No Guns at the Gun Show

Jan Morgan

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You would think the one place a licensed concealed carry gun owner would be welcome with open arms is at a gun show. After all, the kinds of folks who attend gun shows are obviously gun owners and gun enthusiasts. Attending gun shows is one of my favorite weekend activities because I love guns, ammunition, and gun accessories.

This weekend, I attended a gun show in Springdale Arkansas, my first in that state. I was shocked when I approached the door of the building, to see signs plastered all over the doors. The signs read, “No loaded guns past this point”, “No loaded clips or loose ammo allowed”, and “No loaded concealed carry allowed”.

In other words, I can walk in a place that is in the business of promoting guns for self defense, yet I am expected to be defenseless while I am there. Also… I can purchase guns, ammo, and magazines inside the show and walk around with them, but can’t walk around with the same items if I had them in my possession before the show?

Rather than attend with a useless gun, I turned around, went back to the car, and left my gun in the trunk.

I walked back toward the gun show feeling vulnerable, irritated, and almost did not attend. I also looked around the parking lot and thought, if I was a thief, I could expect to make a sizable haul of firearms from vehicles in this parking lot today. I was very uncomfortable leaving my gun in the car.

I asked the guy taking money at the front door of the gun show, why I could not have my concealed carry in the building? He said it was for insurance reasons.

I have had repeated threats made against my life because of my political posts against the Islamization of my country. I do not go anywhere without being armed.

I would understand gun show organizers posting rules related to keeping personal concealed carry guns holstered or concealed. I can see why they wouldn’t want people pulling out their personal guns and trying them in holsters at the shows, but I resent being told that I have to disarm.
What is wrong with asking concealed carry gun owners at the door to show their permits, then letting them attend, armed?

Is it just me or is it strange that I can walk in to most businesses in my home state, including banks, with my concealed carry gun loaded, yet can’t go to a gun show with it? I did some checking on the internet and discovered this is a common practice at gun shows in various states. I guess I have just been spoiled by the shows I attended in Texas, a state where most folks own guns and don’t take to kindly to being told to disarm.

Is it too much to expect people in the firearms business to be the most fierce advocates for the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens in this country, therefore, supportive of the legal right to concealed carry?

Of all the places to have my right to self defense stripped from me, a gun show was the one place I would never have expected that to happen.

The vendors at the show were kind. I did spend some money there, but, I still resent the fact that I have gone through the training and testing to qualify as a responsible citizen for legal concealed carry in over 30 states, including Arkansas, yet that legal permit was not recognized and my right to armed self defense was denied by the sponsors of this gun show.

Finally, if people in the business of gun sales don’t trust legal concealed carry gun owners to enter the establishment armed, what message does this send to other businesses and Americans about the concept of concealed carry and whether they should allow it in their business? (c) 2012 JAN MORGAN

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  • Believe it or not, this seems to be common practice at gun shows these days. I’ve had to disarm in order to attend shows in Louisiana. I’ve heard that’s also the rule at the Dallas show.

    • Mike… I was furious..
      Seriously.. once inside the show.. I can buy all the guns and ammo I want as well as magazines for the ammo and guns.. What is the difference between buying it inside and carrying it around yet can’t carry the same thing around if it was mine before the show.???

      • kitdfohs

        That is the reason that I quit going to any of the D/FW shows several years ago. I don’t like leaving my gun in the car, especially when I am carryingf a substantial amount of cash on me for purchases. Don’t think that the goblins don’t know that people going in and out of gun shows don’t know it.

  • Mike

    That is stupid. I would not have attended and posted how hypocritical they are. I dont go anywhere with out my gun or CCW and in Arizona, that is pretty much any where I want.

  • I haven’t seen it. I live in San Antonio, Texas, though. To be honest, I
    just wouldn’t go in. And I’d spend some time getting myself, my
    friends, and anyone else going in to start writing emails and letters. Insurance reasons or not, I wouldn’t do it.

