Formula for a Romney Slam Dunk in Tonight’s Debate


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All Mitt Romney has to do to win the debate tonight is to hold Obama’s feet to the fire and force him to disclose who gave Susan Rice the order to lie to the American people on national television about the bogus video theory, and more importantly, point to the fact that the Obama Administration purchased advertising on Pakistani television to propagate a bogus apology for something that had nothing to do with the terrorist attack that killed Stevens in Benghazi, but actually inflamed the hatred and animosity towards the US even more as a result of their ill conceived lie.

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  • It was the same Ol’ OBLAMA that has flaunted the office of our presidency to push his gay – men marrying men and women marrying women – agenda. Why on earth would a responsible person send a homo-sexual to a Muslim – whether the so-called “Christians” like the Muslim religion or not – nation as an ambassador from the U.S.A.. It was a terrible insult to them, as well as to our nation.

  • Tea Party

    Uninstalling Obama……… █████████████▒▒▒ 90% complete.

  • I have been saying this all along the excuse was a fuse that lit-up the remainder of the Middle East. It can be blamed for the expanding attacks and additional injured or dead post Egypt and Libya. Irresponsible to an incredible degree.

  • gypsyjane

    I can only wish that the Facebook Posting Policy was the same as yours. Thank you for standing up for decency.

  • sawdust

    They think the ‘we people’ are ALL ignorant. ( and some of the ‘man on the street interviews’ seem to bare them out to some extent) Lies are all they have. It happened on September 11, I knew it was a terrorist attack from the start, as did any thinking patriotic American.

  • Well he damn sure didn’t do that at all. Let him off the hook

  • Well he sure let him off the hook. Didn’t he

  • Bob Cole

    Had to leave this Jan,GM save is a lie.http://youtu.be/Lvl5Gan69Wo