. (Except spending as fast and much as possible)
    That would indicate that he DOES have something he is committed to. OUr bankruptcy.

  • Sam

    The anti-Assad “rebels” were al qaeda. The US has been supplying Muslim Brotherhood with weapons. They, in turn, hired al qaeda to join the rebels in Syria. Bottom line is that we have caught our government gun running to the enemy.

  • Sam

    Obama is a Muslim and he is helping the Muslim Brotherhood gain control of the Muslim countries. This is a dream of the Muslim leaders.

  • so, Obama should have exposed clandestine operations?

    what’s the correct response to this situation?

  • fern

    Definitely TREASONOUS!

  • Col_Pool

    Look, I agree that the entire Libya 9/11 thing stinks. As a scandal it dwarfs Watergate. But this author needs to ATRIBUTE this stuff. Much of it is dubious. I’m certainly ready to believe, but give us some documentation!

  • I live by a code, pay attention to your gut feel. Unfortunately you can’t always understand those gut feelings in time, but you later find most were real. This is one of those gut feelings. There has to be a whole bunch of things going on here. It stinks like a barrel of 2 week old, dead fish. I’m sure our muslim President is at the bottom of that barrel. I’m also sure Obama wants to see the muslims rule the middle east, at any cost. What I think is going on behind all this, is support from people in the UN to advance their “one wrold government” adgenda. Remember this may not be the form they desire, but just the disruptive force to set up instability before taking over, in the name of peace, of course.
    In the mean time there are no news media people covering or investigating any of it. It’s very sad but I have adopted an old phrase used during civil war times, “keep your powder dry.”