    • Jason, this is one of the many reasons I love Texas

  • Jan, I follow you, but disagree with you on this one. The ONLY way to avoid an accidental shooting is not to have ANY loaded weapons, period. Many potential gun buyers are handling weapons at various booths, some for the first time. There is no “down-range”. It’s impossible to know who has what, and if it’s loaded or not. Gun shops require the same safety practice for two reasons: 1. So there are no AD’s; and 2. To provide some security against armed robbery. If you’re not a newbie to gun ownership, stop acting like one.

    • Rayban

      So Dennis, if said armed robber wants to really rob the place all he has to do is walk in, purchase any gun, buy the ammo, go into the restroom, load it and begin the robbing. And anyone who is “handling a weapon for the first time will probably not have a concealed carry permit. I can understand not letting unqualified and untrained people load or carry around a weapon. You could use that argument for keeping concealed carry permit holders form walking into any building. And, seriously, what’s the point in being so rude? You opinon would have been better served and received without that last comment.

      • Wha??? Who the hell walks into a gun shop, UNARMED, buys all the crap and then robs the store? They walk in armed, point and fire. It is a common gun etiquette to have the magazine out, and the weapon cleared PRIOR to going into a gun shop. They don’t like surprises. I have a CCW. Fortunately, I am well trained, but in PA you DON’T have to go through an NTA training course to get your permit.And you don’t have to defend Jan, she’s a big girl and can defend herself.That’s why I follow her. Maybe I shouyld have put a little “smiley” at the end. Sorry… my laptop doesn’t have a “tongue-in-cheek” key.

    • CMSGT R. Street Ellis

      Denis, so in theory (your theory), an unarmed assailant would not have the mental capability to consider entering such an establishment/gathering unarmed, gather the items required to commit such an act, complete the loading of the magazine, load it into the weapon chosen, and eliminate all who entered unarmed? Good luck with that theory/logic Denis. I, on the other hand, would have to agree with Ms. Morgan, that a gun show, catering to those whom choose to arm themselves, and can do so legally, should not restrict or restrain those to whom they are soliciting. Rather twisted actually! But, as a 22+ year Air Force Veteran, I do and will support your right to express you opinion and view. Good day to you Sir!

      • Thanks, Sarge, your condescension was almost palatable. So, to repeat what I said to Rayban…..

        Wha??? Who the hell walks into a gun shop, UNARMED, buys all the crap and then robs the store? They walk in armed, point and fire. It is a common gun etiquette to have the magazine out, and the weapon cleared PRIOR to going into a gun shop. They don’t like surprises. I have a CCW. Fortunately, I am well trained, but in PA you DON’T have to go through an NRA training course to get your permit.

        In Harrisburg, PA. The show is HUGE, over 1200 tables. Do you want to know how many times some asshat two rows over has, while inspecting a potential purchase, has pointed their pistol at me and other people? Now, maybe a flyboy doesn’t take that crap seriously, but THIS Recon grunt sure does. See… I can show off my shiny medals, too. I understand why they have to do this for liability insurance. No insurance, no show. But, it doesn’t mean I like it. But I can go from MY lock in the action,(not their stinking zip tie against MY strike plate, weapon unloaded, magazine in my pocket to unlocked, clip in, racked and ready, in less than five seconds. But hey, I’m just a stupid grunt. I DO thank you for your service.

    • Rick_in_VA

      Quote:: Gun shops require the same safety practice ::Quote.
      Not any of the guns stores I frequent.

      • It’s part of basic gun etiquette. Gun shop owners appreciate it, especially the ones who have been held up before. They hate surprises.

