Exceptionalism Cannot Be Redistributed


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Mediocre performance did not enable “Fearless” Felix Baumgartner to space jump from 128,000 feet to set the world’s highest space jump record.(1)

It was exceptionalism. It was courage. It was years of labor, of work, of investment. His accomplishment, built by Red Bull and others, sets the bar higher, not lower, not equal, for dreams for millions and possibly billions of children around the world to excel, to be their best, to achieve all that is possible.

We cannot redistribute courage, faith, belief, desire, or greatness. Nor would we want to if it was possible.

You can achieve all that is humanly possible with your God-given creativity and talents.

Discover exceptionalism. Abolish minimalist thinking and suppression. Abolish collectivist tyranny.

(1) http://www.foxnews.com/science/2012/10/14/supersonic-skydiver-hopes-to-break-sound-barrier/?test=latestnews?test=latestnews

David M Chaney (C) 2012 / CEOs for Liberty.org

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  • Felicia

    Yeah Felix!! I love that he’s from Austria!! I guess exceptionalism isn’t limited to the United States!!

    • Individual exceptionalism is not limited to any border or state.

      A principle of an exceptional nation and people is that we love to share the ideals of exceptionalism where ever they will take root.

      Exceptional Americans are never worried about other’s being exceptional. We take exception, however, to detractors who attempt to say America is not exceptional.

      Exceptional people love life and want to share their love for life, for winning, and for exceptional performance.

      Americans are excited for any accomplishment that demonstrates the power of human potential and freedom — exceptionalism — anywhere it resides. It is in our DNA.

      We are excited for this accomplishment by private enterprise, and by any individual who seeks exceptional performance.

      America is exceptional as a nation — as is proven over 236 years — and always will be exceptional, given our heritage and DNA of liberty, individual responsibility and freedom. And this exceptionalism will remain, as long as detractors, apologists, and antagonists of liberty do not prevail.

      This feat was accomplished in America for a reason, with assistance from Americans, and was sponsored by a private company — not a State entity.
      Joe Kittinger, an American who set the world record in 1960, was part of the mission control team to help Felix accomplish his goal. This represents the highest standards of exceptionalism, helping someone else from another nation, to break your own record.