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80 million people receive checks from the federal government in the form of entitlements. This post is not about the folks who have earned it or are truly disabled and need it. This post is about the lazy people who refuse to work and abuse the system.

A record 44.7 million people — or 1 in 7 Americans — were on food stamps last year. But does that make Barack Obama the “food stamp president?”
Newt Gingrich once again slapped that label on Obama during a South Carolina debate Monday night, saying: “The fact is that more people have been put on food stamps by Barack Obama than any president in American history.”

The food stamp rolls have swelled more under Obama’s tenure than under his recent predecessors. Also, his 2009 Recovery Act allowed even more people to sign up.

The number of people in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has soared to an average 44.7 million in fiscal 2011, up 33% from fiscal 2009. Obama’s stimulus act made it easier for childless, jobless adults to qualify for the program and increased the monthly benefit by about 15% through 2013.

In fiscal 2011, the federal government spent more than $75 billion on food stamps, which provided an average monthly benefit of $133.85 a month, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s up from $34.6 billion at the end of fiscal 2008, when recipients collected an average benefit of $102.19.

My message to those who are capable of working but choose to be lazy and abuse the system I say this: Redistributing the wealth is straight from chapter 2 of the communist manifesto.
It is also the heart and soul of Obama’s plan for America’s transformation…

How can anyone call himself an American and vote for a man who plans to fundamentally change the free market enterprise system to a system that out founders died fighting against?

Why don’t you find a shot of pride, man up, stop being a victim, get on your feet and do something with your life besides being a leech? If you can’t find a job, do something to give back to your community by doing volunteer work.

My grandfather always told me “where there is a will, there is a way.”- JAN MORGAN

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  • Me

    I’m a stay at home mom and we get food stamps because I don’t want to put my kids in daycare, and therefore am opting out of work. I would love to work from home but can’t find anything realistic or something that isn’t a con. What would anti-Obamians suggest for someone in my situation? Let someone else raise my kids? Or are there known legit/realistic work from home jobs?

    • Chris Richard

      http://www.forbes.com/sites/jennagoudreau/2011/09/27/the-best-paying-work-at-home-jobs/ , I was going to say IT such as learn a coding language of some sort and do contract work. But that list had some ideas I never thought about.

    • Workingmom

      My suggestion is to get a job where you can work opposite shifts from your spouse. Thats what i did and my children were never in daycare. Staying at home with your children and mooching off of those of us who do work is immoral. I worked 6-day weeks last year so I could pay bills because of how little was left after taxes. You stay home while I spend all my time away from my family… You should be ashamed!

      • Me

        sorry i will not be ashamed that i want to take care of my kids and have time with my husband. I am trying to find work i can do at home. i accept food stamps that i qualify for and would not be mad if they were taken away, because yes it is my choice. thanks for the judgement/insult when you don’t even know where i stand completely. i simply was asking for suggestions so i don’t have to either not see my kids or not see my husband.

  • Peace Be Still

    @156b256845989efff4d340a45178eb37:disqus And therein is the REAL issue. Very similar to the AD on TV where the young girl says she is going to vote for Obama becuase he will give her a free cell phone. You choose to not work because you choose to take money from those who do. There are those who work for a living that did have to choose to put their kids in child crae to do it because they do not want to be the kind of person who just takes money from others and makes excuses to do it. They earn their money while you OPT OUT and take it from them because you refuse to do what they had to do. But you don’t seem to have a problem taking theirs to have your way do you? Let me help you rephrase in honest terms (We get food stamps because I do not want to work as hard as everyone else and I know the government will pay me to stay at home even when I am fully capable of getting out in the real world and working for myself earning my own money, so that I can support my own family (in which I also chose to do and accept full responsibility for and not place that on others too) and not mouch off of those who do work hard, sacrifice and accept responsibility for their own actions)

    • Me

      you and another person have suggested the same thing, judgement and insult rather than offering any good solutions. thanks for rephrasing for me but just like the other person, you have no idea where I stand. i am not ok “mooching” and am not happy taking other people’s money. and guess what, I never even said I was voting for obama. I’m actually on here trying to find work I can do WHILE taking care of my kids at the same time. So I am trying to support my family entirely rather than dumping them off for someone else to take care of while I go work somewhere. Saying i don’t want to work as hard as everyone else makes me wonder if you have been a stay at home parent. I school my kids, clean, run errands, homemake just about everything from laundry soap to apple chips to our winter clothes, etc. I am looking for work I can do from home on top of everything else so please stop jumping the gun saying I just don’t want to work hard. Here is what you have done : Me- Any suggestions for someone trying to take care of family and wants to work from home too? You – You’re lazy and selfish and you’re the problem with society.

  • Dennis

    @me Do what we did.We budgeted to keep my wife home until my kid started school. And then she worked full time and when we had more kids we paid a babysitter to watch the toddlers until they could start school. Was on state aid once ,when my Dad was injured, And swore I would never do that again

  • Me

    I see people getting irritated that I don’t have a “real job”. I won’t go on and on about our financial situation or how much we do to save money, but please think before you respond. You don’t know all the details, you don’t know my moral stand, whether or not I’m supporting Obama, you don’t know whether or not we are happy accepting the help. All you know is that I am a stay at home mom looking for a work from home job so I can wholly take care of my family. Quit judging what you do not know and maybe offer some suggestions like I asked.