    • Denis, You are more than welcome to disagree with me, however,
      if you are a gun owner, and support the 2nd Amendment, how about you stop acting like an anti-gun liberal who lives in fear of Patriots with legal concealed carry permits. (smiles)

    • Laura Stricklen

      Jan, I completely understand your frustration with this situation, but having been a vendor on the gun show circuit in Arkansas, Texas & some in Lousiana for about 6 yrs now, I also understand the reasoning behind it. As Denis pointed out, there is no “down-range” at a gun show & there are many inexperienced people present at these shows, as well as irresponsible vendors. This is a relatively new rule, at least here in Arkansas & I think it came about because there were many accidental discharges occuring at shows, from guns that were supposed to be unloaded & tied! I also had the uncomfortable experience of being used as as “target” at one of these shows. My tables were up against a wall & one morning I was suddenly blinded by a bright light & couldn’t figure out where it had come from. Later that day, my friend that was with me asked me what that spot was on my shirt. “That spot” turned out to be a laser sight dot attached to a weapon! When we investigated, we discovered that the dealer had been using me, & have his customers use me, as a “target”!!! Since that laser sight was directly over my heart, imagine if that gun had been one that accidentally discharged.
      Do I like the rule? NO! I don’t unload my gun until I am inside the show, & I load it before I leave! I’m not trying to defend it, but I do somewhat understand it.

  • Tom

    Obama really scares me. I see Hitler in him. If he is re elected I can envision him trying to dissolve the congress, and being the commander in chief he might have enough kooks in the military to follow him

    • Gary Malone

      I see Joseph Stalin…

      • I see both.

        • Gary Malone

          Yes it’s hard to distinguish between the two. I see dead tyrants. LOL!

    • Obama has been a disaster for America, but the Hitler comparison is way over the top. I don’t think the guy is a homicidal maniac. He’s just in way over his head with his radical ideas. I remember a lot of talk show guys floating the same theories about Clinton. He was going to declare Marshal Law and take over as a dictator. Those were the same folks who bought into the y2k bug. All the computers were going to crash. People were stockpiling weapons, ammo, food, water, meds, etc. Remember that one? I would worry more about the upcoming election, because if Obama wins America won’t be able to survive four more years of him. There won’t be enough pieces left to pick up. So I guess it won’t matter much what he does if he’s reelected, because either way our goose will be cooked.

  • armedandsafe

    This is the common practice in Washington state, as well. At least on the dry side of the state we can still carry our guns. We just can’t have any of our ammo with us. We pick it up when we leave and have the Deputy cut the zip-tie.



    • I do wish the vendors would insiste on change.

  • Rayban

    Jan, I attended the gun show at Dulles, VA on Saturday and it was the same thing. Seems they have found a way to surpress us even through our own events by threating to sue insurance companies should anything happen. Could this become the tactic for ALL buildings even in states that allow concealed carry? An angle to perhaps look into. But I did buy a sweet Ruger SR40c (.40 cal) for my new concealed carry. I suggest you give it a look. It’s quickly becoming the fovorite of many a carrier. Ray

    • Rick_in_VA

      Its been that way in Virginia as far back as I can remember, and that’s a long time. Yes, it’s BS; but as another poster said, what are you going to do? It’s the only gun-ban business I have anything to do with. Even the Red Cross bloodmobiles have no-firearms signs.

  • I also find these bans annoying. They are common at California gun shows. I do not know if everyone leaves their weapons in the car, or if they simply leave them concealed; I have never seen people being frisked, nor metal detectors. However, if you openly carry a weapon – perhaps for sale – an attendant will lock the action open with a tie wrap.

    I think gun owners need to push back. There is no sense kidding – gun owners are often armed; it goes with the territory. You might as well ask geeks to leave their laptops and iPads in the car at a sci fi convention.

  • Same in CA. When you can find one. 🙁

  • Gary Malone

    Every Gun show that I have attended here in the Dallas, TX area has the same sign posted. It’s frustrating. They will allow me to bring it in unloaded, but that defeats the purpose.

  • Susan

    Our Sheriff says, “If I can’t go in armed, I don’t go in at all. I go to the owner/manager of the business and tell them, ‘If you want my business, you want me armed.’ Many times they will allow it. If they don’t, I leave!” I agree with him…the gun show people are not being customer-friendly if they, of all businesses, require you to be unarmed. I WOULD NOT HAVE GONE IN…AND, IF I DID, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAKING MY VIEWS KNOWN…AND THEN I WOULD MAKE SURE THEY REALIZED THAT I DID NOT SPEND A PENNY IN THEIR PLACE.

  • Greg Simmons

    In South.Carolina, not only can’t we have a loaded gun at a gun show but it has to be locked open.

  • AgentInfidel

    I would not have gone in, Jan. It’s time to stop putting up with all the absurd regulations and laws that, for the most part, punish law-abiding citizens.

    • you are right.. I should not have gone in.

  • Midlandr

    A very serious case of retard here.

  • All gun shows in Nebraska are the same way and every gun comming in and going out must be zip tied at the action. It’s bull but what are ya going to do?

  • From Dusk til Dawn

    Jan, it would appear that they have the ‘movie theater’ mentality! “Don’t bring any foor or drinks from outside vendors!” is plastered all over any movie theater (Or professional sporting event), so it must have brain-washed these Show Organizers. Either that, or they TOO have succumbed to the “Politically Correct” paranoia. So many people, who, being fearful of retalliation for doing what is correct/right/logical, cowar to the status quo, under pressure as not to offend. Some liberal state lobbyist has probably passed an ASSnine state law banning concealed weapons at such events. I too agree that it would have been better to have simply not entered the event, not support these vendors and their cowardess, and NOT spend my hard-earned American dollars in an atmosphere that SAYS one thing, and hypocritically cowars down to another. There is NO WAY that I would have ever disarmed myself, and place my pistol in the trunk. That area is best suited for luggage and a spare tire, NOT my best friend! LOL

    • From Dusk til Dawn

      Should have used spell check: “foor = food”. Sorry about that!

    • I agree… I should not have gone in.

  • Screamin’ For Sanity…

    After seeing these signs at most all the gun shows I have attended, or at least STARTED TO ATTEND lately, I have written them all off, and for the reasons you outlined. If THEY can’t respect Second Amendment rights, and THEY want to operate as if they don’t trust me with my concealed carry permit, I can’t respect them and won’t trust them with my hard-earned money.

  • J. Lancaster

    These shows would be better off asking concealed carry owners to simply not unholster their weapons at any time rather than telling them ‘no entry’ if carrying. Legal Concealed Carry owners with permits absolutely respect that idea and it would be more palatable than just flat out un-arming people; that flies right in the face of what gun owners are all about! If insurance issues from building owners or event organizers is the absolute reason, then there again is another cog in the wheels of Americas freedom train that has become far too powerful a weapon and can be abused by the lefty’s. So, in this case, gun show organizers should stand a little more firm on the side of law abiding CCW citizens by negotiating to allow concealed carry within these premises just as they would any other business, but with only one exception, ie; to provide that owners of CCW’s quickly sign a disclaimer while entering, stating that the property owners and event organizers are not held responsible for any accidental discharge or mishaps, etc, due to your negligence (just as some hard rock concerts do because of the possibility of being injured from rowdy stage diving fans), or, simply tell them that they will take their business and revenue somewhere else that will respect the right to carry!. It’s just an idea, and some will still feel like they are being
    harrassed, but hey, you still have your weapon on your person and all is
    well. As far as first time users or newbies and the possibility of being mugged or robbed at the show which was surprisingly mentioned earlier on this thread, newbies wouldn’t be handling loaded guns at the show because they are all unloaded in the first place, and obviously they wouldn’t necessarily be a “newbie” if they are carrying a concealed weapons permit now would they? Make sense? Lastly, when was the last time you heard of a person being mugged inside a gun show? Anyway, gun show attendees would certainly abide by a more respectful ‘absolutely no unholstered weapons’ warning if need be, while in the show, rather than just
    flat out not allowing them in the show because they are exercising their
    lawful right to carry. Jan has a good point in her statement about what kind of message this sending out to ‘business owners and Americans about the concept of concealed carry’
    in our community? In other words; why give Democrats
    another piece of “ammunition” (so to speak) to fire back at concealed carry laws?? Also, people respond much kinder to ‘respect given first’…this is a
    concept that these event organizers and Mr. Mulligan might want to practice at as
    well. Very disrespectful.

  • John Holden

    all of the gun shows here in Oklahoma,stop you from entering with a loaded gun, last year some kid working at one of the shows, was showing a gun and he got shot with it,because he didn’t check to see if it was loaded befor handing it to a customer, who also didn’t check to see if it was loaded,befor pulling the triger!! but I agree with the folks here that think its just stupid to stop conceal carry at a gun show,

  • Casmige

    Yet….the ATF agents allowed inside are able to holster AND carry their fully loaded side arm….

  • Brian

    The normal in Indiana,Ohio,Kentucky , we are our own worst enemy

  • David Gillum

    I would simply have written a note that said something to the effect of, “I am a Concealed License Holder that you refused to allow to enter your business with my firearm.. where you sell and promote firearms. I refuse to give you my business. I hope others will do the same.” Taped it to the door and left.

  • Guest

    Your talking to the choir…I thought that crap was only be seen in California

  • vicwins

    Just as contradictory/ironic: I belong to a large gun club in central FL (approx. 1,000 members). As supportive as the club is of the NRA (every club member must belong to the NRA), the Second Amendment, and concealed carry permitting, the club has a strict rule: NO CONCEALED FIREARMS PERMITTED ON CLUB PROPERTY – INCLUDING THE FIRING RANGES! I find this rule to be a most hypocritical rule, and absolutely non-supportive of gun rights that the club supposedly promotes. Obviously, the club does not trust CCW licensed members any more than the anti-gun rights zealots in our country. What’s the club’s message here? It’s plain to see, and I think it’s simply wrong and an insult and embarrassment to all our members.

  • Edwin Caudill

    I had the same thing happen to me at a gun show .Me and my wife parked a long way from the entrance we got to the door seen the sign I looked at my wife and said screw this place went back to our vehicle and left.

  • That excuse was a cop out if I’ve ever heard one. Perhaps a city ordinance, or a new stipulation by insurance companies from above, but the fact with your permit, you can pick up any weapon inside the show, load it inside a bathroom inside the building, kinda kills his excuse.

  • sotarrthewizard

    Having dealt with large facilities for other things, it’s usually part of the lease contract. I’ve asked: the usual answer is “insurance”. Apparently, the insurance companies who do liability insurance are demanding it, or force the venue to pay massively higher premiums….

  • handgunnar

    Sounds like a case of cranio-rectal impaction to me.

  • I don’t know that it’s the same at gun shows I haven’t gone to, but here in Idaho I have never run into such restrictions. If I ever do I will politely hand them a card I carry that explains why I won’t be entering their establishment to spend my hard earned money. The reason given being insurance restrictions sounds bogus to me. If there was a person shot with a purchased gun they would be just as liable.

    • Lee… please share that card with me.. I need to get some printed up.

      • Jan, I tried sending it to you via facebook, hope you got it, if not let me know and I’ll try again.

  • Joe Wicked

    I have seen similar signs here in the DFW area at gun shows. All firearms had to be checked and had the safety zip tie run through the barrel preventing a round from being chambered. I had the same thought at the time.

  • Lucky

    I went to many different gun shows while I was in TX. In Austin, Belton, Waco, Killeen, Houston, Dallas, and a few other smaller towns. Almost every one I went to had a large TX 30.06 sign (trespassing by the carrier of a concealed firearm). I don’t agree with the practice either, but almost every gun show in each state that I’ve been to one has something similar.

  • George

    This is a bunch of crap. And I don’t believethat insurance reasons is behind this. If this were me, i would ask to see whomever was in charge and ask to see that is writing in their insurance policy.


    I sincerely do not think it was insurance, but the fact “your” gun was there – more like “did you buy that gun here” thing versus “did you shoplift” that gun here???…something to think about…

  • Oldguymx

    What is just as strange before I retired as a Law Enforcement officer I would walk into a gun store carrying my concealed off duty weapon but had to pay for and come back 3 days later to pick up any weapon I purchased

  • longbow48

    I attend gun shows regularly here in Arizona, which happens to be one of the most free states in the union, but we have never been allowed to carry loaded weapons in the show as long as I have been attending. Not sure why, but it does seem odd. One thing that I did not see here, and must be respected, is the personal rights of the property owners, or in some cases, it is dictated due to being government property. It is easy to say “I will not attend”, or some other verbal stance against the show, and in most cases I would agree, but if we choose to say our 2A rights trump private property rights, we may end up arguing with someone who carries on our property, personal or otherwise, and have defeated our own argument by saying they have no right to do so. A gun show not allowing seems extreme, and the insurance excuse very lame, but I am curious as to the real reason.

  • i forget where i saw them but i downloaded business cards to hand out to companies that dont allow guns inside..i would deffinately have given them one..

    • Tonya, if you ever find that card to download.. please share it with me.

  • Thanks for being a stand up woman-

  • the cams and cameras were working full time to record faces, conversations and actions outside- Your auto and plates, riders and associates were all rcorded-

  • Greg

    Same thing happened to me in Missouri at a show in Columbia this past summer. I felt exactly as you stated in your blog. Yes, I too left my Glock 27 in my car and yes, I too spent some money. Overall, it was a good event, but I am still disappointed regarding the “No Concealed Carry” rule at the show.

  • Preaching Patriot

    no one said that those in the gun business had to be sensible or that policies surrounding gun promotion/sales had to make sense…

  • Mary

    They have those signs in Texas at major gun shows. They post the 30.06 sign stating we cannot carry, but I believe most CHL holders feel this is posted incorrectly. I don’t like it either and would question the insurance aspect of the promoters, but shows done at government owned facilities differ from those at private venues.

  • I had the same problem when I lived in Ohio and it never made sense to me either. I have not attended any shows in Mississippi yet so I am not sure what they do here.

  • David Orth

    Jan, gun shows in Alabama have had the rules you described in place for the past 28 years I’ve been attending them except for uniformed law enforcement officers. From what I’ve been told by several members of the Alabama gun Collectors Association that these rules are due to the liability insurance companies requiring these rules before agreeing to cover the event. In Birmingham, they have to hire off duty BPD officers to work security.

    I do remember there being an unintentional discharge at a AGCA show while I was still in high school in the mid 70’s and would guess that incident is what caused the insurance carriers to require the “No Loaded Guns, Magazines or Loose Ammunition” policy.

  • Somewhere…someday someone is gonna make a test case against LOCAL governments making laws which interfere with your right to carry arms. Nothing about the 2nd Amendment says if, and or but. Then we ALL need to get behind the case and make sure every bit of our local governments are aware that they have no business “regulating” nor no business giving/voting themselves non-existent powers.

    • I like gun shows, although I like our local small gun shops better, I feel good about being a patron of someone in my community that I can get to know. I regret I didn’t have time to read all these comments, so if my thoughts are addressed here already, please forgive me. I wonder; Do the show sponsors like posting these rules, or forced into it in order to hold the show? If a person has lawful concealed carry, can they not use a visible holster on top of their clothing? What does “Loose ammo” mean exactly? Let’s say I stopped at Dick’s sporting goods and bought a few shells in a plastic case, put the reciept in the bag, stapled the bag shut and put it in a Rocky Boots fanny pack unzipped and wide open on my fanny. Would that be a temporary means to keep the peace until this problem gets solved through some orderly advocacy, if indeed it can? Am I too naive?

  • wdcraftr

    Just another Colorado theatre catastrophe waiting to happen.. I’m not going in. Think a criminal is going to abide by this? Not a chance… He walks in with a couple loaded magazines in his pocket, picks up an AR15, slaps in a mag, and lets is fly. Our weapons are in our cars. Makes sense to me..

  • Brandon

    This is just another reason why i dont attend gun shows (should be called knife and junk shows). Gun shows nowadays arnt what they used to be. Also if i see those signs i turn around and walk the other way.

  • jj_jingleheimerschmidt

    Here are a couple of links to pictures you might enjoy. The first is me standing under the banner on the side of my business (Knapp Weaponry in Wichita KS), the second is the sign inside my store.



  • Kevin

    I stopped attending gun shows for this very reason. If they catch me when I’m not carrying
    I wouldn’t mind. BTW, I only carry when I’m awake! My weapon is secured in a safe state near-by when I’m sleeping.

  • Kevin

    I stopped attending gun shows for this very reason. If they catch me when I’m not carrying I wouldn’t mind. BTW, I only carry when I’m awake! My weapon is secured in a safe state near-by when I’m sleeping. ;-p

  • jj_jingleheimerschmidt

    The Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Association gun show in Wichita KS DOES allow concealed carry holders to enter ARMED. If they declare they are carrying at the door, we give them a sticker (to put on their gun) to show that they brought it in with them and avoid a disagreement when leaving over ownership of the gun (no guns leave without a sticker). If they don’t declare we don’t mind.
    Open carry however is not allowed and is treated like any other firearm brought in for sale and must be unloaded and zip tied.

  • While I understand your feelings and feel this is a very well thought out article I have to respectfully disagree. Personally with my experiences at guns show in both Washington and Idaho I have no problem with having to disarm and having all firearms that enter the building be zip-tied or be made incapable of being discharged. While I understand that in order to have a concealed permit one must go through testing and safety checks it does not stop angers from flaring. I have seen on more than one occasion where a customer became highly agitated at a dealer and became very violent and was promptly escorted from the event. The situation would have had the potential to become much worse if they had been allowed to carry a loaded firearm. On top of this accident happen more often in crowed areas. A few times while I was at these show object become caught on either a rifle I’m carrying on my shoulder or a pistol I have holster sometimes on the trigger itself. If they had been load they would have discharged possibly injuring someone.

  • LarryG

    Last big show I was too just wanted to show your permit for ccw and you were good to go..

  • John Vermillion TX

    I see that this is an older string that I missed…unfortunately. However, I can see from the “Git-Go” that I would not want to attend a show where the organizers refer to MAGAZINES as clips. That bunch out east of Texarkana frightens me…but not nearly to the extent this Oblunder administration does. Thanks for your vigilance Jan!

  • bobby lynn

    it is the same way in texas, but a concealed handgun with a chl, the whole point of carrying a concealed handgun is for it to be concealed so nobody should even know that you are carrying a gun, so who would know anyway??? i’m just saying?

  • bobby lynn

    is the point of having a concealed handgun license, if you have to leave it in the car every time you go into a business???

  • bobby lynn

    well that didn’t make any sense! i lost the rest of my comment!

    i was saying that nut job in colorado who killed and wounded all those people in the movie theater, he would have been killed and someone could have saved a lot of peoples lives if they would have been able to carry a concealed handguns into the theater. the owners of the theater are in a law suite now because of that reason, not letting people carry licensed concealed handguns! chl holders are probably the most friendly, honest and trustworthy people there are in this country, but in the same respect, they would be read!y to jump into action, if the situation calls for it! the only thing these business owners accomplish by not letting licensed , concealed handgun owners carry into their place of business is, all the criminals who might be thinking about doing something bad in their business is the criminals are going to know that no one will be armed! so again, what is the point of having a chl if you have to leave it in your car every time you go into a business. some how, some way, this needs to change

  • BeJebus

    lol the real reason is they don’t want a bunch of morons walking around with loaded guns!

  • Jim

    Jan, I wish I’d had known you were going to be in Springdale!!!
    I’d love to have met you!!
    Sadly, this is becoming the norm at our gunshows in NWA.